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Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife

Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour

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  7. Tour Itinerary
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  9. Prices & Availability
  10. Reviews
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  13. Cancellation policy
  1. (5) - 1 Review
  2. Duration - 2 hours
  3. Water Activities & Sports
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    Printed Voucher means after receiving the Voucher you have to print it and take with you to give it printed to the tour provovider at the tour beginning.
  5. Cancellation Policy Standard Cancellation Policy means that:

    If you cancel this tour booking at least 14 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.

    If you cancel between 13 and 3 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee charged from the paid deposit.

    If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, or don’t show up at the meeting point on time there is a 100 percent cancellation fee charged from the paid deposit.

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    Language: English, Spanish
  7. Pick-Up in Tenerife South.

The Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife is a fantastic kayak and snorkelling tour. You are going to do two different amazing activities at once. Firstly watch Dolphins right from your kayak and then snorkel trying to get close to the sea Turtles. Professional kayaks and experienced instructor.

  • Dolphin Watching right from kayak!
  • Snorkelling with sea Turtles!
  • Two amazing experiences in one on the Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife Tour!
  • Photos from the tour Free-Of-Charge!
  • Experienced local kayak tour guide and life guard!
  • Optional Pick-Up Service (just 5 Eur per person)!
Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife in a small group

Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife and Snorkelling Tour at Palm Mar Wall

The Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour is a fantastic choice for you to enjoy dolphin watching Tenerife can offer in their natural habitat. We promise that this is going to be an unforgettable experience as it gives you the opportunity to get in touch with the nature of the sea. We have so many activities well packaged to fulfil your fantasy. Our services are personalized to give you maximum satisfaction on your kayaking adventure. Some of our activities include, but are not limited to snorkeling with turtles Tenerife - kayaking with dolphins Tenerife. In this tour, you get to see how the dolphins, as well as the sea turtles, behave in their natural habitat.
Tenerife is a destination that also features water sporting activities like kayaking with the dolphins, snorkeling with the turtles, as well as sea diving to keep tourists entertained. Let’s elaborate on that.

Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife offers is the best thing to do

Dolphin watching in Tenerife has become a popular recreational activity. People from different places come to this island with the purpose of kayaking with dolphins by the Tenerife sea coast. We provide our customers with the best kayaking experience.
All interested tourists are allowed to ride in our professional, high-quality kayaks. This unique activity allows you to watch and interact with the dolphins up close. A group of people can go kayaking among several bottlenose dolphins with our very experienced instructor leading the way. The Instructor serves as a tour guide on the excursion. He also teaches you about the dolphins.

Come by Yourself or Optional Hotel Pick-Up for Tenerife dolphin watching trip

Our pick-up services are optional and the price is set at 5 Euros per individual. This fee includes your return to the hotel after the Kayak tour. After picking you up, first, we take you to our office in Palm-mar, located in a street just close to the beach so that you can drop your belongings and have a change of clothes if necessary.
We are able to pick you up from any hotel located in:

  • Los Cristianos
  • Playa de Las Americas
  • Costa Adeje
  • Las Galletas
  • Costa del Silencio
  • Other locations: if you are staying somewhere else, you will have to come by yourself to the address specified in your tour Voucher to join our Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife experience and there's no pick-up option even for an additional fee.

In our office, we have facilities like toilets and bathrooms. We also make sure that these facilities are kept clean and sanitized, just for your convenience. Before the dolphin watching in Tenerife, you are given thorough instructions and safety guidelines. After the instructions are given, we provide each person with a life jacket. The tour guide will then check, to make sure everyone is wearing his or her life jacket properly before assigning the kayaks. This is just a safety measure.

What’ is Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife Experience

As soon as everyone takes their proper position in their kayaks, the tour kicks off. We usually start from the coast towards the Palm-Mar Wall cliff. The Palm-mar Wall is a high cliff that stands in between Los Cristianos and Palm Mar town. This vertical cliff is about 100 meters high. It is a natural reserve, very rich in marine life. It can be considered as one of the best spots in Tenerife in the Tenerife sea.
We have very fantastic Kayak routes that will take you firstly to the floating fish farms where you will find several families of dolphins living together all year long. You can be very certain that you'll find many dolphins swimming in the crystal clear water just beside your Kayak. Kayaks are ideal for dolphin watching Tenerife. Using a Kayak gets you as close to the dolphins as possible. Given the nature of dolphins and their curiosity, you won't need a lot of paddling to find one. All you have to do is strategically position yourself and let them find you. From the kayak, you get to observe these beautiful animals in their natural habitat. This is mainly because our Kayaks do not have engine noise or polluting emissions. Hence, the dolphins will not be bothered by your presence at all.

The bottlenose dolphin is the most popular species of dolphin in the sea of Tenerife. The warm, and temperate nature of the Tenerife sea makes it an attractive habitat for these friendly animals.
Bottlenose dolphins are also one of the largest species of all dolphins you can find. A bottlenose dolphin can measure up to 4 meters in length and weigh about half a ton. They have a marked snout and a dark grey colour on their back which can be seen when they swim on the surface.

It is the pleasant duty of our tour guide to answer any questions you may have about these animals. This is to make sure that this experience is not just entertaining, but educational as well.

The Kayaking with dolphins Tenerife activity also allows you to enjoy the sound from shearwater and seagulls because you are paddling a kayak without a motor.
We also have a very experienced and passionate lifeguard in case of an emergency. This is to ensure your safety during the course of the tour. The lifeguard can also help you take desirable photos from different angles to solidify your experience and make it more unforgettable. You can get these photos at the end of the tour free of charge.
Drinks and snacks are allowed on the kayaks so that you don't get hungry in the middle of the tour. You can also bring sunscreen or a hat to protect you from the sunlight especially on a sunny day.
Kayaking in Tenerife is very easy and you really don't need any special skill or training to paddle a kayak. Plus we have very stable, easy to paddle single and double kayaks depending on the one you want to use. If you are single, or you came alone, you can use the single carriage kayaks while couples can choose the double carriage sea kayaks.
You get a different experience every time you engage in the Kayaking with dolphins Tenerife activity. So it doesn't matter if you have done it several times before, the experience always feels fresh.

Sea kayaking in Tenerife also provides a good environment for family and group bonding as you can have fun activities in the water as a group be it picnicking or racing each other in the water. It is also a good way to relieve stress because being in the water has a way of making you feel free.
Please note that all children and teenagers from ages 12 to 16 years must be accompanied by their parents.

Snorkelling with Turtles after Kayaking with Dolphins

Snorkeling with the turtles Tenerife is an underwater activity popular in the sea of Tenerife. If you are interested in snorkeling with turtles in Tenerife then we also have you covered. Our snorkeling tour will give you a good immersion experience as you get to observe and interact with animals under the surface of the Tenerife sea.
We will provide you with full snorkeling gear including a diving mask and snorkel to help you breathe underwater. The snorkeling with turtles' Tenerife activity allows you to interact with the sea turtles in their natural environment.
Snorkeling is not as complicated as Scuba diving so you won't require specialized training to partake in it. Snorkeling with turtles Tenerife does not have any age discretion because it only requires minimal effort and a little swimming ability to snorkel. This factor makes it a perfect fun activity for the whole family to enjoy. Hence, you can bring your kids to partake in this very entertaining, recreational activity.

The calm waters south of the Tenerife island meet the requirements for a great kayaking with dolphins Tenerife, snorkeling experience because the water is not very cold but mild so you don't have to worry about freezing. Also, the crystal clear nature of the water makes it possible for you to see clearly. You are guaranteed up to 30 meters of visibility.

The Tenerife sea is home to several sea creatures like the octopus, seahorses and so many others including the sea turtles all of which you will have a fun time exploring. There are a couple of bays that are permanently inhabited by sea turtles so there is a good chance that you are going to come across or swim close to these beautiful sea animals while snorkeling.
Places like Palm Mar Wall are one of the most rich in sea life on Tenerife Island. Snorkeling here increases your chances to meet a sea turtle. Although we can't guarantee that you will meet turtles as you are snorkeling because they spend most of their time sleeping or feeding on the seafloor, the chances are very high that you will see them whenever they come to the surface of the sea to catch a breath of fresh air every few minutes.

Species of Turtles you can see while snorkeling

There are about 3 species of turtles living in the sea of Tenerife which includes:

  1. Leatherback turtle - sometimes seen.
  2. Loggerhead turtle - most often seen on the Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour
  3. Atlantic Green turtle - rarely met on the tour, so you must be really lucky to see this giant.

Our tour guide will help you identify each one and also teach you about them. You may also come across other sea creatures like a variety of subtropical fishes, manta rays, or even dolphins if you're lucky.

Unlike other snorkeling tour providers, we will give you all the basic equipment you need for a good snorkeling experience. We will also optionally transport you to and from. Be it from your hotel or Las Americas, Los Cristianos, or Costa Adeje. All these plus accident insurance are included in the price you pay.

 Snorkeling is a part of Kayaking with dolphins Tenerife tour.

You will also be taught how to choose and use the snorkeling equipment provided. You are advised to choose the size that fits. We also provide wetsuits for those that may need them.

And we have two simple rules if about children participate in the trip:

  1. The minimum age for partaking in the kayaking with dolphins and snorkeling tour on your own is 16 years.
  2. Children from 12 years can only be allowed to partake in our Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour in the company of their parents.

You don't need to have a previous snorkeling experience to take part in this excursion. But it is important that you know how to swim at least. Our snorkeling tour usually takes about 30 minutes duration. Snorkeling with turtles Tenerife is an experience you will never forget in a hurry and luckily we have someone capturing all the beautiful moments with an underwater go-pro camera to make sure you don't forget.

Book us for the best Tenerife snorkeling and kayaking experience. Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour is guaranteed to give you an amazing experience as we are committed to satisfying all our customers. We have highly trained and experienced lifeguards to make sure that you stay out of danger. Whether talk about snorkeling with turtles Tenerife offers or Kayaking with the Dolphins Tenerife Tour, your safety is guaranteed.


What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Place in a standard double or single kayak.
  • Snorkelling mask, neoprene (winter time) included in the Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife Tour price.
  • Dolphin Watching - dolphins are not guaranteed, but there are approx. 95% of chances you will see them.
  • Snorkelling stop and snorkelling with turtles - turtles are not guaranteed, but there are approx. 70% of chances you will see them.
  • Exclusions:
  • Transportation is offered only from Los Cristianos, Las Americas, Costa Adeje hotels.
  • Food and Drinks - grab your own drinks and snacks.
  • Foto service (optional, extra 10 Eur).


  1. Visited Places:

Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife Tour starts every day at 10:00 AM from and will be specified in your Voucher once the booking made.

We strongly suggest booking the Kayaking with Dolphins in Tenerife for the first days of your stay in Tenerife, so, if the weather would not allow starting the tour, you will still have available days to change the tour date for one of the days later.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour take?

Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour duration is 2 hours.

Book Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint
How many days in advance I must book Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour?

You can book Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Kayaking with Dolphins Tenerife & Snorkelling Tour now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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Reviewed on: Aug 31, 2019



Great experience!!!

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