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Must know details before visiting Ranthambore national park

Ranthambore Tiger reserve is one of the world’s best known national park in India. It used to be a private game reserve for the royal families of Rajasthan decades ago. It is surrounded by Aravali and Vindya mountain ranges which considered to be oldest geologically. Similarly, this national park offers great opportunities to tourists for sighting of Royal Bengal Tiger.

This reserve is about 130 KMs from the Jaipur international Airport and it takes only 3 hours to reach by road from there. In other words, connectivity to the reserve is very good from all travel modes.

Fauna and Flora

Ranthambore national park is very rich in flora and here are about more than 400 different type of plants species in there. The national park is home to more than hundreds of different birds species, many type of reptiles, insects are also to be seen easily. Royal Bengal Tiger is king of the national park and besides Tiger, there are leopards, jungle cats, fishing cats, sloth bear, Hyena, jackal, mongoose and few species of deers (Chital, sambhar deer & Chinkara) in the reserve. Ranthambore is also famous amongst the wild life photographers & documentary writers.

It also has around more than 400 species of bird including migratory birds. And, is a famous place for reptiles including Python, Russell’s viper, Monitor lizard, Garden lizard etc.

Best time to visit is from October to June every year.

Ranthambore safari zones are divided in to from zone 1 to zone 10.

Ranthambore safari zones are divided in to from zone 1 to zone 10. Forest department allows 2 type of safaris here, one is Jeep safari and other one is Canter safari. (Click here to know the difference between a canter and jeep)

Weather remains cold during the month of December, January and February.

March to June are the summer period of Ranthambore and July to August is the rainy period.

The national park does not remain open from 1st July to 30th of September every year due to rainy season. In other words, forest department does not allow safaris during monsoon.

Accommodation – There are several budget to 5 star category of hotels and resorts available near to entry gate of respective safari zones.

Connectivity to Ranthambore Tiger reserve from other parts of India

The entry point of this park is well connected to major cities of this country.

Nearest Airports: Jaipur, Kishangarh and Delhi.

Railway Stations: Sawai Madhopur around 12 KMs from Ranthambore national park.

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