Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from Tenerife tours sightseeing?

Our Tenerife tours sightseeing packages offer a rich and immersive experience, allowing you to explore the island's natural beauty, vibrant culture, and historical landmarks, all guided by experienced and knowledgeable guides.

What are the highlights of sightseeing day tours in Tenerife?

The sightseeing day tours in Tenerife typically cover a range of attractions including the majestic Teide National Park, the beautiful beaches of Costa Adeje, and the historic towns of La Laguna and Santa Cruz. These tours are designed to give you a comprehensive experience of Tenerife's diverse landscapes in just one day.

Are there any customizable options for sightseeing tours in Tenerife?

Yes, many of our sightseeing tours in Tenerife offer customizable options, allowing you to tailor your itinerary to suit your interests and preferences, ensuring a unique and personalized tour experience.

What makes Tenerife coach tours a preferred choice?

Tenerife coach tours are a preferred choice due to their comfort and convenience. They offer a hassle-free way to explore the island, with air-conditioned coaches, professional guides, and well-planned itineraries that cover all the major attractions.

Can you tell me more about Tenerife bus tours?

Our Tenerife bus tours are designed to offer a comprehensive view of the island. These tours cover a range of attractions, from the bustling markets of Santa Cruz to the tranquil beaches of the south, offering a unique and comfortable way to explore Tenerife.

What are the unique features of bus tours around Tenerife?

The bus tours around Tenerife provide a unique opportunity to explore the island's diverse landscapes and attractions at a relaxed pace. These tours cover both popular and off-the-beaten-path destinations, offering a rounded view of what Tenerife has to offer.

Best Tenerife Bus Tours, Explore, Sightsee by Coach

Embark on a sightseeing adventure with the best Tenerife bus tours, offering an eclectic mix of natural wonders, charming villages, and vibrant cities. Not only does a bus tour around the Tenerife coastline provide a stress-free exploration of this enchanting island, but it also unveils hidden gems and notable sights that make your visit uniquely memorable.

Advantages of Our Top Tenerife Bus Tours to Discover the Island

Embarking on a bus tour is one of the most enjoyable and efficient ways to explore the island. Our top Tenerife bus tours provide an experience that’s both fun and insightful, promising memories to last a lifetime.

  • Easy and Relaxing: When you join a bus tour of Tenerife, you get to sit back and relax. There's no need to worry about routes, gas, or parking. Enjoy the scenes without the stress of driving.
  • Informative Guides: A professional tour guide brings each location to life, sharing tales and facts that you might not discover otherwise.
  • Access to Hidden Gems: Comfortable bus tours around Tenerife grant access to hidden spots, not just the well-known tourist areas.
  • Safe and Secure: Safety is a key part. Our bus drivers are experienced and skilled, ensuring a smooth, safe journey.

Taking part in Tenerife bus tours is not merely about reaching a destination. It’s about enriching the travel experience, learning new facts, and making every moment count. From the comfortable air-conditioned bus seats, every family member, from kids to grandparents, can sightsee and discover the alluring beauty and stories Tenerife holds in a way that’s both comfy and fun.

  • Bus tours in Tenerife are easy, fun, and relaxing, offering a stress-free way to explore.
  • Guides offer rich, engaging tales and facts about each location.
  • Access special hidden spots not always found on typical tours.
  • Travel securely with experienced drivers at the wheel.

Most of Tenerife Bus Tours Starts in Bustling Tenerife South

One key thing to remember is that a lot of Tenerife bus tours start from Tenerife South. This part of the island is known for its lively vibes, bustling streets, and an array of shops that tempt every visitor with local goods and delights.

Tenerife South is a beacon for those who wish to sightsee and uncover the gems held within the island. Starting your bus tour of Tenerife here allows you to dive straight into an atmosphere of excitement and activity, setting a vibrant tone for the adventures that lie ahead.

Here's what you might expect when your bus tour starts from the South of the island:

  • Meeting Like-minded Explorers: Often, you'll find fellow adventurers who share your enthusiasm and curiosity.
  • Easy Access: With its prominent location, getting to the start point of your bus tour is a breeze.
  • Immediate Sights: Even before the tour truly begins, there’s plenty to see and do in Tenerife South.

Choosing to commence your Tenerife tour bus journey from the south means plunging right into an ambience of excitement and eagerness, not only from the sceneries but also from those who join you in this enthralling experience. Every bus is more than just a mode of transport. It's where stories are shared, laughs are exchanged, and new friendships might just take root.

  • Tenerife South is a bustling hub from which many Tenerife bus tours start.
  • Engage with fellow explorers and share exciting stories and experiences.
  • Benefit from easy access to your bus tour starting point.
  • Enjoy immediate sights and activities even before your tour begins.

Tenerife Coach Tours from Puerto de La Cruz

Moving forward, Puerto de La Cruz, nestled in the north of Tenerife, offers its own flair and appeal as a starting point for many tenerife coach tours. This charming area offers an authentic touch of local life mixed with the ease and comfort of tourist facilities, making it a splendid spot to begin your tour around the island.

Opting for a coach tour from Puerto de La Cruz, you get to explore not only the cultural touchstones scattered in and around the region but also ensure your trip embarks from a locale that beautifully marries tradition with convenience. Whether it's the stately Church of Our Lady of the Rock of France or the bustling Costa Martiánez complex, the north of Tenerife unfolds its treasures even before your bus tour properly takes off.

When you choose a bus tour in Tenerife starting from Puerto de La Cruz, you'll find:

  • A Blend of Cultures: With its rich history and modern amenities, there’s much to explore.
  • Ease of Travel: Its strategic locale offers smooth connections to various parts of the island.
  • Picturesque Views: The serene ocean and lush landscapes provide stunning views right from the get-go.

In essence, touring Tenerife by bus, especially when that tour begins in Puerto de La Cruz, guarantees a satisfying mix of cultural immersion, effortless travel, and a feast for your eyes right from the start.

  • Puerto de La Cruz marries Tenerife’s rich cultural and historical elements with modern day conveniences.
  • Beginning your tour here provides immediate access to breathtaking views and interesting sights.
  • Coach tours from Puerto de La Cruz ensure ease of travel with its strategic location.
  • You can discover the island with a sightseeing tour from Tenerife North staying in Puerto de La Cruz.

There are No Regular Tenerife Tour Buses from Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Exploring Santa Cruz de Tenerife reveals an urban touch of the island, yet it is vital to note that regular bus tours of Tenerife don’t commence from here. While Santa Cruz showcases a vibrant city life, cultural hotspots, and remarkable architecture, the common Tenerife bus tours typically do not start from this bustling capital.

Travelers eager to explore the many wonders of Tenerife through bus tours would usually start their journey from the south of Tenerife or Puerto de La Cruz. Santa Cruz caters mainly to private tour groups, especially those that arrive on cruise ships and wish to explore the island in a more exclusive manner.

If you find yourself staying in Santa Cruz de Tenerife and wish to join a bus tour of Tenerife, you might:

  • Opt for a private tour if you’re part of a large group.
  • Travel to Tenerife South or Puerto de La Cruz to join a regular bus tour.
  • Explore the city’s own charms and use local transport to navigate around.

Despite the absence of regular bus tours, Santa Cruz doesn’t skimp on providing a splendid Tenerife experience. From the lively Mercado de Nuestra Señora de África to the splendid Palmetum Santa Cruz botanical garden, the city itself is a tour worth taking!

  • Regular Tenerife bus tours do not originate from Santa Cruz de Tenerife.
  • Private tours often cater to large groups arriving via cruise ships.
  • Traditional bus tours can be accessed by traveling to other parts of Tenerife.

Bus Tour of Tenerife for Big Private Groups coming with Cruise Ships

Tenerife stands proud as a gem in the archipelago, flaunting its varied landscapes and cultural treasures. When large groups disembark from the grand cruise ships at the port of Santa Cruz, a private tour offers the most fitting way to explore the island. Understanding that bus tours in Tenerife for large groups provide a customized and exclusive experience is key.

The bus tour takes on a private, unique form here. Navigating through the bustling streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, the tour guide points out significant landmarks, shares stories, and ensures a smooth and enriching tour. Gazing out of the bus, Tenerife’s historical sites, and scenic spots unfold before the eyes of the eager travelers.

Highlights might include:

  • Exploring the Auditorio de Tenerife.
  • Wandering around Plaza de España.
  • Enjoying the vibrant life at Parque García Sanabria.

Tenerife, while explored by bus, reveals its heart and soul through its locales, flavors, and tales. While you're on a private tour, remember to:

  • Ask your tour guide questions.
  • Relish local cuisines.
  • Soak in the vibrant city life.

After a day of exploring, your bus will safely return you and your group to the comfort of your cruise ship, memories of Tenerife’s charm securely tucked into your travel tales.

  • Private bus tours are ideal for large group trip in Tenerife from cruise ships in Santa Cruz.
  • Enjoy the tailored experience with a knowledgeable tour guide.
  • Explore local landmarks and immerse in the culture of Tenerife.

Explore the Mystic Beauty of Masca Village Touring Tenerife by Bus

Imagine a place, hidden amidst high mountains, where pirates once might have hid their treasures. This place is Masca, a village with a tale, enveloped by the majestic Teno Mountains in Tenerife. Embarking on a bus tour of Tenerife that winds through the undulating paths leading to this secretive spot is an adventure of a lifetime.

Touring Tenerife by bus, especially to Masca, reveals not just its physical beauty, but also the legends that are woven into the very fabric of the village. Stories of pirates, hidden coves, and secret paths, all unveiled as the bus winds through the serpentine roads, painting a picture of a time long gone.

Masca Gorge, known for its breathtaking beauty, is a must-visit spot. Its sheer cliffs and lush, green paths offer spectacular views and a mild adventure for every tour member.


  • Listening to birds chirp as you trek through the gorge.
  • Smelling the sweet scent of wildflowers.
  • Feeling the ancient, rugged paths beneath your feet.

As the bus tour comes to an end, the memories of Masca, its cliffs, hidden paths, and pirate tales become a treasure in the minds of its visitors.

  • Masca, with its pirate tales and lush paths, is a mystic wonder.
  • Touring Tenerife by bus offers safe and scenic travels through winding roads.
  • Memories of Masca Gorge, with its sheer cliffs and rugged paths, linger forever.

The Tale of Pirates and Masca Gorge

A bus tour through Tenerife, especially Masca, feels like turning the pages of a secretive pirate book. The tour guidemay share tales of pirates hiding their loot within the hidden coves of Masca Gorge, adding a mystic charm to the already stunning views outside your bus window.

As the bus gently moves along the narrow paths, every turn, every cliff seems to whisper secrets of the past. Mascagorge, with its towering cliffs and hidden pathways, opens up a world where nature and legends intertwine.

Whispers of the tales include:

  • Hidden pirate treasures in unseen caves.
  • Secret paths leading to undisclosed locations.
  • Pirate ships ghosting through the hidden coves.

Whether the tales are true or mere myths, they add a dash of mystery and excitement to the tour, making the Tenerife bus tour to Masca not only a visual treat but a journey through time.

  • Masca Gorge whispers tales of pirates and hidden treasures.
  • Bus tours in Tenerife unveil secrets and stunning vistas.
  • Every cliff and path in Masca tells a story of times long past.

This journey through Masca is a part of few sightseeing day tours in Tenerife. If you're ready, we will continue with the next enchanting location on our bus tour of Tenerife.

Breathtaking Views from Masca Lookout

Gazing out from Masca Lookout, your eyes will feast upon a sea of lush green peaks, seeming to roll into the deep blue ocean below. Touring Tenerife by bus provides a chance for every traveler to embrace the sheer natural beauty of the island and to imagine the vibrant life it has hosted across centuries.

As the bus ascends towards the lookout, you’ll feel a tickle of excitement and awe, realizing the breathtaking views that are waiting. Masca is a jewel in Tenerife, its high peaks and deep valleys providing a natural fortress that hid pirate activities in yesteryears.


  • The gentle rustle of the trees in the breeze.
  • The bold mountains standing tall, guarding the secrets of the past.
  • A silent sea, stretching as far as your eyes can see, whispering tales of adventures and distant lands.

This bus tour around Tenerife coastline, specifically through Masca, is a quiet reminder of the transient yet perpetual beauty of nature. Every spot, every view is like a perfectly painted canvas, offering serenity and a dash of adventure to every soul that beholds it.

Bus tours of Tenerife are more than just a ride; they are a journey through the mesmerizing landscapes and timeless tales that make Tenerife a must-visit island. Whether it’s the legends of pirates or the allure of nature, Masca captures the heart and spirit of every explorer.

  • Masca Lookout offers a sea of lush peaks and endless ocean views.
  • Tenerife bus tours provide a journey through natural beauty and ancient tales.
  • Masca, with its secrets and serenity, captures the spirit of every traveler.

Next, let's journey through the rich history and charm of La Laguna on a North Tenerife bus tour and unravel more secrets that this beautiful island has tucked away in its landscapes and tales. If you're enjoying these vignettes, the tales and scenic views will only get more captivating as the bus wheels roll onwards, through more wonders of Tenerife.

Learn the Rich History of La Laguna on a North Tenerife Bus Tour

La Laguna! A place where every stone, street, and structure whispers tales from the past. Bus tours in Tenerife often seek the heart of the island's history, and La Laguna is a treasury where such heartbeats echo. Tenerife coach tours arriving at this ancient town unfold a carpet of stories where the footprints of past generations linger fondly.

This town, often hailed in bus tours of Tenerife, unravels an enchanting world where cobblestone streets guide you through a realm where every corner sings a different song of yore. Imagine walking through streets, where buildings, aged by time, wear a kaleidoscope of colors, and where every wall is a page from a bygone era.

  • A cathedral, where echoes of prayers from centuries ago still linger.
  • Old houses, which have watched generations of laughter and tears.
  • Marketplaces, where trades and tales have mingled for ages.

Choosing Tenerife coach tours to guide you through La Laguna is an ode to the appreciation of a rich culture and a layered history that defines the spirit of Tenerife. As the bus tour of Tenerife navigates through La Laguna, each moment becomes a step back in time, providing glimpses into lives and stories that have shaped the island.

This north Tenerife bus tour gently takes you by the hand, leading you through a vivid history lesson beneath the warm Tenerife sun. Whether you’re a history buff or a curious traveler, La Laguna, with its timeless charm, etches a memory that whispers of days gone by, and of people who once added their stories to its tapestry.

  • Discover the whispering tales of past generations within the colorful, historical streets.
  • The cathedral and marketplaces of La Laguna are rich with lingering stories.
  • Bus tours through La Laguna offer a vivid, tangible walk through Tenerife's rich history.

As we close the chapter on La Laguna, our next venture leads us to explore something more grandeur and lofty. The majestic Teide National Park, where nature showcases its might and magnificence, awaits our exploration and admiration.

Volcano Teide Day Tour to Majestic Teide National Park

Imagine a day tour where you are not merely an observer but an active participant in a nature's grand display. Tenerife tours bus schedules are often highlighted by this one spectacular destination – the Teide National Park. Your tour into the heart of Tenerife welcomes you with open arms into a world where the earth whispers its most ancient and fiery secrets.

The Teide, not just a volcano, but a guardian of Tenerife’s tales, both fiery and calm, invites you through various bus tours tenerife provides, to gaze upon its mighty stature. Touring Tenerife by bus, especially with a bus tour that takes you to this majestic peak, is not merely a trip; it’s an homage to the very forces that molded this stunning island.

In the embrace of Teide National Park, where Tenerife coach tours gently guide you through, you witness:

  • Vast lava fields, silent yet narrating fiery tales from the earth below.
  • The grandeur of Mount Teide, a silent sentinel overseeing generations.
  • The robust Canarian Pine, painting lush strokes amidst the volcanic canvas.

As your bus tour winds through the expansive landscapes, you don’t merely sightsee; you interact with a part of the earth that has witnessed eons pass by. Tenerife bus tours ensure that every visitor gets to peek into the raw and enchanting world where nature’s might and serenity coexist in a delicate balance.

A Tenerife tour bus experience into the heart of Teide isn’t just a physical journey, but an emotional adventure where every rock, crag, and path echoes the vibrancy and vitality of the island. With every twist and turn, your bus ascends, bringing you closer to the skies, weaving you into a tapestry where you are no longer a mere observer but a part of something timeless and utterly awe-inspiring.

  • Engage in a journey through the eloquent lava fields and under the gentle watch of Mount Teide.
  • Witness the fierce yet serene coexistence of fiery volcanic landscapes and lush greenery.
  • A trip to Teide National Park immerses you in a world where every element tells a story of eons.

In the next chapter of our journey, we delve into specific aspects of Teide National Park, exploring its unique flora and taking to the skies with an enchanting cable car ride. Tenerife continues to unravel its treasures, with every tour offering new sights, emotions, and a deeper connection with the earth beneath and the sky above.

The Peculiar Flora Around Mount Teide

Imagine being a tiny seed, trying to sprout in a vast, harsh lava field under the towering presence of the mighty volcano Teide. The flora of Teide National Park does not have to imagine it, because that's their reality! When your bus tours of Tenerife guide you through this stark yet stunning landscape, you’ll be able to gaze upon a world where life blooms amidst the seemingly inhospitable. Bus tours around Tenerife reveal a spectacular spectacle of resilience and vibrant life against the stark volcanic backdrop.

The resilience of nature is never more evident than in the myriad of plants making their home around Teide. Each Tenerife tour through this astounding landscape introduces you to species you won’t find anywhere else on the planet. Your tour guide will explain how these brave plants, like the Tower of Jewels and Teide Viper’s Bugloss, endure and thrive in the challenging conditions, bursting into a display of vibrant colors amidst the austere lava fields and rocks.

During your Tenerife bus tours, you will witness:

  • How vivid blossoms paint a stark contrast against the charcoal hues of ancient lava flows.
  • The tender shoots and buds that defy the odds by emerging victorious against the desolate volcanic canvas.
  • The vibrant patches of green, a testament to nature’s undying will to prevail and prosper amidst adversity.

Tenerife coach tours through these regions offer a paradox, where the delicate beauty of life in the form of endemic plants thrives amidst the remnants of fiery, molten rage from the volcano above. It is a scene that will be etched in your memory, demonstrating an eternal dance between creation and destruction, a theme that is recurrent in nature and especially evident when touring Tenerife by bus through this unparalleled landscape.

  • Witness nature’s astounding resilience through the vibrant flora against the harsh volcanic canvas.
  • Discover unique plants, found nowhere else, bravely thriving amidst challenging conditions.
  • Engage with the eternal dance of life and destruction, evident in every bloom amidst the lava fields.

Your adventure doesn’t stop here! Stay with us as we continue to explore more facets of the enthralling Teide National Park in the upcoming sections. Every tour in Tenerife is a new page in an unwritten diary.

Cable Car Rides Up the Mighty Volcano

Hold tight, it's time to glide over the vast lava fields and ascend toward the peak of the wondrous volcano Teide! A day tour to Teide National Park is never complete without experiencing the awe-striking Teide cable car ride, a major highlight during many Tenerife bus tours. The bus tour gets even more exciting when it's time to swap the wheels for cables. Your Tenerife coach tours provide a moment to gaze, gasp, and giggle as the car lifts you above a stunning moonscape below.

As you find comfort in the cable car, your ascent begins. Your eyes will dance from one astonishing view to the next, capturing the intricacies of the rocky plains beneath, as your tour guide shares fascinating tales and facts about the volcano you are approaching. Your touring Tenerife by bus adventure transforms, morphing into an almost otherworldly experience as you soar above and gaze down upon landscapes that tell tales of ancient eruptions and nature’s potent power.

The cable car lifts you towards the summit, providing a vantage point that many describe as heavenly during their Tenerife bus tours. Above, the deep blue sky kisses Teide, while beneath, the textures of the lava fields tell tales of fervent flows from years gone by. Every bus tour of Tenerife which includes this magnificent cable car ride presents a perfect chance to snap photos and hold on to memories of hovering above an alien-like terrain, where every rock and rift has its own untold story.

Teide’s peak, often adorned with a delicate crown of snow, offers a stark contrast to the warm and sunny beaches you might explore later with bus tours in Tenerife. It’s a reminder of the diverse experiences that a Tenerife bus tour to Teide National Park brings. From scorching lava fields to chilly summits, it’s a journey through temperatures and terrains, all from the comfort of your cable car seat.

  • Experience the thrill of gliding above dramatic lava landscapes with the Teide cable car ride.
  • Witness the enchanting dichotomy of scorching lava fields below and potentially snowy peaks above.
  • Embrace the chance to view and photograph one of the most unique landscapes on Earth.

Stay excited! Our journey exploring the vast terrains and mesmerizing stories of Teide National Park is just one part of the larger adventure. Every tenerife tour opens up new worlds and new wonders. So let’s keep exploring, as every bus tour has more secrets and sights to share, ensuring your experience touring Tenerife by bus is filled with endless enchantment and awe.

Get Into the Lush Greenery of Anaga Rural Park on the Coach Tours Tenerife North offers

When you hop on a coach tour heading towards the vibrant green realms of Anaga Rural Park, you're signing up for a day filled with natural wonders and eye-pleasing vistas that Tenerife north offers generously. Tenerife bus tours always have a special place for the lush landscapes of Anaga, offering a stark, beautiful contrast to the arid terrains and golden beaches commonly associated with the island.

The Tenerife coach tours navigate through winding roads, wrapped in the embrace of ancient forests and hills that seem to whisper tales from eons ago. If you're a lover of nature, choosing a bus tour through this green paradise will envelop you in scenes straight from a fairy tale. Every bus tour of Tenerife that glides through Anaga Rural Park unveils forests that seem to hum with an ancient rhythm and trees twisted into enchanting forms by the hands of time.

Anaga is not just a feast for your eyes but also a treat for your spirit. On this tour, you will breathe the fresh, crisp air, perfumed by the vibrant flora that carpets the landscape, while your tour guide weaves tales of the mystical beings that folklore says once dwelled these lands. Tenerife tours bus options are aplenty, but those venturing through Anaga offer a soothing retreat into nature’s lap, away from the bustling tourist spots, and deep into tranquil terrains.

The Tenerife bus tours taking you through Anaga may also stop at quaint little villages where life moves at a gentle pace, and smiles from locals warm the heart. Walking through these villages, with homes often hugged by vibrant flowers and plants, gives a sneak peek into the tranquil lifestyle in this enchanting part of Tenerife north.

Engaging with the locals, tasting their home-made delicacies, and absorbing the calm that hangs in the air provides a beautiful contrast to the lively, bustling energy found in other parts of Tenerife. On this bus tour, the melding of natural wonders and local charm crafts an experience that gently caresses the soul, making every moment spent touring Tenerife by bus a cherished memory.

  • Be enveloped by the mystical ancient forests and enchanting landscapes of Anaga Rural Park.
  • Immerse in the tranquility of small villages and savor delightful local treats.
  • Absorb tales and legends whispered by the guide, adding a magical layer to the verdant scenery.

Join the adventure, as the bus wheels continue to roll, unveiling more treasures hidden in Tenerife’s vast landscapes and rich cultures. Every tour carries its own unique charm, promising to sprinkle your holiday with varied flavors and memories that will be cherished long after the bus has returned to its starting point. Keep exploring, for every tour in Tenerife brings new surprises.

A Taste of Local Flavours: Wine Tasting Tour Through Tenerife South

Tenerife South unfolds a delightful panorama for oenophiles, offering a vast range of flavors derived from the island's varied terroir. From the aromatic whites of Abona to the rich reds of Playa San Juan, the wine spectrum reveals the volcanic soul of this robust terrain.

Basking in the Coastal Charms of Garachico on Tenerife Sightseeing Tours

Embark on a journey to Garachico, one of the jewels nestled on the northern coast of Tenerife, with bus tours around Tenerife that focus on revealing coastal wonders to eager explorers. Garachico is not just a location; it’s a portal to Tenerife's rich past and a beacon of resilient spirit. From its cobbled streets to the historical remnants of volcanic activities, it gracefully mingles natural allure with compelling stories.

Garachico’s Natural Swimming Pools

Garachico offers a rare treat to its visitors with unique natural swimming pools forged by historic lava flows from the angry volcano nearby. A popular spot to see on coach tours in Tenerife. The once devastated port has turned into a tranquil spot where tourists can dip into calm, salty waters while surrounded by peculiar volcanic rock formations. It's an epitome of how nature can shape beauty from chaos, making it a highlight of any bus tour of Tenerife.

Stroll Through Cobblestone Streets

After a refreshing dip, the charming cobblestone streets of Garachico beckon tourists to stroll and explore the rustic beauty it has to offer. As you amble through the narrow paths, the aroma of local eateries teases your senses, inviting you to taste the local flavors, while the sound of gentle waves creates a soothing backdrop. It's a gentle reminder of how Tenerife flawlessly blends the slow pace of traditional life with the vibrancy of tourism.

  • Garachico, with its fascinating history and unique natural pools, is a stellar stop on any Tenerife sightseeing tours.
  • The cobblestone streets offer a leisurely stroll through the charming town, providing an authentic experience of Tenerife's beautiful blend of tradition and tourism.

The Hidden Allure of La Orotava Valley on the Bus Excursions, Tenerife

A journey to La Orotava Valley with any bus excursions Tenerife provides, unlocks a lush, green world that stands in charming contrast to other landscapes on the island. The valley, rich with fertile soils, vibrant vegetation, and a heartwarming community, opens up opportunities to explore the island from a refreshing perspective.

A Walk Through La Orotava’s Botanical Gardens

The botanical gardens in La Orotava are an embodiment of tranquility and a testament to the island's incredible biodiversity. As you saunter through the well-maintained paths, various plant species, from the exotic to the endemic, provide a lush tapestry that is soothing to the eyes and soul. It’s not merely a walk but an education about Tenerife’s unique flora, making it a crucial stop during Tenerife bus tours.

Exploring Historical La Orotava Town

Taking a bus tour of Tenerife to the historical town within La Orotava Valley transports you back in time, where architectural marvels from bygone eras whisper tales of nobility and tradition.

  • La Orotava Valley offers a lush and vibrant contrast with its fertile landscapes and well-preserved historical town.
  • A bus tour here is an amalgamation of tranquility, provided by the beautiful botanical gardens, and a walk through rich history and heritage in the ancient town.

Day Trip Adventures with a stop at the Spectacular Los Gigantes Cliffs

Tenerife, with its stunning vistas and remarkable geographical features, promises thrilling day trips that etch lasting memories for visitors. One particularly unmissable destination on Tenerife sightseeing tours is the awe-inspiring Los Gigantes Cliffs.

Astounding Views from the Top

Tenerife bus tours oriented towards Los Gigantes offer travelers an unforgettable visual treat. The cliffs, which dramatically soar to heights of up to 800 meters, meet the eye with a splendid display of natural might and majesty. Most bus tours in Tenerife navigating through the west coast carve out time for this enchanting landmark, ensuring visitors can fully absorb the panoramic views and immortalize them in photos.

Unveiling Geological Wonders

The sheer size and scale of Los Gigantes cliffs have been a point of fascination for geologists and tourists alike. The layers of rock, visible upon close observation, narrate a tale of the island’s vibrant geological past. Embarking on Tenerife bus tours to this location is not merely a visual feast but also an informal educational journey through the annals of Tenerife's earth history.

Nearby Charms: The Black Sand Beaches

In the vicinity of Los Gigantes, the black sand beaches await, offering a different, yet equally mesmerizing aesthetic. Formed from the island’s volcanic activity, these beaches present a stark contrast to the usual sandy shores and serve as a quaint spot to relax post-adventure. Strolling along these unique beaches adds a calming and unusual episode to your Tenerife day trips, providing not just leisure but also a physical connection to the island's volcanic legacy.

  • Los Gigantes Cliffs captivate with their monumental scale and panoramic ocean views, a must-visit during Tenerife bus tours.
  • An exploration of Los Gigantes also reveals a fascinating geological journey, told through its rock formations.
  • Proximity to the distinctive black sand beaches offers a serene and unique addition to Tenerife sightseeing tours.

Journey Through Time in La Palma Bus Trip

An escape to La Palma on a bus sightseeing tour from Tenerife. The lush landscapes and rich history embedded in every nook and cranny of this picturesque island invite explorers to immerse themselves in a unique world, far removed from the daily hustle. Undertaking a bus trip across the island unveils layers of natural and cultural allure, ready to enchant every traveler.

Explore the Rugged Landscapes of Caldera de Taburiente

Venturing towards the heart of La Palma, the Caldera de Taburiente National Park emerges as a natural masterpiece that is both visually spectacular and geologically significant. Known for its immense erosion crater, the park allows visitors on Tenerife day trips to delve into a rugged yet resplendent landscape characterized by jagged cliffs, deep ravines, and verdant pine forests.

Whether witnessing the sun dipping below the horizon from a viewpoint or trekking through the twisted pathways, Caldera de Taburiente generously offers panoramas that linger in memories and photographs alike. Given the rich biodiversity and the splendid isolation that it offers, the caldera stands as a testament to La Palma's pristine and untouched beauty, a definite highlight of any bus trip.

La Palma’s Renowned Silk Weaving Tradition

La Palma is not only a paradise for nature enthusiasts but also a hub for tradition, particularly its renowned silk weaving practices. La Palma’s silk weaving, known locally as "seda", is a delicate craft handed down through generations, marrying artistry and diligence in equal measure. Visitors on Tenerife sightseeing tours often find themselves entwined in the delicate threads of this ancient craft, exploring workshops and interacting with local artisans who sustain this treasured tradition.

The workshops dotting the island not only showcase the meticulous process of silk weaving but also present travelers with the opportunity to take home a piece of La Palma’s cultural tapestry. Be it in the form of scarves, ties, or other silk artifacts, these intricately crafted items serve as tangible memories of a timeless journey through La Palma’s cultural and natural landscapes.

  • Caldera de Taburiente in La Palma reveals rugged landscapes, providing a secluded and breathtaking natural retreat during Tenerife day trips.
  • La Palma’s silk weaving tradition extends a rich, cultural experience, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in a longstanding art form and interact with local artisans.

Sightseeing Day Tours to Enchanting La Gomera

Embarking on a sightseeing day tour to La Gomera, a pearl nestled in the vast Atlantic, guarantees a day enveloped by spellbinding landscapes, whispering forests, and a rich tapestry of history and culture. Just a stone's throw from Tenerife, La Gomera unfolds a world where ancient traditions, such as the unique Whistle Language, coexist harmoniously with the pulsating life of the lush natural surroundings. The bus tour you are going to take includes the whistling language show.

The Uncharted Beauty of Garajonay National Park

In the heart of La Gomera, Garajonay National Park emerges as a lush haven for nature enthusiasts and casual explorers alike. The park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, encapsulates the essence of pristine wilderness, being home to a thriving laurisilva forest that cloaks the landscape in a perpetual verdant hue. The mystical cloud forests offer serene trails, allowing travelers on Tenerife sightseeing tours to traverse through a myriad of ecosystems, witnessing diverse flora and fauna.

With an atmosphere thick with the murmur of the forest and its creatures, Garajonay is not merely a sightseeing spot but a holistic experience that caresses every sense. The park also whispers tales of the past through ancient rocks and time-worn trails, making every step within this lush paradise a walk through history and nature simultaneously.

Delve into La Gomera’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

La Gomera, while bounteous in natural allure, is equally rich in cultural treasures. The island plays host to a cultural tapestry that seamlessly intertwines with the day-to-day lives of the inhabitants. Visitors on bus tours to La Gomerahave the unique opportunity to delve into this cultural milieu, experiencing firsthand the echoes of ancient traditions, such as the enigmatic Silbo Gomero (the Whistle Language) still alive amidst the modernity.

A tour through the island’s historical centers unfolds stories of yore, wrapped in the quaint charm of cobblestone streets and venerable structures. Moreover, a visit to local workshops and markets not only supports the local economy but allows travelers to immerse themselves in the vibrant, living traditions and take home a piece of La Gomera's vibrant culture and artistry.

  • Garajonay National Park, located in the heart of La Gomera, unveils a lush laurisilva forest, providing a rich, natural escapade for travelers on Tenerife sightseeing tours.
  • The cultural wealth of La Gomera, including the unique Whistle Language and historic centers, offer a rich, immersive journey through the island’s vibrant traditions and history.

Visiting the Vibrant Puerto de La Cruz along Sightseeing Tours in Tenerife

The Puerto de La Cruz, a quintessential jewel of Tenerife, offers a perfect blend of traditional Canarian charm and modern-day tourism allure, rendering it an unmissable destination during sightseeing tours in Tenerife. With its pleasant climate, spectacular vistas, and welcoming locals, Puerto de La Cruz not only highlights the best of the Canarian culture but also provides an invigorating blend of experiences tailored to satiate the wanderlust of every traveler.

Discovering the Luscious Botanical Gardens

Embarking on sightseeing tours in Tenerife brings visitors to the enchanting botanical gardens in Puerto de La Cruz.

Moreover, the botanical gardens serve as a testament to the rich biodiversity found within the archipelago, ensuring that every turn and every pathway unveils a new, breathtaking facet of nature, making it a must-visit locale for those indulging in Tenerife sightseeing tours.

The Alluring Beaches of Puerto de La Cruz

No visit to Puerto de La Cruz is complete without basking in the golden sands of its renowned beaches. Known for their black volcanic sands, the beaches here provide a unique and striking contrast to the azure waters of the Atlantic.

Playa Jardin, designed by the celebrated architect César Manrique, is an iconic spot that combines natural beauty with artistic flair, while Playa Martiánez offers tranquil waters ideal for a relaxing swim. Visitors on sightseeing tours in Tenerife will find these beaches not only visually stunning but also hubs of vibrant local life, allowing them to immerse themselves in the pulsating heartbeat of the community whilst absorbing the rejuvenating ocean breeze.

  • The botanical gardens in Puerto de La Cruz offer a lush, serene retreat and a showcase of the rich biodiversity, making it a poignant stop during sightseeing tours in Tenerife.
  • The black sandy beaches, such as Playa Jardin and Playa Martiánez, promise a blend of natural beauty and vibrant local life, providing a unique coastal experience for visitors exploring Puerto de La Cruz.
  • Book bus tour around Tenerife coastline to visit this town. The tour is perfect to see what Tenerife has to offer. See some of the best attractions and feel the essence of Tenerife.

A Scenic Bus Tour Around Tenerife Coastline

The island of Tenerife, with its remarkable coastline, teems with unparalleled beauty and an eclectic blend of experiences, which are best explored through a scenic bus tour. Each curve and bend in the road unfolds new panoramas, be it the foamy waves caressing the varied beaches or the quaint coastal villages and towns, each of which carries its own unique charm and tales of the island's rich past and vibrant culture.

The Diverse Beaches Along Tenerife Coast

One of the most enchanting aspects of a bus tour around the Tenerife coastline is the remarkable diversity of its beaches. From the golden sands of Las Teresitas in the north, offering a serene escape amidst natural splendors, to the energetic and lively shores of Playa de Las Americas in the south, visitors are treated to a spectrum of seascapes and atmospheres.

While the northern beaches often boast lush backdrops and a more tranquil vibe, the southern counterparts lure with vibrant nightlife and a plethora of water activities. Whichever direction the bus tour heads, each beach along the Tenerifecoastline promises a unique experience and a chance to immerse oneself in the natural and cultural wealth of the island.

Coastal Villages and Towns with Unique Tenerife Charm

The coastal villages and towns sprinkled along Tenerife’s periphery are not mere stops on a bus tour but are gateways to understanding the authentic Canarian way of life.

These hamlets and towns, with their traditional architecture, amiable locals, and exquisite culinary offerings, extend invitations to delve into the island’s soul, explore its history, and embrace its traditions. As the bus tour meanders through these vibrant and peaceful locales, passengers are offered a heartfelt connection to Tenerife beyond the conventional tourist spots.

  • Tenerife’s coastline boasts a myriad of beaches, each with its own distinct appeal, ranging from the tranquil northern shores to the lively southern beaches, offering varied experiences along the bus tour.
  • The coastal villages and towns provide a window into authentic Canarian life, blending rich history, traditional charm, and local gastronomy, thereby enriching the bus tour around Tenerife with deeper cultural insights.

Having a Big Group? Bus Private Tour Options for an Exclusive Experience

Navigating through the astonishing landscapes and cultural hubs of Tenerife with a larger party requires a certain degree of planning and customization, which is perfectly encapsulated by bus private tour options available across the island. This approach not only caters to the specific interests and pace of your group but also ensures a more intimate and personalized exploration of Tenerife’s multifaceted offerings.

Tailoring Your Itinerary with a Private Bus Tour

The advantage of opting for a bus private tour is the flexibility it affords in sculpting your own itinerary. Whether your group is enticed by the historical narratives of La Laguna, the vibrant ecosystems of Teide National Park, or the tranquil beaches lining the coastline. Private coach tours in Tenerife allows you to curate a journey that aligns with your collective interests and curiosities.

Benefits of Choosing a Bus Private Tour

In addition to the tailoring of your journey, a bus private tour often comes with several inherent benefits that enhance the overall travel experience for larger groups. One of the significant advantages is the ability to explore Tenerife without the limitations and schedules of general group tours, enabling your party to absorb each moment and destination thoroughly.

Moreover, private tours often have access to specialized guides who bring a wealth of knowledge and personalization to the journey, thereby deepening your understanding and connection to the locations visited. Additionally, logistical aspects, such as pick-up and drop-off points, are typically customizable, ensuring convenience and accessibility for all members of your group, thereby making the exploration of Tenerife smooth and enjoyable.

  • Opting for a bus private tour enables larger groups to customize their itineraries, ensuring that the journey aligns with their collective interests and paces, while also enabling in-depth exploration of chosen sites and experiences in Tenerife.
  • Private tour options offer numerous benefits, including the flexibility of schedules, the expertise of specialized guides, and customized logistical arrangements, enhancing the overall explorative experience of Tenerife for larger groups.

Wonders of Tenerife North: Forests, Towns, and Beaches

In contrast to its southern counterpart, the northern region of Tenerife immerses visitors in a world where lush forests, enchanting towns, and secluded beaches meld seamlessly into one. Beyond the tourist trails, the Tenerife North exudes an unhurried vibe, where nature and traditions intertwine, offering a distinct yet equally mesmerizing experience compared to the bustling south.

Verdant Vistas: The Enchanting Anaga Forest

The Anaga Forest invites travellers into a realm where ancient laurel forests and misty landscapes whisper tales from epochs gone by. Listed as a Biosphere Reserve, this spectacular forest captivates with its deep ravines and towering peaks, providing a sanctuary for a myriad of endemic species and offering myriad trekking trails for those eager to explore its mystical terrains.

A Stroll Through Time: Charming Towns of the North

Tenerife North is dotted with a sprinkling of charming towns that serve as gateways to the region's rich history and vibrant local culture. Places like La Orotava and Garachico whisk visitors away into a bygone era, where cobbled streets, historic mansions, and serene squares tell tales of prosperity, tragedy, and resilience.

Hidden Gems: The Secluded Beaches of the North

In contrast to the south, beaches in Tenerife North often boast a more secluded and tranquil character, offering a peaceful retreat for those looking to escape the crowds. Beaches like Playa El Bollullo and Playa Benijo, with their black volcanic sands and rugged coastal backdrops, provide not only a stunning visual treat but also a serene space to relax and contemplate the majestic power of nature.

  • Tenerife North provides a contrasting experience with its lush forests, such as the enigmatic Anaga Forest, offering a mystical and biodiverse environment away from the common tourist trails.
  • The northern towns of Tenerife, like La Orotava and Garachico, offer a window into the island’s rich history and vibrant local culture through their well-preserved architectural gems and traditional practices.
  • The secluded black-sand beaches of the north, including Playa El Bollullo and Playa Benijo, offer tranquil and visually stunning retreats that showcase nature’s breathtaking prowess away from the hustle and bustle.

Discovering Hidden Gems with a Guide Tour in Tenerife South

Tenerife South hosts a treasure trove of experiences waiting to be unveiled, particularly when you embark on coach tours in Tenerife with a knowledgeable guide who knows every secret corner and hidden gem of the island. A guide tour opens up a world beyond the widely-recognized attractions, delving into spots only locals might know and stories that aren’t found in your typical travel guidebook.

Unveiling Secret Spots Only Locals Know

A guide tour in Tenerife South is akin to receiving a key that unlocks secret gardens, unknown historical sites, and secluded spots that are usually off the tourist radar.

Storytelling: Dive into the Unknown Tales of Tenerife

Behind every stone, every beach, and every trail in Tenerife South, there are stories waiting to be told. Engaging with a guide not only provides physical direction but also immerses you in the rich tapestry of tales that weave through the island's history and culture.

Tailored Experiences: Craft Your Own Journey

Embarking on a guided Costa Adeje city tours offers not just a set itinerary but the flexibility to tailor experiences according to interests and preferences. Whether it's diving deeper into the culinary scene, exploring the world beneath the waves, or seeking out the best photographic spots, guided tours can be personalized, offering a custom-made journey that enhances your connection with Tenerife South. These tailored adventures ensure that every moment is aligned with your interests, from culinary explorations to nature escapades, creating memories that are as unique as they are unforgettable.

  • Guide tour experiences in Tenerife South unlock secret spots and hidden treasures, offering access to untouched beaches, caves, and trails usually reserved for locals.
  • Guides weave through a rich tapestry of stories, from the mystical tales of the Guanche to the adventures of pirates, providing a deeply immersive cultural and historical experience.
  • Tailoring your guide tour allows for a personalized exploration of Tenerife South, enabling a deep dive into specific interests such as the culinary scene, underwater adventures, or photographic expeditions, ensuring a uniquely crafted adventure.

Tenerife Island Tour: Exploring Best Tenerife Attractions

An all-encompassing Tenerife Island Tour unveils the enchanting diversity encapsulated in this jewel of the Canary Islands. Whether basking in the sun-kissed southern beaches or delving into the lush northern forests, a comprehensive tour around Tenerife ensures that travelers grasp the multifaceted allure this island generously offers.

From Arid Plains to Lush Forests

Tenerife, a mini-universe unto itself, presents a magnificent array of landscapes that swiftly transition from arid, cacti-speckled plains to lush, laurisilva forests. Embarking on a Tenerife Island Tour enables visitors to comprehend the startling geographical contrasts that define the island. The south tantalizes with its golden sands and stark, dramatic cliffs, while the north beckons with its verdant forests and traditional Canarian villages.

Adventure Through Tenerife’s Microclimates

The microclimates encountered during a Tenerife Island Tour further amplify the island’s diverse charm. Each zone, shaped by its unique weather pattern, curates its own adventure and visual aesthetic. The southern reaches of Tenerife, known for their consistent sunshine and minimal rainfall, cultivate a vibrant beach and water sports culture. In contrast, the misty and somewhat mystical northern areas support lush vegetation and a myriad of hiking trails that meander through ancient forests and past cascading waterfalls.

  • Tenerife Island Tour unlocks the geographical dichotomy of Tenerife, transitioning from the arid, sunny plains of the south to the lush, moist forests in the north, offering a wide array of activities and experiences in starkly contrasting environments.
  • The island's diverse microclimates curate unique experiences, from the beach and water sports culture in the south to the lush hiking trails in the north, with each climate zone offering its own adventure and culinary exploits.

Canary Island Escape: An Excursion to Delightful Gran Canaria

The Canary Island chain, a scattering of vibrant isles, each brimming with its own unique character and charm, provides a rich tapestry of experiences for explorers. Going beyond Tenerife, a visit to its neighbor, Gran Canaria, is an escapade that unites sun-soaked beaches, vibrant city life, and serene natural landscapes into a single, delightful adventure.

A tour from Tenerife to Gran Canaria is more than a mere transition between islands; it’s a journey through diverse landscapes and cultures within a surprisingly compact realm. Breathtaking dunes of Maspalomas, the pulsating energy of Las Palmas, and the serene, timeless villages nestled within verdant valleys; Gran Canaria is a microcosm of continental experiences rendered on a manageable, island-sized canvas.

  • Gran Canaria, dubbed the 'Miniature Continent', encapsulates a rich array of landscapes and experiences, from the iconic dunes of Maspalomas and tranquil inland villages to the dynamic and culturally rich capital, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.
  • The excursion from Tenerife to Gran Canaria offers travelers a varied and multidimensional adventure, effortlessly intertwining natural beauty with urban vibrancy, and traditional culture with modern conveniences.

Capturing Memories: Scenic Spots on Your Tenerife Excursion

Embarking on an excursion across Tenerife unveils a plethora of scenic spots, each with its unique charm and potential for creating lasting memories. The island is not just a destination but a canvas where visitors paint their experiences, capturing moments against the backdrop of panoramic landscapes, dramatic coastlines, and iconic landmarks. Navigating through Tenerife, one is often compelled to pause, absorb, and immortalize the vistas through photographs, ensuring memories of the island's beauty are forever etched in time.

Sunsets at La Gomera Viewpoint

La Gomera Viewpoint offers a stunning panorama, especially as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm, golden hue across the landscape. A mere picture cannot truly encapsulate the serene beauty witnessed here; however, it can serve as a splendid reminder of moments spent in awe at nature’s magnificent display. Travelers are often found lingering, cameras in hand, to capture the transcendent sunsets, creating memories against the spectacular backdrop of La Gomera Island silhouette.

The Mesmeric Beauty of Teide National Park

Teide National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is not only a hub of natural wonders but also a splendid locale for memory-making. Visit it on a Teide full-day coach tour with professional guide.

The Enchanting Anaga Rural Park

Nestled in the northeastern part of Tenerife, Anaga Rural Park is a realm where nature and ancient traditions intertwine. Every trail, viewpoint, and village within the park offers a unique vantage point, highlighting the untouched and mystical aspects of Tenerife.

  • La Gomera Viewpoint, with its breathtaking sunsets against the silhouette of the island, offers a quintessential Tenerife scenic spot for both photography enthusiasts and memory collectors.
  • Teide National Park’s diverse landscapes, encompassing the majestic Mount Teide, lava fields, and unique geological formations, provide a myriad of spectacular scenes to be captured and cherished.
  • Anaga Rural Park intertwines misty forests, rugged landscapes, and traditional hamlets into a picturesque tapestry of natural and cultural beauty, providing myriad opportunities for capturing enchanting images and memories.
  • Two must do coach tours are Teide, Masca, Garachico, Icod de Los Vinos. Along the tour you will also see the Dragon Tree. It's a full day tour. Plus Anaga bus tour - one of the best Tenerife bus tours. On the second tour you are going explore also the capital of Tenerife.

TripsPoint - The Best Place to Book Your Tenerife Bus Tours

Embarking on a Tenerife tours, sightseeing journey in Tenerife becomes effortlessly enchanting and impeccably organized with TripsPoint. A platform that understands the essence of travel and curates experiences tailored to diverse desires.

Unmatched Variety and Value

TripsPoint stands out as a pivotal platform in curating diverse and authentic experiences in Tenerife. From exploring the lush north to discovering hidden gems in the south, the variety of bus tours available ensures that every traveler finds something that resonates with their interests. Furthermore, TripsPoint is dedicated to providing value, ensuring that every tour offered is not only of the highest quality but also competitively priced, guaranteeing travelers get the best bang for their buck.

Authentic Experiences with Local Experts

The tours listed on TripsPoint are meticulously chosen to provide travelers with genuine and memorable experiences. Their collaborations with local experts ensure that every trip is not only authentic but also provides deep insights into Tenerife's rich history, culture, and natural splendor.

User-Friendly Platform and Stellar Support

Navigating through the multitude of options, booking tours, and managing your itinerary is a breeze with TripsPoint’s user-friendly platform. Every tour is detailed with comprehensive information, transparent pricing, and genuine reviews to assist you in making informed decisions.

TripsPoint takes pride in providing stellar customer support, ensuring your queries are addressed promptly and your travel experience is smooth and hassle-free.

Secure Bookings and Flexible Policies

In an era where security and flexibility in bookings are paramount, TripsPoint ensures that every transaction is secure and provides flexible policies that cater to the unforeseen changes that might alter travel plans. Your bookings are safeguarded, and with customer-friendly cancellation policies, you travel with peace of mind knowing that TripsPoint has your back.

  • TripsPoint offers an unmatched variety of high-quality, competitively priced bus tours across Tenerife, ensuring travelers experience the island's myriad wonders without compromise.
  • With a focus on authentic sightseeing day tours, Tenerife, TripsPoint curates tours led by local experts, providing deep, genuine insights into Tenerife's diverse environments and rich cultural tapestry.
  • The platform stands out with its user-friendly interface, detailed information, transparent pricing, genuine reviews, and outstanding customer support, ensuring hassle-free exploration of Tenerife.
  • TripsPoint prioritizes secure transactions and offers flexible booking policies, providing reassurance and convenience to travelers navigating their Tenerife adventure.

Things to Remember:

  • Spectacular Views: From Masca to Teide, every stop on Tenerife island bus tours is a new marvel.
  • Rich History: Explore historical towns like La Laguna and Garachico.
  • Varied Landscapes: Tenerife’s terrains range from lush forests to arid volcanoes.
  • Tasting Tours: Savor local flavors, from wines to cheeses, in Tenerife South.
  • Flexible Options: Choose from private or guided bus tours.
  • Book in Advance: Ensure your spot and avoid disappointment by booking early.
  • Pack Accordingly: Remember to bring essentials like sunscreen and a camera.


Enjoy fantastic views of an island paradise, explore nature, and get the most of the incredible scenery through these top sightseeing tours in Tenerife. Touring Tenerife by bus is a simple, cost-effective, and spectacular way to see the island – so the hardest part is choosing which excursion to go on!

Whether you’re looking to tour Tenerife North or to hop on a ferry and take some Tenerife tours sightseeing some of the most fantastic islets surrounding the mainland – we’ve got the trip for you.

Here are some of our suggestions for the best Tenerife bus tours:


The northern section of the island is home to plenty of wildlife, lush green areas, and plenty of awe-inspiring beaches. No matter which Tenerife tour bus you take – you’re sure to run into plenty of attractions.


The first of our Tenerife sightseeing tours – heading over to La Laguna, Anaga, and Taganana. This 9-hour trip will take us to explore the former capital of the island, the wildest and greenest area, and some great beaches in the Taganana village.

This is one of the best sightseeing tours in Tenerife for the diversity of landscapes you’ll see, the relaxing stops, and the amount of adventure. You’ll be able to explore the fantastic architecture of the old capital, the lush green forest of Anaga, and the quaint village near the beach.

These Tenerife island bus tours will let you explore different landscapes – with convenient and comfortable bus seats taking you to each destination.


Tenerife coach tours are a comfortable way to see some of the best views of the island. This fantastic trip explores the northern part of the island, starting from Puerto de La Cruz and Santa Ursula.

You’ll explore the highest peak in the Atlantic Ocean at Mt. Teide. Then you’ll head down to check out the largest single crater in the world. Then once you’ve seen enough of volcanos and craters, we’ll head down the west coast to see the gorgeous beach towns and the famous Masca road.

These Tenerife bus tours last 9-hours and are a great way to spend the whole day to really get a look at some of the wildest parts of the island.


This 9-hour trip sets off from Tenerife North and lets you see the two capitals of the island. We’ll see the current capital, the former, and a wild jungle.

You’ll get a chance at seeing the vast green landscape in the Anaga jungle. You’ll also get to explore the former capital at La Laguna and see the fantastic colonial architecture that marks the island. Finally, we’ll head over to Santa Cruz de Tenerife and see the best of modernity.

Enjoy exploring Tenerife by bus and experience the fantastic views – and take a break from the island sun on the comfortable air-conditioned bus in between locations.


Some of the best bus tours around Tenerife also head down to the south of the island where you’ll see shining beaches, fantastic coastlines, and a mountainous landscape. You can get the best of these Tenerife bus tours no matter where you’re staying on the island!


If you’re looking for a shorter excursion and are dying to see one of the most famous landmarks of Europe – head over to the Teide Express. You’ll explore the Teide National Park and kick it off from Tenerife South.

Explore the Rocks of García, cross the biggest crater in the world, and get a professional tour guide to show you the volcanic landscape. One of the best Tenerife bus tours on the list – you’ll be able to explore an exceptional landscape unlike any other.

Chill out in the comfortable seats and get taken directly to the protected national park — and even see one of the highest towns in Spain – Vilaflor.


One of the classic Tenerife island bus tours – a relaxing ride throughout the entire coastline. This 9-hour trip will have you visiting tiny towns, fantastic beaches, and some of the most stunning scenery.

Explore the historic center of towns like La Orotava and check out some of the most expansive houses on the island. You’ll also see the whole coastline, stunning mountains, and some of the quaintest towns on the island.

These Tenerife bus tours will take you through the entire island and give you a quick-and-dirty introduction to all of Tenerife. If you’re ready to see all of the different landscapes that shape the island – this is the quickest way to see it all.


See the Atlantic’s tallest peak and some fantastic beaches all in one day with this bus tour. This Tenerife excursion will have you set out to explore Puerto de La Cruz and the Teide National Par.

You’ll also arrive directly at Loro Parque – so if you have your tickets for that, you can make two great trips line up at once.

If you want to see some of the best parts of the island and still have plenty of flexible free time – this is the trip for you.


The Canary Islands are made up of several different islands – so you’ll have to explore plenty of the if you want to have an authentic experience of this stunning area. All of the prices include the bus and ferry for travel. Here is a selection of our favorite excursions that head out to other islands.


Take a full 11-hour day full of ferry and bus excursions. Tenerife South gives us excellent access to the famous La Gomera island known for its stunning rainforest.

La Gomera is home to plenty of watersports, crystalline beaches, a beautiful rainforest, and plenty of rocky plateaus. This green island is home to ancient cultures and a deep wealth of natural scenery.

If you’re ready to explore the southern coast and an idyllic rainforest – this is the trip for you.


Another full day of adventure, but this time taking us over to La Palma. This small island is a world biosphere reserve known for an abundance of water – lakes, rain, and high humidity in the dense Monteverde forest.

We’ll explore the Castillo de Santa Catalina, the island’s capital, and a dense green forest. It’ll be a day full of urban sightseeing and natural adventures.

And to top it all off – we’ll have a quick visit over to an old Rum distillery for a delicious tasting tour. It’ll definitely make for an interesting day full of activities!


One of our longest trips – we’ll explore the most remote Canary Island – El Hierro. Known for its dense rainforest, natural reserve, and fantastic viewpoints.

These Tenerife bus tours will explore the scenic island and make several stops throughout the coast and the rainforest. We’ll check out natural pools, an enormous laurel forest, and viewpoints throughout this UNESCO-protected island.


Sometimes you just want a Tenerife bus tour that is a little different from the rest. Whether you’re looking for a more private tour or you’re looking for something a bit shorter – we’ve got plenty of options to choose from.


This 8-hour tour is perfect for larger families and travel agencies that want to see some of the most important sites in Tenerife – all while being surrounded by a closed group of people.

You’ll explore the Teide National Park, the famous Masca village, and the old capital that was destroyed by a volcano! We’ll also head over to see the stunning El Drago – the oldest dragon tree in the world!

Enjoy the privacy of touring Tenerife by bus with just your group, as well as a knowledgeable tour guide to take you throughout the island.


See two of the most important landmarks in one day! The Teide & Loro Parque day lets you explore the unforgettable Teide National Park – and then skip the line to head straight into the Loro Parque.

You’ll check out the insane rock formations in the National Park, and then head over to the lush green Loro Parque and get to watching plenty of fantastic animals.

This is one of the best Tenerife bus tours for families with children as the Loro Parque is a sure win with them!


Get your adventure started and explore this incredible island through these comfortable bus tours. Tenerife has a lot to offer – and these trips are planned to have you see as much as possible.

Don’t see a bus tour that plans exactly what you need? Check out the rest of our itineraries.