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Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days

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  1. Duration - 7 days, 5 hours, 45 minutes
  2. Trekking, Hiking & Riding Tours
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Kilimanjaro climbing Machame route 7 days, the Whisky Route as it is sometimes called is the most scenic, beautiful & challenging route. Affordable Kilimanjaro Trekking Machame Route 7 days is a bit harder as it demands more physic than its counterpart Marangu route.

  • Offering a great chance of amazing photos of Shira plateau and the Barranco Wall!
  • More than 25% of Kilimanjaro climbers pick this route!
Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route

The location of this route is South-West of Kilimanjaro National Park hence offering a great chance of amazing photos of Shira plateau and the Barranco Wall, more than 25% of Kilimanjaro climbers pick this route.

Tents accommodation is the only option on this route. Machame route can be done in not less than 6 days or more, when you have chosen 7 days Machame route tour, you will spend your night of the 4th day at the Karanga Camp. But in the case of the Machame route 6 days tour you will hike past Karanga Camp & spend your night of day 4 at Barafu Camp.


What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • All Park Fees and taxes; Return transfers Kilimanjaro airport to Moshi and Moshi to Kilimanjaro airport
  • Hotel the night before and the night after the climb, with breakfast included; Large portions of fresh, healthy, nutritious food all 3 meals a day
  • All Kilimanjaro National Park gate fees, camping fees and climbing permits; Kilimanjaro National Park rescue fees (Kilimanjaro Rescue Team)
  • Emergency oxygen (for use in emergencies only – not as summit aid); Basic first aid kit
  • Qualified mountain guide, assistant guides, porters and cook + Their wages as per the standard set
  • Camping equipment (tents, camp chairs, tables & sleeping mattress); Fresh Water for drinking & Hot water for a wash daily
  • Exclusions:
  • Visas, Flights and airport taxes -Items of a personal nature; Gratuities
  • Health requirements (Yellow Fever compulsory if travelling to Tanzania recommended); Highly recommended travel and medical insurance
  • Personal hiking/trekking gear (you may opt to rent the gears from equipment stores in Moshi); Optional but highly recommended Portable toilet
  • Personal medicine and water purifying tablets; Meals & drinks not specified and snacks


  1. Visited Places:

Day 1: Drive to Machame Gate at (1,490 m) - Machame Camp at (2,980 m)

Hiking time: 6 to 7 hrs

Distance: About 18 km

Vegetation type: Montane forest

After breakfast at your lodge in Moshi, you will drive to Machame gate, approximately 2 hours driving, past Chagga villages, banana, and coffee plantation, here you will have a glimpse of the Tanzanian livelihood. At the gate some paperwork will be done as well as weighing and distribution of luggage to porters, you will then sign the official book by TANAPA before starting your climb. Start your first day of Kilimanjaro climbing Machame route 7 days by hiking for several meters on your way to the first camp, the walking will be on the well-established forest road with a wet and humid climate. As for as rain forest characteristic is concerned you may expect rain, mud and sometimes fog. Kilimanjaro bright red giant ferns and impatiens are some of the vegetation to be encountered along this road. Picnic lunch will be taken on the way. After lunch and little rest, you will embark on your hiking walk through the jungle past gargantuan trees and ferns the path gets winding, narrower and steeper. One hour after, you will notice a bit of change in vegetation type and landscape that will be the moorland zone. Machame Camp is at an altitude of (3,010 m) and it can take you about 6 hours of climbing to get there. Porters are faster so when you get to the camp, they have already built your tents and will welcome you for coffee/tea and some bites then get water to wash & change the cloth you have been hiking with, get rest until dinner time. If the weather is good you may enjoy a beautiful sunset and possibly see the first snow-capped peak of Kibo.

Overnight at Machame camp (2,980 m)

All meals included.

Day 2: Machame Camp at (2,980 m) - Shira Camp at (3,840 m)

Hiking time: 5 to 6 hrs

Distance: About 9 km

Vegetation type: Moorland

Brief: The hike starts at the moorland zone. Reaching an altitude of 3,200 meters you will find large rock formations obstruct, gives only a path 50 cm wide. The reward of passing those rocks is the superb views over the Machame Camp & Machame village down there. This will be a fairly short day on the Machame route.

Wake up with a first sparkling sunray and start your day with a good breakfast. Glance at the summit of Kilimanjaro and enjoy an incredible view then start your trekking towards Shira Camp. At this stage the air is already much thinner lunch break will be held at an altitude of 3,400 meters. After lunch & some rest, start hiking to the toughest part of this day, the vegetation type is changing and black lava sand is now dominating. The going is now up and down past small mountain streams and rocky walls to the deep gorges. The landscape will change again at an altitude of 3,700 meters. Shira Camp is located in the middle of the Shira plateau at an altitude of 3,845 meters. Are you still fit? Join your guide for a walk to Shira Cathedral and the needle up to Shira hill. Mount Meru's view is awesome at this point. Getting to the camp same procedure will apply to get hot water to wash, coffee or tea with some bites, change the cloth you have been hiking with, get rest waiting for dinner. After dinner briefing of the next day.

Overnight at Shira camp at an alt. of (3,840 m)

All meals included.

Day 3: Shira Camp at (3,840 m) - Lava Tower at (4630 m) - Barranco Camp at (3,950 m)

Hiking time: 7 hrs

Distance: About 15 km

Vegetation type: Semi-desert

After breakfast, you will start your 3rd stage of Kilimanjaro climbing on Machame route 7 days by hiking along a well passable route firstly, a trek south of the Shira /Lemosho route, the walk is over a black lava desert and past millions of rocks, some of these heavy rocks can remind you of cairns. The altitude goal for this day is to reach Lava tower which is at an altitude of (4630 m). Up there is very quiet hence, hearing your own heartbeat and the wind passing past your ears. During the lunch break, you can trailer the snowline above the Lava Tower; its temperatures are much closer to the freezing point. Afterward, move on to Barranco camp at an alt. of (3960 m). This is the technique of climbing high and sleep low you will lower the altitude by 680 m. On the way down the trial runs laterally on the Mountain range over the Kibo circuit. Gently the stone desert vanishes and on the way, you find again the tropical giant cross herbs as well as heath and moorland. After almost 7 hours you will finally reach your destination. The western breach of Kibo, the great Barranco Wall, and the window and southern glacier can be seen from Barranco Camp. Evening time the sun ensue wonderful play of colors. Reaching the camp, similar procedures will follow as per the previous day. Your Machame route 7 days itinerary will continue the next morning.

Overnight at Barranco Camp

All meals included.

Day 4: Barranco Camp at (3,950 m) - Karanga Camp at (3,950 m)

Hiking time: 4 to 5 hrs

Distance: About 5 km

Vegetation type: Alpine desert

Kilimanjaro climbing Machame route 7 days, the day of a great challenge, climbing Barranco Wall on Kilimanjaro.

After breakfast, advisable to an early start to avoid the traffic jam at the wall; you will possibly need 1 to 1.5 hours to climb the great Barranco Wall. See the barren and rocky plateau behind the wall which is attentively waiting for you. Enjoy the stunning view of Kibo as well as the three southern glaciers. You will then continue walking on gravel and sand path through the rocky moors. Repeatedly, pass through streams, grasses, and giant stones across herbs. Reach Karanga camp at an altitude of 4,250 meters after 2 or 3 hours. When climbing up, hill after hills a good view of other upcoming routes is clearly observed. Have lunch at the Camp and enjoy the rest of your day just resting as you have acclimatized enough. Arriving at the camp same procedures will follow just as much as the previous day.

Overnight at Karanga Camp at an altitude of (3,960 m)

All meals included.

Day 5: Karanga Camp at (3,950 m) - Barafu Camp at (4,600 m)

Hiking time: 2 to 3 hrs

Distance: About 4 km

Vegetation type: Alpine desert

After breakfast depart Karanga Camp and proceed on a steep ridge up to Barranco wall and then through Karanga valley to the junction that joins Mweka trail. Then continue up to Barafu hut (4,600 m). The South circuit is now complete, here you can view the summit from many different angles. You will set your Camp here and enjoy the views of the summit from the distance. This is the point where there is no water. Barafu is a Swahili word that means ice, this Camp is placed on a rocky, exposed ridge therefore tents will be more exposed to wind & rock it is vital for climbers to be familiar with the camp before dark. Dinner will be served early to maximizing your rest time & the preparation of your summit attempt at night. Your guide will give you a detailed briefing on how to prepare for your last push to the summit tonight. please get to sleep at 19:00 hrs.

Overnight at Barafu Camp (4,600 m)

All meals included.

Day 6: Summit Day: Barafu Camp at (4,600 m) - Uhuru Peak at (5,895 m) - Mweka Camp at (3,100 m)

Hiking time: 8 hours to reach the summit, 7-8 hours down to Mweka Camp

Distance: About 7 km ascent and 23 km descent

Vegetation type: Stone scree and ice-capped summit (The Summit Night! Then descent to Mweka Camp).

You will spend a short night at this camp, wake up at midnight, and if you like you can have some snacks and set off for your final part of ascending Kilimanjaro. The night is silent, you and your guide pacing into the freezing cold trial. Polepole, step by step the route leads sharply up and over rocks to reach the rim of the crater, takes you 5 to 6 hours and that is Stella point stands at an altitude of (5,740 m), from here you have only 150 meters left to reach the actual summit. Machame route 7 days trekking continue, early morning rays of a day will accompany you towards Rebmann Glacier and further ahead to Hans Mayer point. You will then witness an amazing play of lights across the ice formation as the sunrise. Soon the summit sign of Kilimanjaro Mountain will appear and you have made it via the Machame route! Congratulations on reaching the highest point in Africa “The roof of Africa” at an altitude of (5,895 m) now your reward is the stunning view of the areas around the Mountain & for these hardships proudly, you can make some distinctive pictures on the summit of Kilimanjaro Mountain.

Time to spend at the summit will be determined by how you feel & the weather. Take a short break before descending along the crater rim and down to Stella point and more down to Rebman Glacier. Follow the same route of ascent down to Barafu Camp, at the camp you will have hot lunch & maybe a little rest then you will continue further down to Mweka camp, enjoy the change of vegetation type on the way and reach your camp late afternoon, get hot water to wash, tea/coffee with some snakes, then change clothes you have been hiking with. Spend the rest of your day relaxing and gathering some strength for the next day.

Overnight at Mweka Camp an alt. of (3,100 m)

All meals include.

Day 7: Descend Mweka Camp at (3,100 m) - Mweka - Gate at (1,980 m) - Arusha

Hiking time: 3 hrs

Distance: About 15 km

Vegetation type: Forest

After a very good breakfast, you have 10 km to reach the Mweka Gate, a souvenir photo of the whole team can be nice before walking down to the gate. Walk through a well-established forest road and the second half of the way is mostly characterized by rain forest. At the get, you will sign out & Kilimanjaro trekking certificates will be given to your guide who will fill in some details. Whoever reached Stella's point will be awarded a green certificate & for Uhuru Peak, the actual summit will be rewarded a gold certificate (Big Diploma) for climbing the Kilimanjaro Machame route for 7 days. You can have a group photo and some celebration before saying a farewell to all your crew plus tipping then you will meet your driver who is already there waiting for you and drive back to your Hotel in Moshi where you can have a long overdu hot shower before dinner & overnight.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days take?

Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days duration is 7 days, 5 hours, 45 minutes.

Book Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint
How many days in advance I must book Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days?

You can book Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days at least in 1 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Mount Kilimanjaro Trekking via Machame route - 7 Days now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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