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The House of Art

The House of Art

On Shishkina Street there is a bewitchingly beautiful wooden house called "House of Arts". Outwardly, it is a beautiful carved building in warm colors with a well-kept courtyard. But the history of this building is very complicated. The guide will tell you about 1905 when a house for rent was built at the expense of the merchant Akimov, in which poor families lived until 1918. In those years, this house lost its gloss and grace, and the Bolsheviks who came to power took the house for themselves, having arranged there a place for the settlement of prisoners. They quickly destroyed the house, and many of the wooden parts were used to light the stove. After some time, the authorities managed to restore the building and restore it. Then there was a kindergarten, then, in wartime, a hostel.

Now it is known to us as a modern platform for creativity, where unions of artists and writers of Russia, poets, indigenous peoples of the north, and theater are registered. A huge number of concerts, events, excursions, rehearsals are held here. And for young people, there is a lot of entertainment: from board games to evenings of bard songs. By the way, anyone can come. Free access and temporary exhibitions located in the corridors.

An amazing sight - an exhibition of handmade dolls. Small details, clothes, hairstyles - dolls look like they are alive. They can be viewed for hours. For those who have a desire to master the craft, craftsmen conduct lessons where they teach how to create their own dolls.

If you want to learn more about history, then you will certainly be interested in the exhibition of traditional costumes of the peoples of the north. Here you can find clothes, household items, and unusual jewelry and amulets. Craftsmen can also teach how to create jewelry.

Here you will certainly learn the history of the House and its name. The house is named after the Siberian writer Shishkov. You can imagine what the area looked like a long time ago: the opposite is a brothel, baths, next to shops with vegetables and meat. Now this place is unrecognizable.

You will surely be impressed by the excursion to the literary museum. There you can get acquainted with the history of Shishkov and some other famous figures of Tomsk.

At the moment, the House of Arts provides a unique opportunity to meet Tomsk authors live, attend a book presentation and even go on an excursion along the route of a favorite Tomsk author, on which he will accompany you. And then you can return, climb to the cozy balcony, have tea and pies, and chat with writers.

So if you want to learn more about the culture, history, and literature of your hometown, then this place is worth visiting!

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