With endless list of things to do in Costa Adeje this one of the most popular travel destinations in Tenerife. Majority of the best hotels in the island are located in Costa Adeje and this sunny and lovely travel destination is offering a lot of things to do. There's something for everyone, no matter your age and interests. Most of tourists don't move too far from the pool of their hotel and that's the biggest mistake you can make spending your holiday in Costa Adeje. That's because there's an endless number of tours and activities and other things to do in Costa Adeje.

Nr 1 of Things to Do in Costa Adeje - ENJOY BEACHES

There are a lot of beaches in Costa Adeje and nearby and it doesn't cost you nothing - all the beaches in Costa Adeje are public, so everybody having free access. By Spanish law hotels cannot block the access to a beach, so there are no private beaches on the island.

One of the best beaches of Tenerife - Playa el Duque is located in Costa Adeje. Many travellers count this beach as the best beach in Tenerife and not without a reason. The Playa el Duque beach is located in part of Costa Adeje surrounded by luxurious hotels and the beach offers golden sand and clear beautiful ocean. This beach is definitely number one in Costa Adeje.

You can also find other smaller beaches in Costa Adeje like Playa de Torviscas - a perfect one for those who like chilling out and having a drink or meal right by the beachfront. There are numerous restaurants, bars and cafeterias along the Playa de Torviscas.

The other one among the things to do in Costa Adeje, is the Playa La Pinta beach located right by the marina of Puerto Colon. Playa La Pinta beach is the best beach in Costa Adeje for children, because a good part of the beach is protected from oceanic waves, so kids can have a joy in calm waters. There are also a lot of water attractions for children right by the beach, so children can play and use water slides.


Things to Do in Costa Adeje - VISIT SIAM PARK

Sea water by Costa Adeje is quite fresh, reaching temperatures from 19C in winter season to 24C during the summer till October. For warm sea water and water fun lovers there's a perfect alternative for the beaches - Siam Park. It's a kind must do among the things to do in Costa Adeje. Siam Park is biggest water park in Europe and second in whole the world. There are tens of slides offering lot of fun and adrenaline, but also sections for children and beautiful white sand beach for those who love more quiet atmosphere. Siam Park offers something for everybody and you can easily spend a day there without getting bored.

Water temperature in Siam Park is always the same, because it heated and always 24C warm. Especially winter time it's a perfect replacement for a natural beaches for people who prefer warmer water and spend your time actively.

Nr 3 of Things to Do in Costa Adeje - SEE THE ISLAND

Things to Do in Costa Adeje - SEE THE ISLAND

A huge, biggest mistake of travellers staying in Costa Adeje resorts is that most of them often even not leaving their hotel pools. You simply cannot imagine how much you are missing, because Tenerife is one of the most beautiful island in Atlantic ocean with a lot nature diversity, natural attractions and historical sites. There are a lot of different climate zones and nature is completely different on different parts of the island. Most of visitors spending holidays only in resorts and not going out even don't realize, for example, there's a jungle on the island - they think whole the island is dry and half desert, like on the way from airport they see along the airport transfer.

The best way to discover Tenerife is to take a private tour in Tenerife and there are many options you can find, especially Tenerife Host private tours are highly recommended. If you cannot afford the higher price of a private tours then you still can discover island with a bus sightseeing tours, quad tours, etc. You wouldn't get the same experience as with a private tour, what's obvious, because you are in a bigger group and have to follow itinerary very strictly, but at least you will see the beauty of the island.

Another suggestion - don't take only tour to Teide. Teide volcano and national park is the must see, but the island offers a lot of other amazing sites like Anaga mountains and jungle, Teno mountains, West coast with it's historical towns, etc. Considering things to do in Costa Adeje, it absolutely must do to take an island tour in Tenerife.


Whale and Dolphin watching - Things to Do in Costa Adeje

Along the coastline of Costa Adeje some 3-4 miles from the shore there are thousands pilot whales and different kinds of dolphins living and one of the most important things to do in Costa Adeje is to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat.

Here you have tons of options starting from a private charters chartering a yacht exclusively for you or your family to regular boat trips. It rather better avoid the cheapest trips offered by bigger fancy kind of pirate ships and big catamarans, if you want better experience and avoid crowds. A good option is to book a kind of shared charter - boat trip by a yacht or boat that take not more than 11 people on board. Among the tings to do in Costa Adeje one of the best whale & dolphin watching boat trips are offered by Ayla sailing yacht and Big Smile Luxury yacht. To see whales and dolphins you ought to book at least 3 hours long boat trip, so that's a warranty you will see whales, dolphins and will have complete experience.

Nr 5 of Things to Do - TAKE A JET SKI TOUR

Things to Do in Costa Adeje - TAKE A JET SKI TOUR

For younger and more brave travellers taking a Jet Ski tour in Tenerife must be on the priority list of the things to do in Costa Adeje. There are a lot of different jet ski tours and safaris offered in Costa Adeje. The best one would be a 2 hours long jet ski tour.

A jet ski tour in the open ocean is incredibly beautiful experience that will stay in your memory for a long time. No matter summer or winter time, you can enjoy this beautiful experience along the cost of Costa Adeje and sometimes you even can see pilot whales or dolphins quite close to your jet ski bike. You also do a snorkelling stop.

Good jet ski tours offers you wetsuits winter time, so you feel okay in colder waters. The other important thing you must know is that you wouldn't find jet ski rentals in Costa Adeje and Tenerife generally. It because it too dangerous to go alone to the ocean without any experience. Therefore you have to take a jet ski tour or safari - usually you are going in a small group of 4-8 jet ski bikes leading with speed boat with instructors taking care about your safety.



Surprisingly you translate Barranco del Infierno as the Gorge of Hell - don't be confused, it's incredibly beautiful place to enjoy the nature of the island's South. This is natural canyon formed with lava rocks, water and local plants offering amazing views and scenery. Barranco del Infierno hike must be on your list of things to do in Costa Adeje, if you are nature lover.

The hike is not too complicated, on the scale from 1 to 5 it'll be 2.5, so almost everyone can manage walking up and down. It's important to know you have to buy entry tickets to enter the canyon and you must to book Barranco del Infierno entry tickets in advance - only max. 300 people daily are allowed to visit this natural reserve.



Mountains over the Costa Adeje creates a perfect conditions for paragliding. Just look up to the skies and almost always you will see a few para-gliders enjoying their slow flights over the Costa Adeje. Despite of the first impression this activity is completely safe and ought to be among your things to do in Costa Adeje, if you are looking for a really memorable experience.

You're taken up to the ridge over Costa Adeje and you fly as passenger with experienced paragliding instructor. The flight usually take approximately 40 minutes and you are safely landing on the beach. That's definitely a thing to do in Costa Adeje for those who're looking for a bit of adrenaline.



Forget about eating in the hotel, where foods are almost same all the time and prepared to be just okay for every taste. Instead you can take a walk in Costa Adeje and look in local restaurants for the typical Canary foods.

The rule is simple in this case - avoid the beachfront and first line by the sea. As more you are going up from the beach, as lower prices are and usually food is better. Just look where locals are eating - that'll be the right place if the local food experience is on the list of your things to do in Costa Adeje.

Local Canary foods are grilled fresh goat cheese, goat meat in garlic sauce, rabbit in garlic sauce, seafoods, especially octopus and, surely, papas arrugadas - salted Canary potatoes boiled in skin and served with typical Canary sauces. Not the last thing to do is to taste at least once the local coffee called barraquito and zaperocco.



Tenerife is famous for its wines and Costa Adeje is one of the most important wine regions of the island. All the wineries are located a bit away from the town in the countryside and that's one of the things to do in Costa Adeje - take a tour to taste wines. Here again, you have options to take a private wine testing tour or a regular wine tour in bigger group. You will visit local wineries and will have wine testing in at least 2 different local wine producers, getting close to the nature and 500 years long tradition.

Nr 10 of Things to Do in Costa Adeje - ENJOY THE BEST SPA IN TENERIFE

Things to Do in Costa Adeje - ENJOY THE BEST SPA IN TENERIFE

The best SPA on the island is located in Costa Adeje - it's called Aqua Club Thermal and you can easily get there by taxi. Your stay on the island wouldn't be complete, if you don't put this relaxing experience on your list of things to do in Costa Adeje.