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Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour


Kayak Tenerife Tour in mini-group is for those who prefer the active way to discover Tenerife island. The kayak tour in a small group starts daily in Palm Mar on the South of Tenerife and you have high chances to see dolphins very close to the kayak.


  • High chances to see Dolphins very close to your kayak!
  • Professional experienced instructor leading the group!
  • Visit one of the richest sea life spots in Tenerife with the Kayak Tour Tenerife!
  • Kayak Tenerife is a nice, pleasant and enjoyable experience!
  • Stop at the best snorkeling spot to try snorkeling with turtles!
Kayaking with dolphins with our Kayak Tenerife Tour


Kayak Tenerife Tour - Kayaking with Dolphins & Snorkeling with Turtles

Kayak Tenerife is the kayaking and snorkeling tour provided by kayak passionates located in Palm Mar, nearby Los Cristianos on the South of the island. You start your kayak adventure right at the beach of Palm Mar. All the kayaks are sit-on top double sea kayaks. So, if you are joining as a single person, you can choose to go on the double sea kayak single or in a company with another person. If you are a couple or group of friends or family, sure, you get the kayaks for you, so you paddle together.

Anyone can participate in the Kayak Tenerife kayaking tour in a mini-group, even people with no kayaking experience.

Our instructor is leading the group and help less experienced kayak tour participants to manage paddling properly in the ocean and explain technical aspects of how to paddle effectively.

The cliffs of Palm Mar Wall is also known as one of the best snorkeling spots on the island and Canary Islands generally and that's our Kayak Tenerife tour destination. There are big floating fish farms by Palm Mar wall in the ocean and it brings here a lot of dolphins and sea turtles looking for a portion of easy food. That creates you a great possibility to see the dolphins and sea turtles very close to your sea kayak along the Kayak Tenerife Tour.

Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour is an enjoyable experience

Although kayaking Tenerife waters can be a strenuous activity, the intermediate-level kayak tour in Tenerife is slow enough for you to enjoy the surroundings and receive exercise at a moderate pace. You will go at your own pace, so there is no need to sprint or strain yourself. However, it quickly becomes obvious that you are working out because of the simple fact that you'll be a bit exhausted after 2 hours of paddling.

On our trip you are getting 2 experiences at once:

  1. Kayaking with dolphins, Tenerife Kayak tour's main target.
  2. Snorkeling with turtles - this requires a bit of happenstance, but believe, it happens often.

Being on the water on a sea-kayak provides an opportunity for wildlife watching. The bird species found here have bright colors that help them camouflage on the water surface and match their surroundings, making it difficult for predators to spot them. The water is also the habitat of other animals, such as fish and aquatic mammals like dolphins. You'll have a better view of the surroundings from the ocean than from a shore and can enjoy watching them in a closer range.

Facing the ocean cliffs are an iconic feature of Tenerife, and you'll be able to witness some of them on your kayak excursion. The fact that you are paddling passing them gives you a feeling of tranquility and harmony with nature. It is possible to stop at popular spots, which offer a majestic view but do not pose too much danger when falling into the water or losing your paddle stroke.

Our Tenerife Kayaking tour is Safe

You can find out all the details on the adventure, like the history and legends surrounding these locations. Since the islands are a popular travel destination, many places have been marked with signs or some form of public safety.

 Our Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour is absolutely safe activity.

Whole the adventure is monitored by a professional instructor which is also your kayak tour certified tour guide.

The view you see while paddling is even more amazing than you expect. Everything seems calm and peaceful from the water. That's why you must go on a kayak tour in Tenerife during the calmest weather and the sea here is normally much calmer on the first part of the day. So, starting in the morning is always a very good idea.

Kayak Tenerife is also a Snorkeling Trip

Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour is an activity that you can do with many people. It's fun to see your friends and colleagues screaming as you see a dolphin or a turtle right by your kayak, or even better - falling in the water and splashing all around. That’s because it’s not just kayaking, but also a snorkeling tour.

You'll never get bored on our kayak trip because the whole group will generally be chatting on the way. That's why it's best to go on the Kayak Tenerife kayaking tour with the people you know, or well, with a people you will know and probably make friends :)

Snorkeling is a popular activity in the Canary Islands. It is a great way to explore the underwater world and enjoy the tropical climate of this beautiful island. Tenerife snorkeling is a great getaway from all of Tenerife's other activities and adventures. It's a good way to find some time to relax on the white sandy beaches and enjoy the ocean in a completely new way.

Kayaking with Dolphins and snorkeling with Turtles

Kayak tours are a fantastic activity for both tourists and locals alike. The fact that you get to see the scenery while going through your daily routine makes it even more enjoyable than sightseeing on land or going around on a boat. Going on the water on a kayak is more challenging than you might think at first. It is a good idea to take a class or join our Kayak Tenerife trip before trying it out for the first time, so do not be afraid of falling once you get on your own.

The island's waters on the South are more calm and timing with life comparing to the other parts of the island. Wildlife watching and snorkeling is an excellent activity for everyone, from beginners to experienced kayakers.

Kayaking Tenerife island offers is so popular because it can be done any time of the year. However, even if the weather in Canary Islands is not ideal in the winter season, the kayak tour in Tenerife will be a success thanks to the fact that it's a slow and relaxing activity.

What time is the best for Kayak Tenerife trip?

The best time of the day for enjoying a kayak trip here is between 8:00 and 13:00 because this is when the water is calmest. The rest of the day can get quite windy picking up bigger waves, and it gets cold at night, so going on a trip during these hours is much more comfortable than other times of the day.

You should also try kayaking Tenerife waters during the winter, the wildlife is still here, on the route our Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour.

The island has many different ways of enjoying a kayak tours; for example, you can choose to spend your time perched up on one of the many rocks strewn across the sea or go cliff jumping into the ocean. The water is warm enough to swim in but not so much that it would feel overly hot. You'll have a great time playing with your friends and family members around the kayaks too!

You head out with a group of people who share similar interests, and you have the opportunity to have an amazing time. You might not be able to meet new friends or make connections in real life, but there's always time for that on the Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour. No matter your age or the group you go with, it's a great way to spend your time and make memories.

In the winter time we provide you a wetsuit, which makes you comfy in the water without having to worry about getting cold. The kayak tour Tenerife official guide knows a lot about kayaking and is there to help everyone have a great time on their trip. They tell stories about the area and give tips for paddling safely so that no one gets hurt or lost on their trip.

Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour is so popular because it can be done at any time of the year. You can start your trip in Tenerife when the water and weather conditions are ideal, without having to worry about rain or wind. That said, it's best to go during the period between April and October because this will give you the best weather.

The best way to see everything in the shortest amount of time is to go on and paddle following our experienced guide. You'll learn more about this area than you ever thought possible and get to see what the locals know!

If you do not know how to swim or paddle, no worries, you will get a basic lessons from our instructor before going on your first kayak adventure in Tenerife. Never be afraid of falling into the water because kayaking equipment is made with safety as a primary concern. Your life jacket will save you if you accidentally fall off-board!

One of our favorite things about the ocean is how it can be both serene and violent. It is possible to float around and relax in the warm light blue water or get caught in a storm that will completely change how you look at everything in seconds. We love to go kayaking because it offers something for people of all ages and skill levels. The younger kids can paddle around safely with a life vest, whereas more experienced kayakers can go faster and use their paddles as if they were on a surfboard in the ocean!

Wildlife seen while Kayaking Tenerife

There is a lot of wildlife in the ocean along the Palm Mar Wall that kayakers might see while they are out on our Kayak Tenerife trip. You have good chances to see:

  • Red turtles - seen extremely often.
  • Green turtles - rarely seen, so you must be lucky :)
  • Bottlenose dolphins - with Kayak Tenerife tour it's almost guaranteed you will see dolphins extremely close.
  • Octopus - often seen while snorkeling, although octopus is a master of camouflage.
  • Jellyfish - very rarely seen.
  • Different species of fish - on the snorkeling stop you will see a variety of colorful species.

It's important to follow your guide's instructions so you don't scare any animals away or get hurt by any rocks that might be hidden beneath the water. You can ask your guide about anything you want to know about kayaking Tenerife so you know how to handle yourself if you decide to go on a trip by yourself.

Tenerife Kayaking is for Everyone!

If you have never been kayaking before, you should try it at least once. The best thing about kayaking and surf life Tenerife serves is that it is a great way to relax and have fun in a way that many people would never think of. You can meet new people and get some exercise too, so you should try it out if you have never gone before!

There is nothing like paddling through waves on the ocean with your friends or family members! Kayaking on the Kayak Tenerife trip is something that we highly recommend because not only is it fun, but it's also good for your body. The exercise and the fresh air will calm you down and help you get into a better mood, and that's something that everyone could use from time to time.

What I like about kayaking Tenerife waters offers is how peaceful everything is. The waves crash against your boat as if they were white rocks, and the sun shines down on you with a beautiful glow over everything around.

If you're looking for a way to beat the heat, try kayaking with dolphins. The best time to do this is in the morning and evening when it's sunniest and coolest. They love to swim in the warm ocean water, and seeing them go by is something that you will never forget after Kayak Tenerife excursion.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Professional instructor taking care of your safety along the Kayak Tenerife Tour.
  • Seat in the double sea kayak.
  • Exclusions:
  • Snack and drinks (bring yours).
  • Pick-Up from your Hotel (optional from Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje for 5 Eur/person).


  1. Visited Places:

The Kayak Tenerife experience duration is approx. 2 hours and 30 minutes, including approx. 30 min preparation and instructions.

We start at different times depending on the season and sea condition.

Usually at midday - 11:00 AM.

The Kayak Tour Tenerife exact start time will be specified in your tour Voucher.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour take?

Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour duration is 2 hours, 30 minutes.

Book Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour?

You can book Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Kayak Tenerife - Kayaking & Snorkeling Tour now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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