Frequently Asked Questions

What types of Tenerife shows can I expect to see during my visit?

Tenerife shows encompass a wide variety of performances, ranging from traditional Canarian folk shows to modern theatrical performances, live music, and flamenco shows. You can enjoy these at various venues across the island.

What are some popular events in Tenerife that I shouldn't miss?

The events in Tenerife are diverse and vibrant. Some of the popular events include the Carnival of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, which is one of the largest carnivals in the world, the Corpus Christi celebrations, and various music festivals that take place throughout the year.

Where can I find information about upcoming Tenerife events?

Information about Tenerife events can be found on the official tourism website of Tenerife, as well as on various event listing platforms and local newspapers. Many events also have their own official websites or social media pages where you can find detailed information.

Can you recommend some popular evening shows in Tenerife?

Certainly! Popular evening shows in Tenerife include the flamenco shows at various venues, the magical performances at the Pirámide de Arona, and the dinner shows that offer a combination of delicious cuisine and live entertainment.

What options are available for Tenerife entertainment during my stay?

Tenerife entertainment options are plentiful. You can enjoy live music at various bars and restaurants, attend theatrical performances, visit casinos, or enjoy a night out at one of the island's vibrant nightclubs.

What are some options for evening entertainment in Tenerife?

For evening entertainment in Tenerife, you can opt for dinner shows, attend a live concert, enjoy a movie at a cinema, or simply relax at a beachside bar with live music. The options are diverse to suit different tastes and preferences.

Can you suggest some night entertainment options in Tenerife?

Absolutely, night entertainment in Tenerife includes visiting nightclubs and bars that offer live music and DJ performances, enjoying a late-night beach party, or attending a night show at one of the island's popular venues.

Where can I find the best Tenerife evening entertainment?

The best Tenerife evening entertainment can be found in areas such as Playa de las Americas and Costa Adeje, which are known for their vibrant nightlife. You can also find great entertainment options in the capital city of Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Types of Tenerife Events to Join with Friends and Family

Tenerife is a hub of activity for those who want fun. There are so many things to do. Family and friends often enjoy a mix of events. The island has much to offer. From dinner shows to beach clubs, there is something for everyone.

Best Tenerife Dinner Shows and Dinner Parties

Want a night out with great food and fun? Tenerife has you covered. The island is famous for its dinner shows. They combine delicious dinner with fun. Many shows also have live singing. The singer will delight you with songs. Others might have a dancer making the evening full of fun. The best part? Many places offer food and drink deals. So, you’re sure to have a great time.

  • Tenerife offers many dinner shows.
  • These shows offer great food and entertainment.
  • Some include live singing or dancing.

Flamenco Shows in Tenerife

Flamenco is iconic in Spain. Tenerife is no exception. The island hosts several flamenco shows. These are a big draw for both tourists and locals. The dancer moves with grace and passion. The costume and lighting add to the spectacle. You can’t miss these shows when visiting the island.

  • Flamenco is a big part of Spanish culture.
  • Tenerife has several flamenco shows.
  • These shows are popular with both tourists and locals.

Weekly Medieval Knight Dinner Show Tenerife at Castle of San Miguel

Want to go back in time? The Castle of San Miguel offers this chance. Every week, they host a medieval knight show. Here, knights perform in full armor. They battle and showcase skills. It’s a favorite among kids and adults. You also get to enjoy a delicious dinner. It’s a mix of past and present. A fantastic way to spend an evening.

  1. Castle of San Miguel hosts weekly medieval shows.
  2. Knights perform in these shows.
  3. They offer a blend of history and modern fun.

Hard Rock Cafe with Live Music Concerts in Playa de Las Americas

Playa de Las Americas is a lively spot. The Hard Rock Cafe there is a hit. It offers live music concerts. Every Saturday night, bands take the stage. They roll out tunes for the audience to cheer. From rock to pop, the music diversity is vast. Make sure to check what's going on before you go. The food and drink here are also top-notch.

  • Hard Rock Cafe is in Playa de Las Americas.
  • They have live music every Saturday night.
  • The cafe offers a wide range of music and good food.

Best Bars & Beach Clubs for Your Entertainment in Tenerife

Tenerife's coast is full of vibrant bars. These bars often overlook the sea. Imagine sipping a drink while watching the waves. Beach clubs in Tenerife offer this luxurious experience. They also have pools if you wish to swim. From daytime to evening, they promise an unforgettable time. Some even host events under the full moon.

  • Tenerife has many bars on the coast.
  • Beach clubs offer sea views and pools.
  • Some clubs have special full moon events.

Exceptional Restaurants with Performance Sessions in Southern Tenerife

Southern Tenerife has a treat for food lovers. Many restaurants offer more than just food. They bring in artists for performance sessions. These could range from live singing to dances. The island's gastronomy is a highlight. These performances add a sparkle to it. It makes the dining experience sensational.

  1. Southern Tenerife offers dining with performances.
  2. Live singing and dancing are common.
  3. The region's food gets enhanced with these sessions.

Sport & Football Bars in Los Cristianos

Los Cristianos is a hotspot for sports lovers. Here, bars cater to fans of all games. But, football is the main draw. These bars broadcast matches live. Fans gather and cheer for their teams. The atmosphere is electric. If you're a sports fan, you can’t miss out. The bars also serve beer and other soft drinks to keep the spirits high.

  • Los Cristianos has many sports bars.
  • Football is the main attraction.
  • Bars offer drinks and an energetic atmosphere.

Siam Park Night Experience in Costa Adeje Summer Time

Siam Park is a must-visit in Tenerife. But, the night experience is unique. During summer, the park opens its doors at night. Visitors can enjoy rides under the stars. The park also features light shows. These turn the rides into a visual spectacle. It's an evening full of thrills and fun.

  • Siam Park offers night rides in summer.
  • Light shows enhance the experience.
  • It's a thrilling way to spend an evening.

Comedy Drag Dinner Show in Tenerife (former Scandal Dinner Show)

Dinner shows in Tenerife are a treat. The Comedy Drag Dinner Show stands out. This show is full of humour and sass. The dancer and singer performances are top-notch. It's an evening full of laughter. The show also features a delicious dinner. The menu is varied. You can find vegetarian options too. It promises an unforgettable night.

  1. Comedy Drag Dinner Show is fun.
  2. Top-notch dance and singing.
  3. They serve a variety of food, including vegetarian.

Check Upcoming Evening Shows in Tenerife South - Pyramids de Arona

Pyramids de Arona is a famous arena in Tenerife South. It hosts various shows. From concerts to dance events, the diversity is vast. Before visiting the island, check the availability. This ensures you don't miss out. Every event here is a spectacular experience. The entrance often requires tickets. So, it's wise to buy tickets in advance.

  • Pyramids de Arona is a popular venue.
  • It hosts a variety of shows.
  • Ensure to check availability and book tickets.

Yearly Carnival in Santa Cruz de Tenerife - the biggest Festival Tenerife offers

Santa Cruz de Tenerife shines in February. The yearly Carnival is a big event. It's the island's favourite festival. Locals and tourist alike gather. They wear colorful costumes. Parades, music, and dance fill the streets. It showcases Tenerife's rich tradition. The festivity's popularity has grown over the years.

  • Yearly Carnival in February is big.
  • People wear colorful costumes.
  • It's a showcase of Tenerife's traditions.

Local Discos & Electronic Music Clubs

Tenerife's nightlife is vibrant. Local discos and music clubs are many. They cater to varied music tastes. Electronic music is a top choice. DJs from all over Spain come to perform. The beats keep you on the dance floor. If you love dancing, these clubs are a must-visit. They promise an unforgettable time.

  • Tenerife has many discos and music clubs.
  • Electronic music is popular.
  • Top DJs from Spain perform.

Canarian Wine Experiences in Tenerife

Wine lovers, rejoice! Tenerife offers Canarian wine tours. These tours take you back in time. You learn about wine's history on the island. Vineyards offer tastings. Each sip is a delight. Some vineyards pair wine with local food. It's a gastronomy treat. Booking a wine experience is easy. But, make sure to check availability.

  • Tenerife offers wine tours.
  • Learn about wine's history and taste it.
  • Pairing wine with food enhances the experience.

Popular Venues in Tenerife for Tenerife Events

Tenerife is a hub for events. The venues play a big role in this. Some are iconic and others new. But all offer unique experiences. They are perfect for enjoying with family and friends. Let's explore some of these venues.

Castillo de San Miguel en Aldea Blanca

Castillo de San Miguel is historic. This castle hosts various events. It takes you back in time. Medieval dinners and knight shows are common. The castle's walls echo tales from the past. The staff here is friendly. They ensure you have a great time.

  • Historic castle venue.
  • Hosts medieval events.
  • Staff ensures a memorable experience.

Auditorio de Tenerife Concert Hall in Santa Crus de Tenerife

Auditorio de Tenerife is a marvel. Its design is iconic. Located in Santa Cruz, it's a top concert hall. Musicians from Spain and beyond perform here. The acoustics are excellent. It ensures every note reaches the audience. This venue is a must-visit for music lovers.

  1. Iconic design concert hall.
  2. Hosts musicians from Spain and beyond.
  3. Excellent acoustics for the best sound.

Piramides de Arona - your Holiday Concert Destination

Piramides de Arona stands tall in Tenerife South. It's a go-to for concerts. Artists love the stage and lighting. It offers a spectacular view of shows. The venue also promotes the sense of Tenerife culture. Be it music or dance, it's always a treat. Make sure to check events are happening in Tenerife here.

  • Prime venue in Tenerife South.
  • Offers a fantastic view of shows.
  • Hosts both music and dance events.

Tenerife's Traditional Shows

Tenerife isn't just about modern fun. It's deep-rooted in tradition. These traditions shine bright in its shows. They give a taste of true Tenerife culture. From dance to music, it's a feast for the senses. Let's delve into some of these unique offerings.

Local Canary Island Fiestas, Food Festivals & Cuisine Specialties

Tenerife's heart beats in its local fiestas. They're full of sparkle and life. Music, dance, and food merge into one. It becomes an unforgettable experience. The food festivals showcase Tenerife's gastronomy. Taste dishes that have been loved for ages. Each bite is a journey through time. The costume and dancer also stand out. They offer a visual and sensory delight. Don't miss this when you're visiting the island.

  • Local fiestas are vibrant and full of life.
  • Food festivals showcase the best of Tenerife's cuisine.
  • Costumes and dancers add to the visual delight.

Booking Events in Tenerife & Planning your Entertainment in Tenerife

In Tenerife, fun awaits around every corner. But to enjoy it fully, planning is key. This island offers a world of events. Some may wonder, "what events are happening in Tenerife?" Well, there are many ways to discover.

Choose a Tenerife Event or Dinner Show at TripsPoint

TripsPoint is a great starting point. It's an expert platform for Tenerife events. Whether it's a dinner show or a concert, they have it. Their list is always updated. So, you know you're seeing the latest. Always read the reviews. It gives a sense of the event's popularity.

Make sure the Tenerife Entertainment Excursion Calendar fits desired Tour Date

Dates are important. You don't want to miss out. Check the event calendar. Make sure it fits your tour dates. If it doesn’t, can you adjust? Always best to check before you venture.

Choose a type of Show Tickets: Mini, Regular, Exclusive, Platinum or VIP

Different shows, different ticket types. Some might like a VIP experience. Others might want a regular ticket. Think about what you want. Then, pick the best ticket type. It's about what feels right for your nightlife adventure.

Check if the Venue is close to your Hotel or there's Pickup Nearby

Location, location, location! Where's the venue? Is it close to your hotel? If not, is there a pickup point near? It's all about convenience. Plan this well, and you’re set for a great time.

Book your Tenerife Events & Tenerife Dinner Shows in Advance

Last-minute bookings? They can be risky. Best to book in advance. This way, you secure your spot. Plus, many offer free cancellation. So, if plans change, you’re safe.

Need to Know - TripsPoint is the best platform to plan and book your Entertainment in Tenerife

TripsPoint is a gem for event bookings. It’s user-friendly and reliable. Their customer rating system helps. You get a feel of the event before booking. And their cancellation rate? It’s low. Making them a top choice for many tourists.

  1. Use TripsPoint to discover events.
  2. Always check the event date and ticket type.
  3. Book in advance for peace of mind.
  4. Check venue location for ease of travel.
  5. TripsPoint is a trusted platform for event bookings.

Famous Tenerife's Beach Clubs for Evening Events

Tenerife is known for its sun, sea, and sand. But as the sun sets, beach clubs light up. These spots offer fun, music, and a touch of luxury.

Playa de Las Américas is a top spot. The beach club here is iconic. It combines the feel of the coast with evening fun. As you swim in the pool, live singing fills the air. Drinks? They have a wide range. From soft drinks to cocktails, there’s something for all.

Tenerife Boat Party Sunset Cruise in the Ocean

Imagine a party on the water. The Tenerife Boat Party is just that. As the sun dips, the boat sets sail. The view? Stunning. The music? Energetic. It's a party like no other.

The Spark of Canary's Cabaret Shows

Cabaret shows have a special sparkle. They take you back in time. The dancers, the singers, all tell a story. In Tenerife, Canary's cabaret is a must-see.

Flamenco Nights

Flamenco is the heart of Spanish dance. In Tenerife, it comes alive. The dancer moves with grace. The music? It touches the soul. It's a night full of passion and rhythm.

English Cabaret Sessions

English cabaret is a blend of song and dance. The acts are varied. Some are funny, some are deep. But all are worth watching. It's a slice of English culture, right in Tenerife.

Medieval Knight Shows

Travel back to medieval times. The knights, the battles, the drama. It's all there. The show is held in a castle. The setting? Perfect. The costumes? Realistic. It's a jump back into history.

Sip and Dine: Cafes and Restaurants

Tenerife isn’t just about events. It's also about food. The cafes and restaurants here? Top-notch.

Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje's Best Cafe Spots

In Los Cristianos and Costa Adeje, cafes line the streets. Each offers something unique. Some have sea views, others garden spots. But all serve delicious dinner and drinks. It's the perfect spot to relax.

Sip A Cocktail or Dine with Live Music Events in Tenerife

Music and food, a great combo. Many spots in Tenerife offer this. As you eat, live bands play. The food and drink? Excellent. The music? Sets the mood. It's a treat for the senses.

  • Tenerife offers a mix of events, from beach clubs to boat parties.
  • Cabaret shows are a highlight, offering varied performances.
  • The island is also a food haven, with top cafes and restaurants.

Groove to Tenerife's Dance and Club Scenes

Tenerife's nightlife is truly sensational. When the sun sets, the vibrant and lively atmosphere of the island comes alive, especially in its bustling clubs. The streets resonate with upbeat music, drawing in both locals and tourists. With a range of venues to choose from, everyone finds a spot that resonates with their taste in music and vibe.

Rock the Dance Floor of Las Veronicas in Las Americas

Nestled in the heart of Las Americas, Las Veronicas is a prime hotspot for party-goers. This club is iconic for its energetic beats and dazzling lights. With every song, dancers and patrons fill the floor, moving in rhythm and enjoying every moment. The club ensures an unforgettable night with its friendly staff, refreshing drinks, and eclectic music selection. If you're looking to let loose and dance the night away, there's no place better than Las Veronicas.

Exclusive Night Clubs of Playa de las Americas

Playa de las Americas is renowned for its upscale and exclusive clubs. These venues epitomize luxury with their elegant interiors, plush VIP areas, and curated guest lists. They offer a diverse range of music, from the latest chart-toppers to timeless classics, ensuring every patron finds their groove. Each club has its distinct charm and vibe, catering to varied preferences. Whether you're a fan of electronic beats or have a soft spot for rock, Playa de las Americas has a club that will make your night special.

  • Tenerife's nightlife promises unforgettable experiences.
  • Las Veronicas stands as an iconic spot for dancing enthusiasts in Las Americas.
  • Playa de las Americas boasts high-end, exclusive clubs for a luxurious night out.

Concerts: Music Under the Tenerife Star

Tenerife, with its mesmerizing skies and harmonious ambiance, serves as an exquisite backdrop for concerts. The island resonates with melodies, ranging from traditional Canary tunes to contemporary beats. These concerts, often held under the open sky, become more enchanting as stars twinkle above, adding magic to the melodies.

Electronic Music Waves

Electronic music has surged in popularity across the globe, and Tenerife is no exception. The island hosts numerous electronic music festivals and concerts, bringing together both local talents and internationally renowned DJs. These events, with their vibrant lights and pulsating beats, transform venues into arenas of ecstasy. Attendees lose themselves in the rhythm, dancing away their worries and becoming one with the music.

Traditional Canary Music Fest

Celebrating the rich tradition and heritage of the Canary Islands, the Traditional Canary Music Fest is an event not to be missed. Held annually, this festival showcases a stunning array of local musicians and bands. They perform age-old Canary songs, taking the audience on a musical journey back in time. The sound of traditional instruments fills the air, creating an atmosphere that is both nostalgic and celebratory. Locals and tourists alike gather to enjoy this musical treat, making memories that last a lifetime.

  • Tenerife offers a wide variety of musical experiences, from electronic beats to traditional Canary tunes.
  • The island's electronic music scene is vibrant and ever-evolving, drawing enthusiasts from all over.
  • The Traditional Canary Music Fest pays tribute to the island's rich musical history, offering a deep dive into its melodious past.

Events in Tenerife from 2023 to 2024 and so on - a Perfect Entertainment & Tenerife Dinner Shows always going on!

In 2023, Tenerife emerged as a hotspot for various events, from mesmerising concerts to captivating dinner shows. As we move into 2024, the calendar is already brimming with promises of even grander festivities. The island of Tenerife, known for its tradition and unique culture in Spain, invites everyone to discover an assortment of events in Tenerife.

Let's dive into the highlights:

The Tenerife events are ranked among the best globally, with some of the best events set to take place in both the north of Tenerife and the south of Tenerife. On the one hand, you have the sumptuous best Tenerife dinner events, offering a fusion of sensuality, delightful dishes, and entertainment. The dinner show Tenerife ranks among the top experiences, guaranteeing an unforgettable night.

Music enthusiasts, on the other hand, are in for a treat with various concerts set to rock the island. The rock and electronic music scenes have been particularly outstanding, with international artists gracing the stages. Meanwhile, the Traditional Canary Music Fest brings together both modern beats and Tenerife's melodious past, inspiring attendees with its varied artistic disciplines.

The carnival is another highlight, being a magnificent testament to Tenerife's rich culture and history. As we approach New Year's Eve, the island prepares to host a grand party, ensuring the transition to 2024 is as memorable as possible.

For those looking to ensure their seat at these events, it's crucial to buy tickets in advance. The ticket details and other info are conveniently available on TripsPoint, which also provides a rank based on user reviews. This way, attendees can pick a show in Tenerife that aligns best with their preferences.

Tenerife's event spectrum is broad, encompassing everything from burlesque shows to dolphin watching tours. For sports enthusiasts, golf tournaments held at luxurious venues like GF Victoria are a must-attend. And for those eager to capture the essence of the island, photo tours provide an insight into Tenerife's natural beauty and traditions.

There are also specific events in Tenerife South, like the Full Moon party, drawing thousands every year. The island's unique traditions are also on display during such events, adding depth to the overall experience.

A notable mention is the "performance over time" shows, tracing Tenerife's history through artistic renditions. From the sexy and sensual dance numbers to the historical depictions, these events leave a lasting mark on the attendees.

As we round up the summary, it's clear that's how Tenerife has established itself as an event paradise. So, whether you're planning a holiday or simply seeking a memorable night out, Tenerife in 2024 welcomes you with open arms. The island's commitment to offering top-tier events remains unshaken, ensuring every tour and festivity is an embodiment of excellence.

In conclusion, Tenerife in 2023 and beyond is a hub for exceptional events, promising both locals and tourists a blend of culture, fun, and memories to cherish.


  • Tenerife has a wide range of events, from beach parties to cabaret shows.
  • Explore historical sites like Teide Castle for a unique experience.
  • Dive into the vibrant dance and club scene of the island.
  • Enjoy unique dinner show experiences with star performances.
  • Attend traditional festivals and immerse yourself in Tenerife's culture.

Concerts & Shows in Tenerife That You Shouldn't Miss

The island will delight you with its wonderful shows and entertainment. They are worth a visit if you want to see great theatrical or musical performances, get to know the local culture, and try Spanish cuisine for dinner in an old tavern. So, you can diversify your vacation by visiting evening shows in Tenerife. You will see colorful posters of these performances at every turn.

Tenerife Shows You Can See Tonight

Well, you have arrived in Tenerife and don't know what to do besides drink cocktails and go to the beach. Find out about the most spectacular events in Tenerife so you don't miss them. You will definitely enjoy such a pastime.

Tenerife Flamenco Show

One of the most exciting Tenerife shows that can be seen in Tenerife is the unique Spanish dance performance – Flamenco Show. The Spaniards say that if you have never seen flamenco, you have not seen anything. The virtuosity of dancers and the Spanish people's passion is embodied in dance. You definitely have to buy a ticket to see this show in the concert hall "Piramide de Arona."

This dance is popular all over the world. People get a unique opportunity to see a world-class show in Tenerife. There are professional dancers, beautiful costumes, and different stories told through music, dance, and singing.

Having got to the night entertainment in Tenerife for the first time, you can experience a real shock because this show fascinates and penetrates the depths of the soul.

It lasts two hours (the programs of these evening shows in Tenerife change annually). The energy of such events in Tenerife is amazing.

Medieval Adventure Night Show

The evening entertainment in Tenerife occupies a special place among the evening performances on the island. It takes place in the castle of San Miguel. The medieval atmosphere, knights in armor, and ladies dressed in chic outfits will take you back to the Middle Ages from the very beginning. You will definitely like it!

At first, you will see shows with fakirs, horse shows, and eagles, which are all quite exciting. Next, knights appear. The colors of their costumes correspond to the coloring of the stands.

During these evening shows in Tenerife, you will have a great opportunity to cheer for one of the parties competing in the performance. The one who will be cheered for more will win. So, here everything directly depends on you. So, the louder and brighter you express your emotions and even start a scandal, the more chances the knight wins.

So that you don't run out of strength to support your favorite knight, you will eat medieval dishes and treat them with wine. To enhance the effect of immersion in the atmosphere, you will eat with your hands. These evening shows in Tenerife are so bright and spectacular. You will want to come back there more than once.


It is one of the brightest Tenerife shows. It takes place in the capital of the Canary Islands. Every year this event is visited by about a million tourists from all over the world.

Carnival in Tenerife is considered the second largest and most popular after Rio de Janeiro.

Both locals and tourists take part in this Tenerife entertainment. Everyone will have fun. The main action takes place in Spain Square. It is decorated with garlands and flowers. Live music plays everywhere. Various foods and souvenirs are sold on the street. To turn from a spectator into a carnival participant, it is enough to buy a costume in the nearest store or make it yourself. Try it!

Every carnival should have a queen. Before the carnival queen is chosen, there are celebrations for adults and various competitions for children, choreographic festivals, street musicians, orchestras, and a parade of children's and retirement-age queens.

Drag Queen Show

It is a special direction of performing arts. This evening Tenerife entertainment combines musical, theatrical, dance, and comic genres. Bright charisma and captivating charm distinguish performers. Each of them is a real professional and passionate about their favorite work.

This evening entertainment in Tenerife is magical and funny. It entertains and amuses everyone from the very beginning.

Thousands of guests visit the show every year. A night is full of chic, glamor, and loud laughter. It is guaranteed to be the most entertaining and unforgettable night of your holiday. The cast will entertain you at night with comedy sketches, live music, and dancehall fun.

These Tenerife shows also include a delicious menu and a photo program. You can also use the shuttle bus to the venue upon prior reservation. So, visit it.