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Things to Do Near Me - How to Find it Easily

by admin
Dec 11, 2019

We have all been there – sometimes we decide to spend an extended amount of time in a destination, we get to a stage where we have visited all the major sights and we start to feel at a bit of a loose end as to what else we can do. But what if I told you that it is really simple to find things to do no matter where you are in the world. TripsPoint can help you do just that. So if you are on vacation and wondering, ‘Are there any things to do near me?’, then read on.


How do I find things to do near me?

A great way of finding things to do in your current destination is to use TripsPoint. TripsPoint is a website which promotes a vast array of tours from a variety of tour operators around the globe, meaning that you can easily find something for you to do wherever you are. All you need to do is go to the website, type in your destination in the search bar and explore the variety of options that are listed. When you have found an activity that interests you, you choose a date and time suitable for you, pay a small deposit, and you are all set! The remainder of the price of your chosen activity is paid directly to the tour operator on the day of your activity.

Things to do near me - Search


What kind of things to do near me does TripsPoint allow me to book?

TripsPoint have all kinds of activities and tours available to suit all tastes and budgets. It does not matter what your interests are, how much money you have to spend, or whether you want to try something new or participate in a long-held hobby or activity of yours, you can be sure that when you are thinking ‘what kinds of things to do near me are available?’, you will find something for you on TripsPoint.

Things to do near me - categories


Private Tours

Private tours are perfect for those who want to have a little bit more personalisation of their trip. You get all the advantages of a guided tour, including a knowledgable guide, private transportation, and your entrance fees to attractions, but rather than sharing your tour with other tourists, your tour is just for you and the people you are travelling with. This means you can pretty much do the tour at your pace, and in some cases, there may even be a chance to tailor the tour specifically to your needs and desires.

Things to do near me - Private Tours


Shore Excursions

If you are taking a cruise and are a little bit bored of spending all day on deck, a TripsPoint shore excursion is just the thing for you. On these tours, you will be picked up from where your cruise docks and then taken to explore the sights of your new destination. For example, on the Casablanca Private Sightseeing Tour, your guide will meet you next to your cruise ship at Casablanca Port before whisking you off to enjoy the delights of the Habous district, the lively Central Market, the Royal Palace, and the residential area of Anfa. At the end of your tour, you will be dropped back at the port so you can embark on your cruise once more.

Things to do near me - Shore excursions

Bus Sightseeing Tours

Bus sightseeing tours are a fantastic way of seeing a city, especially if you are short on time. This form of transportation takes you around all of the main sights of your chosen destination in comfort, often with a guide who is extremely knowledgeable and can give you interesting facts about the places you are visiting. Another advantage of bus sightseeing tours is that they can take you to places which can be difficult to reach via public transport. For example, the Villages and Crafts Day Tour with Hanoi Tour Guide allows you to visit the small villages on the outskirts of Hanoi to see the local craftsman at work, something which visitors may have problems doing if they were travelling independently.

Things to do near me - bus sightseeing tours


Boat Trips and Charters

If you prefer to be on the water rather than land, taking one of the many boat trips and charters available through TripsPoint is a fantastic option. These kinds of tour packages are incredibly popular on TripsPoint and you will be delighted with what is on offer. You can take your pick from whale and dolphin watching boat trips, luxury yacht and catamaran charters, Galapagos cruises, and submarine trips, among many, many others. For those looking for a completely unique boat trip, you could opt for something like the Shogun Oriental Sailing Boat Charter or the Whale Watching Trip by Pirate Ship, both in Tenerife.

Things to do near me - boat trips and charters


Water Activities and Sports

Whether you are into water activities and sports like kayaking, surfing, snorkelling, diving, parasailing, jet-skiing, or any other water sport, you can be sure to find a tour package perfect for you on TripsPoint. And you do not need to worry about not having any experience in a particular activity either. TripsPoint have lots of tour packages suitable for beginners, such as the Diving Tour for Beginners in Tenerife, so you can even try something new. If you are looking for more sedate water activity, the Chemka Hot Springs tour from Moshi, Tanzania, is an amazing way to relax.

Things to do near me - water sports and activities


Fishing Tours and Charters

For those of you who are into fishing tours, it may seem like many major tour operators do not cater for your specific interest. So if you are thinking ‘are there things to do near me which are connected to my favourite hobby of fishing?’, head over to TripsPoint. Here you will find a number of tour packages revolving around this particular activity. And they are not just limited to day tours. The seven-day Bhutan fly fishing tour gives you the chance to experience one of the lesser-explored fishing spots in the world.

Things to do near me - Fishing tours


Trekking, Hiking and Riding Tours

Trekking, hiking and riding are all extremely popular activities for travellers in pretty much every destination around the globe, so it makes perfect sense that TripsPoint offer a plethora of choice in this category. Whether you are hoping to do one of the world’s most famous treks, such as Machu Picchu, Mount Everest or Annapurna, or if you would prefer to do a less well-known trek or ride, these are all available through TripsPoint. It is even possible to take tours which combine these activities with others, such as the Tapas and Light Trekking Tour in Tenerife.

Things to do near me -  Hiking and trekking tours

City Tours

While you may think you have done everything in your current destination, a city tour is a fantastic way of experiencing a place through the eyes of a local. In many destinations, you can choose between either a private city tour and a small-group one, depending on your personal preference. For example, the Best Taste of Zurich City Tour which is available through TripsPoint takes you on a walking tour of all the highlights in the city and has a maximum number of 10 people, meaning you get to meet new people in your destination but not so many that the guide cannot give everyone their full attention.

Because you will be joined by other people, there is generally a fixed itinerary for this kind of tour, although your guide will often have plenty of suggestions for other things you can do when your tour is finished. If you decide to go on a private tour, such as the Kathmandu City Tour, you may have the option of personalising your tour so you visit places which are of particular interest to you.

Things to do near me - city tours


Air Trips and Sports

If you have some spare time on your vacation and fancy pushing the boat out, you can opt to take one of the air trips TripsPoint advertise. Perhaps you have travelled to Nepal and want to take a helicopter ride to Everest Base Camp? This is completely possible through TripsPoint. There are also options for paragliding in Cape Town, or aeroplane tour over the surrounding areas of Prague, and helicopter rides over Tenerife.

Things to do near me - air trips


Amusement Park Tickets

We all love to have some fun while we are on vacation, so why not do the ultimate in fun and purchase some amusement park tickets? Depending on your chosen destination, you can have a couple of hours to two days of fun with the packages available through TripsPoint. Popular tickets include packages to Loro Parque and Siam Park in Tenerife, but there are some other cool options available, such as the Canary Escape Adventure Game in Costa Adeje and Lanzarote Aquarium.

Things to do near me - amusement park tickets

Shows and Entertainment

Rather than needing an activity to fill your entire day, maybe you are just at a bit of a loose end for a couple of hours in the evening and are looking for something to entertain you? This is where TripsPoint’s shows and entertainment section comes in. You will be surprised by the number of things you can do in the evening in some destinations; it is not just all about drinking beer and going to nightclubs. Have you thought about attending a medieval adventure night show in Tenerife? Or exploring Dar Es Salaam nightlife scene? Or how about enjoying an evening of music in a romantic setting in Lanzarote. With TripsPoint’s shows and entertainment packages, you never need to be bored in the evening again, wherever you are.

Things to do near me -  Shows


Motor Sports and Tours

Sometimes there is nothing better than the thrill of discovering a destination on two or four wheels. Whether you prefer motorbikes, quad bikes, or jeeps, you can find exciting tours on TripsPoint in the motor sports and tours section. If you enjoy go-karting, our website advertises a fantastic deal at the Karting Club in Tenerife. Other cool activities within this category include a tour of Male City in the Maldives by motorbike and a Hanoi Night Tour by Vintage Vespa Motorbike.

Things to do near me - Motor tours and sports

Bike Tours and Rentals

If you prefer to get around on traditional bikes with a bike tour rather than those with engines, TripsPoint also caters for you. There are some wonderful tours you can book through the website in fabulous destinations, such as a half-day countryside bike tour from Nha Trang in Vietnam which takes you to visit a variety of stops, including meeting local craftsmen, and the Haarlem Highlights Bike Tour,  taking you around the most beautiful parts of this stunning city.

Things to do near me - Bike tours


Wine, Food Tours and Tasting

As we all know, partaking of the local cuisine is a huge part of travelling, giving us fantastic insight into an integral part of a country’s culture. Food and drink tours are a fabulous addition to any trip as they are something which many visitors tend not to put on their itineraries. TripsPoint have a wide variety of these kinds of tours on offer in all sorts of destinations. Did you know you can take a craft beer tour in Quito? Or take a private wine tour in Tenerife? Or explore Bangkok’s Chinatown with a food tour and learn about this area’s unique dishes? On these kinds of tours, not only do you get to learn some interesting knowledge about the place you are visiting, but you also get to sample some of the best food and drink the destination has to offer.

Things to do near me - food tours


Multi-Day Tours and Cruises

Sometimes you have a bit more time on your hands and you want to take an excursion for a few days somewhere. TripsPoint’s multi-day tours and cruises allow you to do just that. Again, there is a great mix of well-known and popular trips, such as African wildlife safaris, Egypt tour packages, and famous festivals including Oktoberfest and La Tomatina, and some more unusual trips which may just catch your eye if you want to go somewhere a little bit different. For example, the Haro Wine Festival San Vino Camp and Party Tour give you three days celebrating this little-known festival (outside of Spain, anyway) where you will more than likely end up covered in red wine!

Things to do near me - multi-day tours and safaris

As you can see, TripsPoint has a wide and varied selection of tour packages to choose from, so you can be sure that if you are wondering ‘what things to do near me are there in my current destination?’, you know it will not be long before you find something interesting to do.


But what if I am travelling somewhere off the beaten track?

If your vacation has taken you somewhere which many people choose not to travel to, you will be pleased to know that TripsPoint can still help you. To give some examples, with TripsPoint you can book local tours and activities even in such exotic destinations like Armenia, Bhutan, St. Lucia, Cayman Islands, the Galapagos Islands, plus many more. And as TripsPoint grows, you can be sure that more and more countries will be added all the time along with new tours and activities, so keep an eye out for these by checking the website on a regular basis.


Do TripsPoint only advertise things to do near me in terms of activities?

Absolutely not! If you check out the Recommended to Stay or Recommended to Visit section of the website, you can find recommendations for hotels and restaurants too. So if you are in a destination and are looking for somewhere cool to eat or stay, you can head to this section to see what is on offer.


How else can TripsPoint help me find things to do near me?

As well as the search function, TripsPoint has a whole section featuring travel guides on a variety of destinations around the globe. These blog posts detail many interesting and fun things to do in different cities and countries, and they do not just cover the most popular sights and activities. These guides will also tell you where all the hidden corners of your destination are as well as giving information on where the best places to eat are, where to go shopping, and where to find the best nightlife.

In addition to the travel guides, you can also read a whole host of travel news articles and stories in another section of TripsPoint. These articles can give you an informative, personal perspective on many destinations and supply you with original ideas on things to do near you.


How do I know that the things to do near me are worth the money? make a point of not listing any activity which is not worthwhile; all the tours and activities available for booking through the website are of the highest quality. However, if you want to make sure that your chosen trip is worth it prior to booking, you can check the reviews section. For all tours, activities, and attractions there is the possibility for previous visitors to leave their opinion on how the trip was run, on the activity itself, and the star rating out of five they give the entire experience. By reading through these before booking your tour, you can ensure that the one you choose will be the best one for you.


With TripsPoint, it is always easy to find things to do near me

For those of you thinking, ‘are there any things to do near me?’ when you are travelling the world, all you need to do is head to TripsPoint and see what there is on offer in your destination. It really is that simple: just visit the website, type in your destination, and you will get to see what kind of activities are available where you are and never be bored again! Simply search for things to do near me at any place you are going to visit.

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