This is the blog about sightseeing in Tenerife and it's important to read, because the island is one of a few places in the world that offers you amazing sightseeing, because its landscapes, enormous differences of altitudes and climate zones. Moreover, there are many ways and manner to do sightseeing in Tenerife. In this article I will help you to understand what the difference between different ways see the island and how to organize and book right tours for you and your budget in the right sequence. There are a lot of types and kinds of sightseeing tours in Tenerife available and what you'd like to do depend mainly on your budget and your style of travelling. In this blog article we try to explain you step by step what way is the best depend on your particular abilities. Obviously a budget is not always deciding thing, but it's a kind of universal, because anyway it will also help you to plan the budget and spend your money for sightseeing in Tenerife most effectively and wisely.

Sightseeing in Tenerife depend on your budget

There are different people with different budgets, but often your financial abilities is deciding factor, if you are willing to discover the beauty of the island. Well, no money or you prefer just spend the time by the beach, so this is not for you, but it's a loss to not see the island - Tenerife is not a beach or hotel's pool, is not a bar, pub or a fancy restaurant in a touristy location. Tenerife is totally different and it's one of the islands with the most beautiful landscaped and nature in the world. Therefore do sightseeing to see the island is a 'must do' thing among the things to do in Tenerife.

Sightseeing in Tenerife with very limited budget

Sightseeing in Tenerife - by bus

The answer here is obvious - bus sightseeing tours. There are lot of regular bus sightseeing in Tenerife realized by more than ten different companies. Unfortunately, most of these companies are not really caring about the tours quality and user experiences. Often buses are in sad technical condition as well. Most of them you wouldn't find online, because their life will be very short after customers will leave their reviews. That's the reason why this companies even doesn't work with customers directly - they get customers from hotels and street sellers paying them good commission for every customer. That's why you shouldn't book coach sightseeing tours on the street or at the hotel reception. Read reviews and book online instead. Even if a tour has no reviews it still much better than just book trash tours on the street - at least the tour provider do not afraid to list the tour online and receive customers reviews. The safest option is to book bus sightseeing tours at TripsPoint, simply because all the tours on TripsPoint supervised on regular basis and there's no possibility to manipulate reviews like on TripAdvisor. On TripsPoint you can leave review only in the case, if you have booked there and really participated in the tour. Going on a coach sightseeing trips in Tenerife you must consider first of all two the most different tours - combining these trips you are going to cover almost whole the island and you are not going to repeat visiting the same places:

Teide & West Coast bus sightseeing tour in Tenerife

Sightseeing in Tenerife - Basca

This tour covers most important attractions of central and western parts of the island - Teide National Park, Masca Village, Garachico and Idod de Los Vinos with its famous El Drago. You can book Teide & West Coast bus sightseeing tour here.

The tour offers main highlights of the island, guides are friendly and helpful and tour buses are clean and very well maintained. This sightseeing coach tour is realized by the best bus tour local provider on the island and complains are extremely rare.

Anaga & Two Capitals bus sightseeing tour

Sightseeing in Tenerife - Anaga

With Anaga & Two Capitals coach sightseeing tour you will discover not just actual capital - Santa Cruz de Tenerife and former capital - San Sebastian de La Laguna, but also a good part of the tour held in Anaga Mountains - the wildest and greenest part of Tenerife. There you will walk a bit in the endemic rainforest and visit remote village of Taganana.

With these two sightseeing day trips you will have complete understanding what the island is and will get a lot of new experiences. Even these are mass tours, but these tour are the highest possible quality and level, so you can be sure you will have quite nice time discovering the island, even tied to a bigger group.

Tenerife sightseeing with a standard budget

If you are usual person that have a standard budget and you want to spend your money for sightseeing to discover what the island really is you maybe have consider less standard options than a classic bus sightseeing tours. And yes - there are lot of options for you and here are a few of them.

Book a Quad bike sightseeing tour

Sightseeing in Tenerife - quad tours

That's the other way to exploring island, but you must be ready to drive a quad bike by yourself following the group. Also winter time it's a bit extreme experience, because as higher you are going up to the mountains as colder it is and Tenerife consist mainly of mountains. Basically there are basically two the most important quad tours in Tenerife:

Forest Explorer Quad Tour

The Forest Explorer quad tour in Tenerife offers not just nice sightseeing, but it also serves you experience to drive the quad off-road more or less half of the way. This quad bike trip takes you up to the highest village in Spain across the beautiful pine forest by unpaved forestal trails.

Teide Quad Tour

In contrary to the previous option the Teide Quad Tour in Tenerife help on road all the time and aim of the ride id to visit the most popular natural attraction of Tenerife - Teide National Park. Again, thing twice before booking this trip for the winter months from December to February.

Took a buggy sightseeing rides

Sightseeing in Tenerife - Buggy tours

Quite similar to previous experience, but by more comfortable vehicles that you must drive by yourself possessing valid driving licence. Here you have choices of following buggy sightseeing rides:

Coastal Buggy trip

This is the shortest and cheapest buggy tour available and it's more about just a fun driving buggy than sightseeing, because with the Coastal Buggy Adventure you wouldn't even leave touristic area of the South, but you will explore well main beaches and will generally will be exited with a new experience driving a buggy vehicle.

Teide sightseeing tours by buggies

Really sightseeing tours by buggies are Teide Express Sightseeng Baggy tour and Teide Half-Day Sightseeing buggy trip. The difference between these two trips are just in time you spend at Teide National Park - longer with the second one.

Jeep Off-Road Tour

Sightseeing in Tenerife - Jeep tour

The Jeep Off-Road Tour in Tenerife is really nice option for families up to 4 people. Is that price including 4 people with one of them as driver. So, going on this jeep adventure you are able to take up to three passengers with you, no matter family members or just friends. Moreover, the trip offers really unusual sightseeing experience in Tenerife, because it's going through the forest trails to the Teide Observatory and the local tour provider possess special permit from Canary Islands government to drive with customers off-road what's normally prohibited.

Attend light hiking tours

Sightseeing in Tenerife - Hiking trips

Another nice option is to attend light hiking trips to not just enjoy the sights and amazing landscapes, but also to get away from classic touristy places and feel the nature and the island's atmosphere. Here's important to understand the difference between the light hiking tours like Tapas Hiking Tour or Teide Light hiking tour and really hiking trips like Teide Peak Full Trail hiking trip or Anaga Adventure private hiking tour in Tenerife. Really hiking tours could be too hard for a usual person and you would rather suffer than enjoy sightseeing. The other example of a perfect light trekking is the La Laguna & Anaga walking tour. Discover in our dedicated blog more about Hiking in Tenerife.

Enjoy City Sightseeing Trips

Sightseeing in Tenerife - city tours

Sometimes you simply cannot go for a longer trip or your health don't allow you for adventures, or you are particularly interested in an exact place paying it more attention. In such a situation you can consider booking short sightseeing trips like Costa Adeje excursion by electric Tuk-Tuk or Santa Cruz de Tenerife sightseeing excursion to discover deeply the capital of Tenerife. These excursions are also recommended for people who would like to know about the history and local traditions of these exact local cities. There are more city tour available on TripsPoint and all of them are offered by the best local companies and guides, so you will always discover something surprisingly new about Tenerife and these local places history, style of life and traditions.

See the island from another perspective taking boat trips

Sightseeing in Tenerife - boat trips

Rather as a complementary activity to discovering the island's landscapes you may also take a boat trip to not just see Tenerife from the ocean, but also to watch amazing sea creatures inhabiting waters around the island - mainly pilot whales, dolphins, but also green and red turtles. This is very popular activity and the way to pleasantly spend your time having fun and relax in one and there's endless list of all possible boat trips in Tenerife you can do. Best options for a standard budget will be Ayla Sailing boat Whale & Dolphin watching trip, Arriro-Kosamui Boat Trip or Maxicat Catamaran 3 hours boat trip, if you don't mind privacy and prefer to spend your time in a bigger company of other people.

Tenerife best sightseeing experiences, if you don't mind the budget and place quality and service level on the 1st place

If you are a person that don't mind to pay adequate price for the best possible sightseeing experiences, then your choice is quite obvious as well - you rather wouldn't attend any group or mass tours neither by buses nor by other shared means of transportation. You respect the time you have and wish to get something really unique and special. Then in this case you ought to consider:

Private tours in Tenerife by Tenerife Host

Sightseeing in Tenerife - private tours

There are a few options for different quality level private tours in Tenerife, but if you really searching for the best of the best, no doubt, opt for private tours in Tenerife served by Tenerife Host company - these tours are absolute star and counted as ones of the best in the world, it because the company so careful about their customers and flexible to their needs. Moreover, all the Tenerife Host private tours in Tenerife are available to book easily on TripsPoint just with a small booking deposit as a partial payment to make sure your booking. Especially recommended are like Tenerife Magic Circle private VIP Tour, Go West private tour in Tenerife, Tour Around the Island, Volcano Teide private tour or Tenerife or Private Shore Excursion in Tenerife from a cruise ship, if you are not staying in a hotel and coming to the island with a day stop by a cruise liner

Private Yacht Charters in Tenerife

Sightseeing in Tenerife - private yacht charters

As well as it explained above, it's nice to see the island also from the other perspective - from the ocean. The difference is that again, you'd rather prefer a luxury private yacht charter instead of going on a sea sightseeing in Tenerife sharing space on a boat with many other travellers. You can charter yacht in Tenerife on TripsPoint simply choosing 3, 4, 5 or 8 hours private boat charter. The best options will be Ayla Sailing Yacht private charter or Big Smile Luxury yacht private charter.

Now you have general knowledge and imagination about sightseeing in Tenerife and can go on with exploring and booking preferred and available options. If this blog was helpful and works for you, we will be thankful for placing a link here from your website or blog or even sharing it among your friends or in your social networks.