Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any restrictions on participating in shore excursions in Tenerife?

Some shore excursions in Tenerife may have restrictions based on age, physical ability, or other factors. It's recommended to check with the tour operator for specific details and requirements.

What are the popular destinations for cruise excursions in Tenerife?

Popular destinations for cruise excursions in Tenerife include the Teide National Park, the cliffs of Los Gigantes, the botanical gardens in Puerto de la Cruz, and the vibrant city of Santa Cruz.

Can I customize my cruise excursion itinerary in Tenerife?

Yes, many tour operators offer the option to customize your cruise excursion itinerary in Tenerife, allowing you to choose the destinations and activities that interest you the most.

What should I wear for a cruise excursion in Tenerife?

It's recommended to wear comfortable clothing and footwear suitable for walking. Depending on the activities included in the excursion, you might also need swimwear, a hat, and sunscreen.

How do I book shore excursions in Tenerife?

Book directly with local operators via TripsPoint. It's better and cheaper than book shore excursions in Tenerife through your cruise line's excursion desk or Viator. Independent local tour operators at TripsPoint online platform offering a variety of shore excursion packages.

Exploring the vibrant Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an island wrapped in natural beauty and bustling with lively culture, is a must on your 2023, 2024, etc... cruise. Navigating through a perfect blend of relaxed beaches, intriguing museums, and lively local markets, our shore excursions promise a day to remember. Let’s unveil the secret spots and hidden gems that make every moment of your day tour worthwhile!

Introduction to Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Enveloping vibrant spirit and bounteous nature, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, an island nestled within the Canary Islands, beckons every traveler to delve into its manifold wonders. This island, located in Spain, offers a stunning landscape, blending modern allure with age-old traditions.

With the warm sun casting a gentle glow upon its sandy beaches and the sound of lively local festivities echoing through the streets, Santa Cruz de Tenerife unfurls a unique experience for every guest.

You can stroll through lush La Esperanza forest paths, marvel at the panoramic views atop Mount Teide, or just relax and enjoy the serene ambiance. Ensure an unforgettable excursion to see the island.

Why Choose a Shore Excursion During Your Cruise?

Imagine the joy of waking up on your cruise, seeing a new port, and knowing an adventure awaits. Opting for a shore excursion means you get to discover new corners of Tenerife without any hassle. Step off the ship, join the tour, and let’s start exploring!

Whether you’re into history, adore nature, or love shopping, shore excursions have something for every passenger. Plus, these trips are timed perfectly with your cruise, ensuring you enjoy every moment on the islandwithout worrying about rushing back to the ship.

What's the best way to see the island's top rank attractions, like Masca, hike in Anaga biosphere reserve, etc?

Book a full day private tour with a local guide and English speaking driver - one of the best Tenerife shore excursions.

Easy Booking of Your Tenerife Shore Excursion

Embarking on a Tenerife shore excursion is made utterly straightforward with various booking options at your disposal. Choose to secure your spot online before your cruise sails or opt for on-spot arrangements upon arrival.

Online booking assures you of a guaranteed spot on your desired tour, while on-spot might give you more flexibility.

Nonetheless, both methods promise a delightful day tour ready to immerse you in the alluring charm of Tenerife. Whichever method you pick, a wealth of experience awaits, loaded with the vibrant, cultural, and scenic wonders of the island.

Booking Online Vs On-Spot: Which is Better?

Choosing how to reserve your excursion in Tenerife can shape your trip.

Booking online at TripsPoint means securing your spot before anyone else, ensuring you don’t miss out on Tenerife’s best shore excursions.

Meanwhile, on-spot booking can offer flexibility, but might limit your options due to availability or popular demand.

What to Know Before You Book?

When planning your Tenerife shore excursion, a little homework can turn your day from good to great! A glimpse through reviews and ratings can give you a sneak peek into what to expect. Knowing the hours, the tour takes and ensuring it meshes well with your cruise schedule makes for a stress-free excursion.

  • Santa Cruz de Tenerife is a hub of vibrant culture and natural beauty, offering a unique island experience.
  • Shore excursions provide a seamless way to explore new corners of Tenerife during your cruise.
  • Booking your excursion online ensures availability and secures your spot on some of Tenerife’s best shore excursions.

A Glimpse into Popular Shore Excursions

Your excursion in Tenerife can be a dreamy escape to various enchanting spots. First, imagine a day tour to Teide National Park, where the iconic volcano paints a spectacular view against the sky, revealing awe-striking scenery.

Tenerife ports serve as your gateways to these wonders, ensuring that each shore excursion becomes a treasured memory. If a cruise excursion through the lush and volcanic realms of the island entices you, join a tour that brings you close to nature, showcasing the rich diversity of Tenerife’s landscape. Whether you pick a private shore trip or join a group, the essence of the island will surely captivate you.

The Marvel of Santa Cruz de Tenerife Beaches

Beach lovers, rejoice! Santa Cruz de Tenerife unveils a world where golden sands meet crystal clear waters. With the sun gleaming above, every beach excursion becomes a sunny dive into relaxation and fun. Try creating sandcastles, take a mild swim, or simply let the coastal vibes guide your shore escapades. Beyond the popular shore excursions, the whispers of the ocean and the gentle caress of the sea breeze ensure an experience of pure bliss as you relax and enjoyevery moment on the serene beaches.

Let's clear a common misconception: Santa Cruz de Tenerife doesn't house traditional beaches within the city. Yes, you read that correctly! However, fret not, as the city doesn’t leave you hanging when it comes to sun, sand, and sea! Cruise ship travelers often flock to the Santa Cruz de Tenerife City Pools to take a refreshing dip while still remaining in the vibrant urban sphere. Alternatively, the Playa de Las Teresitas, merely a 10 km drive away, extends its golden sands and azure waters for those wishing to sprawl under the sunny skies of Tenerife.

Moreover, a wealth of famous beaches await approximately an hour’s drive to the South of the island, promising you a variety of spectacular coastal experiences during your shore excursion. So, whether you prefer to stay local or explore further, the island ensures your beachy needs are amply met during your visit.

Navigating the Santa Cruz Port with Ease

Navigating through the Santa Cruz Port is wonderfully simple, even for first-time visitors. All the directions you'll need are impeccably marked with different color lines, each leading you to various key points or sections within the port.

This color-coded guide system is designed to assist cruise ship passengers and other travelers in moving around efficiently, ensuring you can focus more on enjoying your excursion and less on trying to find your way.

This ease of navigation makes it even more convenient and appealing to explore all the vibrant spots Santa Cruz de Tenerife has to offer during your trip.

Time Management During Your Excursion

A well-timed excursion is key to unlocking all the joys without the stress of being late for your cruise. So, how to ensure you make the most of your hours at the port? A guide during your shore excursion will manage the hours to avoid any rush and enhance your experience. Embrace the moment, explore more, and leave the clock-watching to the experts!

Ensuring a Timely Return to the Cruise

Your cruise won’t wait, and ensuring you return on time from your shore excursion is vital. Your excursion providers understand the cruise schedules and design trips in a way that gives you ample time to discover Tenerife and still return to the port well before the ship sails. Keep this mind, and your cruise excursion in Tenerife will be worry-free!

  • Teide National Park and other spots offer spectacular vistas and insights into Tenerife's natural diversity during shore excursions.
  • Tenerife beaches offer a sunny, delightful experience for all age groups, ensuring fun and relaxation during your shore excursion.
  • Effective time management and adhering to the hours set by your shore excursion guide ensures a timely return to your cruise without missing out on the island wonders.

The Thrilling Adventure Activities in Santa Cruz

Santa Cruz de Tenerife isn’t just a landscape of tranquility but also a hub for vibrant adventure! Join a tour where fun meets thrill and dive into a range of activities designed to pump your adrenaline during the excursion.

Whether it's zip-lining between the pine trees or a joyful jeep trip exploring the corners of Tenerife, these adventures are crafted to leave you and every passenger with unforgettable moments. Remember, every tour is designed with passenger safety and absolute joy in mind, creating a balanced and thrilling experience for everyone!

Savouring the Local Flavours of Santa Cruz

Embark on a culinary excursion as the flavours of Santa Cruz old town beckon you to discover its authentic palate. Dive into an experience that explores more than just the sight. It's an invitation to sample local wines, delight in regional dishes, and mingle with the friendly locals.

Every trip to a local eatery or wine cellar isn’t just about filling your stomach. It's a cultural excursion where Tenerife’s culinary artistry is the star, allowing every traveler to savor a piece of the island in every bite.

Unveiling the Historical Side of Santa Cruz

History fans, your shore excursion in Santa Cruz de Tenerife comes with a dash of past tales and relics. Museums in Santa Cruz exhibit a splendid array of artifacts that speak volumes about the island’s past, making your tour a journey through time. The stories embedded in every exhibit, from ancient times to modern days, become an enriching experience that adds depth to your excursion.

Consider visiting La Laguna and La Orotava on your Santa Cruz de Tenerife shore tour. These towns are much more rich in architecture. And the city of La Laguna is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Most Visited Museums in Santa Cruz

  1. Museo de la Naturaleza y Arqueología (MUNA): This museum is a haven for those who are curious about the natural history and archaeological treasures of the Canary Islands. From ancient mummies to rich volcanic rocks, MUNA ensures a peek into the island's past and natural wonders.

  2. Museo de Historia y Antropología de Tenerife: This institution takes you on a journey through Tenerife’s history and its people. Learn about the traditions, daily lives, and historical events that have shaped the island over centuries.

  3. Museo de Bellas Artes: As one of the oldest museums in Santa Cruz, it captivates its visitors with a rich collection of paintings, sculptures, and works that span various eras and styles, showcasing the vibrant art scene of the island.

  4. TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes: A modern art museum and cultural space that draws in those who have a keen eye for contemporary arts. From visual arts, films to literary works, TEA provides a broad spectrum of modern and contemporary creativity.

  5. Museo Militar Regional de Canarias: For those interested in military history, this museum houses an array of artifacts, uniforms, and exhibits, chronicling the military history of the Canary Islands.

  6. Museo de Ciencias Naturales: A hub for understanding the flora and fauna of Tenerife. From interactive exhibits to preserved specimens, the museum provides insight into the biodiversity and ecological wealth of the island.

Exploring these museums not only enriches the trip with knowledge but also gives a more profound appreciation for the island's culture, history, and natural wealth during your shore excursion in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Remember to check the opening hours and any booking requirements to ensure a smooth visit to each museum during your excursion.

What Stories Do the Streets Tell?

A simple walk through the quaint streets of Santa Cruz de Tenerife reveals more than just the present-day charm. Your excursion will get to know the past, reading stories through ancient buildings, historic landmarks, and perhaps an elder local keen on sharing tales of old Santa Cruz. It’s a unique, unforgettable blend of learning and exploring during your shore excursion.

  • Engaging in adventurous activities in Santa Cruz provides a blend of thrill and fun, ensuring an exciting tour.
  • A culinary excursion in Santa Cruz enables you to discover and enjoy the authentic local flavours and sample local wines.
  • The historical shore excursions in Santa Cruz de Tenerife offer insights into the rich past of the island, enriching your trip with knowledge and tales.

There are many beautiful places on this island in Spain, and it is better to visit them in the right order. Then admiration will grow more and more every day. The correct schedule of excursions is especially important for those in Tenerife for the first time. Don't try to immediately look into the secret places. Give yourself time to fall in love with the island. The best thing you can do is to buy private Tenerife cruise excursions or bus sightseeing tours with professional guides.


Don't waste your time on boring cruises to uninteresting places. Spend time only in the most beautiful destinations.

Sightseeing around the island

A sightseeing tour shows all corners of Tenerife and makes you fall in love with the island in 1 day. You can start a tour right from your cruise ship. You will see every corner of the island during your Santa Cruz de Tenerife stop. However, the day will pass on a different level with a good guide. In addition to magical views, you will learn the history and features of Tenerife.

Tenerife shore excursions to Teide

According to statistics, Teide is the most popular excursion not only in Tenerife but also in all the Canary Islands. Such a trip is inspiring. There are pine forests with huge cones and the Roques de Garcia rocks. You will have a trip to the Teide volcano by a funicular walk inside the old caldera and viewing lava forms and bizarre creations of nature.

See the Stars

You can feel like an astrologer. Look through the telescope from the perfect spot, and capture the moment in stunning photos! While on shore excursions in Tenerife, you can explore the night sky over Tenerife, the myriad stars of the Milky Way, planets, and neighboring galaxies. It is a breath of infinity, knowledge, and beauty. Such trips will be the most memorable experience due to their uniqueness and magical weather conditions.

Mysterious Triangle of Anaga

After seeing the main sights, it's time to explore the magical ones! Devote a separate day to the northeast of Tenerife.

You can buy a private excursion to the best places in the Anaga National Park with a dive into the Jurassic period, swimming on a beautiful beach, and walking in the cultural capital of La Laguna.

You will walk around the colonial quarters and talk about history, architecture, and beauty. Many travelers say in their reviews that they remember this day for a long time! The mysterious triangle of Anaga is the real Tenerife.

Wine Route

Do you love wine? You can't miss these shore excursions in Tenerife! Increased mineral content, volcanic soils, and oceanic winds do their job. This trip is for connoisseurs of good wine and traditions. You will visit the best wineries without noticing how hours fly. You will taste the best wine in special places.

Visit Bustling Local Markets on Tenerife Cruise Excursions

Let your shore excursion lead you to the buzzing markets of Santa Cruz. Picture this: stalls brimming with vibrant, fresh fruits, handcrafted souvenirs, and the melodious chatter of the friendly locals. The markets are not just a place to shop; they’re a locale where you can discover the lively spirit of Tenerife.

Dive into this vibrant experience, as every turn, every bargain, and every bought memento becomes a story to tell about your trip to Spain’s beloved island.

Getting Around Santa Cruz During Your Shore Excursion

Navigating from the port in Santa Cruz to th main streets can be as exciting as the excursion itself! Here's a fun tip for your tour: try different ways to get around and turn each ride into an adventure. Whether you pick a sunny yellow taxi, a cute little bike, or decide to go by foot, each mode of transport provides a unique lens through which to explore and enjoy the sights and sounds during your Tenerife shore excursion. Keeping a little map as your treasure guide, every route becomes a path to new discoveries.

Creating a Customized Tenerife Cruise Excursion Itinerary

The real magic of Tenerife sparkles when you customize your excursion! Imagine crafting a day that dances to your rhythm, visiting spots that sing to your spirit, and dining where your taste buds lead. From the lush forest to the sunny beaches, your tour becomes an intimate affair with Tenerife, where every stop is a highlight of your journey.

The secret? Pen down your wishes, tick the must-visits, and voila, your private Tenerife shore excursion is ready to roll!

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  • The markets of Santa Cruz are a hub of vibrant life and local treasures waiting to be discovered.
  • Different modes of transport add unique flavors to your shore excursion around Santa Cruz.
  • Customize your Tenerife shore excursion to dance to your own rhythm and discover spots that resonate with you.
  • Contact us through Whatsapp for a smooth booking process and to ensure your excursion is tailored to your comfort and joy.
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