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The end of COVID-19

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The end of COVID-19

The end of COVID-19

by admin
Aug 29, 2021

From today, the day of 29th of August, 2021, TripsPoint returns to its Normal Normality.

That means no special conditions for COVID-19, COVID-20, 21, 22, etc...

We do refunds as we do normally.

We understand it is not a pandemic, it is a plandemic!

Let's stand together for Liberty, Normality, for Human Rights.

Let's point the end of worldwide manipulation!

We follow the safety rules, but we don't let governments and socialists and communists, LGBT and all that misery to lead the world.

We are Free People, citizens of the free Earth, Families, Singles, we are Normal People and we respect the rights if others.

Please, respect our rights and the Liberty!

Let's stop the Plandemic!

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