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Tenerife Trips
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Tenerife Trips

Tenerife Trips, Tours, Activities - things to do in Tenerife island

Tenerife Trips

Tenerife trips is a way to discover this peaceful island which's is a typical example of a magnificent tour destination in the world. With all the green parks, golden and black sand beaches and impressing architecture, you can never regret your Tenerife trips. It is a good place for the whole family. It doesn’t matter whether you are visiting together with your mom, elderly father, children or even friends, each will at all times have something to do going on Tenerife trips. This place enjoys a yearlong warm climate and for this reason you can pay a visit at any month of the year. It is the perfect place to go to relax and enjoy everything that the island has to offer.


Visit the Ocean taking Tenerife boat trips

Tenerife Trips - enjoy the ocean

This is one of the reasons why people regard at this place as the best holiday destinations. It has good, hot and cool climates yearlong what makes it ideal for visiting and enjoying what the nature has to offer any time of the year. Get to the beach and stand with your back to the ocean whenever you are in this island. It is a perfect place for the people to come and sunbath or even swim in the sweet rays of the sun. The good thing is that there are hundreds trips available in Tenerife.


Where to go taking Tenerife trips

Where to go taking Tenerife trips

Once you come to this country, there are several places that you can visit and a lot of Tenerife trips to do in order to discover the island. Start by taking a walk around your resort. You are likely to discover an array of towns and villages that have an exemplary looks. You can as well come to the beaches for whale and dolphin watching. You can end to the island’s southwest corner. In this place, you are likely to discover the Bottlenose dolphins.


Tourist attractions to discover in Tenerife

Tenerife trips to the tourist attractions - Siam Park

This country has a lot of tourist attractions. There are lot of places to visit that can fit you as a couple or even with your whole family. Some of these places include, Siam Park and Loro Parque tour which are the headline attractions. You can as well get the Thai-themed water park. This water park is also one of the largest in Europe. The other very fantastic tourist attraction in this island is the Aqualand. This water park has rapids and wave floods. You can as well visit the Loro Parque which is a tropical paradise for you if you want to spend some time on the dry land. This park includes Jungle area, aquarium and a wide range of animals.

Tenerife trips to the tourist attractions - Aqualand

If you time your holiday the right way, then there are several places that you can visit taking Tenerife trips here. Some others includes the Santa Cruz de Tenerife Carnival. You can as well visit the locals for annual festivals if that is okay with you.

Tenerife trips to the tourist attractions - Loro Parque

If you are a diver or if you have some taste on diving, then you should organize your Tenerife trips heading to Tabaiba Shipwreck. On the other hands, if you love underground caving, then there’s something for you. Visit spectacular Cueva del Viento lava tunnels as your another trip in Tenerife. You can enjoy some of these caves that were formed from the lava of Pico Viejo’s volcanic eruption. Where you choose to visit or stay is up to you.


Tenerife Trips from the South of the island

This tour gives you a very good opportunity to explore the island of La Gomera on a day tour from Tenerife SouthArona. This package covers all the expenses in this place. You will take a drive to the top of the island. You will have a good opportunity to see the villagers exhibit their unique whistling language. It will later come to the Capital at San Sebastian. You will discover where Columbus prayed before the sailed to the new world. This is a myth that you can never miss to experience where the thing you have been reading about happened. The tour is expected to take 9 hours. Enjoy easy cancellation and pickup services.


Tenerife Magic Circle - private day scenic Tenerife trip

Tenerife Magic Circle - private day scenic Tenerife trip

Next take a full day scenic Tenerife Magic Circle private tour to the Teide National park and discover the scenic  splendor, volcanic, dramatic viewpoints and volcanic landscapes. This is likely to take 8-hours from the south of Tenerife. It will cover several places such as Masca, Icod de los Vinos, El Teide and Garachico. Here you get an opportunity to discover four distinct geographical and extremely scenic areas.


Full Day Guided Island coach trip in Tenerife

Full Day Guided Island coach trip in Tenerife

Tenerife is an island with beautiful beaches. If you want to experience every aspects of this island, then you should get a guided coach tour around the Tenerife island. This Tenerife trip is will take up to 8 hours but you will get full satisfaction. This island is very diverse. It’s only by taking a guided tour that you can be able to discover this diversity. It just takes you one day to get all what is unique in this island. You will discover the microclimates, traditions of the residents and at the same time see the canarian architecture. You will be guided to almost every part of this island from the west coast.


La Laguna and Anaga full day trekking tour is one of the best Tenerife trips

La Laguna and Anaga full day trekking tour is one of the best Tenerife trips

I bet you come to Tenerife to enjoy yourself. You cannot visit Tenerife and leave without participating in several activities. For this reason, you can just take a full day La Lagina and Anaga hiking and trekking cultural tour. It helps you to discover the culture and the tradition of the people living here. You also have a good time enjoying yourself. You can take a single Tenerife trip with your family or friends. You will visit La Laguna by Anaga and see all the beautiful architecture. The trip will also move you from the Las Mercedes Forest through the Anaga Mountains and lastly seeing amazing beach Playa de Las Teresitas. I'm usually convinced that this is the best and the most beautiful beach in Tenerife.


3-hour whale watching Boat trip from Puerto Colon

3-hour whale watching Boat trip from Puerto Colon

There are plenty of things to do in Tenerife and for this reason; you cannot exhaust all Tenerife trips. You shouldn’t leave this island before going for whale watching. Take this three hours Tenerife boat trip for an adventurous day at the sea. Here, you can be able to spot pilot whales, the bottlenose dolphins and many more. I bet you will enjoy the looks of them jumping in and out of water.


Finally, remember there are really lot of Tenerife trips to do and it's important to book it in right places where are no possibilities of faked reviews or bad service quality - the only place to book Tenerife trips safely is definitely TripsPoint.