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Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi


On the Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi you will visit North-West area of Vietnam, Mai Chau Mountains and village, watch the Dai Yem Waterwall, do short trekkings, boat trips, cycling, visit caves and even H’Mong tribe - the ethnic minority living in harmony with nature.


  • Easy cycling and trekking tours around!
  • Staying in private homestays with locals - you have your own private room!
  • Learn a tea producing process!
  • Get in tour closely with true local style of life, so close to Mother Nature!
  • Enjoy amazing waterfalls, villages, tea plantations and workshops, discover caves and jungle!
  • Relax in beautiful gardens and scenery, coming thoroughly to your peace of mind!
Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi


Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi

Amazing Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi allows you to discover the North-West of Vietnam along this 3 days and 2 nights tour. You will have the homestay accommodation with own room in the Moc Chau Arena Village and from here we will be exploring the beauty of Noth-West in different manners combining different types of activities such as light trekking, discovering local style of life, cave exploring, observing how the local minority live in peace with nature, etc.

Full Itinerary of the Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour:

DAY 1 (Lunch and Dinner included)

6:45 - Our bus and tour guide pick you up at the Hotel located in Hanoi central part then departure to Moc Chau. You have a short break in Hoa Binh for refreshment. After that, we keep going to Moc Chau, on the way as it usually on our Mai Chau tours driving through the Hoa Binh province and Ninh Binh you have chance to enjoy the glamour of the North-West, the land of forests, mountains, valleys and Vietnamese ethnic villages.

12:30 - Arrival to Moc Chau Arena Village, check in the room, have a lunch with the special dishes of the North-West.

14:30 - The travel guide will take you to visit some famous place at Moc Chau such as the garden of orchids - the specific flower of forests in the North-West, enjoy the charming beauty of precious orchids. You can visit the Dai Yem Waterfall, listen to a legend about a beautiful girl using her blouse to rescue a boy from flood water. The next attraction is the pine forest of Ang village, a dreamlike place with immense green colour of pines by a big beautiful lake. Besides, you will enjoy the glamour of the beautiful rolling hills of wild flowers, gardens of plump-trees, peach-trees…and you can visit a family of Ethnic people on the way to discover their traditional customs. Back to the Moc Chau Arena Village, you can use the “bathe in tea”, “bathe in fresh milk” or massage service, which are especially good for your health (not included and optional service on this day tour) .

18:00 - Have dinner after the day trip with specialties of the North-West and, after the dinner, you can join in an important process to make good tea products, called “dry tea in the pan”. After that, you enjoy a hot tea that has just made by your own hands. (Special choice for big groups or on the special request: join the camp fire, enjoy the show that is performed by the art performance group of the local people.) Overnight at Arena Village.

DAY 2 (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner included)

You can get up early to enjoy the pure peaceful atmosphere and sunrise.

7:00 - 7:30 - Have a breakfast. 8:00 - You’ll visit Ngu Dong Ban On - fives cave systems associated with the theory of five elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire and Earth. Inside the cave there are many beautiful stalactites, impressive crystallized over thousands of years created many impressive shape. Along the way, visitors can enjoy the spectacular natural landscape of northwestern mountains with ancient trees, many trees and flowers along the roadside weeds.

11:30 - Back to Moc Chau Arena Village for lunch. Afternoon: You can enjoy free bike admire the beauty of the plateau or leisure, green tea picking experience at Arena village. Evening time: Have a dinner and overnight at the Arena.

DAY 3 (Breakfast and Lunch included)

After breakfast, you are starting an interesting trekking journey go through the valleys, forests, mountains to arrive in the villages of H’Mong tribe - ethnic minority. Here you will discover their ways of life, their original customs, enjoy the special local foods.

11:30 - Back to Moc Chau Arena Village, check out the room.

12:00 - Have a lunch.

13:30 - Return to Hanoi city.

17:30 - Arrival to Hanoi Capital and drop you at your Hotel - Good Bye and See you Again on another exciting multi- and full day tours exploring Vietnam.

Learn more about the places you are going to visit on the Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour:


Moc Chau is a big, mountainous district of Son La Province, about 125 miles (200 kilometers) west of Hanoi. It produces a terrific intermediate stop in between Hanoi and Mai Chau, a popular traveler location that resembles Sapa. Moc Chau is at an elevation of 3,460 feet (1,054 meters) above water level and has a temperate environment with the typical temperature levels being a cool 60-- 79 ° F (15-- 26 ° C). It's one of the most significant plateaus in Vietnam, extending some 50 miles (80 kilometers) long and 16 miles (25 kilometers) broad. Thanks to the cool environment, it's house to about 3,000 hectares of tea gardens. There are lots of big tea farms and some of the most popular ones are in Nong Truong, Moc Chau Town, and Tan Lap Commune. These huge green tea plantations extend as far as the eye can see, spreading out over lots of rolling hills.

Throughout spring, it's a tea tree event! The plateau will invite you with a moderate environment, and maybe even rain. A revitalizing breeze constantly brushes through the slopes of the plateaus throughout this time, and the rustle of the tea leaves is serene background sound. The location is occupied by individuals of various ethnic minorities, the primary group being the Hmong, similar to in Sapa. Other minorities are Dao, Kho Mu, and La Ha Tay. You can identify these people of individuals from one another, based upon the colors and designs of their tribal attire. Moc Chau is a considerable manufacturer of premium tea. The various ranges of tea are likewise processed in a different way.

The tea trees discovered here can be lots of years of ages and types, the older ones produce the very best quality leaves. They can grow up to 52 feet (16 meters) in height if tea plants are left undisturbed. They are cut to waist levels for ease of plucking. Harvest season is from April to December, covering a duration of 9 months. The typical belief is that tea leaves plucked in April produce the best-tasting tea, as they are the very first delegates be drawn out after a four-month duration of rest. The very best time of day to select leaves is thought about to be from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


Embed in a picturesque valley, hemmed in by hills, the Mai Chau location is a world far from Hanoi's hustle.

The town of Mai Chau itself is unattractive, however simply outside the patchwork of rice fields presents, speckled by small Thai towns where visitors doss down for the night in standard stilt homes and awaken to a rural soundtrack specified by gurgling watering streams and birdsong. The villagers are mainly White Thai, distantly associated to people in Thailand, Laos, and China. A lot of no longer wear standard gown, however the Thai females are skillful weavers producing lots of traditional-style fabrics. Residents do not use strong-arm sales methods here: courteous bargaining is the standard. Due to its appeal, some discover the Mai Chau trip group experience too sterilized. If you're trying to find hard-core expedition, this is not the location, however for cycling, treking, and relaxation, calm Mai Chau fits the expense well.

Nestled in between 2 imposing cliffs and surrounded by emerald green paddies, it is a captivating sight as you approach down the windy cliff side roadway and the towns and surrounding countryside present a picturesque rural scene that might quickly appeal you into remaining longer than planned. In spring Mai Chau is a brilliant, nearly parrot-green and by fall this green changes into golden shades as the rice approaches harvest. Making the effort to view these shifts of colour appears like a completely beneficial method to invest your time while there.

The landscapes isn't the only factor visitors flood to Mai Chau though; those regreting the lack of genuinely spending plan lodging in Vietnam will more than happy to discover that this is one location you can remain for a tune. The budget plan lodging choice is a 'homestay' in a stilt home in among the ethnic White Thai towns a brief walk from Mai Chau town. While lodging and other services are run by ethnic minority households who have actually lived on and worked the land for generations, this is barely like trucking into a Karen town in northern Thailand and remaining in the extra space of somebody's home: here its purpose-built to provide travelers the 'homestay' experience, while the careful eye of the federal government makes sure they have western toilets, sufficient bed linen, and often even satellite TVs in the typical spaces. Still, it's a pleasurable part of a remain in Mai Chau, especially when your hosts present the rice white wine and conventional dancing. In spite of this tourist-driven set-up, and the routine increase of visitors, the towns stay a fairly tranquil retreat, and it's heartening to see how the increase of traveler dollars hasn't altered the important character of the residents, which we evaluate to be as easy-going and warm as you please.

As far as consuming is worried, all guesthouses in the towns use food at rather sensible rates and differing requirements. If they do not live up to your expectations there is little alternative other than to track back into town to attempt the regional dining establishments. Be cautioned though you will have a hard time to discover anything of exceptional worth there.

The very best time to check out Mai Chau is in between October and April, as beyond these times Mai Chau can end up being unbearably hot, specific in June through to August, and if you're remaining in a homestay you'll discover little break from the heat as electrical power does not begin till the night.

The Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi in a small group and sometimes even privately, if there are no other participants beside of you, is the best option to really feel the spirit of real Vietnam!

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Lunch and breakfast, as stated in the Itinerary.
  • English speaking guide.
  • All transfers and equipment.
  • Accommodation.
  • Exclusions:
  • Drinks are not included and paid separately.


  1. Visited Places:

Please, read full tour description to understand detailed Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip itinerary.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi take?

Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi duration is 3 days.

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How many days in advance I must book Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi?

You can book Moc Chau & Mai Chau Tour - 3 Days Trip from Hanoi at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

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