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Wawel Castle: A Complete Guide

Wawel Castle is a glorious place situated on top of a hill in the Old Town. Being one of the best places to visit in Krakow, this wonderful castle is a symbol of national pride, self-rule, hope, and fierce patriotism for Poland. It is a unique Polish version of the Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace of the British – rolled into one! Continue reading >

If you go on holiday to Costa Adeje, looking for Costa Adeje hotels or Costa Adeje weather, here you'll find everything you need to know, to see, what to expect and if that is actually the right holiday destination for you or not. Here we're going to have a look at some tips that can save  Continue reading >

A balmy paradise all year-round, there is much to attract travellers to Portugal. Here you can discover historic cities, stunning natural landscapes, amazing cuisine, and some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. Despite its relatively small size, especially in comparison with other  Continue reading >

Croatia has come a long way in 30 years. From once being part of the Yugoslav Republic and the subsequent war to becoming one of the most popular summer vacation destinations in Europe, the country now attracts millions of tourists every year who come here for the fabulous weather, beautiful  Continue reading >

Switzerland is a country with many claims to fame: watches, chocolate, breathtaking scenery, amazing opportunities for adventure sports… this list goes on. While many people are put off visiting Switzerland due to the large expense – Switzerland is known for being one of the most  Continue reading >

Amsterdam has long been a favourite of travellers all over the globe. A city of great historical and cultural importance, Amsterdam has lots to offer tourists, from fascinating museums and fun attractions to a variety of shopping and active opportunities. The city also has a reputation for being a  Continue reading >

Norway may not feature on too many traveller’s places to see before they die – mostly put off by the expense of the country – but those who do make it there will tell you it is one of the most magnificent countries on the planet. With its epic natural beauty, magnificent wildlife,  Continue reading >

For those seeking the perfect sun, sea and sand getaway, Fuerteventura is the ideal choice. As one of the Canary Islands, it is guaranteed that you will have amazing weather all-year-round, so even if you take your Fuerteventura vacation during winter, you will still be able to walk around in just  Continue reading >

Croatia has spent the best part of two decades reinventing itself as the perfect European destination, and in recent years this image has been helped along by the country’s appearance in hit TV series Game of Thrones. But even if you are not a fan of the fantasy show, there are still plenty  Continue reading >

Home of port wine, Porto has become an incredibly popular destination among travelers in recent years. With its beautiful UNESCO historical center, masses of green space, and amazing cuisine, there is a lot here to tempt travelers and, as Portugal is one of Europe’s cheaper destinations, you  Continue reading >

If you are looking for a city break involving fantastic Mediterranean weather, an abundance of historical sites, mouthwatering cuisine, and a lively nightlife, you do not need to look any further than the capital of Greece, Athens. Considered to be one of the greatest ancient civilizations that  Continue reading >

It is not hard to see why Lisbon has become such a hot destination in recent years. For starters, it is known for being one of the most wallet-friendly of the European capitals, meaning you can holiday here for longer without worrying about breaking the bank. On top of this, there is so much to see  Continue reading >

While Berlin gets the vast majority of Germany’s visitors and is considered to be the cultural heart of the country, there is one city that is definitely the capital of beer – the Bavarian capital of Munich. Famous for the iconic Oktoberfest, beer might be the thing that attracts most  Continue reading >

For all the history buffs and culture vultures out there, there can be no greater travel destination than Rome. The Italian capital was the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations on Earth and is filled with splendid architecture, interesting museums, and well-preserved historical sites. On  Continue reading >

Known the world over as one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris certainly has retained its romantic atmosphere over the years. With its stunning architecture, some of the most iconic sights in the world, elegant boulevards, and quaint cafe culture, you really do have to visit Paris at  Continue reading >

Known worldwide as the home of Gaudi, Barcelona has long been a firm fixture on travelers’ bucket list of city breaks. But while Gaudi’s unique architecture is reason enough to visit, there is much more to this popular Spanish city than this. Barcelona easily combines the vibrant city  Continue reading >

Prague is one of those cities that everyone raves about for being stunningly beautiful, but is it really all it is cracked up to be? You will be pleased to know that actually, yes it is, and not just because it is pleasing to the eye. There are plenty of things to do in Prague which will satisfy  Continue reading >

Located in the south of Tenerife, Costa Adeje is widely considered to be the jewel of the island. With its year-round sunshine, beautiful stretches of sandy beaches, an amazing selection of restaurants and nightlife options, and an abundance of opportunities for water sports, it is no wonder that  Continue reading >

Tenerife has long been a fixture on the many people’s list of ideal vacation destinations. Known for its excellent year-round climate, beautiful beaches, and affordable accommodation and amenities, tourists come here by the millions year after year. But if you think there is nothing more to  Continue reading >

As one of the biggest attractions in the Canary Islands, Loro Parque Tenerife should be top of everyone’s list of things to do when on a holiday in Tenerife. Translating into English as ‘parrot park’, it was initially established with the idea of the park being a paradise for  Continue reading >

The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Sri Lanka

A country which has something for everyone, Sri Lanka might not get the same attention as its much bigger neighbour, India, but for a relatively small island, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean certainly packs a lot into a small space. From its glorious climate and beautiful scenery to amazing wildlife and lots of activities to enjoy, it is hard to Continue reading >

One of South-East Asia’s most popular destinations, Vietnam has been a haven for backpackers and luxury travellers alike for many years, for very good reason. Vietnam is one of those countries that seemingly has it all: picturesque nature, a rich history with plenty of historical sites to  Continue reading >

There are many good reasons why Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in the whole of South-East Asia, if not the entire continent. A buzzing mix of the traditional and modern, Bangkok has long been attracting travelers of all ages with its abundance of temples and historical sights, fantastic  Continue reading >

Straddling the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has long been a city of great fascination to many a traveler. It is a city which has seen many civilizations make their home there throughout the centuries, and because of this has become a veritable treasure trove of exquisite historical  Continue reading >

A small Himalayan kingdom Bhutan ducked between two big neighboring countries still lives its best of untouched pristine nature, alluring century-old dzongs and many more you can find as you travel. Here are the list to remember: Top-10 things to See in Bhutan when you are at Paro & Thimphu  Continue reading >

If you are currently planning a trip to Hanoi, you have made an excellent choice. A vibrant and exciting city, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and an extremely cool mix of traditional Vietnamese culture and architecture and a French flair which still remains from Vietnam’s time as part of  Continue reading >

India is a melange of religions, cultures, traditions and beliefs. The diverse experience that India can offer to global travellers is unparalleled. India can be aptly described as a colourful, fun loving, traditional and a cultured nation offering a sensory overload to anyone who visits us. India  Continue reading >

Often overlooked in favour of its bigger neighbour India, Nepal actually offers just as much as a holiday destination for the intrepid traveller. With so many interesting cities and things to do in Nepal, it is no wonder that tourist numbers have been increasing year on year for the last couple of  Continue reading >

The Best Things to Do in Costa Rica for First-Timers

The things to do in Costa Rica for the first-timers travel guide is for if you are searching for a destination which combines some of the most exquisite natural beauty in the world with lots of adventure thrown in - a trip to Costa Rica is definitely in order. From lush green rainforests and imposing volcanoes to pristine sandy beaches and crystal Continue reading >

If you are looking for a tropical paradise with all-year-round good weather, stunning beaches and delicious rum punch, you cannot go far wrong with the Cayman Islands. Made up of three islands – Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman – the Cayman Islands are the ultimate in  Continue reading >

Are you planning to come to Nashville for business or vacation just to have fun with your loved ones, but you're giving it a second thought because you don't really know how and what Nashville looks like. Trust me Nashville is a fun city to be. Aside from the remarkable things known for,  Continue reading >

Things to do in Ecuador That Will Help You Understand the Country

One of the main reasons why people travel is to try and gain some understanding of the different cultures that make our planet a vibrant and interesting place it is. For many travelers, South America is a continent rich in a colorful, splendid culture which dates back more years than we can imagine. Ecuador is a fine example of this; it is a Continue reading >

Here is the ultimate travel guide to things to do in Cartagena Colombia. The country may have not had the best reputations in previous years, but that is all changing. With the country putting its risky past behind it, combined with the rise in low-cost flights to the area, Colombia is fast  Continue reading >

The beautiful archipelago of Galapagos Islands has been attracting visitors for decades for very good reason. Known worldwide for its magnificent array of wildlife, most people come here to see the many endemic species which only exist in Galapagos Islands. As only about 1% of the islands are  Continue reading >

Motorcycle Trips Around Entebbe

Motor biking around entebbe is something rarely or even known to any motorcycle enthuthiasts,i have done it created my own trail and i think a traveller with any hired bike can attempt it. In Entebbe you can hire a motor bike for a day or several days whether you have a driving licence or not it can still work out fine, not matter the genda, just Continue reading >

Fes Morocco Travel guides all you have to know before visit Fes Morocco, a travel guide for all attractions and spots in the Medina of Fes, while you visit Morocco if you miss Fes your Morocco tour considered incomplete, similarly to not visit Merzouga Sahara desert or Marrakech. Fez was  Continue reading >

One of the most popular destinations in Africa, Morocco has the huge advantage of being an exotic choice for a vacation while still being relatively close to Europe to make it an easy destination to get to; from many parts of Europe, the flight does not take much longer than a few hours, depending  Continue reading >

While most people tend to make Marrakesh the main focus of their Morocco trip, just 250 kilometres away is another destination in the country which is worthy of your attention – Agadir. Due to a devastating earthquake in 1960, Agadir was destroyed and rebuilt, and is subsequently one of the  Continue reading >

Considered to be one of the most adventurous cities in the world, Cape Town is the place to go if you are looking for thrilling activities. But while Cape Town certainly has a huge reputation for being an adventure playground, this is not the only reason for taking a vacation here. Cape Town is  Continue reading >

There are not many cities which have the exotic splendor of Marrakech. It is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure, fun, and relaxation, with some fantastic retail therapy thrown in. While most people only stay in the city for a few days, the amount of things to do in Marrakech means  Continue reading >

Home to three of Africa’s seven wonders of the world and the largest concentration and widest diversity of wildlife in Africa, Tanzania makes a fantastic holiday destination for those wanting to experience the best of what Africa has to offer. In just one country you have majestic wildlife,  Continue reading >

Are you planning to set sail for Kenya? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place. Well, it’s not easy getting the right information about a country you’ve never been to. That said, planning for your travel to a foreign country can be a little hectic especially if you  Continue reading >

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