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3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran

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Get ready for a fun boat trip where we will see lots of dolphins. One of the top dolphin watching tours in Tenerife! Our catamaran, a big and safe boat. It will take us on a cool journey in the sea near Tenerife. We might even see other cool sea animals too! 🐬⛵


  • Pick-Ups from collection points along whole Tenerife South coast!
  • Is guaranteed to see Whales with Freebird Catamaran Boat Trip!
  • Drinks and snack with open bar on board of the Freebird Catamaran is included!
  • Swimming and snorkelling stop!
  • Children up to 3 years old are FREE-OF-CHARGE!
3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran


3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran

Step on board for a dolphin watching tour, packed with splashes of joy and lots of dolphins. On this lovely tour in Tenerife, we’ll sail the blue sea. And see the dolphins playing and jumping in the water. Enjoy the warm sun. Let's get ready for a happy time on the water. And make sure to have our eyes open. To watch different species of friendly dolphins in their natural habitat!

Imagine being on a boat, floating on the waves, and seeing the dolphins play in the water. It's not just any place, it’s Tenerife - a super special island with many dolphin friends to meet. They might wave hello with their fins!

Free Pickup Service in whole Tenerife South, from Los Gigantes to El Medano

We offer free transfers from many places in the south of Tenerife! From the tall cliffs of Los Gigantes to the windy El Medano. Our comfy bus will pick you up and bring you to our fun boat trip. This means you can join our trip from lots of places. You don’t have to worry about how to get to us. We care about making things easy and fun for you!

From your hotel or a nearby spot, our friendly drivers will ensure you reach our boat on time. This way, you won’t miss a single moment of the Tenerife dolphin watch!

We pickup from our meeting points in the next locations:

  1. Los Cristianos
  2. Playa de las Américas
  3. Costa Adeje
  4. El Medano
  5. Golf del Sur
  6. La Caleta
  7. Playa Paraiso
  8. Callao Salvaje
  9. Alcala
  10. La Arena
  11. Puerto de Santiago
  12. Los Gigantes

We start from Puerto Colón. At the end of our best Tenerife dolphin watching trip our bus will take you back.

Boarding and Sailing from marina Puerto Colon

Marina Puerto Colon is where our journey starts! Imagine sailing on a big catamaran from this lovely marina. Waving goodbye to the land for a bit. And saying hello to the deep blue sea of the Atlantic Ocean. We will board the catamaran. And then set sail for a super exciting dolphin adventure in Tenerife!

As we sail, let's look back and see the coast of Tenerife getting smaller. But don’t worry. Our expert sailors know the way. And they will guide the boat to where the dolphins like to play. We are on our way to meet them in their natural habitat, where they live and play!

Catamaran Excursion in Tenerife Along the Costa Adeje Seaside

Costa Adeje is a lovely place to sail by. On our boat trip, we will glide along this beautiful bit of the coast of Tenerife. Watch the land and Mt. Teide as we look for dolphins in the sea. With the gentle waves and the warm sun above, our catamaran will give us a cozy spot. Enjoy the sights.

Let’s feel the breeze, as we see the pretty beaches of Costa Adeje pass by.

Our catamaran will take us where the dolphins love to swim. So keep your eyes peeled for jumping fins and happy splashes in the water!

Discover the World of Marine Life in Tenerife Waters

Did you know Tenerife is a great place to see dolphins? But there’s more! Tenerife's waters are full of other cool sea creatures too. We might see turtles gliding below us or fish zipping around. The sea is like a big, blue playground where marine life loves to be!

The Thrill of Dolphin Watching

Seeing whales and dolphins is super special! When we spot them, they might be playing or looking for yummy fish to eat. It's a bit like peeking into their home and saying hello. It’s fun to watch them jump and splash around our catamaran in Tenerife!

Conserving Marine Life during the Tour

Taking care of the ocean and its creatures is super important. When we're out seeing dolphins, we make sure not to disturb them or their homes. We want to be good guests in their watery world. By being quiet and respectful, we can make sure the dolphins and their friends stay safe and happy!

A Perfect Dolphin Watching (and Whales as well) from our Catamaran

Now, let’s look and listen! Because seeing a dolphin jump from the water is magical! Sometimes, if we're very lucky, we might even see a whale. They’re huge and very gentle, moving slowly through the water.

Our catamaran will give us a safe and snug place to watch these amazing animals.

If the dolphins decide to race our catamaran, let's cheer them on! It’s a sight that will make your heart leap with joy. And while we're watching the dolphins, let’s remember to take photos. So we have a memory of these fun moments forever with those marine species!

Species of Dolphins and other Cetaceans we can Meet on along Trip

Guess what? Tenerife's oceans are full of different types of dolphins! It's so exciting to see them swimming and playing around. They might spin in the air or race beside our boat. Every type of dolphin is unique and amazing in its own way!

  • Bottlenose Dolphins 🐬

Bottlenose dolphins are super fun and ones of the smartest dolphin species! They love to play and might even show off a little when they see our catamaran. With their greyish-blue skin and big smiles, they’re friendly ocean neighbours that will make our trip special!

  • Pilot Dolphin-Whales 🐬

Did you know that pilot whales aren't actually whales? They're big dolphins! They like to swim in big groups. And might pop up to say hello during our boat trip in the stunning waters around Tenerife. Watch for their big, round heads as they glide through the sea!

  • Short-Beaked Common Dolphins 🐬

These dolphins are tiny and quick! Short-beaked common dolphins love to jump and race, showing off their swift moves as they zip through the ocean. They have lovely yellow sides and might flash by in a speedy display of fun!

  • Atlantic Spotted Dolphins 🐬

The Atlantic spotted dolphins are white and grey with little spots all over. They're like the ocean's twinkling stars! Keep an eye out for their playful leaps. And joyful splashes while we enjoy our exciting dolphin-watching tour in Tenerife!

  • Striped Dolphins 🐬

Striped dolphins have cool lines running down their sides, making them easy to spot. They might zoom under our boat. Or jump high into the air, making us all gasp in delight during our Tenerife adventure!

  • Rough-Toothed Dolphin 🐬

Rough-toothed dolphins have a really smooth and shiny skin that glistens in the sunlight. These dolphins might slide quietly through the water, watching us as much as we watch them! With their gentle ways, they’ll melt our hearts.

All Aboard an Unforgettable Boat Trip on the Marine Strip

Set sail with us on a neat journey along Tenerife's marine strip! This are is a marine environment protected by the government of the Canary Islands.

A marine strip about 35 km long located between Las Galletas and Los Gigantes.

The ocean here is like a big, blue playground where all kinds of sea animals come to play. Our boat trip will give us a peek into this wondrous world where dolphins laugh and play.

Our catamaran will glide over the waves, giving us a front-row seat to all the fun! We'll sail together, watching for dolphins, whales, and maybe even turtles. Let’s giggle with joy every time a dolphin leaps from the sea. Create memories that will last forever!

Why Choose our Tenerife 3-Hour Mini Cruise for Dolphin Sightings

Our mini cruise in Tenerife is the best place for a fun, sea-faring adventure! For three hours, our boat will be our home. We can see dolphins, feel the sea breeze, and watch the rolling waves. We'll keep our eyes wide open for all kinds of exciting sights!

With snacks and smiles, we'll explore the ocean and see what surprises await us. Dolphins might race us, or whales might wave with their big, wide tails. So, let’s get ready for a nautical adventure where fun and smiles are the catch of the day!

One of the Best Safe and Enjoyable Boat Trips in Tenerife

Safety and joyride together on our boat trips in Tenerife! Our friendly crew makes sure that every part of our journey is snug and secure. From the moment we step on board, our sea adventure is filled with giggles, wows, and plenty of dolphin smiles.

We make sure that all little sailors and big sailors are cozy and happy on our boat. With waves, sweet sea air, and the exciting promise of dolphin spotting, our trip is a bundle of safe. Sea-side fun that will twirl around in our memories for years to come!

  • Our Catamaran Excursions are Affordable for Everyone

Our catamaran trips are like pocket-friendly ocean parties. We make sure that everyone can join in the fun without worrying about treasure chests and gold coins. With dolphins as our honoured guests, our affordable sailings are packed with priceless smiles. And waves of laughter.

  • We Ensure Smooth Sailing on Each Trip

Smooth and easy, our boat trips are like sliding on a sea of silk. Our experienced crew knows how to make our journey gentle and joyful. They guide us through the waves with care and skill. So, let’s get ready to sail smoothly into a sea of Tenerife. A fun, where dolphins await to join our party!

Navigate through the Special Area of Conservation

The secrets the ocean holds! In Tenerife, we sail through a very special area. That’s like a safe home for dolphins and other sea friends. This part of the sea is kept extra safe and clean. So all our ocean buddies can play, dance, and live happily.

In this super special part of the sea, we might see dolphins jumping. Or hear them chatting to each other. We're visitors in their watery home. So we’ll be super polite guests, waving hello to every fin and flipper we see. We are maintaining a safe distance to not disturb dolphins too much. And leaving only bubbles behind!

Dive Deep into the World of Watching Tours in Tenerife

Our watching tours in Tenerife plunge us into a world where dolphins are the stars. We’ll watch with twinkling eyes as they spin, leap, and play in the sparkling sea all around us. With the sun as our spotlight and the ocean as our stage, every moment becomes a beautiful show.

It's a joy to see dolphins not in a water park. But to join these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

As we watch, we’ll learn fun facts about our dolphin pals and get to know them a little bit better. With splashes of joy and waves of excitement, our watching tour becomes a magical journey. Every dolphin brings a sparkle of sea magic into our hearts.

Unlocking the Secrets of Tenerife's Marine Life

Secrets ahead! Tenerife's marine life is full of mysteries and wonders. That's what we’ll gently uncover on our journey. With every splash and swirl, there’s a story to be told. A story of dolphins, whales, and other ocean critters who call this watery world their home.

  • We Merge Fun and Education in the Tour

Learning is a fun game on our tour! While we watch the dolphins play, we’ll also discover lots of cool things about them. Like, did you know that dolphins talk to each other with clicks and squeaks? Our journey will be a fun-filled quiz. Every wave brings new questions and dolphins provide the playful answers!

Watching Tenerife on a Swimming & Snorkelling Stop

Our catamaran go along the shimmering waters after dolphin watching Tenerife gave us. So it's a time to take a gentle pause. We anchor near a secluded beach. And offer you a unique experience unlike any other. This is more than just a dolphin watching tour in Tenerife. It’s a mini-cruise where every moment is soaked in sunshine and joy.

During our peaceful stop, you’ll have 30 minutes. It's time to splash, swim, and even snorkel in the crystal-clear waters. Exploring the vibrant marine life beneath the waves of the Atlantic Ocean. Slip on your snorkel gear and peek beneath the water's surface. Who knows, you might spot a turtle swimming by!

Our catamaran anchors by the sandy shore.

Feel the thrill of the Canary Islands' coastal magic envelop you. You may choose to swim in the sea, bask in the gentle sun. Or simply marvel at the cliff formations and the beach. These moments of serenity add an extra to your dolphin watching Tenerife adventure.

You’ll find the coast of Tenerife isn’t just about watching from a distance. From every ripple in the water to the gentle sea breeze. Each element crafts a tale of adventure and tranquility on the most majestic of the Canary Islands - Tenerife.

Comfort of our Catamaran Tour in Tenerife

Ready for a comfy ride on our catamaran in Tenerife? Imagine being on a big, comfy boat, where we can sit and watch the dolphins play in the water. It's like being on a fun, moving sofa that sails through the sea!

With plenty of space to wiggle and giggle, our catamaran is a floating cushion of fun. We'll have places to sit and watch the ocean roll by. And maybe even make a new friend or two among fellow adventurers, big and small.

Explore Best Sustainable Practices on our Watching Boat

Here, we get to be ocean heroes! We make sure our trips are kind to the dolphins and to the sea. This means we look and learn without making a mess or disturbing our marine friends. Isn't it neat that we can all help protect the dolphins and their home while we have fun watching them?

We promise to show kindness to every splash and wave.

Learn how to make sure our ocean stays a happy and healthy place for all its inhabitants. Together, we create memories that are both joyful and gentle on our beautiful blue planet.

Find Joy in Every Splash with Tenerife Dolphin Tours

Who knew a splash could hold so much joy? On our Tenerife dolphin tours, every drop of water is a tiny party. As dolphins dance and play around our boat, their splashes might sprinkle us with little droplets of ocean fun!

Our Tenerife Dolphin Watching Adventure is absolutely Kid-Friendly

Guess what, explorers? Our dolphin watching is made just for you!

With waves and dolphins to greet us, this adventure is like a friendly hug from the ocean itself. You might even find yourself trading waves and winks with the playful dolphins that come to say hello!

Snacks and Refreshments on Board

Tiny tummies and big appetites, rejoice!

We have yummy sandwiches and drinks on our trip. It's included. So no need to pay extra.

We make sure that every adventurer, big and small, has a tasty treat to munch. While we watch the dolphins play. Let’s fill our bellies with joy while we fill our hearts with the wonders of the sea!

Experience Responsible Dolphin Watching in Tenerife

Look, there they are! But shhh...let's watch without getting too close or being too loud. We want to be polite visitors in the home of the dolphins. So, we’ll observe them with quiet excitement, letting them play without worry or disturbance.

Seeing dolphins in their natural home, swimming and jumping, is super special. It's like peeking into a secret world of water and wonder. A place where every fin is a friend and every wave a whisper of ocean tales.

Take Home Memories from the Beautiful Tenerife Sea

We sail back to land with our hearts full of ocean dreams and minds bubbling with dolphin tales. We know these memories will dance through our days forever. From every giggling wave to each playful fin.

Our Tenerife sea adventure will twirl into our dreams and stories for years to come.

Here are some key ocean gems to remember:

  • Dolphins are our friends, and we watch them with care and joy.
  • The ocean is a world of wonders where every splash holds a secret.
  • Our adventure is both fun and kind, protecting the sea as we explore.
  • Snacks, smiles, and safe sails make our journey a treasure of happy memories.
  • And with a farewell to our dolphin friends, our adventure comes to a twinkling end. Leaving us to dream of the next ocean trip in the shimmering arms of Tenerife's welcoming waves.

Go forward and book our dolphin watching Tenerife trip in advance to secure your places.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Pick-Ups and drop-offs at our collection points along Tenerife South coast.
  • See Dolphins / Whales.
  • Sandwich.
  • Open bar - beer, soft drinks.
  • Snorkelling / Swimming stop
  • Exclusions:
  • Sun-bed (optional and available on board - 5-10 Eur per person).


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Atlantic Ocean

Boarding times are following and might be changed, depend on the month of the year (exact pick-up time will be set in your Voucher after the booking made):

- Daily: 9:45 AM and 1:00 PM.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the 3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran take?

3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran duration is 3 hours.

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How many days in advance I must book 3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran?

You can book 3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book 3h Dolphin Watching Tenerife Boat Trip by Catamaran now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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Clare L.
Clare L.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Nov 20, 2023


Wonderful trip

This was a superb catamaran dolphin watching experience!!! Friendly arrangements by the crew, thanks the crew we enjoyed the trip... Show full review ➤ This was a superb catamaran dolphin watching experience!!! Friendly arrangements by the crew, thanks the crew we enjoyed the trip so much! We saw bopth dolphins and whales and we swam in the ocean. I can definitely recommend this tour. Five stars!  Hide review

Lorraine N.
Lorraine N.
United Kingdom

Reviewed on: Oct 10, 2023


Whale and dolphin watching cruise

The trip was fabulous. Smooth pickup service. The crew were very helpful and friendly. We saw bottlenose and Atlantic spotted... Show full review ➤ The trip was fabulous. Smooth pickup service. The crew were very helpful and friendly. We saw bottlenose and Atlantic spotted dolphins. And a lot of pilot whales. Nice swimming stop, tasty sandwiches and drinks without limits. Highly recommended.  Hide review

Olavi M.
Olavi M.

Reviewed on: Mar 26, 2023


Safe and fun!

I'd recommend you to take this boat trip to see whales and dolphins especially if you're going with children because of a lot of... Show full review ➤ I'd recommend you to take this boat trip to see whales and dolphins especially if you're going with children because of a lot of space on the catamaran which is impressing by its size! Children were very excited to watch whales family following us for about 15 mins!  Hide review

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