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Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi

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For the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi we collect you directly from any hotel in the central part of Hanoi and we start our journey to have 2 days long overnight Halong Bay cruise to sail, swim, hike just relax in the amazing scenery.


  • 2 days and 1 night of amazing Halong Bay cruise around the the archipelago!
  • Visiting Bai Chay harbour, Ti Top Island, kayaking, exploring caves, enjoying beaches, cabin in the cruise boat, breakfast and lunch included!
  • Observe incredible sunset and sunrise cruising among endless islands of Halong Bay!
  • Hotel pick-up from Hanoi centre and comfortable transfers from Hanoi to Halong Bay and back!
Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi


Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi

The Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi which is 2 days and 1 night long takes you to the Halong Bay is an incredibly beautiful natural wonder in the north part of the country nearby China. The Halong Bay is formed with 1600 limestone bigger islands and almost the same amount of islets the take a territory of over 1500 km2. Our overnight cruise takes us to discover this extraordinary site that declared by UNESCO as the World Heritage Site. Almost everyone taking a day tour, day cruise or an overnight cruise as ours will feel in Halong Bay like something right out of an incredible movie about the beauty of our planet. This UNESCO world heritage site offers a wide range of biodiversity and the surrealistic landscapes, forms and scenery have indeed featured in many films. The best way to explore the Halong Bay is to take at least Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi which is only 170km away because it offers the best relation of high day tour quality, fair price and opportunity to spend an amazing night in the mysterious atmosphere of Halong Bay.

Once we collect you from your hotel - we pick-up from any hotel located in the central part of Hanoi (if you are located somewhere else, just come by yourself to any bigger hotel in the center, so we will collect you from there for the cruise). Our drive to the Halong Bay will take approximately 3 hours by luxury comfortable air-conditioned bus. The trip from Hanoi to Halong Bay for the overnight cruise is a kind of day tours by itself because you will discover less developed areas on the way and it's good sightseeing to understand Vietnam more.

We arrive at the Bai Chay / Halong pier at about 11:30 AM and then we will have a short bay tour which's also the transfer by tender to our big cruise boat. Here, on board, you will enjoy our Welcome Drink and get cruise briefing to check in to the cruise boat cabins and then we start our day and night cruise in Halong Bay. At 13:00 in the extraordinary scenery while sailing among the endless islands of Halong Bay we will be served with lunch and you can choose between deluxe Vietnamese and International set menu. Right after lunch, the massage service is available and it will be optionally available throughout whole the cruise.

We sail across the calm sea finally reach at about 14.30 the Ti Top Island. Here, by Ti Top island you can enjoy swimming, relaxing on the beach and hiking to the top of the mountain on the island in search for amazing views and photo points. Water and towels supplied and we will keep o the island for about 45 minutes.

Located in the center of Halong Bay archipelago, just 8 kilometers from the Southeast of Bai Chay Harbor, Ti Top Island is commonly recognized as one of the most scenic sites by the Halong visitors. The island's name Ti Top is given by the most famous hero of Vietnam, President Ho Chi Minh, after the Soviet astronaut German Titov when he visited the island for the first time. So standing out from other attractions of Halong Bay, the island does not only offers unforgettable landscapes but it also possesses an incredibly beautiful white sand beach where you can spend some time feeling yourself in a paradise. Even the Ti Top beach is not a big beach like many other beaches of Halong Bay islands, but it is well known for its special atmosphere, transparent turquoise water, soft white sand, and tropical surroundings what makes it a perfect place to refresh your energy. At 15:15 we start back from the Ti Top beach to our cruise boat and sail for approximately 45 minutes to our next destination and one of the most famous attractions of Halong - the Bat Cave.

Bat Cave (Hang Doi) is a typical example of the erosive power of nature. Over time and weather, cracks and fissures in the limestone formations were slowly eroded to create the karstic cave. At the time of low tide, adventurous kayakers can enter Bat Cave, but paddling a kayak along Bat Cave depend also on the weather and you must wear life jackets and better to be accompanied by a local guide to avoid dangerous situations. We arrive at about 16:15 and anchor nearby the Bat Cave. There are two program options to choose from for the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise participants. The first option is a 40-minute kayaking trip to explore the nearby Bat Cave and lagoon as well as the surrounding waters. Kayaking is an extra cost of 10 USD per person, including a bottle of water for each kayak trip participant. Another option is to take a trip to the biggest floating fishing village in Halong Bay. We will cruise Halong to the village on the junk boat and take a short photo tour around the village for about 20 minutes.

Next, at about 18:30 we are approaching the Luon Bo area and anchor here for the overnight stop. Luon Cave is situated on Bo Hon Island, sit it is just approx. 14km toward the south from Bai Chay and just a mile away from our next attraction - Surprise Cave. We are not visiting Luon Cave, but it's good to know it has the shape of an arc which is 60 meters long and 3-4 meters high, depending on the tide and the water level. Being quite low the cave is accessible by tiny boats and kayaks only. During the high tide, travelers have to stoop down to paddle gently through the Luon Cave. Halong Bay is commonly recognized for its wide cave systems and the Halong Bay does have a lot of different caves very similar to the arc-shaped Luon Cave. Luon Cave has counted among the best places in Halong Bay for kayak trips. If you are fun of kayaking, you cannot escape experience to paddle through the Luon Cave. Beside the kayaking, rowing is the other interesting option for those who dream to discover the Luon Cave. Sitting as a passenger on a small bamboo boat rowed by a local, tourists can observe a wide diversity of different plants like ferns, cycads, Benjamin’s fig trees as well as amazingly beautiful orchids. If are a lucky person, you may even get extraordinary photos with mischievous monkeys jigging on the cliffs. Luon Bo area is an amazing creature of nature and there are not so many places like this left in the word.

At 19:00 as the first day of our luxury cruise ending you will be served with the dinner - and you can choose between deluxe Vietnamese and Western buffet or a set menu. After the dinner you can spend relaxing time watching a movie in the dining room at approximately 9:15 or playing board games or cards and watching an amazingly beautiful sunset at Halong Bay. Also, between 21:00 and 23:00 there's a Happy Hour on our Overnight Halong Bay Cruise! Buy one drink and get another one for free (wine excluded).

Our second day of the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise we start at 6:45 in the morning and coffee, tea and breakfast pastries are served in the dining room. We start cruising and at about we 7:00 arrive at the Surprise Cave area and anchor by a small fishing village here. You can relax onboard or you can join our Tai Chi program on the sundeck at 7:00 for about 30 minutes.

Situated inside of the Bo Hon Island, in the center of Halong Bay, Surprise Cave is commonly known as the most interesting cave in this charming bay. Most of the names of well-known attractions of Halong Bay having roots from legends and stories. The Surprise Cave also have own story of the name. Initially, this cave had the name of 'Grotto de la Surprise' (The cave of Surprise in French), but now people cut the name just to the 'Surprise Cave'. It because when you enter the cave for the first time, what you usually pronounce is something very emotional like 'wow', 'stunning' or 'incredible”. This your first time when you step into the cave it looks to be very narrow and a king of mini-cave, but then you walk forward and with each your step the cave become surprisingly bigger and bigger. Finally, a narrow cave becomes a gigantic, very spacious and enormous cave. Those visitors with a creative ability can easily imagine the enormous theater created by the power of Nature. The cave's ceiling is decorated with stalactites like colorful chandeliers and the floor consist of rocks in different strange shapes - some rocks remind you an elephant, horse or tree, leaves, or flowers. As deeper you are walking into the Surprise Cave as the more interesting it becomes inside.

On the second day of Overnight Halong Bay Cruise at about 8:00 in the morning we start our trip by junk boat to the Surprise Cave. It takes us just a short walk of about a hundred meters from the shore the entrance of the cave and we will visit the cave with a guided tour on foot for approximately 45 minutes. We return by the junk boat back to our cruise ship at 9:00 and upon return, you have time to refresh, take shower and check-out of the cabin. Please leave heavy luggage outside of the cabins (our staff will transfer to the pier). Now we are sailing back to the Bai Chay / Halong pier. At 9:30 you can enjoy the Breakfast Set Menu or Buffet served in the dining room. Settle bills in the dining room after breakfast.

Along the sail back you can relax on the sundeck or in the dining room and enjoy the bay scenery as we approach the pier at about 10:45 and at 11:00 will be transferred by the tender to the pier building to relax inside or enjoy the Bai Chay beach views before departing back to Hanoi.

Bai Chay is a huge, extremely beautiful, but artificial beach, located nearby the coast of Ha Long Bay. This wide white sand beach measure over a half kilometer long and it's up to a hundred meters wide. Here you will take your last photos before the last part of our Overnight Halong Bay Cruise - comfortable transfer back to your hotel in Hanoi. You will be back from the cruise to your hotel in Hanoi at about 16:00.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Hotel pick-up and drop-off in central part of Hanoi.
  • Comfortable bus transfers from Hanoi to Halong Bay and back.
  • Cabin, breakfast and lunch on the cruise boat.
  • Junk boat transfers and local tours with English speaking guide.
  • Exclusions:
  • Drinks.
  • Kayak rental - optional (10 USD per person).
  • Massage service (available on board).


  1. Visited Places:

Please, read full tour description to understand the complete Overnight Halong Bay Cruise itinerary!

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi take?

Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi duration is 1 day, 8 hours, 30 minutes.

Book Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi?

You can book Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Overnight Halong Bay Cruise from Hanoi now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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