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Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip

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Two hours long Jet Ski Tenerife trip is one of the best activities you can do in Tenerife if you love to spend your holiday actively having fun. Offering the best price on the market and a lot of freedom on the jet ski tour this trip is simply a must book!


  • The best price for a 2 hours jet ski tour in Tenerife!
  • On the Jet Ski Tenerife Trip you have a chance to show your jet ski riding abilities and ride as fast as you can!
  • Safety first of all - everyone is trained and instructed and the tour is constantly monitored with a powerful speed boat!
  • Snorkeling stop at one of the best snorkeling spots of Tenerife included!
  • Choose a Single or Double Jet Ski!
  • It simply fun and joy plus chances to see dolphins or whales!
Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip


Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip

No doubt, you must book our Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip if you are looking for a jet ski tour, jet ski safari or a jet ski hire in Tenerife. There are a few reasons why this tour is the best option. First of all, our team is extremely friendly and patient, so we always try to adjust the style of the ride to your abilities. Second, it is that important to know - 2 hours jet ski ride is absolutely the best time for a jet ski tour in Tenerife. It because if less time you'd highly probably regret you haven't booked a longer ride and if longer you'd rather be tired physically. Third, but not the last, we offer absolutely the best price for the 2-hour long Jet Ski Tenerife Trip!

We pick you up directly from your hotel anywhere in Playa de Las Americas, Costa Adeje, La Caleta, Los Cristianos or Palm-Mar and take you to our start point in the Marina del Sur in Las Galeltas - here are our jet ski bikes with instructors (monitors and tour guides) are waiting for you.

Have a Fun and Joy on our Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip!

No matter if you have or no experience of riding a jet ski bike our instructors are here to introduce you how to drive jet ski - it's really simple and everyone can do it. Riding a jet ski in the open ocean is quite different from the same experience with a river or a lake, mainly because of the size of the waves. And it makes the jet ski really an exciting activity that brings you a lot of fun, excitement and a bit of adrenaline, just right to enjoy it!

Our tour monitors are extremely well trained and friendly people, so they make sure you feel good driving jet ski and make the jet ski tour safe and enjoyable for everyone, both for those looking for a fast high-speed jet ski riding and for those more reserved and less experienced. We do the tour in small groups, so it's easy to adjust the activity to the individual abilities and preferences of each participant.

We first explain to you the safety rules, you are getting lifejackets and instructed how to manage jet ski bike driving and how to behave along the tour, what to do in different situations. Later, after leaving the marina, every Jet Ski Tenerife Trip participant shows his abilities, so our monitors can see what are your driving abilities, how fast can you go and what the right speed will be for the tour.

Our ride turns from Las Galletas toward Los Cristianos along the rocky lava coast which is also a natural reserve and its the southernmost part of the island. On the way, we change the style of riding, going sometimes faster to let you feel the joy, then slower to wait for the slowest people. We do a nice photo-stop in the open ocean, so everyone doing funny wide circles around the safety speed boat that leading our jet ski tour. This is the time when one of our monitors who's also a good photographer will take your photos in action.

Later on, we reach Palm Mar Wall - this spot is famous for the rich marine life and counted as one of the best snorkeling spots on the island. If the sea condition allows us, we stop our jet ski bikes and do some snorkeling here. It the sea is too rough for snorkeling at the Palm Mar Wall, so we do the snorkeling stop at the end of the tour by the Montana Amarilla in Costa del Silencio - this snorkeling spot is better protected from the big waves.

Why the Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip is so special?

The main difference of our Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip from the other 2-hour long jet ski tours in Tenerife is that we allow every tour participant to enjoy the ride at your own pace. We use modern brand new Yamaha jet ski bikes and you can choose if you book a single or double jet ski.

What to choose - a Single or Double jet ski bike?

If you are a person that looking for a faster ride, you want to go fast and you love adrenaline and like to play with waves on high speed the answer is obvious - you must choose a single jet ski bike and it's always suggested as the best option to ride fast.

At the same time maybe your partner doesn't like to drive a jet ski or you have a child with you. So, in this case, you have to book the Double jet ski bike. Even if you are having a double jet ski, but both of you want to drive, so it is possible to change places, so both of you will drive sometime. On a double jet ski possible situation that your partner afraid to be on the jet ski or you want to drive faster. In this situation your partner can continue the tour on board of the monitor's speed boat, feeling safe and enjoying the tour seeing you playing with your jet ski.

Basically all jet ski bikes are able to take two people, but in the case, if you drive without a passenger on the back, so obviously your jet ski is much faster because of less weight on.

The minimal age for the jet ski driver is 18 years and the minimum age for children to participate in the trip as a passenger is 10 years.

Chances to see Dolphins or Whales from your jet ski bike.

Waters in the area of Tenerife where tour take place are extremely rich in marine life and our route is going by the Palm Mar Wall and Marpais de La Rasca natural reserve. That means sometimes we can spot dolphins and even pilot whales along the tour. There's no guarantee, but if you are lucky sometimes you can watch dolphins jumping around or following us. In deeper waters, there are hundreds of pilot whales resting close to the surface and taking air from time to time.

Why do you ought to book our Jet Ski Tenerife 2 hours tour?

- Optimal Jet Ski Tenerife Tour duration: 2 hours is the optimal time for a jet ski tour in the open ocean by Tenerife - it's not too short and not too long!

- Drive as fast as you can: along the tour, we respect your ability to ride faster or slower!

- The Best Price: we offer absolutely the best price in Tenerife!

- Brand new jet ski bikes: we use brand new Yamaha jets ski bikes!

- Safety: our jet ski tour escorted by powerful speed boat with 2 monitors and they take care of every participant's safety!

- Additional equipment: we provide you with the snorkeling masks!

- See Dolphins or Whales: even it's not a guarantee, but sometimes we have chances to spot dolphins and pilot whales on our trip!

Sometimes people as to hire a jet ski bike to explore the ocean by themselves as an alternative of taking Jet Ski Tenerife Tour and here's important to know that it is not possible. The main reason is safety and it's prohibited in Tenerife to rent a jet ski because a rescue operation will be required if your jet ski fails or you will run out of fuel in the open ocean. We have a very strong current by the island and if you go alone and something happens, you wouldn't be able to get back to the island and will simply drift into the open ocean. So, the best and absolutely safe option to have fun and explore waters of Tenerife South is to book our 2 hours long Jet Ski Tenerife Tour!

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Hotel Pick-Up and drop-off from Playa de Las Americas, Los Cristianos, Costa Adeje, La Caleta, Palm Mar.
  • Lifejacket and wetsuit (winter months or if you wish).
  • Double or Single Yamaha jet ski bike with fuel.
  • Snorkeling stop.
  • Escort by speed boat with 2 safety monitors / instructors.
  • Exclusions:
  • Photo service (photos available to buy after the tour).


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Las Galletas
  3. Palm-Mar
  4. Faro Punta de Rasca
  5. Atlantic Ocean
  6. Malpais De La Rasca

We run our Jet Ski Tenerife Tour all year and every day of the week.

Depend on the month of the year and our availability we pick you up from your hotel between 9:00 AM and 1:00 PM.

Exact pick-up Time is appointed in your voucher after the tour is booked as the Start Time - at this time, please, wait for our mini-bus right outside of the main entrance to the reception of your hotel.

- Minimal driver's age: 18 years.

- Minimal children age: 10 years (children could be only on a double jet ski or in the speed boat).

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip take?

How many days in advance I must book Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip?

You can book Jet Ski Tenerife - 2 Hours Trip at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

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Reviewed on: Mar 1, 2022


Jet Ski Safari

Thank you guys for a wonderful time i had in Tenerife. 2 hours full of adrenaline and freedom with the best tour guides. Fully... Show full review ➤ Thank you guys for a wonderful time i had in Tenerife. 2 hours full of adrenaline and freedom with the best tour guides. Fully recommend this!  Hide review

Hannah B.
Hannah B.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Jan 14, 2021


The highlight of the trip!

We had so much fun jet skiing. Management and tour guides were all great. Would definitely do this again.

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