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Every Day Tour, Mutli-Day Trip, Activity or another Thing to do you are booking at TripsPoint must be enjoyable, stressless and go smoothly. Simply because we care of your best experience.

That's why we’ve put our money instead of promises. Every your booking at TripsPoint is covered with our Payment Protection on your booked tours, if a tour was cancelled by the tour provider because the weather or any other reason, or if you've been denied to commence or join a tour.

What's our Payment Protection?

TripsPoint Payment Protection gives our Travelers extra peace of mind when booking tours, activities and things to do through our website. It means that we will offer a full refund for your paid booking deposit if:

- The tour or activity provider has cancelled your booking due to the bad weather conditions or for any other reason.

- You've been denied by the tour provider to commence or join the tour, because the specific requirements that haven't been clearly stated.

- The tour or activity is misrepresented (significantly different from what was advertised).

Each your tour or activity booking is covered up to $10 000, €9 000 or £8 000 (depend on the currency in which you made the booking).

What does 'cancelled by tour provider' mean?

TripsPoint Payment Protection covers literally any possible cases of cancellations made by the tour or activity providers. Tour Providers are always happy to serve you, but sometimes circumstances like inappropriate weather conditions or technical problems could push a tour or activity provider to cancel previously confirmed tour or activity.

No matter what the reason is, you are always covered with the Payment Protection and will get your money back.

What does 'denied due to specific requirements' mean?

Sometimes to attend a tour or activity you must be okay with a specific requirements stated by the tour provider. It could be a minimal age, certain level of fitness for a hiking tour, etc and sometimes these requirements are not clearly listed in the 'Important information' section on a tour page.

If you've been denied to commence or join a tour or activity and it caused because these specific requirements are not clearly stated by the tour provider, remember, you are covered with out Payment Protection and will get full refund of the paid booking deposit.

What does 'misrepresentation' mean?

We consider a tour or activity to be misrepresented if there are significant difference from what is advertisedon the tour page.

Please, remember, the Payment Protection guarantee does not apply if you make a claim based on one of the following:

- tour duration and timing

- food or drinks taste

- minor differences or changes in the tour itinerary

- the availability of local attractions

- language knowledge level

- means of transport

- delays at the pick-up and drop-off points

For details of what is and isn’t covered by our Payment Protection guarantee, please, read our full terms and conditions. It also explains what is required when making a claim.

Important to Remember

To be covered by our Payment Protection guarantee, you must pay your booking deposit online at TripsPoint.com (by credit/debit card or PayPal). Payment Protection applies to the booking deposit and doesn't apply to the remaining balance you pay directly to the tour provider (the part you pay at the beginning of the tour). Claims must be submitted by the person who made the booking with provided booking nr. Claim must be submitted on the day of beginning of the tour, not before or after. You are only eligible for cover if you book a tour or activity with the Payment Protection guarantee logo:

How do I make a claim?

To claim the Payment Protection case, please Send your Claim on the day of beginning of the tour or activity specified in your tour Voucher, explain whole the situation and obligatory provide your Voucher Nr.