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Motorcycle Trips Around Entebbe

Motorcycle Trips Around Entebbe

Motor biking around entebbe is something rarely or even known to any motorcycle enthuthiasts,i have done it created my own trail and i think a traveller with any hired bike can attempt it.

In Entebbe you can hire a motor bike for a day or several days whether you have a driving licence or not it can still work out fine, not matter the genda, just make a google search for a bike rental then you will definately get a list of providers.

Start your journey at around 9:00 am in Entebbe town, drive to Port Alice, landing site you will view planty of activities on this day depending some days are busier here like tuesday and saturday are market days for farmers, lots of fresh foods,vegs and more.

Head to The Entebbe Botanical gardens, here in this forest you get to see so many monkeys, thick forest, very tall tree trunks and more. Every tropical tree is in this garden.

Head further to the Reptile village another 5 km away from here on a purely muram road. Expect lots of bumps while there you will see so many reptiles, chameleons, crocs snakes, tortois and more crawling animals. Head further to garuga beach resort another 12km from here. The road too not very good but will be done in a few years as serious constructions are under way.

Continue further to Nabinyonya to view the beach and good views in this forested land access to this place is all thick covered by forest canopy.

End of the Nice one day tour on a motorcyle.

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