Marvelous beaches, amazing street food, and a culture unlike anything else. The list of things to do in Los Cristianos Tenerife will definitely include enjoying life as one of the central points! Because it is impossible to dive deep into worries when you are in this paradise-like spot. There is something truly unbelievable about the island in general and its cities. So, here are our specific recommendations for things to do in Tenerife Los Cristianos:

If in addition to all these discoveries, you are looking to practice memorable activities during your trip, you will be spoiled with a choice of Los Cristianos Tenerife things to do! Amusement park, hikes, nautical activities, cultural events, and outstanding tourist attractions.

A Bit of History

The village of Los Cristianos, in the south of Tenerife, has been transformed, during the last 30 years, into the third center of tourism and demographic growth of the island. Today, the municipality of Arona has around 90,000 inhabitants, half of whom live in Los Cristianos and the adjacent village of Playa de las Americas.

Around the 1960s, Los Cristianos consisted of a small village populated by a dozen families of fishermen and tomato growers. The hamlet was grouped around the beach of Los Cristianos, and today you can still see the old houses, which resisted the concreting of the coast. The port was a simple stone quay of about ten meters. Visiting the old city is among the most wonderful Los Cristianos things to see and do.

It is a pleasant village to live in, with a good cultural offer in summer, a little less in winter. On the other hand, any administrative act must be carried out “in the north”, in the capital, Santa Cruz. In terms of tourism, the southern airport is 20 km from the city and English people are the most common to visit the place.

Seeing Whales

If you wonder what to do in Los Cristianos, you should try whale watching! There are several excursions that allow you to see whales and even dolphins, thanks to eco-cruises near the Canary islands. It is definitely very impressive to see them so close, so this is a wonderful idea for a family activity or a romantic date.


Tenerife really is the perfect place for hiking. The northern area of the island is entirely covered with forests, and hiking enthusiasts can easily find what they are looking for. In the Masca Valley, in the Teide National Park, or in the Anaga Rural Park, you will also find many routes to discover superb landscapes and the great biodiversity of the island. Traveling there and back to the hotel will take no more than one day. Thus, it is a great alternative if you run out of ideas about what to see in Los Cristianos.


In Tenerife, among other things, you can surf all year round! Its climate and water temperature make it a destination of choice for surfing or bodyboarding. There are a lot of different spots for your aquatic excursion. In fact, there are more than 35! You will have the choice between a beach with volcanic bottoms, sand, or even rocks. Suffice it to say that you can change spots every day of the week! You will find both beginners and experienced surfers on the water because riding a surf is among the best things to do in Los Cristianos Tenerife.

Horse Riding

Fancy some outdoor places to visit in Los Cristianos Tenerife? All you need is a horseback ride. Many equestrian centers welcome you to help you discover the island in a different way. Whether you have already practiced horse riding or not, you shouldn’t worry about your safety. The guide will either accompany you or provide instruction on behaving with a horse.

In addition to sharing a unique moment with your animal, horseback riding allows you to contemplate the natural beauty of Spain. At the end of the ride, return to the equestrian center to wash and feed the horse that accompanied you on this adventure. In terms of prices, you can treat yourself to a horseback ride on the Costa Adeje for 35€. Thus, we recommend it as one of the top 10 things to do in Los Cristianos.

How to Get Around in Tenerife?

You can easily get around the island by public transport, especially with the bus lines which serve Tenerife very well. You can choose to take a card whose price varies between 15 and 25 €. At each trip, the balance on the card will be debited.

You won't have to buy a ticket each time you travel around your favorite places to visit in Los Cristianos, but you can just as well buy single tickets if you need them. If you still want more autonomy as a traveler, then you can easily rent a vehicle, but be sure to check the reviews before choosing the rental service.