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Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour

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Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour. An extraordinary and promising Tour de Balkan and Italy, from 15.05. - 01.06.2025. We cross 5 countries, covering a distance of approx. 2340 miles by road and approx. 200 nautical miles. The tour extends over 17 days.


  • 17 day tour through the Balkan countries and Italy.
  • Ferry crossing from Albania to Italy with overnight stay.
  • Ferry crossing from Italy to Croatia with overnight stay.
  • Visit to Plitvice Lakes National Park.
  • Visit to the Krka Waterfalls, Skradin and to the Izvor Cetine.
  • Journey to the Kravice Waterfalls and to the Old Bridge" in Mostar.
  • Exploring the beautiful and historic Old Town of Dubrovnik.
  • Visit Lipa Cave and ride through Durmitor Mountains and National Park.
  • And so much more. See tour itinerary.
Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour


Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour

An extraordinary and promising Tour de Balkan and Italy.

We cross 5 countries, covering a distance of approx. 2340 miles by road and approx. 200 nautical miles. The tour extends over 17 days; 17 unforgettable days and unforgettable experiences!

  • Croatia (HR)
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina (BIH)
  • Montenegro (MNE)
  • Albania (AL)
  • Italy (IT)

Of course, we are aware that there are many such tours. But we also know that despite all of this, this tour has a unique selling point. Not just because this tour has been worked out down to the smallest details and is not only guided along the coasts. When we were working on it, we attached great importance to not only having a lot of riding fun, after all, it is about 2340 miles, but it was also important to us that we get to enjoy as much as possible the fantastic landscapes in the outback of the countries to be visited by our companions.

Tour summary

From and to Split - Croatia approximately 2340 miles of road, medium to high difficulty. Short unpaved sections or sections without asphalt are possible, but not planned. It is possible e.g., by detours or construction sites. Mountain passes including switchbacks and city rides (smaller towns). Highway stages were avoided. An absolute no-go.

Not suitable for real novice riders.

For riders with little experience, please contact us in advance.

Since there may be different entry conditions and/or entry restrictions for each participant for the respective destination country, we recommend visiting the website VisaHQ in advance for your own safety. This website is a very good indicator in case of necessary requirements if a visitor or tourist visa is required. We are always here for you if you have any questions or need support.

The tour group consists of Canadians, Latinos, Kiwis, Americans, and Europeans. We speak English, German, and Spanish. It will always be an experience to be able to get to know other participants from other cultures and languages on such tours.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • English, German and Spanish speaking tour guide and travel guide with motorbike from and to Split.
  • Morning tour briefing before departure.
  • Various city and sightseeing tours as described in the itinerary.
  • Customer money protection in accordance with the European Package Travel Regulation.
  • Tour Sweatshirt, black (available sizes S to XXL)
  • 2 Split Airport transfers.
  • 14 guided full riding days and approx. 2340 miles
  • 15 overnight stays with rich breakfast
  • 2 ferry connections with 2 overnight stays in a sleeping double cabin
  • Exclusions:
  • Travel costs such as flight and/or train tickets to the starting point of the trip.
  • Fuel costs and luggage transport, except luggage storage.
  • Meals, such as lunch or dinner, excluding breakfast.
  • Costs for any third-party providers, e.g. for sightseeing tours run elsewhere.
  • Entrance fees and expenses for personal needs.
  • All motorcycle and protective clothing, as well as helmet.
  • Furthermore, all services that are not expressly listed as included services.
  • Travel insurance with cancellation protection is also not included.
  • However, we recommend taking out an insurance package with Global Rescue.


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Kaštel Sućurac
  3. Plitvice Lakes National Park
  4. Krka National Park
  5. Skradin
  6. Izvor Cetine - Veliko vrilo Glavaš
  7. Omiš
  8. Kravica Waterfall
  9. Mostar Old Bridge
  10. Dubrovnik
  11. Lipa cave
  12. Durmitor National Park
  13. Tara Canyon
  14. Đurđevića Tara Bridge
  15. Fortress Old Bar
  16. Shkodra Lake
  17. Ksamil
  18. Durrës
  19. Tomorri Mountain National Park
  20. Berat
  21. Bari
  22. Tuscany
  23. Castello Boncompagni-Viscogliosi - ingresso
  24. Cascata di Isola del Liri
  25. Lake Bracciano
  26. Lake Bolsena
  27. Val d'Orcia
  28. Province of Siena
  29. Ancona
  30. Split

Day 0 (15.05.2025)

You arrive at the International Airport, Resnik Airport (SPU) in Split. There are very cheap flights to Split from almost all major airports in Europe and especially from Germany. Participants from outside of Europe may use the International Airport Franjo Tuđman Airport (ZAG) in Zagreb as a possible stopover.

We will greet you on arrival and take care of your transfer from Split airport to your hotel in Split. The hotel is a 5-minute walk from the motorbike parking area. Of course, we use our own motorcycles for this tour and are included in the tour price. We have only new machines in our fleet.

  • BMW F750GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW F850GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS (standard or lowered),
  • BMW R1250GS Adventure, and
  • BMW R1300GS.

In the evening before departure and before we have dinner together, we will inspect the motorcycles together and make any necessary setups, e. g. for the rider's height. A briefing is also included. Then you will have the opportunity to stow some of the luggage that you brought with you in the side cases and the top case. The next morning, you can then store all your luggage that you do not want to take with you on the trip - such as suitcases, etc. - in our rooms, dry and safe.

Day 1 (Departure on 16.05.2025)

After breakfast together in our hotel, and after a short briefing, the journey begins.

The well-developed but winding road takes us north to what is probably the best-known place in Croatia, the “Plitvice Lakes National Park”(HR). The driving distance there is approximately 134 miles. This tour will show us great landscapes and views. We also move into our first quarter for the night nearby. After our hotel rooms have been confiscated, we will also visit the national park together. Due to the special beauty of the park and its lakes and waterfalls, "Plitvice"(HR) is one of the most beautiful and popular excursion areas in southern Europe. This famous national park was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1979.

The lakes are an absolute must-see.

Day 2

The next morning, we will ride back to the Adriatic coast via small serpentines. On the way down to sea level, we have a wonderful view and then come back up to the "Krka Waterfalls"(HR). Our journey ends on this day after 178 miles in "Skradin"(HR), translated waterfall, at the foot of the "Krka National Park"(HR). After checking in at the hotel right there, we discover the breathtaking beauty of the national park. If you want, you can swim in the clear water and see the first hydroelectric power station in Europe. The Krka River has its source in the “Dinara Mountains”(HR) on the border between Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The river is only 46 miles long from the source to the confluence with the Adriatic Sea at “Sibenik”(HR). More than half of it is in the national park.

"Skradin"(HR) is a small place with a pretty town center and a tiny marina. The entrance to the park in "Skradin"(HR) is therefore an optimal base to explore a large part of the park.

Day 3

Starting from "Skradin"(HR), today we ride a little along the coast, the well-known and winding, as well as very impressive "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR). It was built in the 1960s and 1970s and is considered one of the most beautiful and scenic coastal rides in the world. Anyone who knows them and has ridden them knows what that means.

But it should not only go along the coast, because near "Trogir"(HR) we turn left and drive up into the mountains to "Izvor Cetine"(HR), called the blue spring. The "Izvor Cetine"(HR) or translated Cetina spring, is a beautiful blue spring in the Croatian highlands and is located near the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina, northeast of Split.

After a short rest, we continue down the valley to the coast to "Omiš"(HR). On this 3rd day of our trip, we have covered another 163 miles and will spend the night in the idyllic place "Omiš"(HR).

Day 4

Today it starts as always at 08:00 am. After a hearty breakfast, we ride further south, again a short distance along the "Jadranska Magistrala"(HR). But not as far as Neum(BIH), we leave the coastal road much sooner and turn left up into the mountains and cross the border to Bosnia and Herzegovina up in the mountains. Our journey today takes us to the "Kravice Waterfalls"(BIH). If we find the time, we will definitely not miss swimming in the beautiful and clear water. Then we continue on our 184 miles long journey to the "Old Bridge" in "Mostar"(BIH). In the late evening, back in Croatia on the coast in "Dubrovnik"(HR), we will move into our rooms. We also take the opportunity to walk to the “Old Town”(HR) of Dubrovnik afterward. An absolute MUST. We will also have dinner here together.

Day 5

There is still a lot to explore today, a long tour of 196 miles lies ahead of us. Passing many lakes and mountains - we move on winding, dreamlike roads and cross the border to Montenegro. Our primary goal, passing "Kotor"(MNE), will be the "Lipska pećina"(MNE). The Lipa Cave is one of the largest caves in Montenegro and the only cave that can be visited. The karst cave consists of a system of corridors, caves, and passages of about 2500 meters, part of which is used by an underground river. Later we head into the mountainous interior, on to the "Durmitor Mountains"(MNE) and National Park. Just stunning. Here is an impressive demonstration of why this country was called Montenegro (Black Mountain). The trip to the "Durmitor National Park" (it goes up to 1,900 m above sea level) is the highlight of the day. We will spend the night in the highest town, called "Žabljak"(MNE) and almost in the middle of Montenegro.

Day 6

The next morning, we continue through the "Tara Canyon"(MNE) towards the Adriatic Sea. We will now cross the border to Albania. However, before we embark on the long journey, we must definitely see the famous "Đurđevića Tara Bridge"(MNE) overlooking the Tapa River. The gorge is hardly known, and yet the deepest gorge in Europe. Once again, the roads in the "Durmitor National Park"(MNE) will inspire us. On the further way southwest to the coast, we pass the "Shkodra Lake"(AL) and return to Montenegro for the time being, as we visit the "Fortress Old Bar"(MNE). To avoid any misunderstandings, this is NOT a bar, but rather an old fortress. The fortress is the oldest fortress in the country and is located below “Mount Rumija”(MNE) on a steep cliff. The fortress tells a turbulent story of the many civilizations that once inhabited the area. We will stay overnight in a small coastal town called "Budva"(MNE). Today we covered another 292 miles.

Day 7

Today we have 186 miles ahead of us. We have planned a longer riding time for this, as we will be riding on very winding roads. We continue to Albania. Passing the "Shkodra Lake"(MNE), where the river Morača"(MNE) flows in. Crossing the only bridge over the lake to continue to Albania on the southwestern part of the lake. The "Shkodra Lake" is the largest lake on the Balkan Peninsula and - depending on your perspective - next to Lake Garda the largest lake in southern Europe. The lake has the name used here after the formerly used Italian name of the Albanian city Shkodra located at the southeastern tip of the lake. We pass many other small lakes and rivers on our exciting ride to the “Lezhë District”(AL). It pulls us inland near the "Fierza Lakes"(AL). We will spend the night together in a hotel in the "Lezhë District"(AL).

After this long ride on the bikes, everyone deserves a break. But don't worry, the next morning we will continue at 08:00 am sharp. It's not far to our first day off on one of the most beautiful beaches on the Adriatic coast.

Day 8

As already promised. The journey continues on a route of 213 miles across Albania further south. The actual riding time will be around 6 hours. On our trip to the "Ksamil-Butrint National Park"(AL) we have the opportunity to get to know a lot of cultural things from the people in the Albanian inland. We ride along the mountains, through valleys, and again along numerous rivers with impressive fauna and flora. For this tour, we avoid any section along the coast because at the end is the destination, the "Ksamil National Park"(AL).

Once there, we will move into our hotel and allow ourselves a longer break. We have planned the break for 1 day because we still have a long way to go. The next and most important destination will be Durrës in order to be able to take the ferry to Italy. We have 2 days to do this.

Day 9

Today is a holiday. Freetime!

Relaxation is the agenda all day long:

  • everyone can do what they want, e.g.:
  • explore the area on your own
  • go swimming or snorkeling
  • laze and enjoy life
  • exchange of experiences for what has already been experienced
  • telling childhood stories and jokes …… or whatever.

No matter what you will do, only one thing is important: Fun

But please always remember, the next morning we have to be fit and rested because we continue as usual at 08:00 am.

Day 10

The lazy life is over today, and we want to explore more.

As already mentioned, we now have 2 days to reach our ferry in "Durrës"(AL). Our journey takes us back to the north of Albania towards "Durrës". We ride through the inland of the country, or rather, through Albania's center, passing the "Tomorr Mountain"(AL). And we will have a stopover in "Berat"(AL) with an overnight stay there. Although it is only 133 miles to Berat, the route will not be an excursion. The pure riding time without complications will be about 7 hours. Basically, no problem, because the way is the goal. We are rewarded for these little hardships with the best memories, and we really deserve a beer together in the evening at the hotel in "Berat". But as we always say, keep in mind, the next morning at 08:00 am we continue, and we all want to get home safe as that is always the top priority above anything else.

Day 11

We leave Berat with a clear head and a goal for the day. As always, we are focused on what lies ahead. Our goal today is the port of "Durrës"(AL). The total distance today is only 100 miles and that gives us the opportunity to visit the “Elbasan Castle” in “Elbasan”(AL) and the "Grand Park of Tirana" in “Tirana”(AL). Today we will have enough time for everything worth seeing and we will use this time extensively.

Check-in for the transfer to Italy will be around 07:30 pm and the ferry will leave the port of “Durrës” around 10:00 pm. And while the ferry drives by itself without any action on our part and takes us to "Bari"(IT), we will sleep in our cabins and arrive rested in Bari at 08:00 am the next morning.

Life can be so easy and comfortable.

Day 12

We leave the port of "Bari" (IT) immediately after our arrival and a cozy cup of coffee in one of the small cafes at the port and make our way west, across the southern part of Italy, to our later next stay at night, further north, or rather in the direction of "Tuscany"(IT).

We pass through typical Italian old villages on our way to our first stop in Italy, “Caianello”(IT), which includes a riding distance of 192 miles.

We will also stay there overnight.

Day 13

Another 170 miles lie ahead of us on the 13th day of our journey. We ride again through small Italian and typical localities. Visit the “Castle Boncompagni Viscogliosi”(IT) and “Cascata di Isola del Liri”(IT). Enough time for lunch, enough time to explore the town. We continue northwest, passing close to Rome but avoiding the traffic and hustle and bustle of this city. Today's destination will be the "Lago di Bracciano"(IT) because we will spend the night there not far from the promenade. This day will also be an unforgettable day.

It is said, of course, that many roads lead to Rome, but we thankfully decided against it today and prefer to use the roads away from the hustle and, above all, to explore. Anyone who has ever ridden or driven through Rome knows why it makes more sense not to ride through Rome with a motorcycle group. Not even if e.g., the Vatican City or the Colosseum would have been within reach.

Day 14

Finally, the time has come. We leave the certain beautiful "Lago di Bracciano", but we are now on our way to one of the most breathtaking parts of Italy. Of course, the Italian Alps and Tyrol have a lot to offer. But Tuscany is Tuscany. Nowhere in Italy are more picturesque places, regions, and landscapes than here, here in Tuscany.

So, we make ourselves very comfortable on the 122 miles trip ahead of us. We just want to enjoy this landscape. We ride towards “Lago di Bolsena”(IT) where we will ride along the lake for quite a bit. Then begins the region of "Val d'Orcia"(IT) and further north the "Province of Siena"(IT).

You just have to experience it all.

In the evening we happily reach the place "Monteriggioni"(IT), in the middle of Tuscany, and our last overnight stay in Italy.

Day 15

Unfortunately, it goes back to the starting point. We have come a long way. In the meantime, we have covered approximately 2180 road miles and have traveled through 5 countries.

The last stage begins today. We leave Tuscany towards the port of “Ancona”(IT). However, before we say goodbye to our last place to stay, let's take a look at the well-known "Duomo di Siena"(IT). Then we continue to “Lago Trasimeno”(IT), which we will ride along. Not to forget the passage through the "Parco Regionale del Monte Cucco"(IT). In the late afternoon, we arrive at the port of Ancona. On this day we could enjoy motorcycling again for 167 miles. Everything is ready for check-in on the ferry back to Croatia at 05:00 pm. Because later is often too late. Around 07:00 pm we set sail for our crossing to “Split”(HR). As usual, we sleep in a cabin on the ferry tonight and we will arrive in Split early the next morning.

Day 16 and day of farewell

Arrived at 07:00 am in the port of Split, we will be ready again at 08:00 am and leave the port towards Moon Bar in Split (our starting point of the first day). There we will park the motorbikes and socialize for a cup of coffee.

Anyone who already wants to go home and has booked a return flight for that day is of course free to do so.

All other participants with a little more time are welcome to join us for another day. We are looking forward. Whatever you decide, we will definitely take you back to the hotel where you stayed the first night after your arrival. There we will have dinner together. And as a further thank you for your company, the cost of dinner (excluding drinks) and accommodation is at our expense. We will then take you to the international airport in Split.

You are also welcome to extend your stay by an additional day or days by prior arrangement with the hotel. In this case, however, the airport transfer is no longer possible on our part.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour take?

Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour duration is 17 days.

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How many days in advance I must book Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour?

You can book Balkan - Italy Adventure Motorcycle Tour at least in 90 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

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