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Fes Morocco Travel guide

Fes Morocco Travel guides all you have to know before visit Fes Morocco, a travel guide for all attractions and spots in the Medina of Fes, while you visit Morocco if you miss Fes your Morocco tour considered incomplete, similarly to not visit Merzouga Sahara desert or Marrakech. Fez was Morocco’s capital until 1912 and is still considered  Continue reading >

Things to Do in Morocco, One of the World’s Most Magical Destinations

One of the most popular destinations in Africa, Morocco has the huge advantage of being an exotic choice for a vacation while still being relatively close to Europe to make it an easy destination to get to; from many parts of Europe, the flight does not take much longer than a few hours, depending on where you are flying from. Once you arrive,  Continue reading >

Things to Do in Agadir, Morocco’s Most Modern City

While most people tend to make Marrakesh the main focus of their Morocco trip, just 250 kilometres away is another destination in the country which is worthy of your attention – Agadir. Due to a devastating earthquake in 1960, Agadir was destroyed and rebuilt, and is subsequently one of the most modern cities in Morocco, although it has also  Continue reading >

Things to Do in Marrakech - A Traveler's Guide

There are not many cities which have the exotic splendor of Marrakech. It is the perfect destination for those seeking adventure, fun, and relaxation, with some fantastic retail therapy thrown in. While most people only stay in the city for a few days, the amount of things to do in Marrakech means that you could technically stay here for weeks and  Continue reading >


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