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Stargazing trip Tenerife

Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner

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  1. Duration - 5 hours
  2. Wine, Food Tours & Tasting
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  6. Costa Adeje

Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner is a unique star gazing experience Tenerife offers. The tour takes you to one of the highest wineries in Spain, nearby Teide National Park and includes hotel pick-up from Tenerife South, wine testing, dinner and stargazing with telescope.

  • Tenerife Stargazing Tour is the best combination of amazing experiences!
  • Incredible sunset from the level of clouds!
  • Taste a variety of the best Canarian organic wines!
  • Enjoy a full traditional Canarian dinner with wines and spirits included!
  • Discover stars, planets and galaxies with powerful telescope and professional astronomer!
  • Mini-group - up to 16 people participate in the tour, not more!
Sunset & Stargazing Tour with Wine Tasting and Dinner

Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner

Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting & Dinner is simply one the best excursions Tenerife offers. An experience to try to discover a few things the island and generally Canary Islands are famous for - Sunset, Wine, Food, and Stars!

Experience the stars you've never seen before, accompanied by some of the finest wines of Canary Islands. With pick-up and drop-off for Tenerife Stargazing Tour from your hotel, you will travel in comfort and style to the highest vineyard on the island, 1242 meters above sea level.

What is the best place for stargazing?

Tenerife known as one of 3 the best locations for sky-watching in the world. Travelers often asking what is the best place for astrography trips in Tenerife. Most of the island's visitors who don't research the idea are looking for a kind of tours like Teide Night, or Teide by Night. Surprisingly, it is not necessarily to go to the Teide National Park as the most of visitors think. It because Mt Teide has a few serious disadvantages:

  • In summer season the air there is etremely dry, so you can't stay there really comfortable.
  • In winter season the weather is very cold by volcano Teide and you're more suffering than enjoying, even Teide stargazing providers lets travelers blanckets to make them suffer less.
  • Teide National Park is excessively advertized for star watching Tenerife offers, so mainly big groups in big tour buses coming there. In a big group of people you don't really have more than a minute with a telescope along a mass Tenerife stargazing Teide excursions.
  • There are only two restaurants working night time in the Teide National Park. You can easily guess what's going on then. These restaurants are very touristy, overpriced, quality not the best and all the people from the National Park gathering there creating a crowd.

That's why star gazing experience Tenerife is more enjoyable from a far better spot.

Why it is better star gazing experience on our Tenerife Stargazing Tour?

  1. At the highest winery in Tenerife you are feeling comfotrable enough. No matter is that summer or winter season.
  2. Along our Tenerife stargazing trip you are in mini-group.
  3. You are getting in touch with authentic Canarian traditions.
  4. You taste the highest quality absolutely organic Canary wines produced by the winery in a traditional original way. These kind of wines you even cannot find in supermarkets or hotels, except of exclusive restaurants. It because it is not mass production. Organic wines elaborated in a limited series, so it is your best chance to taste it. And it's an experience by itself.
  5. What's also important, instead of attending a touristy restaurant, you are having a complete 3-course Canarian dinner. Dishes are coocked in the winery kitchen and you even can see whole the process how the food is prepared.
  6. Surely, along the sunset you are also served cava - a Spanish sparkling wine that's equivalent of champagne.
  7. Beside all of that you're diving into Canarian style of life, history and traditions.

Our Stargazing trip Tenerife is simply incomarable with any mass tour offered by a big tour operators. Moreover, you must know, here on the island we have a special regulations to prevent extensve light pollution because of Teide Observatory. That's why once you're above the clowds, a perfectly clean night sky is guaranteed.

What do you do when stargazing?

After having the opportunity to tour the vineyard with its passionate owner Pablo. He will lead you in exploration of the history of the winery. No doubt, you will appreciate and will be amazed by the natural beauty of your surroundings with a sunset champagne reception.

Relax and indulge as your drink in the magic of the sun setting across the vines. Once the sun goes down you will enjoy three course meal of traditional Canarian food with paired wines and spirits, accompanied by your personal sommelier, who can describe the wines selected for you on your gastronomic journey.

Once the stars come out and dinner is finished, you'll be invited to a tour of night sky as you've never seen before. With one of the most powerful telescopes available for ground observations you'll not find a better time to get up close and personal to the stars, planets, and distant galaxies. Live one of the world's best stargazing spots, guided by top astronomer's and accompanied by fine Canarian wine and gastronomy.

At the same time, if you are not used to have a dinner, you can always find and reserve a shorter version of our Tenerife Stargazing with Wine Tasting without a dinner. And also, if you are not up to wines and interested in a pure stargazing Tenerife on your own, you can seach and book our Stargazing Experience only. Even in this case you must have a rented car or use a taxi, because on the shortest version with star watching only we don't provide transportation. In short, this option is a stargazing Tenerife on your own, but with a serious telescope and professional astronomer.

Our Stargazing Tenerife tour is not a mass tour, and group size is limited to max. 16 people. It highly recommended tour and it always better idea to book it as far in advance as you can.

Tenerife is one of the best spots to dive into the cosmos and Universe not without a reason. Do you know that even native tribes of Guanches that were native inhabitants of Canary Islands before the Spanish era were strongly connected with the cosmos? With our Tenerife stargazing experience you open the door not just to the cosmos, but also to the history of astronomy.

 Just a few Tenerife stargazing facts:

The main God of Guanches, Achaman - was the God of Sun. And Chaxiraxi, or the Son Mother in Guanches was connected with the Canopus.

What is the brightest star in Tenerife? As you can guess... Yes, it is the Canopus!

And what's the brightest planet in Tenerife?
Venus! After the Moon, Venus is definitely the brightest celestial body in the night skies of the island. You can clearly observe Venus as the first star appearing right after sunet and that's the planet you see the 1st or the last before sunrise.

But not just that! In a mini-group you have enough time to discover Milky Way, amazing constellations like Capricorn, Pisces, Aquarius and much more. There are a lot of surprisingly interesting things and facts you will discover along Tenerife stargazing.

You are just about to serve yourself probably the best experience you can find in Tenerife. It because of the trip is a perfectly balanced combination of activities that reaches all your sences. Starting with a quick pickup by minibus, so you wouldn't spend hours collecting hords of people as it usually happens with the coach trips. With maximum sixteen people in the group you are comfy and even can make new friendships spending that exciting evening together. The sunset above the clouds! It simply beautiful and, yes, it's romantic with a cup of cava. Perfectly balanced wines takes your sences to the journey through the 500 years old wine culture of Tenerife. And not just wines! Local spirits like grapa are know of healing many health issues. Then have delicious dinner in a style! Here, in a villages of Tenerife, people of Canary Islands used to cook following traditional recipes to deliver you a true gastronomical joy.

Finally, end up the day expanding to the Cosmos with astronomical part of the tour. With our astro-guide you will learn about astrophysics, astrometry, observe and get excited with the miriads of stars and galaxies, or even an exciting meteor shower if you on the right time of the year... Using professional telescope and completing your day with a magic of Universe!

Go on! Dive into the Universe, discover cosmos, history, surprising cultural connections, enjoy unique wines and traditional Canarian dishes. Don't miss the opportunity to join this unique experience - Tenerife Stargazing Tour.


What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Hotel Pick-Up and drop-off in Los Cristianos, Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje, La Caleta
  • Transportation
  • Winery Tour
  • Sunset watching with Champagne
  • Organic Wine Tasting guided with professional sommelier
  • Three course traditional Canarian Dinner
  • Wines and Spirits with Dinner
  • Tenerife Stargazing with powerful telescope and astronomer
  • Exclusions:
  • Tips - optional, up to you


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Bodega Lagar de Chasna

For our Tenerife Stargazing tours we pick you up directly from your hotel, if it is located in:

  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de Las Americas
  • Costa Adeje
  • La Caleta

If your hotel is outside of the pick-up area, simply come by yourself to any hotel located within pick-up area and we will pick you up from there.

The tour takes approximately 5 hours. Exact start time will be appointed in your tour Voucher once the booking made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner take?

Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner duration is 5 hours.

Book Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint
How many days in advance I must book Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner?

You can book Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Tenerife Stargazing Tour with Sunset, Wine Tasting and Dinner now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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