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Tours & Activities in Tunisia

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Tunisia Star Wars Tour to Tataouine & Chenini from Djerba
Duration: 8 hours, 45 minutes

With the private Tunisia Star Wars Tour discover Tataouine, the city of Ksours par excellence where you will cross a salt lake, visit a local market and taste the pastries of the region! Take a Read more ➤

Price from: €250.00
Book with:€50.00
Hot Springs of Ksar Ghilane - Private Day Tour from Djerba
Duration: 10 hours

Admire the nature of desert on the Hot Springs of Ksar Ghilane - Private Day Tour, swim in a hot spring and discover the nomadic way of life. Visit Tunisian villages and sip tea with a local. Join a Read more ➤

Price from: €225.00
Book with:€65.00
Tunisia Tour Package - The Wonders of Tunisian South - 8 Days
Duration: 8 days

8 days Tunisia Tour Package departing from the island of Djerba you will visit southern Tunisia at your own pace.... Visit the following: Djerba, Tataouine, Chenini, Douiret, Ksar Ghilane, Douz, Read more ➤

Price from: €3120.00
Book with:€624.00
Private Tunisia Tour to the Desert from Djerba - 2 Days
Duration: 2 days

Private Tunisia Tour to the Desert is a trip to the past, to the time of the Bedouins and the caravans ... You will pass by the ksours and the Berber villages of Tataouine and Chenini, bathe in a hot Read more ➤

Price from: €500.00
Book with:€100.00
Camel Trekking Tunisia - 7-Day Tour
Duration: 7 days

Camel Trekking Tunisia is a journey back in time to discover the spirit of caravans ... With an arrival in Djerba, Tozeur or even Tunis, take advantage, we will put at your disposal experienced men Read more ➤

Price from: €2000.00
Book with:€800.00
2-Days Tour to Tozeur and Mountain Oasis from Djerba and Zarzis
Duration: 2 days

Explore Tozeur and its medina in a private all-terrain vehicle. Cross the largest salt lake in North Africa and explore the mountain oasis and the palm groves of Tozeur. Discover Ong Jmel and the Read more ➤

Price from: €650.00
Book with:€130.00