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Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife

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With the Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife you are going by single or double quad. Drive in a small group to discover the most important attraction of Tenerife. Volcano Teide and Teide National Park! Get away from crowds and enjoy Teide unusual way with ATV.


  • Visit the heart of Tenerife by quad biking Tenerife!
  • Drive quad over the clouds!
  • Explore the biggest volcano in Atlantic!
  • Professional quad bike tour guide!
  • No quad driving experience required!
Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife


General Information: Quad Biking Tenerife and the ATV Tour to Teide

Take the Quad Tour to Teide! Quad Biking Tenerife is the way to visit Volcano Teide and National Park. In an unusual manner.

Most of the people are visiting Teide with bus tours. But quad biking convert your visit in an unforgettable adventure. You will remember it for years as one of your best travel experiences. Quad biking in Tenerife is one of the ways to explore the island. And this tour is for young travellers and adventurers. Those who looks for a different way and want to do unusual things in Tenerife.

For the Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife we collect people from Tenerife South. Exactly in Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje, La Caleta. Not like the other quad biking providers, we are approaching Teide different way. We pick you up from your hotel. We take you by mini-bus to our base. It's located nearby the most popular resort area of the island. There we complete a small group. We take our quads and drive our quads right to Teide to the altitude over 2000 m.

We drive our quad bikes up to the heart of the island. Which's Volcano Teide and National Park around the volcano. We will do photo stops. We do a bit off-road in the forest. Then we will pass a few other volcanoes. Like the youngest Tenerife volcano. It depends on the route chosen by guide. For example Chinyero or Samara Volcano.

Your quad biking guide will explain to you many interesting things and facts. About volcanoes, history, and traditions in Tenerife. Entering to the Teide National Park our quad biking group will cross huge Teide lava field. It formed with the last eruption.

Quad biking in Tenerife leads us to the strange rock formations. Right at the middle on the Teide National Park. Rocks of Garcia! Iconic site! We do a stop for photos. And to let you enjoy beautiful scenery. It's like taken from another planet. You will be quad biking across lunar and Martian landscapes. In the heart of Tenerife.

After visiting Teide our way lays back to finish our Quad Tour to Teide. Quad Biking Tenerife ends in the same place we started. And then we take you back right to your hotel. The quad tour by itself takes 3 hours. But you have to allow about one and half hour for transfers. Plus a time for your preparation for the tour. Remember, going on quad biking Tenerife is the dream destination for this activity.

Please, take warmer clothes with booking the tour in winter months. You go to do quad biking on very high altitudes! Up to 2300 meters above the sea level! So there could be chilly. Surely, we will provide you with a warmer jacket if you will need. As well as with a short quad biking instruction. Well, if you have never been driving quads before.

In Tenerife, you are required to have a car driving licence to drive a quad on public roads. So, please, don't forget to take your driving licence with you. Traveling with a partner or a child that have no driving licence? You can book Double Quad option. So you can take a passenger on the back seat with you.

A warning here! Kids are permitted to do quad biking Tenerife as passengers. Starting from 7 years, not younger.

At the end of Teide quad biking tour in Tenerife you can buy a CD. With photos and videos on action made along the tour. If you wish. It's optional.

Tenerife Quad Biking is the Best Excursion to discover Teide National Park

Discover the hidden wonders of Tenerife's Teide National Park. In the most exciting way - doing Quad Biking! With the wind whipping your face and the warm sun on your back. Make your journey atop to the majestic Mount Teide. Quad biking in Tenerife promises an experience like no other. The joy of traversing through the landscapes of Spain's highest peak - Teide, on an ATV. Tenerife quad biking is not just an adventurous ride. It's an intricate learning experience. Drive the exciting on and off-road trails. Take a thrilling journey filled with exploration and discovery!

Our quad tours are specially designed for an adventure. Making it a perfect blend of thrill and safety. The ATVs, or quad bikes, are built to withstand the rugged terrains. Ensuring a comfortable and secure ride.

Teide National Park, with its volcanic formations and lush greenery, offers a lunar landscape. You can explore it up close and personal on your quad bike. What's better than exploring this UNESCO World Heritage Site? Atop the best quad in Tenerife!

It's taking a quad tour through the park's magnificent terrains. And bracing the glorious view that the island has to offer. With quad biking Tenerife, you can venture off the beaten track. Explore the lesser-known, hidden corners. The journey through the park's untouched landscapes will make your quad trip a superb experience. With the comfort to book online, you can plan your tour in Tenerife at your convenience.

This is one of the most adventurous, and the most fun way to discover Teide National Park. Later take your journey back down on your quad bike Tenerife tour. With the best new mates. That will bring your day to a perfect ending.

So gear up for an exciting adventure! Let the thrill of Tenerife Quad Biking take you on a ride you will cherish!

What's Teide National Park

Teide National Park is one of the most noteworthy sites of natural beauty in the world. It's the centrepiece of the Quad Tenerife experience. It's not just the thrill of quad biking. But the astounding views add a significant touch to the adventure. Imagine combining the pulsating encounter of off-road driving. With the spectacular backdrop of the Teide National Park. A moment tied to the ideal holiday in Tenerife.

There's no denying that the spectacular Teide National Park is the best Tenerife has to offer. With Las Cañadas, Teide awe-striking peak rises over 3718 meters above sea level. It offers stunning views. They remain etched in one's memory.

Your Tenerife experience can start with joining a quad excursion. It ascends on-road and off-road tracks leading to the heart of the park. Home to the famous mount Pico Del Teide. This is adrenaline-inducing, quad-driven journey. An ideal chance to drive a quad bike. Explore the park's unspoilt terrains and absorbing the natural charm it exudes. One could argue the best trip in Tenerife isn't about basking in its sunny beaches. Instead, it's the fusion of thrill and tranquillity, shaking hands with nature's finest spectacle.

This fascinating quad excursion allows you to ride a quad. And explore the undulating terrains of this UNESCO World Heritage Site. With your heart thumping in unison with the revving engine. The Teide National Park allows you to wrap in the authentic Canary Island experience. It lets you embrace the cheering thrill of quad biking. And marvel at the panoramic views. So, don't just dream about such a thrilling Tenerife experience. Come to Teide National Park! Get on a quad bike and create a life lasting memory!

Why a Quad Tour is a Perfect Way To explore Tenerife

Exploring Tenerife on a quad is the perfect way to behold the magnificent beauty of this gem in the Canary Islands. With quads Tenerife tours, you embark on a quad safari that. It takes you on and off-road. Deep into the heart of the island. There you can marvel at lush landscapes, panoramic views. And spine-tingling terrain.

Quad Tenerife tours are designed specifically to elevate your experience. From a mere sight-seeing bus trip to an adrenaline-fuelled adventure. The one you won’t forget in a hurry. We start from popular tourist hotspots. Such as Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje and Los Cristianos. Our quad tours whisk you to the less-explored areas of Tenerife. And giving you an exclusive peek into the island’s natural beauty.

Rev up your quad bike Tenerife and venture into Teide. Through the dense forests, volcanic landscapes and the hidden corners of the island. You are greeted by amazing views that are as breathtaking as they are unique.

From the dry, rocky trails of the south. To the verdant greenery of the north. Our quad tours offer a diverse range of landscapes for you to traverse. It makes them an exciting option for those driven by the spirit of adventure. In addition, the tours provide ample moments to stop, soak in the stunning views. And capture some memorable pictures.

The blend of thrilling quad biking experience and the raw allure of Tenerife’s terrain. That makes quad tours a perfect choice for exploring this diverse and breathtaking island.

So, strap on your helmet, kick-start your quad bike. And embark on a journey across the beauty and diversity that is Tenerife.

Introduction to the Quad Bike tour to Teide

Join a thrilling journey and discover the beautiful Tenerife. With our Quad Bike tour to Teide. This adventure guarantees one of the best experiences of Tenerife's captivating beauty. You drive through the island's most spectacular landscapes on your quad bike.

The Quad Bike Tour is not just the best trip. But a fantastic way to discover the island's natural beauty. Including its exotic shrubs, and imposing volcanic landscapes.

Booking the tour is simple – book online on TripsPoint. Right on this page. We provide you all the details of the Quad Tenerife tour.

We recommend this tour for adventure enthusiasts. For those who want to break free from the traditional sightseeing methods. For those want to enjoy the view from a different perspective. The on- and off-road quad tour is not only an adrenaline rush. It gives you a fascinating insight into the local lifestyle and culture. Scenic beauty, adventure, and a bit of culture.

The Quad Bike tour to Teide indeed offers a unique concoction of experiences. That makes it one of the best things to do in Tenerife.

Preparing for the Quad Bike Tour

Tenerife! An island possessing a tempting blend of sandy beaches, stunning landscapes, and a vibrant nightlife. Is a touristic haven well recognized within the Canary Islands. One popular outdoor activity on the island is the Quad Bike Tour to Teide. The highest peak in Spain. Depending on the season, preparing for this eye-opening adventure requires some thought.

  • In the summer. Anticipate the island's hazy and hot conditions and pack accordingly. Light-weight, breathable clothing, sunblock. A hat and sunglasses are essential. For protection against the glaring sun. Don't forget to pack plenty of water. Stay hydrated throughout the tour.
  • Should your adventure fall within winter? Tenerife's weather can be more temperate. Yet higher altitudes like Teide can get quite chilly. Especially in the evenings. Therefore, layer your clothes. Consider packing a light jacket and thermal wear. To keep you warm. It's a good idea to take a raincoat for unexpected drizzles.
  • In autumn, Tenerife experiences moderate weather. Yet, keep in mind the altitude at Mount Teide brings cooler and random climate. We recommend dressing in layers. This allows you to add or remove clothing. Depending on the temperature. A waterproof jacket could come in handy. Against sudden showers on the way through the clouds.
  • Springtime provides stable and mild conditions. You can wear light clothing. But take along a warm layer just in case. Remember weather can change quickly at higher altitudes.

Clothing tips are seasonal. But there are preparation steps to undertake irrespective of the time of year. A basic level of fitness is desirable for controlling the quad bike. Especially on long tours. Safety gear including helmets and protective pads will be provided. But it’s worth taking along gloves. For a better grip and extra comfort on the handlebars. Other essentials such as sunglasses or goggles to keep dust out of your eyes. Snacks for energy. A camera or GoPro for capturing priceless moments.

Booking the Quad Trip on TripsPoint

Embrace the thrill and limitless excitement with a Quad Trip on TripsPoint. This is your golden moment. Unveil the adventurer within you. Feel your heart pound with excitement.

With TripsPoint, planning and booking a quad trip is as simple as a click.

And remember, adventures are not 'one-size-fits-all'. Every trip is a bit different. Ensuring the experience goes beyond ordinary. So why wait? Step out of your comfort zone. Feel the adrenaline rush. Create memorable life memories. Go ahead!

The adventure of a lifetime awaits you at TripsPoint. Your Quad Trip is just a booking away!

Tour options

  1. The single quad tour option designed for singles. Just you on the bike. It gives a more personalized and immersive experience. Every participant have his or her personal quad bike. To enhance the thrill of the adventure.
  2. On the other hand, the double quad tour caters to pairs. Allowing you to share your trip with a companion. With your partner or a child. It's suitable to drive together. As a Driver + Passenger. In one quad.

Each option lets you experience the excitement of quad biking. In a context that best suits your preferences and comfort level.

Safety precautions and equipment on your ATV Tour in Tenerife

Get yourself in the exciting Tenerife experience. With the thrill of quad biking. Ensuring a unique moment of pure adventure and excitement. If about Tenerife quad biking, your safety is of utmost importance to us.

We employ various safety precautions. To guarantee a secure and enjoyable tour. We provide equipment specific to ATV use. We request our clientele to adhere to the safety guidelines throughout the tour.

Follow the guide in the lead vehicle. Do not separate from the group under any means. To ensure easy contact and reduce risks. Quad biking Tenerife takes you through the main roads. It gives you a feel of the environment. And keeps you safe.

We provide all the required safety equipment including helmets and goggle. Please, note that any damages to the gear checked out at the end of the tour.

All safety measures and equipment included in the tour price.

We strive to provide a fun yet safe environment for you. To take pleasure to the maximum from this captivating adventure. Ride with us, as we make your Tenerife experience memorable and safeguarded.

What to wear and bring for the Quad Bike Tour Tenerife

Dress comfy and practical clothes. For the optimal Tenerife quad biking experience. Light and breathable clothing recommended. Due to the warm weather. Consider bringing a waterproof jacket. The weather can be variable. For safety, wear closed-toe shoes. Don't forget to bring your driving licence. It must for a quad biking Tenerife. Bring a camera or smartphone. To capture the stunning landscapes. Tenerife quad biking is not about speed but enjoyment.

So come prepared to bask in the beautiful scenery and thrilling ride.

What Driving License is Required to do Quad Biking in Tenerife?

The thrill of quad biking in Tenerife is regulated to ensure safety for all. To drive the on a quad bike, a car driving licence is essential. The authorities require this. As a proof of you are okay with basic road rules and driving protocols. Without this, taking part in quad biking Tenerife is not permissible.

Remember to bring along your valid car driving licence. Original, and not a copy.

Age Restrictions to Participate in Tenerife Quad Biking Tour

We value the safety of our participants in the Tenerife Quad Biking Tour. We have implemented age restrictions. It's to ensure a secure and enjoyable experience for all.

  • All quad bike drivers must be at least 18 years old.
  • Passengers can participate from the age of 7 and more.

Getting to Know Your Quad Bike for Better Quad Biking Experience

Gaining to know your quad bike is crucial. To have an improved quad biking experience. It's essential to develop an insight of its mechanics. And learning nuances. Like turning, and braking.

Introduction to Quad Bikes

Before our quad biking tour commences... Allow us to acquaint you with the Quad Bikes you will be riding. Our quad bikes equipped with an automatic gearbox. They are easy to drive. And designed to provide a smooth experience. Even to those new to the activity.

The automatic gearbox takes much of the effort out of driving. Makes it a delightful experience.

Despite the simplicity... We assure you will not be devoid of the thrilling ruggedness quad bikes are known for. Your safety and enjoyment are our top priority.

Safety briefing and operating instructions

Get safety briefing before we start our exciting quad biking tour! It is of utmost importance that we prioritize your safety. We will begin our adventure with a short safety briefing. And with quad operating instructions. We will detail all necessary safety protocols.

  1. We will explain to you how to use of protective gear.
  2. We will provide practical steps on how to operate your quad bike.
  3. We will ensure this initial instruction phase will be clear, informative, and engaging.

This briefing sets the groundwork for your safety.

Driving in a group

During our group quad trip to Teide, it is our duty to drive in a group. This obligation ensures each member's safety. And enhances our overall experience. Respect for group dynamics. Adherence to specified trails during our journey is crucial.

Let's enjoy this adventure and respect others.

Following tour guide

Follow the lead vehicle of the guide during the quad tour to Teide. It's of paramount importance. This obligation ensures the safety of all participants. And contributes to a seamless and enjoyable adventure.

Pickup Areas for El Teide Quad Tour in Tenerife in South Tenerife

El Teide Quad Tour in South Tenerife is committed to provide convenience. We provide pickup from your hotel. Or at a location within walking distance. To ensure a seamless start to your adventure.

Our pickup areas include major locations around South Tenerife. Such as:

  1. Los Cristianos
  2. Costa Adeje
  3. Playa de Las Americas
  4. La Caleta

We have designed this facility to cater to your needs. So you can focus on the experience of exploring the amazing landscape of El Teide.

Tenerife South Teide Quad Biking Starting Times

Teide Quad Biking tour commences at about 10:00 AM in Tenerife South.

The specific pickup time may vary. It depends on your hotel location.

We appoint the exact pickup time in the tour Voucher. Right after your booking has been made.

Itinerary of your Teide Quad Experience in Tenerife

  • Meet and greet with the tour guide
  • Orientation and safety briefing
  • Starting the Quad Bike tour
  • Riding through picturesque villages
  • First glimpses of Teide and its surroundings
  • Admiring the Lunar Landscape
  • Riding to the heart of Teide National Park
  • Exploring the lunar-like terrain
  • Photo opportunities and sightseeing
  • Descending from Mount Teide
  • Enjoying panoramic coastal views
  • Short picnic stop with Pizza and Cava
  • Riding through diverse landscapes
  • Completing the Quad Bike tour
  • Returning to the starting point
  • Farewell and Leaving Reviews

Make the best day with your Quad Bike Adventures in Tenerife

Experience the thrill of quad biking Tenerife with TripsPoint! We create a perfect quad bike adventures! You will have the absolute best day. Explore the stunning landscapes of Tenerife. A unique combination of adrenaline pumping action and breathtaking scenery. That makes this a memorable adventure.

Our skilled guides provide a safe and entertaining trek through the trails. They ensure each and every participant enjoys the escapade. We assure that our quad bike adventures will enlighten your sense of adventure. And will leave you with magnificent panoramic views and memories of the real Tenerife.

Book a ride today with TripsPoint. Make the most of your day exploring and quad biking Tenerife.

Book Now your Tenerife Quad Bike! Get on Quad Tour to Mount Teide

Don't miss out on a Tenerife quad biking adventure! Feel your heart race as you hop on your quad bike to explore the stunning landscapes of Tenerife. A paradise perfect for thrill-seekers.

This adventure takes you to the breathtaking views of Mount Teide. One of the world’s most fascinating volcanoes. Experience the thrill of the quad bikes Tenerife has to offer. A unique way to discover every hidden gem this beautiful island beholds.

Take a break from the ordinary sightseeing. Trade it for something you'll remember for a lifetime. Why wait? Book now your Tenerife Quad Bike adventure. Let's get this fun started.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Quad and fuel while quad biking Tenerife.
  • Teide National Park visit along the less popular road.
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off in Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje.
  • Qualified quad bike tour guide - group leader.
  • Warm jacket winter season.
  • Exclusions:
  • Action photo and video service - optional.


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Teide National Park
  3. Roque Cinchado

Driving tour time is 3 hours - transfer times are not included in the tour time. It takes approximately 30 minutes each way, before and after the tour. Please, read the full tour description to understand the tour itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the thrill of quad biking in the Quad Safari in Tenerife?

The thrill of quad biking in Tenerife comes from exploring the island's landscapes on a quad. A normal quad, not a monster one :)

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

Can I go for a private quad tour instead of a group one in Las Americas?

You can opt for a private quad tour in Tenerife, first excursions are made for groups. If you want a private quad tour, it will cost more.

Please, contact TripsPoint Support Team to get a quote.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How can I book a quad safari in Tenerife for 2023?

Bookings for quad safari in Tenerife for 2023 or for 2024 can be made on the TripPoint website. It is suggested to make your booking at least a few weeks in advance. Especially during the peak tourist seasons.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

Do the quad tours include any off-road experiences?

Yes, quad tours are designed to include some off-road experiences. It's allowing to explore Tenerife's distinctive geography and breathtaking off-the-beaten-path views.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

What is the difference between a buggy tour and a quad tour?

Both buggy and quad tours offer a thrilling ride through Tenerife's landscape. But buggy tours more expensive compared to a quad tours.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

Can I drive a monster quad in the quad safari of Tenerife?

No. A quad safari in Tenerife doesn't provides an option to drive a monster quad.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

What are the peak times to plan a quad tour of Tenerife?

Tenerife's weather is mostly favourable all year round for quad biking. But it is most popular during the summer months.

It's advisable to book your quad tours well in advance during these peak seasons.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

Does the quad safari provide pick-up and drop-off facilities from my hotel in Santa Cruz De Tenerife?

No. Quad safari operators doesn't provide pick-up and drop-off services from your hotel.

You must come by yourself to the South of Tenerife to join the tour.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

What locations are usually covered in the coastal quad tours?

Coastal quad tours often cover locations along the south coast of Tenerife. Depend on the provider, including spots like Puerto de Santiago, and other picturesque locations near the sea.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

What is unique about the Teide Sunset Quad Trip?

The Teide Sunset Quad Trip facilitates an amazing adventure to enjoy the majestic sunset over Teide. And the stunning views toward Santiago del Teide. A must-have experience while visiting Tenerife.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How much time does the Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife take?

Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife duration is 3 hours.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife?

You can book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife at least in 3 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Quad Tour to Teide - Quad Biking Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

traveler reviews

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Nils C.
Nils C.

Reviewed on: Oct 5, 2023


Excellent trip

The tour was perfect. The guide and quad bikes as well. Teide is simply overhelming! I wanted this tour to be longer. 3 hours is... Show full review ➤ The tour was perfect. The guide and quad bikes as well. Teide is simply overhelming! I wanted this tour to be longer. 3 hours is not enough to enjoy it fully, so maybe I will book again next time.  Hide review

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