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Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

Sonam Therchen
Bhutan , Thimphu
Jul 21, 2019

A small Himalayan kingdom Bhutan ducked between two big neighboring countries still lives its best of untouched pristine nature, alluring century-old dzongs and many more you can find as you travel. Here are the list to remember:

Top-10 things to See in Bhutan when you are at Paro & Thimphu

1. Hike To Paro Taktsang Monestry popularly known as "Tigers Nest Monastery"

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

2. Paro Taa Dzong (watch tower converted into National Museum)

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

3. Tamchog Lhakhang (privately owned Monastery) & Iron Bridge

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

4. Buddha Dordenma at Kunselphodrang

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

5. Thimphu Memorial Stupa

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

6. Bhutan National Library

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

7. Simtokha Dzong

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

8. Tashi Chodzong

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

9. Bhutan Takin Preserve

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

10. Bhutan Centenary Farmers Market

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

Indian, Bangladesh nationals don't require Visa to enter Bhutan but all other tourists must obtain a visa before traveling to Bhutan. Visa's are processed through an online by licensed Bhutan tour operators directly or by a foreign travel agent partners.

You are required to send the photo page of your passport to a Licensed Bhutanese tour operator who will then apply for your visa. The visa will be processed by the Tourism Council of Bhutan once the full tour payment fo your holiday including your once time visa fee of $40/person has been wire transferred and received in Tourism Council of Bhutan account. Once received your transfer receipt to us, your visa clearance will be processed in less than 5 days excluding working days or depends with a government holiday in Bhutan.

At the point of your entry, you are required to show your visa clearance whereby they will get your passport stamp for entry into the Happiness Kingdom Bhutan.

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