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Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife

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Jet Ski Tenerife Safari is a perfect active way to have a fun driving jet ski and enjoy the beauty and explore the coastline of southern part of the island. Different options of Jet Ski Safari and direct hotel pick-up it's very easy to choose and join the jet ski safari suitable for you


  • Different Jet Ski Tenerife Safari options - 40 min, 1 hour, 2 hours, 2 hours 30 min!
  • Direct Hotel Pick-Up anywhere from Tenerife South area!
  • Single and Double Jet Ski bikes available!
  • Have a fun discovering Tenerife in active way!
Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife


Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife

We offer different options of extreme tour Jet Ski tours Tenerife Safari - 40 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours and the best one 2h 30min jet ski safari. With all the options, no matter how long jet ski safari you've booked, we will pick you up from your hotel or very close at well known point everywhere in Tenerife South on the coastline from El Medano through Los Cristianos, Las Americas and Costa Adeje to Playa Paraiso. We start all our jet ski safaris from Marina Puerto Colon in Costa Adeje.

For each jet ski safari option you can book a Single Jet Ski (only one person on jet ski) or a Double Jet Ski (2 people on jet ski - one's driving and another's passenger on the back). All the prices are specified per Jet Ski Tours Tenerife and that means the price per Double Jet Ski is the cost per 2 people.

We use powerful SeaDoo and Yamaha Wave Runner VX-1100CC jet ski bikes and you are not required any license to run jet ski. At the beginning of the safari you will be given clear instructions how to operate your jet ski bike and how to behave in the group. Basically, along our extreme Jet Ski Tenerife Safari you are going in a group of 4-8 jet ski bikes following the speed boat with lifeguard and monitor, who's also doing professional photos along our ride.

 If you wish to take part in the Jet Ski Tenerife safari, we have following options available:

40 MIN long tour Jet Ski Tenerife Safari

With the 40 min long safari we are usually going along the beaches of Playa de Las Americas and Los Cristianos jet ski tenerife to the Palm Mar wall - a beautiful cliff rising a hundred meters from the water. By the fish farms we turn and ride our jet skies faster back to the marina.

1 HOUR long Jet Ski Safari in Tenerife

On the 1 hour long jet ski safari we are going towards Playa San Juan and back, although sometimes, depend on the ocean condition, we go vice-versa, up to Las Galletas town and back.

2 HOURS long Jet Ski Safari

With 2h on jet ski we explore both sides from the marina and also, depend on the season and weather conditions, sometimes having a short swimming stop.

2 HOURS 30 MIN long excursion Jet Ski Tenerife Safari

This is the longest and at the same time the most interesting excursion jet ski Tenerife safari. We are riding all the way along the whole southern Tenerife coast on jet ski safari to the astonishing cliffs of Los Gigantes - the highest cliffs in whole the Atlantic Ocean, huge enormous walls rising vertically up to 600m high. On this option are also having more time for the swimming stop right under the cliffs. In addition, if weather and sea conditions allows us, we are visiting aquatic caves on our jet skies.

On each of our jet ski Tenerife safaris the monitor will be doing photos and at the end of your jet ski safari you can buy the album. Photo-albums are delivered in a CD that costs 20€ all the photos of the group that participated in the Jet Ski Tenerife Safari with you. So, later you can choose the photos with you. This service is optional and you are not obligated to purchase the album.

Teenagers of 16 and 17 years old need signed authorization from their parents allowing them to drive jet ski before the Jet Ski Tenerife Trial Circuit starts. Children under 16 years old can only go as a passenger on a Double Bike and cannot drive the jet ski by themselves.

The maximum weight on a Double jet-ski is 170 kg.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Direct Hotel Pick-Up from hotels in Tenerife South located within our pick-up Area (see the map below).
  • Instructions and insurance.
  • Single or Double jet ski bike.
  • Fuel.
  • Exclusions:
  • Photo-album (optional, you can buy it at the end of your jet ski safari for 20 Eur).


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Puerto ColΓ³n
  • We do jet ski Tenerife safari a few times daily and we start from marina Puerto Colon, but we will pick you up the Jet Ski Safari participants from hotels in the South of the island, located within our pick-up area.
  • You can look the map below to check out, if your hotel is located within the area.
  • If not, you can chhose any big hotel within the circle, specify it as your hotel while booking and come there by yourself to be picked up.
  • Exact pick-up time will be appointed and specified in your Voucher once the booking made.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife take?

Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife duration is 40 minutes.

Book Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife?

You can book Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife at least in 4 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Extreme Jet Ski Safari Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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Sarahjane B.
Sarahjane B.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Feb 18, 2023


Absolute thrill

My husband and son absolutely loved this.

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