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Activities in Tenerife
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Activities in Tenerife

Tenerife Trips, Tours, Activities - things to do in Tenerife island

Activities in Tenerife

With hundreds of activities in Tenerife it is the largest island among the Canary Islands archipelago. Disentangle from the daily hustle and take some time off to enjoy yourself. It is full of archeology, which includes Museums, Masca Tropical forest, volcanic lavas temples, and ancient towns. Hikes are common at the Tede Mount, boat rides to watch dolphins and whales at a closer glimpse are some the activities in the island. Experience paragliding from some of the highest points and also take a helicopter trip to experience the aerial view of the islands. It is a place full of glamour and a wonderful setting to take part in.


Popular activities in Tenerife


Whales an dolphin watching

Activities in Tenerife - Whale and Dolphin watching

This is one of the activities in Tenerife. It is often done by thousands of tourists every year. Due to the wonderful and special climate on the island, people are able to enjoy the boat ride and sail throughout the year to catch a glimpse of the sea animals. Tenerife is considered to have the most remarkable fleet of luxurious Yachts that sail from Puerto Colon. Luxurious yachts that are usually 14-16 meters long with 8 meters riding a boat. You can choose to enjoy the activity individually or charter a yacht as a group. The sail is about 3-6 hours with amazing views of the dolphins and whales. The yachts are affordable and carry a maximum of 11 passengers thus it is convenient for you to enjoy the comfort for the best possible experience. Tenerife yachts have the best crews who are ready at your service any time you want. Consider Ayla whale watching boat trip. There are often snacks and drinks that are served on board to maximize customer satisfaction.


Siam Park is an activity to do in Tenerife for everyone

Activities in Tenerife - Siam Park

The water park is parked with all activities that children and family can engage in. Dubbed as the best water park in the world, the area provides a mix of great fun, excitement and plenty breathtaking activities. There are several kind activities to witness and marvel on such as the lost city and Sawasdee and the wave palace that have waves that go up to 3 meter high. Family can also visit the Jungle snakes and have fun on the Nager racer. Take your time to discover the secrets of Kinnarre and the rollercoaster Singha that have been recently put up in the water park. The spectacular Dragon, the mythical Volcano and incredible drop if the Tower of Power will give you an experience like no other due to is thrilling nature. Indulge in a comforting ambiance of the slow rolling Mai Tai River and the golden sands of the Siam beach. Thus Siam Park will offer you amazing day activities for all visitors whether as a family, a group or even as a single entity. There are a lot of activities in Tenerife to choose for all. Staying on the North of the island you can easily get there booking Siam Park with bus transfer


Fly above the island taking helicopter tour

Activities in Tenerife - helicopter tours

Take a helicopter tour in Tenerife and head in the blue sea to enjoy the breathtaking experience where you can view the island and its wonderful features. This is one of activities in Tenerife that considered amazing and thrilling. You will be able to unravel the wonderful exposure of the long coastline. Begin your thrilling overview by passing over the Puertito area that is famed for sights of turtles. That’s not all, you will be able to get a firsthand touch of the romantic fishing village of La Caleta and the stretching golf course, Golf Costa Adeje. You will be able to appreciate the magnificent aerial view of the place. From the islands beautiful canyons, an awe view of the volcanic lava of the Gaza Mountains. Expect a more glamorous view of the volcano El Tiede, a UNESCO world heritage site and also the highest peak in Spain, which stand at 3718 meters above sea level, which is surrounded by outstanding Corona Forestal National Park. Experience nature at its peak as you fly along the coat to the most prestigious restaurants in Tenerife. Breathtaking view of the Los Gigantes that are crowned with over 600 meters tall cliffs that are unforgettable. Enjoy the beauty of the wine producing in La Orotava valley, enjoying the natural beauty of Tenerife to crown your tour. This is one of the best activities in Tenerife to do for special occasions.


Loro Parque in Tenerife is world's zoo nr1

Activities in Tenerife - Loro Parque

This is one of the most attractive areas and one of the most popular activities in Tenerife. It is the boast of collections of parrots, and you have a chance to explore the Antarctic at planet penguin. Relax and enjoy the vigour of the strength and agility of the outstanding slayer whales. Do not be in a rush as you will likely miss out on the acrobats of the dolphins and the hilarious antics of the sea lions. There are tropical surrounding that you can take a stroll while taking pictures and viewing the variety of birds and animals collected from all parts of the world. There is also an incredible shark tunnel and Aguivica as one of the most recent incorporated splendour to the island containing jellyfish. The surrounding is filled with rhythmical birds sounds on the Katandra Treetops and be able to grab a chance and feed them from your hands s you take a walk the nature park. It is an incredible place full of wonderful activities to do in Tenerife that will attract you once you land in this part of the world. You can get to this amazing place with Loro Parque Express bus tour from the South of Tenerife.


Paragliding is one of the special activities in Tenerife

Activities in Tenerife - paragliding

This is a sports activity to do in Tenerife where a wide bode depicting a  parachute is attached to one’s body by harnessing in order to enable one glide through the air either by jumping off or being airlifted to a certain height. The experience of paragliding in Tenerife is overboard as you can glide through experiencing the quiet nature of the surrounding while enjoying the breathtaking views from the above. It is an exhilarating experience where one will have an angle to take an elegant view of the island features which include the high mountains and the Atlantic. As you meander down towards specified landing sites you can view the various feature in the island. The pilots are qualified with experience and certified by the World Air Sports. Thus confidence should not fail you as venture into this breathtaking activity on the island that will leave you with utmost exposure and thrill.


Hike on the Teide peak

Activities in Tenerife - Teide peak hiking

Mount Teide is the highest in Spain. It rises over 3718 meters above sea level. Therefore being the highest peak in Spain, dare to touch the sky by taking this adventurous trek to its peak. There are several activities in Tenerife to do here on the Mountain. On a clear day, you will be able to hike to this peak and catch a glimpse of the seven islands of the Canary Islands on this dormant volcano. The epic adventure of Teide Peak hiking tour begins from the cable station that lifts you up to 3500 meters above sea level and then embarking on a hike towards the peak. Hike towards the Teleferico that leads you to a crater that still has the smell of the harmless scent of sulphur dispensed during eruption a long time ago.


Stargaze at Teide National Park

Activities in Tenerife - stargazing

The experience of viewing the sky face to face is one of unforgettable activities in Tenerife. Take an opportunity while on tour to the island to enjoy this wonderful exposure by night at the national park. The attitude, climate and its proximity to the equator give it upper hand touch of the sky and its wonderful galaxy of stars that will leave you awestruck. You can also get Teide Sunset & Stars private tour with the guide who will be at your services to answer any questions that you may put across. Declared as a world heritage site by UNESCO, and also named as Starlight tourist destination, this is one of the best places to view the stars and also is home to most advanced astronomical observatories.


The descent of the Masca Gorge and take a boat trip

Activities in Tenerife - Masca hiking

Being a hiking fanatic then you will find this place amazingly great experience among activities in Tenerife. It is one of the most spectacular routes down the cliff to the Masca village. Getting down from the starting point above the Masca along the gorge, you will be able to enjoy a variety of endemic plants and traditional Canary Islands architecture. There are huge walls which are said to be areas where used by pirates as their hideouts. The three hour downhill descent is crowned by both fascinating landscapes formed by both elements of antagonism and splendour. Completing the descent you will be met by the crushing sounds of the waves in the ocean at the end of the trail. Refresh yourself down here by taking a swim to complete your adventurous experience in the gorge. The spectacle and unique features are one you do not want to miss.


This is not a complete list of activities in Tenerife and you can check out for much more things to do in a special blog dedicated to things to do in Tenerife.