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The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Sri Lanka

A country which has something for everyone, Sri Lanka might not get the same attention as its much bigger neighbour, India, but for a relatively small island, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean certainly packs a lot into a small space. From its glorious climate and beautiful scenery to amazing wildlife and lots of activities to enjoy, it is hard to  Continue reading >

Things to Do in Vietnam - a South-East Asian Paradise

One of South-East Asia’s most popular destinations, Vietnam has been a haven for backpackers and luxury travellers alike for many years, for very good reason. Vietnam is one of those countries that seemingly has it all: picturesque nature, a rich history with plenty of historical sites to explore, thrilling activities on offer, and arguably  Continue reading >

Amazing things to do in Bangkok

There are many good reasons why Bangkok is one of the most popular cities in the whole of South-East Asia, if not the entire continent. A buzzing mix of the traditional and modern, Bangkok has long been attracting travelers of all ages with its abundance of temples and historical sights, fantastic street food culture and raucous nightlife, the  Continue reading >

Things to do in Istanbul - The Ultimate List

Straddling the border between Europe and Asia, Istanbul has long been a city of great fascination to many a traveler. It is a city which has seen many civilizations make their home there throughout the centuries, and because of this has become a veritable treasure trove of exquisite historical buildings and fascinating attractions. To find out  Continue reading >

Top-10 Things to See in Bhutan

A small Himalayan kingdom Bhutan ducked between two big neighboring countries still lives its best of untouched pristine nature, alluring century-old dzongs and many more you can find as you travel. Here are the list to remember: Top-10 things to See in Bhutan when you are at Paro & Thimphu 1. Hike To Paro Taktsang Monestry popularly known  Continue reading >

Things to Do in Hanoi - Travel Guide to the amazing Capital of Vietnam

If you are currently planning a trip to Hanoi, you have made an excellent choice. A vibrant and exciting city, Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam and an extremely cool mix of traditional Vietnamese culture and architecture and a French flair which still remains from Vietnam’s time as part of French Indochina. With its fascinating historical  Continue reading >

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