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Tenerife motocross

Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure

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  1. (5) - 3 Reviews
  2. Duration - 2 hours
  3. Motor Sports & Tours
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    If you cancel between 13 and 3 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee charged from the paid deposit.

    If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, or don’t show up at the meeting point on time there is a 100 percent cancellation fee charged from the paid deposit.

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  7. Palm-Mar

Enduro Adventure - Off-Road Motorcycle Tour is available in 2, 4 or 7 hours options and this is really unique experience. With your Enduro motorcycle your will drive totally off-road and will see the places even locals don't know. Amazing and absolutely unique off-road experience!

  • Unique Enduro motorcycle off-road tour available in 2, 4 and 7 hours options!
  • Discover hidden gems of the island that even locals do not know they exist!
  • Amazing adventure and full of fun experience in touch with nature!
  • Best Enduro motorcycles, equipment, guide and Hotel pick-up included!
Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure

Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure

Motocross Tenerife - Enduro moto bike Tour is for a real men only! For this Tenerife off road motorcycle tour you must love adrenaline, have a wish to explore the island in an unusual manner and possess at least some experience in motorbike riding.

This is the tour of action. For some of you it is also about learning driving across the various rough terrains. That's what in Canary motorcycle tours can surely serve you. You are going wild trails that even the most of locals don’t know they exists.

The Tenerife off road motorbike tour is absolutely fantastic experience, but it is not for those soft men asking mammy’s permission to do own decisions.

That’s not about you? So let’s go on! We strongly recommend you read this tour description fully to completely understand where you are packing into. Just before you book.

A real man is first of all a well self-organized person. So, do not call us asking if there’s tour availability for tomorrow. Oh, hells bells and buckets of blood, NO! Here in Tenerife even ambulance probably wouldn’t come tomorrow! Book in advance!

We don’t like that and, if you were us, you wouldn’t like that as well. Make your booking of enduro motocross Tenerife trip in advance. A good manner to do in a month or at least in a week or two before the day you plan to go on the tour.

To participate in the tour you must meet following conditions:

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • No children allowed to take part in the tour.
  • You have at least car driving license with category B.
  • Your driving experience - minimum 3 years.

How to book this enduro motocross Tenerife off-road tour?

Booking is really easy. To make your reservation, please:

  1. Choose the Motocross Tenerife option you prefer to have (read below about the options we offer).
  2. Under the chosen option using “+” and “-” set number of people if you are going with friends and not alone, and click OK.
  3. Then select your language, so guide will try to talk with you in your language.
  4. Later select the desired motocross in tenerife date and go on with booking.

To make the tour reservation you will have to pay the booking deposit - it is a partial payment securing your booking. The rest, balance, you pay directly to the guide on the day of the tour with cash.

Even the full day tour option is the best one, but people are with different levels of experiences and not the same budgets, so we offer 3 different off-road motorcycle tours for the Motocross in tenerife:

  • 2 hour Enduro Adventure - Off-Road Motorcycle Tour in Tenerife you are going to drive your motorcycle off-road along the coast of Tenerife South in less explored motocross track.
  • 4 hour Enduro Adventure - motocross in tenerife Tour you are driving a longer trails in Tenerife South visiting abandoned and undeveloped locations and even driving to the top of smaller volcano.
  • Full day 7 hour Enduro Adventure - Tenerife Motocross Adventure you are going to explore the island well, even approaching heart of the island and the edge of the wall of pre-historic crater of Teide - the biggest single crater in the world. The full day moto Enduro tenerife tour is absolutely unique and amazing experience for those who love driving off-road, love motorcycles and unusual experiences.

Pickup for the Tenerife motocross tour:

That is quite easy and comfortable!

Previously, our guide was able to pick you up right from hotels or any other location along the coast of South Tenerife, from El Medano till Callao Salvaje. In short, if you was staying in following locations, the was able guide comes to pick you up with a car directly from your hotel or from the nearest hotel if you are accommodated in a private apartment:

  • Costa Adeje
  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de Las Americas
  • La Caleta
  • Playa Paraiso
  • Callao Salvaje
  • Golf del Sur
  • El Medano
  • Plam Mar
  • Las Galletas
  • Costa del Silencio
  • San Miguel de Abona
  • San Isidro
  • Las Chafiras

At the same time, after September 2022. we cannot offer Hotel Pickup and ask for your understanding. If you are those locations or from the other parts of Tenerife like Puerto de La Cruz, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Los Gigantes, etc… Then simply come at the appointed time to our meeting point in San Miguel de Abona and meet the guide there.

On the meeting poin you have to:

  • Show to the guide your tour Voucher (could be on the phone screen - no need to print it).
  • Show your original driving license (not a photo or a copy).
  • Pay the remaining balance in cash.

How the Tenerife off-road motorcycle tour is starting?

Once you arrived to our base above Las Chafiras, you are going to receive full protecting and safety equipment and introduction with instructions about Tenerife dirt bike riding from our professional motocross guide.

You are receiving your enduro tenerife motorcycle and going to the located beside motocross circuit to test your abilities.

Depend on your abilities and on the type of driving license you are going on the motocross Tenerife riding with a selected by instructor motorcycle.

If you have no motorcycle off-road experience, never been in riding moto Enduro tenerife or any off-road motorcycle, you will be given instructions and your guide will choose the rhythm appropriate to your abilities. In this case, and also if you possess the only car driving licence (category B) then you will be driving one of our lightweight Husqvarna 125CC enduro tenerife motorcycles.

In the case, if you possess Category A in your driving licence, you will drive one of our KTM 250CC or powerful nearly racing 350CC four-stroke moto Enduro tenerife!

Is the fuel and motocross equipment rental included?

Yes, it is. Absolutely no need to bring your own equipment and things for moto Enduro Tenerife trip from your home country. We let you everything you need on the tour.

What areas and trails of Tenerife are you going to explore along your Tenerife motocross experience?

As it was mentioned above, it depend on the chosen motocross option.

With the shortest and simplest 2-hour route we are riding coastal volcanic trails of less developed parts of the Southern Tenerife. It is nice, not too complicated route for people with no or a little experience in off-road bike driving.

The longer 4-hours ride takes us up to the forestal area of Tenerife. Here, in the bright volcanic Canary pine forest that covering upper remote parts of the island, we will ride through the hidden forestal trails. This circuit is dedicated for those enduro dirt bike lovers who have a basic understanding of motorcycle off-road riding.

And finally, our favourite Tenerife off-road motorcycle trail is a long full-day, or 7-hour, trail. It takes you straight to the edge of the huge volcanic crater where’s Mount Teide standing in the middle. This cross-country route is dedicated for drivers with a motorbike driving experience and it’s a great adventure. No doubt, it hard to serve yourself something more memorable. Again, you are firstly riding all the way up, terrains are changing, from a soft sand and lava residuals, through the dusty, rocky and forestal trails up to the heart of Tenerife.

Then we drive totally different ways down doing a stop for a classic Canary lunch in a village on the way. Well, that’ll be already lunch with the friends, because you will definitely make friends with the guide and other Tenerife motocross participants. The lunch is included into the off-road motorcycle experience price, but probably you'd like to have something else, drinks, etc, so take some cash with you.

Ad the end of the day we will have a scenic seaside drive in uninhabited coastal areas to finish the exciting day tired and full of new experiences! Be sure, you will be back again and we will see again next time you come to Tenerife, every of the 365 days we are serving fun and adrenaline. There's no better motorbike holiday Spain having and it's confirmed with the best biker reviews!

Don't forget to take your camera to have incredible photos along the motocross circuit touring on the best off-road long ride of the island! Obviously, your guide will try to catch the best moment of you on the scrambler.

At the end, if you are in the motocross club in your country, or in a group of Enduro moto bike lovers, we will be endlessly thankful if you share the link to Tenerife Motocross Tour on your social networks.


What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Guiding instructor and insurance.
  • Enduro motorcycles - Husqvarna 125CC and KTM 250CC, KTM 350CC and fuel.
  • Full professional equipment (helmet, jacket and gloves, etc).
  • Snacks in 2 and 4 hour option and typical Canarian lunch in a restaurant in 7 hour option.
  • Exclusions:
  • Collection outside of our pick-up area - if your hotel is located outside of the circle on the map (see below) then, please, choose any bigger hotel located within the circle and come there by yourself, so we will pick you up from there.
  • Hotel pickup.


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Tenerife

We do the Enduro Adventure - Off-Road Motorbike Tour in Tenerife daily and depend on our availability and your hotel location we will appoint you exact pick-up time in your Voucher you will get after completing the booking. We usually start at the morning 9:30 AM, but sometimes we also do afternoon tours, if shorter options.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure take?

Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure duration is 2 hours.

Book Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint
How many days in advance I must book Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure?

You can book Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Tenerife Motocross Off-Road Tour - Enduro Adventure now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

traveler reviews

James W.
James W.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Dec 1, 2022


Happily exhausted on Tenerife enduro tour

We're 7 friends from Bristol, coming out every month together in UK and we've booked the full-day 7h option. Massimo, our guide,... Show full review ➤ We're 7 friends from Bristol, coming out every month together in UK and we've booked the full-day 7h option. Massimo, our guide, was an excellent guide and we learnt a lot from him. The day was very intense, terrain on the route is very diversified with a mix of rocks, sand, dust and a bit on road. All of us at the end of the day felt extremely tired but at the same time extremely happy! This is the kind of exhaustion that makes you really happy! No doubt, we strongly recommended this tour. Thank you so much, Massimo! Hide review

Ross M.
Ross M.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Aug 25, 2020


Brilliant (but exhausting) day out

I booked a 4-hour tour and had an amazing experience. I was picked up and dropped off back at my hotel by the extremely... Show full review ➤ I booked a 4-hour tour and had an amazing experience. I was picked up and dropped off back at my hotel by the extremely personable Marco, who got me kitted out and onto a bike in no time at all. We started off nice and easy, giving Marco a chance to assess my riding level, and then the riding got progressively more challenging as the day wore on and I got warmed up. The riding itself is some of the toughest off-roading I've done, due to the nature of the trails - lots of large, loose rock, which leaves you hanging on for dear life. I'm reasonably fit and healthy, but by the end of the 4 hours, I was utterly exhausted and dehydrated, despite having downed about 3 liters of water on the tour! The dry heat and constant breeze seem to suck the moisture out of you as I've never experienced before. I absolutely loved it, though, and wouldn't hesitate to ride with Marco again, given the chance. Marco was a terrific guide, making sure I was ok the entire time, and keeping a pace I was happy with. He would also give a lot of interesting information on the island, the volcanos, and the geology and topography while chatting during rest stops. The landscape is incredible and very beautiful in a slightly desolate way. Thank you, guys! Hide review

Mark J.
Mark J.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Nov 16, 2018



If you love off roading on 2 wheels then this is the company to go with I assure you, you will not find a better run, better... Show full review ➤ If you love off roading on 2 wheels then this is the company to go with I assure you, you will not find a better run, better bikes, better equipment worth the price all day long. I haven't raced moto x for 30 years but after a crap quad bike tour I got the bug back and found these guys Marco and Massimo booked immediately and instantly taken back to my 1986 2 stroke machines was a little bit apprehensive as to my abilities and the self preservation mode that unfortunately comes with being 47. I needn't of worried what a blast the bikes were all extremely well maintained mainly ktms ranging from 125,250 & 350 2 stroke and 4 stroke i went for the 350 4 stroke all protective gear was provided boots knee pads body armour trousers top gloves helmet goggles water filled back pack everything you need. Marco led the way and with me and another guy behind he quickly works out your abilities and tailors the route accordingly DO NOT THINK YOUR JACK THE LAD AND OVER STATE YOUR ABILITIES HE WILL KNOW !!!! loads of different terrains long fast blasts plenty of tricky up and down sections sand sections (forgot how much I hated racing on sand lol) stacked it once (forgot how much that hurts also) But what an excursion to do I promise you all the positive reviews are totally deserved. We got back to the base which may I add is at a pukka moto x track we could of had a quick blast around it but tbh i was f*#!ked arms and legs pumped to the max so never done it but soon as I was back at hotel regretted not having a blast for old times sake next time for sure!!!! Anyway if you read this far the next page you should open is this enduro tour in Tenerife, book it you won't be disappointed Marco Massimo I think you know how happy I was thank you so much I will be back next year for sure Mark Hide review

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