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Hidden gems of Anaga Peninsula

Hidden gems of Anaga Peninsula

Hidden gems of Anaga Peninsula

Anaga is the peninsula that form the North-East part of Tenerife and it's the wildest part of the island. In the eastern edge of the island of Tenerife stands the all-natural spectacle of the Anaga peninsula. There was an intense activity of the volcanoes created thousands of years ago, a sharp geology that ended up falling down on high  Continue reading >

The Teno Mountains is just one of three first volcanic formations that created the Tenerife Island.

Tenerife South is the most popular part of the island among the tourists and I'd say 90% island

So it is time to book your next vacation and it might seem like a good idea to book a package

Killer Earthquakes, life-threatening Tsunamis and Huge Death Toll expected When the Tenerife

On Shishkina Street there is a bewitchingly beautiful wooden house called "House of

In this story, I'd like to tell you about another place of interest in Tomsk. It is Lagernyy

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Everest Trek in Nepal

Everest Trek in Nepal

EBC Gokyo Cho-La Pass Trek is another wonderful trekking experience in the Everest region where you can not only get the glimpses of Everest and other towering mountain peaks but also get the chance to witness some of the major and popular passes in the Everest Region. During the course of EBC Gokyo Cho-La Pass Trek, you will come across passes  Continue reading >

Vietnam, along with the rest of South East Asia, has long been a feature on many backpacker’s

If you have decided to book a trip to Nepal, you have made a great choice. It is a country rich in

Travel to India has long been a favorite for all kinds of travelers, from young budget backpackers

If you love adventure, then you must be well known for Nepal, which is home to the 8 tallest

Bandhavgarh Tiger reserve is one of the most famous national park amongst tourist from India and

Trek to the base camp of the world’s highest Mount Everest, is definitely a trip of a

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Isla Coiba - Devil's Island by Panama

Isla Coiba - Devil's Island by Panama

Isla Coiba - Devil's Island by Panama

Reference Isla Coiba to the average Panamanian and cherished marine park and plentiful environment are probably not the image that pops into their mind. For modern-day citizens of Panama, stories, and memories of jail time, torture and death are more like to occur. Coiba Island was Panama's variation of Devil's Island. From 1919 to 2004,  Continue reading >

Saying that you are going to visit Hell may seem like a strange thing, but it is absolutely

Costa Rica has fast become a top travel destination in recent years and it is not hard to see why.

While it may not get as much attention as the really popular cities such as New York and Chicago,

Everyone who wants to travel to India needs to apply for a visa, and there are two ways to do that.


Deadly Snake Island

Deadly Snake Island

Deadly Snake Island

No humans allowed to the deadly Snake Island No humans are allowed on Snake Island and with good reason. There's about one lethal snake per square foot on it. About 25 miles off the coast of Brazil, there is an island where no regional would ever dare tread. Legend has it that the last angler who wandered off too near its coasts was discovered  Continue reading >

The Galapagos Islands have long been considered to be the epitome of nature travel. With their

For many years, the South American nation of Colombia has had a reputation for not being the safest

Ecuador has seen a big boom in tourist numbers in recent years. In 2017, the country welcomed over


Tanzania Safari Tours Are Easy to Book Now!

Tanzania Safari Tours Are Easy to Book Now!

Tanzania Safari Tours Are Easy to Book Now!

An African safari is usually high on the travel bucket list of most travellers across the globe and Tanzania definitely tops the list of countries where travellers should consider when booking that dream trip. With such a diverse range of wildlife to spot, amazing landscapes to discover and a fantastic array of trip options to choose from, it is Continue reading >

An African safari is one of the biggest dreams for the majority of travelers. They are the ultimate

When it comes to a destination that oozes history, you cannot get much better than Egypt. As one of

Many parents, especially those who are always keen to travel and explore, tend to instill a sense

Lake Nakuru day tour gives the travelers an opportunity to enjoy the Kenya's beautiful and

What you can visit In Marrakech? What should you do in Marrakech? Find out in this article what

Several tourists go to Marrakech in order to experience the Sahara big Dunes, which is the main

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