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Various fun things to do in Nashville

United States , Nashville
Jun 27, 2019

Are you planning to come to Nashville for business or vacation just to have fun with your loved ones, but you're giving it a second thought because you don't really know how and what Nashville looks like. Trust me Nashville is a fun city to be. Aside from the remarkable things known for, there are also some hidden gems that you will surely want to visit in Nashville.

Things to do in Nashville

Nashville is a kind of beautiful place: it's a big city with a small-town atmosphere; it has equal parts of southern hospitality and social liberalism. While Honky Tonk Row attracts you with "24-hour live music and unlimited whiskey, do not forget to venture off Broadway." Visit the sites, explore the thriving arts community, shop at the eclectic indie boutiques and discover the culinary culture to anchor your trip in the real heart and soul of Music City. Here are some of the few things you can enjoy in Nashville.

Things to do in Nashville

First, enjoy the Pie in the Sky pizza on the Vanderbilt campus or in Franklin (just outside of Nashville). There is a window around the kitchen in this restaurant where children can see how pizza is made. Also, your waiter will bring a dough ball to your children to play until the pizza arrives. For a pizzeria, this is Nashville's funniest children's restaurant (unless it includes Chuck E Cheese's).

Things to do in Nashville and Nashville city tours

If you wish to explore the Nashville history, you may consider taking a really beautiful African American Culture Tour of Nashville or the Civil Rights Tour of Nashville - with these two city tours you deeply dive into the history of Nashville and will discover hidden gems you'd never find by yourself.

The Opry Mills mall may sound like a chore, but if you enter near the Gibson Guitar store, you will be close to the spot of the lightning blanket. Connected to the Aquarium restaurant, the manta ray place has an enormous indoor pool with real rays of blanket swimming around. For approximately $3, children can feed the manta rays, pet them, and play some fun games. And speaking of Chuck E Cheese's, in the hallway is Dave & Buster, which used to be for adults, but now it's for everyone. It has video games, full bowling, pizza and lots of fun.

Also, if you head east on I-40 and get off at Stewart's Ferry Pike, you'll reach the beach at Percy Priest Lake. It's not the kind of beach with sand, surf and water toys, but kids love it. It is to the back of the dam, where huge rocks are piled next to the dam, which children love to climb. Also, the beach is more like gravel, so there are tons of rocks to throw in the water. The area has many picnic tables and parking for a fun outdoor stop while you are in Nashville.

Things to do in Nashville

The best brunch I've had is at Loveless Motel and Café. It is about 25 minutes by car outside the city and is in the middle of an incredibly rural area. Martha Stewart called it the "best breakfast in America". I would have to agree. The butter cookies alone are worth the trip. They have a smoker and smoke all their meats daily.

Another fine breakfast establishment is the Pancake Pantry in the town of Hillsboro. This place, called the pancake house has about 20 different kinds of pancakes, and they are all delicious. The location is famous for its long lines, so be prepared to wait for about half an hour if you go. Trust me; it's worth it.

A trip to Nashville would be incomplete without visiting downtown Nashville. Bright lights and loud music are a big part of the reason why the city is known as "NashVegas". When you're downtown, be sure to visit Lonnie's Western Room, an excellent place for karaoke. The Stage is a great Nashville bar that always plays live music.

Things to do in Nashville

Another point of reference in Nashville is the Grand Ole Opry. If you drive to Opryland, be sure to visit the large hotel. It's pretty fun. Be sure to check the calendar for forthcoming events at the Opry and check ticket prices before visiting.

However, if you are in Nashville on a beautiful spring, fall or summer day, be sure to visit the beautiful campus of Vanderbilt University. It is a beautiful campus, and it is also a national arboretum.

It's not tough to find fun things to do in Nashville during the winter months. Some people love the cold weather and the sports that go with it. Others just want something to do that is fun to do indoors where it is nice and warm. Either way, you will find something to put on your Nashville things to do list during winter.

Things to do in Nashville

Ice hockey is in full season during the winter and Nashville is lucky to have the Nashville Predators, a professional hockey team where you can see all the NHL hockey fights you want. If you've never been to a Nashville Predators game, you do not know what you're missing. It's a lot of fun.

The Centennial Sportsplex offers ice skating during December and January for ages 13 and above. If you can skate, it is entertaining. Ice hockey leagues also play in the Sportsplex during the winter.

A visit to the Science Center of Adventure will keep your children happy. They will have fun, and they will not even realize they are learning new things. It's beautiful and warm inside.

Monkey Joe's is another place that kids love to visit. This place is like a giant indoor inflatable playground. They can climb, jump, slide, and more. Monkey Joe's has a place for adults to relax. They have comfortable seats, televisions and Internet stations that you can enjoy while your children play. However, it is a good idea to watch younger children.

You can expect even more remarkable experience once the Tennessee State Museum delves into new excavations on Rosa Parks Blvd, but even in its current underground lair in the basement of the Tennessee Performing Arts Center, the museum offers some fascinating artifacts. From an Egyptian mummy to Napoleon's death mask to the dry thumb of a famous horse thief, you never know what you'll find there.

The center of Nashville is where you will find the most famous places and attractions, such as Upper and Lower Broadway. However, you can see more of Nashville's personality if you venture into other neighborhoods.

Things to do in Nashville

SoBro is right next to the city center and houses impressive murals, markets and happy local hours. You can enter Hatch Show Print for free, one of the oldest typography stores in the country that still operates. They have posters of famous events and artists on the walls. If you want to plunge yourself in a more historic neighborhood, head north towards Germantown. Germantown has old industrial buildings, houses from the 1800s and the unmistakable conversion of the old fire station into a Neighborhood Resource Center.

Nashville is known as the City of Music. It is an important place for the production and recording of music. Many recorders have their offices in this city. Musicians and composers travel to this city to pursue their dreams of becoming a music star. Many live music events and concerts are held especially from April to September.

The Music City Independence Day Spectacular Concert is Nashville's biggest event. It takes place every 4th of July, in the center of Riverfront Park. People can enjoy many concerts of live events performed by well-known artists and musicians while watching fireworks.

Things to do in Nashville

However, Nashville is also home to many restaurants. These restaurants offer a wide variety of gourmet food to choose from. Like music, Nashville caters to all different types of people. While you enjoy your meal, you can also relax with the music that the musicians are playing.

After enjoying your meal, it's time to experience Nashville's nightlife. The nightclubs and bars are open even late at night for those who want to party all night. There are also family-oriented shows in the Music Valley area.

When you are about to go home, it would be a great idea to buy a souvenir from the city of music. There is no other great memory to take home than recording your song. You can cut a demo of the song you've written. If you wish, you can choose a song from the menu of songs that are offered.

Nashville has other attractions that it is proud of. You can visit the venue such as the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Ryman Auditorium and the Grand Ole Opry. The city's museum has works of art that allow visitors to experience and understand the history of the area.

Things to do in Nashville

The Nashville Botanical Gardens offer a variety of plant life that you may never have known. The City of Parks is a beautiful place for nature. And the Centennial Park shows the full-size replica of the Greek Parthenon. This park also houses the city's art museum.

The Adventure Science Center is very interesting for children. It offers a large number of practical and fun exhibitions for children. The Nashville Zoo in Grassmere is another place where kids will have fun. The zoo has a giant playground called Jungle Gym.

In any place, people will look for places to shop, and Nashville has it all. If you are attracted to a traditional Nashville outfit, the Music Valley Village is a place for so many souvenir shops selling traditional Nashville outfits like boots and hats. For those who like antique items, they can go to the 8th Avenue Antique District or Hillsboro Village. Meanwhile, Goodlettsville's antique community presents eight full shopping centers and stores that offer affordable historical items.

Things to do in Nashville

For those who follow trends, try visiting 12th Avenue, South District, and Five Points. They sell unique and fashionable items. On the other hand, stores that offer an old Italian feel can be found at Nashville Arcade, located in the heart of the business district. With a lot of shopping centers in the city, Nashville is still a perfect place for shopping enthusiasts.

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