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Tenerife Hiking
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Tenerife Hiking

Tenerife Trips, Tours, Activities - things to do in Tenerife island

Tenerife Hiking

Tenerife is absolute paradise for hikers - Tenerife hiking is inevitable activity for everyone who love to spend the time actively. The island is located in the Atlantic Ocean southwest of Spain off the cost of Western Africa. It is the largest among the Canary Islands. Island has an area of 2036 square kilometres - that's your space for Tenerife hiking. Island is proud of its sunshine weather throughout the year favourable temperature, and there is no much rain, which makes it a great holiday destination area for hiking any day of the year. This climate allows for a diverse amount of activities and experiences. Obviously, including Tenerife hiking! The topography of this island gives a plethora of options for adventure the golden sandy beaches exploring from the beach to the forest, where there are banana filled plantation valleys. One would marvel about the lunar landscapes, the beautiful caverns are not a thing to miss during Tenerife hiking. Its terrain is absolutely distinct and exotic. Routes are graded according to the quality of path and the topographical features. Here are some of the areas you can’t miss out when hiking in Tenerife:


Tenerife Hiking - a blog abot hiking, walking and trekking in Tenerife island

Here we introduce popular and unusual hiking routes in Tenerife. Tenerife hiking is and amazing adventure and we will be happy, if you share your own experience publishing on your personal travel blog on TripsPoint your own hiking stories related not just to Tenerife, but everywhere else in the world.


Teno Alto route on Tenerife is one of less visited when people hiking Tenerife

Tenerife hiking - Teno

This a challenging hikes in Teno Mountains in Tenerife. It is not a long walk whereas its filled with surprises. One will get wowed by how the mountain comes and goes as the cloud envelops it due to the weather change. The scenery is spectacular with wildflowers in bloom in spring. This hike is quite hard to organize logistically, because after reaching Punta de Teno you will get a problem most of the days how to get back, because the road from Punta de Teno to Buenavista del Norte is opened only on Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays. So better plan your Tenerife hiking in Teno Mountains through the Teno Alto on these exact days of the week.


Walking through the old town in La Laguna

Tenerife hiking - Las Mercedes forest

Here is much only when the skies are clear and no sign of rains. Its charm is not weather related - it is about the heritage. This town is former Tenerife capital. Preserved from during the colonial times where it shows a revelation of smorgasbord of nationalities that influenced development. It was declared a World Heritage site by UNESCO. There is plenty to admire talk of the historical buildings the museums, art gallery’s rich in culture. Each building on the old town holds its interesting treasures. Those walking around this town will not miss the food and drinks scenes this because it is the best farmers market in the island. La Laguna is ideal base to do hiking in exotic Las Mercedes rainforest. To walk in La Laguna and hike in Las Mercedes forest, book the La Laguna walking & Las Mercedes forest hiking tour.


Walking through the Santiago Del Teide valley

Tenerife hiking - Santiago del Teide

Walking through this hill gives one the pleasure to experience Tenerife cutest landscapes. It is filled with almonds trees that at some time of the year. During spring the tree's blossoms and gives the countryside a great look of the pale pink and soft white petals. It is one of the pleasures you experience when you walk out and about the hills. Those who miss the blossoms of the almond trees have also something great to experience, which is; some part of the valley erupts in a blaze of colours displayed by the wildflowers giving it a beautiful look too. For those seeking natural wonders, Santiago del valley is the place to hike because there is something it offers throughout the year.


Hiking descend to the Masca Village

Tenerife hiking - Masca trail

During the hike to Masca from Mt. Erjos, there are stunning views and breathtaking scenes of lush green pine and laurel forest trails giving the island a beautiful look due to the rich colours. This is the most popular hiking destination in Tenerife. Simply, because the breathtaking beauty of the nature and scenery of Teno Mountains. You can get on hike to Masca with the Masca Hiking Tour with Boat Trip. After descend to Masca you are taken to Los Gigantes to see dolphins in the ocean by the highest cliffs in Atlantic Ocean - unforgettable day and experience!


Tenerife hiking through La Orotava Valley

Tenerife hiking - La Orotava Valley

This valley has good temperatures and gives the hiking in Tenerife a wonderful time to explore through the valley and suitable due to the less wind compared to other valleys. Hiking there could be made just by yourself - no tours offered. Tenerife hiking experience is sometimes to risk and do things by yourself. Please, be very careful, easy things sometimes become quite dangerous, especially hiking canyons - when it rains rains somewhere above you canyons in Tenerife is a deadly dangerous place to be.


Hiking in Tenerife through Garachico

Tenerife hiking - over Garachico

It is sunnier here and it could be different when you climb the hill. The scenery is so super beautiful that you cannot miss taking some decent photos for the exciting experience. Hiking in Tenerife gives scenic hiking trails, which leaves one with the exhilarating experience of a lifetime. Despite its rough terrain to choose from volcanic and rugged mountain the views of the island makes the hike worthwhile. Hiking is not about the distance and the challenge. It’s about a mix of ingredients that give it a unique flavour thus Tenerife offers a variety of hiking packages talking of the landscape, the microclimate, moonlike deserts, ancient lava flows, mountain lines and the gorgeous lush green laurel forest coastal path leave alone the sun sea and sangria. Just hike Tenerife - is definitely thing to do here!


Hike in the forest El Bosque Encantado

Tenerife hiking - Anaga

On the trail it's beautiful green forest frail filled with sturdy shrubs, which are succulent. The paths are breathtaking green look with fresh air to be. Unfortunately, to get there you must to get a special permit since it totally protected area. The mountains are slippery, so the choice of hiking shoes is very important. This forest is so unique due to many endemic plants and bird’s species, lichens, ferns, and epiphytes. No organized hiking tours offered to the El Bosque Encantado, so try to do it on your own.


Hike Las Montanas Negras - the Black Mountains

Tenerife hiking - Black Mountains

Black Mountains are situated on the north of Santiago del Teide. It is named the black mountains due to the volcanic ash and rock that forms them. A forest track runs alongside canal Vergara where hiking in Tenerife. Their great views of the lava flow from 1909 eruption of the Chinyero vent which is a site most recent volcanic eruption on Tenerife. There are pine forests leading to San Jose de Los Llanos. This trail is one of the nicest and most unusual, if about Tenerife hiking.


Hiking through Arona to Infonche circuit

Tenerife hiking - South

This is one of the most popular hikes in the south of the island to hiking Tenerife. It is the well-marked and trodden route. Here it offers beautiful scenery of natural space, which is well protected. There is an excellent view of Costa Adeje, from Puerto's colon to Callao Salvaje. During this hike, there are abandoned Suarez homestead and caves that surround this old place. One cannot miss enjoying the vegetation changes, upland plant moss, and lichen adorns the rocks covering them with vivid shades of orange and green. Some will shy from 1000 metres contour and will look up at the jagged peak of Roque del Conde to see the last the ascent. The terrain in this route is steep but the faint path takes one up to within 30 meters of the summit. Rain and wind have carved a deep scar into the landscape. For food lovers, one will experience the canary dishes along the route.


Hiking in the South of Tenerife

Tenerife hiking - Lunar Landscape

This is a great walk for beginners and it is the best parts of the island to go walking. Its scenery is varied and rugged coastline, rugged mountains, rural farmland, spectacular lava flows, and lush pine forests. There is the Guaza Mountain 430 meters high rising right from the ocean, which offers a great view up and down the coast. In Vilaflor town one may experience the Canarias chicken and other typical dishes in a local village's restaurant. It's a pretty mountain village, which is situated at 1400 metres above sea level. It is coolers thus good walking conditions. Here also one will experience magnificent pumice rock formation known as the Paisaje Lunar also called Lunar Landscape in English. The paths are well maintained and do not pose any difficulty for starters or regular hikers. The scenery, wildlife, and life experience will puzzle you during this first walk.


Coastal walk from Los Cristianos to Las Galletas

Tenerife hiking - Faro de La Rasca

This hiking in Tenerife can begin next to Casa Carolina – an old villa on the seafront at the end of the promenade in Los Cristianos heading to the dusty track past the rocky beach towards Guaza Mountain, which is protected natural space. Walking here a camera is recommended due to the good heights at the cliffs and the scenery of the meandering around the plateau. It has a rocky landscape surrounded by the Tabaiba, cactus and Canary spurge. There is also lighthouse on the way known as Faro de la Rasca which most people use as a landmark during the hike. You may finish your hike in a seafood restaurant by Marina del Sur in Las Galletas, a town known for its fisherman. Everyone can recover with the island dishes. The hike covers a distance of approx. 14 km.


Trekking along Las Canadas to Los Realejos and by Teide

Tenerife hiking - Teide

Hiking from Las Canadas national park down to the north side of the island, one will experience the pine forests. The breeze is cool, the temperatures are also cool with ambient air, and thus the walk is bearable. It is here where the virgin had allegedly appeared in Fuente Pedro thus a small statue of Madonna, little shrine marks the areas and pilgrims who regularly come to lay flowers, pray or just drink from the stream. If you are looking for an easier tour in Teide National Park, consider booking Teide Light hiking tour in Tenerife. In contrary, for those very experienced hikers there's the hardest and extreme hiking route on the island - Full trail Teide Peak hiking tour


In Tenerife, locals organize hiking festivals and in the hiking wold Tenerife hiking is one of the most important hiking events in Europe and the experience is extraordinary. Talk of the stunning trails the unique culture and the authentic gastronomy. The coastal, volcanic and forest routes that are green, offer natural diversity of the island. There more than 22 options available thus allowing the big variety of walking routes at Tenerife. On coastal routes, there is an open window of the Atlantic that is why many islands trails run parallel to the sea thus highlighting spectacular sunsets and the color contrasts. Tenerife hiking on volcanic routes are so exciting one feels like it is another can do night trails in some routes.


Experiences and safety along hiking in Tenerife

The best part with hiking in Tenerife is that it offers options for both adventurers who seek challenges and those who seek less difficulty and less physical experience. All categories have something to puzzle and make their moments unforgettable. It would not be safe to be in the path of the pyroclastic rocks at La Tartar when they melted. Walking alone late at the suburbs is also not advisable. You should also be cautious of camping and sleeping is only allowed in certain zones otherwise can lead to arrests. There no scorpions or snakes to worry about during hiking in Tenerife. The island is total contrary to Australia - here nothing try kill or bite you, in this matter you can be sure - you are absolutely safe.


We will be happy to publish your own articles - please, register and publish your own Travel Story in your travel blog on TripsPoint. If you are interested to discover what you can do in Tenerife, please, visit the Blog about Things to do in Tenerife.