Offering numerous things to do in Nepal is amazing country. This land is located between the fascinating Indian Jungles and the Majestic Himalaya mountains. In this brief, we are going to talk about some of the best things to do in Nepal. You are welcome to share this page and also welcome to register at TripsPoint to have your own travel blog and share yur trave experience in Nepal or everywhere else with other travellers from whole the world around.

Visit Kathmandu for sightseeing planning things to do in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal

In this place, there are several places of historical and religious importance that you can visit. If you have enough time, you can visit monuments, temples and palaces in Kathmandu. Some of these structures date back to the 14thcentury and several others in the 18thcentury. There are also some other structures that are more than 2,000 years old. Take your family or friends for sightseeing in medieval royal palace plaza and the Kathmandu Durbar square.

Visit the Buddhist Temple of Nepal-Stupas

Things to do in Nepal - Visit the Buddhist Temple of Nepal-Stupas

This temple is another very popular tourist attraction and one of 'must' things to do in Nepal. It has a design that consists of a white dome, brass canopy, prayer flags and prayer wheels. Nepal is a host for over 100 ancient stupas. Boudhanath, Charumati and Swayambhunah are more than 2,000 years old. Swayambhunah and Boudhanath are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Don’t visit Nepal and leave before you visit Stupas. It is a great option especially when you are visiting with family.

Take a Mountain Flight - one of memorable things to do in Nepal

Take a Mountain Flight - one of memorable things to do in Nepal

Nepal is the land of great sceneries. If you want to see the mighty Himalayas but still don’t have enough energy to trek anywhere near them, then you should opt for mountain flights. This offers eye level views of the mountain from a close range. This is what majority of tourists in this place try. I bet it is one of the best experiences that you can have in Nepal. Even if you don’t have enough time in Nepal, you can just take a one-hour mountain flights. Most of the planes during mountain flights just fly at an average of 7,000 m.

Peak climbing in Nepal

Things to do in Nepal - Peak climbing

In Nepal you can never miss something to do. There are nearly 18 peaks that are open for climbing and when travellers coming here, usually at least one of these peaks is on their list of things to do in Nepal. However, you are required to get permission from the Nepal Mountaineering Association or book organized tour like Island Peak climbing tour. There’s a charge associated, but the reality of the matter is that they charge money depending on the type of the peak. On the other hands, you should be careful. Am sure you know how dangerous it can be climbing mountains, so it always better to go with experienced guides. The other thing is that you should have enough experience to practice snow climbing. It can be a good experience but also risky to do it just by yourself.

Hiking - is the obvious, if about things to do in Nepal

Hiking - is the obvious, if about things to do in Nepal

Hiking can be done everywhere but here in Nepal things are different. You can take mountain Hiking. Some of the best hiking routes are Nagarjuna Hike which takes almost 5 hours, White Monastery which takes 4 hours and Changunarayan Hike which takes an approximate 6-7 hours. There are also some hiking routes near Pokhara such as World Peace Pagoda Hiking for about 4 hours, Naudanda-Sarankot Hiking for 6 hours and Sarangkot Hiking for 7 hours. If you are passionate of nature and wish to hike the best trails and discover local culture and nature, hiking tours like Mt. Everest Base camp hiking tour or Mt. Annapurna base camp trip must be considered among the things to do in Nepal.

Visit Chitwan National park - a thing to do for wildlife lovers in Nepal

Visit Chitwan National park - a thing to do for wildlife lovers in Nepal

I bet you still have enough time in Nepal. Your next destination should be Chitwan National Park. You can take a Jungle Safari in this national park or just visit to watch wildlife. There are several other things to do here. Some of them include, boating on the Narayani River, watch crocodiles on the Ropti River, Take in a Tharu Cultural show or even visit the elephant breeding center. This park was a Royal hunting before it was later regarded as the country’s national park in 1973. It was the place where the son of King George V hunted down 18 rhinoceros when they first visited Nepal in 1911. If you decide to visit this place, you can either take a 6 hours bus ride or even take a 25-minutes flight.

Bird watching - a beautiful experience in Nepal

Bird watching - a thing to do in Nepal

If you already have enough time, you can go bird watching from Tibet as they migrate to Nepal. Some of the birds come to Nepal from as far as Siberia. There are also over 900 species of birds in Nepal. These species accounts for over 10 percent of all the birds in this land. You can as well go to the Kathmandu Valley where you can watch for over 500 different species. I bet this is one of the best things to do in Nepal with your children. You are only supposed to get a device for watching birds and everything else will be fun.

Visit Pokhara for sightseeing to feep the spirit of Nepal

Visit Pokhara for sightseeing - your things to do in Nepal

This is another very adorable place to be in Nepal. This place is full of caves, mountains and lakes and is also the shortest routes for treks such as Ghandruk and Ghorepan. It is also the gateway for long treks such as Annapurna. If you have decided to visit this city, then don’t miss a walk to Sarangkot. There are several other things to do in Pokhara which include-taking a walk to poon Hill, You can as well visit the peace temple, go paragliding, Visit the International Mountain Museum, Check out Devils fall or even walk through the Bat Cave.

Participate in Nepali Festivals

Put Nepali Festivals on your list of things to do in Nepal

Lastly, keep yourself active by participating in the Nepali festivals. If you visited Nepal coincidentally on a time when people have one of their annual festivals, then you are lucky, take part. Participating in such local events is one of the most interesting things to do in Nepal, because you are getting perfect opportunity to get in tour with locals, know their culture, style of life and make friends.