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Changunarayan Temple

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Ancient Hindu Temple ChanguNaryan is situated at the hilltop that is also described as Dolagiri in Bhaktapur District, Nepal. Mahara ravine flows under the hill. Temple is encircled by the forest of Champak tree and the small village known as Changu. It is said that this shrine is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and is the oldest Hindu sacred site in Nepal. A Kashmiri king married her daughter with the prince of Bhaktapur after which the temple is named on her name.

The story about the construction of Changunarayan Temple is very interesting. A cow herder used to graze her cow near the place where the temple is located today. At that time, there was a Champak tree forest at this place. Cow while grazing went to a specific tree almost every day. When the herder milked her cow in the evening, the milk was less in quantity. He got worried and discussed his issue with the Brahmin. Brahmin and cow herder both decided to observe the cow while grazing on the very next day. When the cow went near that tree, a boy came out and started drinking the milk. At this, both got enraged and started cutting the tree but the human blood came out of the tree. Then appeared the lord Vishnu which told them the story that how they can purify their committed sin. After listening to the words of Vishnu, both decided to build a temple at that place in the name of Vishnu. Since that time, the site is revered.

The architecture of the Changunarayan Temple is engrossed with amazing engineering work. Temple seems to be neither in Pagoda nor Shikhara style. It can be described as a traditional Nepali style temple. There are many sculptures and arts related to Vishnu around the temple. Following monuments can be seen while entering the temple from the right side: Historical pillar, Garuda, Chanda Naryan, Statue of Bhupalendra Malla, Sridhar Vishnu, Vishworup, Narasimha and the Kileshwar. The Newar community lives around the Changu Naryan area. As tourism has been grown in this area, you can find many restaurants, hotels and souvenir shops.


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