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Killer Tsunamis expected, if Tenerife Volcano Teide erupts!

Killer Tsunamis expected, if Tenerife Volcano Teide erupts!

Killer Earthquakes, life-threatening Tsunamis and Huge Death Toll expected When the Tenerife Volcano Teide erupts! In 2017 it was estimated that the Tenerife island suffered as many as 40 earthquakes in a single 48 hour period. This increase in seismic activity drew the attention of the whole world - and that attention has not wavered since. Continue reading >

Travel independently - ditch the mass tour operators!

So it is time to book your next vacation and it might seem like a good idea to book a package holiday through one of the big tour operators. After all, you can get your flight, hotel, food and drink, and all your excursions sorted in one swift move, meaning you do not need to do any of the hard  Continue reading >


Secrets to Know Before You Travel to India!

Secrets to Know Before You Travel to India!

Travel to India has long been a favorite for all kinds of travelers, from young budget backpackers and yoga enthusiasts who are seeking to find themselves to history buffs, foodies and even those looking for opulence at one of the country’s many luxury resorts. India is a delightful country to visit for many reasons. It is a place of Continue reading >

Nepal tour packages at TripsPoint beats the major mass tour operators

If you have decided to book a trip to Nepal, you have made a great choice. It is a country rich in history and culture, has a whole host of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and is a great place to go wildlife spotting. On top of this, it is home to the highest mountain in the world - Mount Everest -  Continue reading >

Vietnam Tours become extremely popular among American Travellers

Vietnam, along with the rest of South East Asia, has long been a feature on many backpacker’s lists of places to see before they die. For those wanting to find themselves and experience life in a completely different culture, Vietnam seems to do just that. However, in recent years the tourism  Continue reading >


Nashville Tours Helps to Understand African American Culture

Nashville Tours Helps to Understand African American Culture

While it may not get as much attention as the really popular cities such as New York and Chicago, Nashville is emerging as one of the hottest places to visit in the USA. There are plenty of reasons for this. Possibly the biggest reason that Nashville is well-known is for its fantastic live music scene. Whether travelers are looking for big-scale Continue reading >

Why Local Costa Rica Tours Are Better Than Mass Operator Tours

Costa Rica has fast become a top travel destination in recent years and it is not hard to see why. It is a country of outstanding natural beauty, has some of the best adventure sports opportunities in the world, and has a reputation for being one of the most eco-friendly destinations on the planet.  Continue reading >

Can You Be Happy in Hell? Yes, If It Is Hell Grand Cayman!

Saying that you are going to visit Hell may seem like a strange thing, but it is absolutely possible if you head off on a trip to the Cayman Islands. If visiting Hell seems like quite a terrifying thing to do, do not be scared! Hell Grand Cayman is one of the island’s most visited tourist  Continue reading >


How Local Ecuador Tours Can Make You More Relaxed

How Local Ecuador Tours Can Make You More Relaxed

Ecuador has seen a big boom in tourist numbers in recent years. In 2017, the country welcomed over 1.5 million travelers; in 2018, this figure jumped to more than two million. There is a good reason behind this jump in visitor numbers; Ecuador is a fascinating country to explore with plenty to discover, lots of things to see and friendly people to Continue reading >

Is It Safe to Travel to Colombia? Surely Yes - Here Are The Facts!

For many years, the South American nation of Colombia has had a reputation for not being the safest place to go on vacation. Even now, when people hear the word Colombia they associate it with drug cartels, guerilla warfare, kidnappings, and murder. Once this may have been true, but it certainly is  Continue reading >

Galapagos Tours are in high demand in the United States

The Galapagos Islands have long been considered to be the epitome of nature travel. With their abundance of wildlife and flora, a lot of which is indigenous to the islands themselves, it is easy to see why the Galapagos Islands are a dream destination for those who adore animals and take a keen  Continue reading >


Why You Should Book Local Egypt Tours Instead of Mass Tours

Why You Should Book Local Egypt Tours Instead of Mass Tours

When it comes to a destination that oozes history, you cannot get much better than Egypt. As one of the oldest civilizations in the world, Egypt has heaps of amazing historical sights to see, wonderful bazaars to get lost in, and cities and towns steeped in culture. On top of this, it is possible to combine all of this with a beach break, owing to Continue reading >

Is an African Safari Safe? Facts You Must Know!

An African safari is one of the biggest dreams for the majority of travelers. They are the ultimate in wildlife spotting, giving visitors the chance to see some of the most magnificent creatures in the world in their natural habitat, as well as getting a glimpse into the culture of these wonderful  Continue reading >

Tanzania Safari Tours Are Easy to Book Now!

An African safari is usually high on the travel bucket list of most travellers across the globe and Tanzania definitely tops the list of countries where travellers should consider when booking that dream trip. With such a diverse range of wildlife to spot, amazing landscapes to discover and a  Continue reading >

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