Boat trips Tenerife

Boat trips Tenerife is one of the most amazing and memorable things to do while on holiday or vacation. A boat trip makes it easier and more fun to explore the depth part of Tenerife beaches. It's fun and you will love it as you’re on your holiday that a granted. The island is surrounded by mountains and while in the sea you view them perfectly.  You will more so have a closer look at dolphins swim along the beaches or ocean along with boat trips in Tenerife. It is a lifetime experience to visit Tenerife and have a boat trip.

In this guide about Tenerife boat trips we are going to explain:

  • Different types of boat trips Tenerife offers you.
  • Best seasons to do a boat trip in Tenerife.
  • Best times of the day for a Tenerife cruise.
  • Best by value boat trips Tenerife provides for you.
  • The most luxurious boat trip in Tenerife.
  • The cheapest regular Tenerife boat trip.
  • The cheapest of private Tenerife sailing charters.
  • Author's recommendations of the best options of Tenerife boat trips and charters you can get.

No matter your budget at Tenerife you will find boat trips in Tenerife that suit your pocket.  Although there are luxurious boats that are expensive there also average boats that can offer equal service. At Tenerife, they understand all of us are not equal so they have something for everyone looking forward to a boat trip.

Requirements to book a boat trips Tenerife is simple. You are required to book your boat type and be ready to go at the specified time. For children below four years, it is free of charge. For adults prices are fair as earlier mentioned no need for panic. You can check the prices of boat trips and charters online and get to know more.

What makes it a unique experience with boat trips Tenerife? The atmosphere while in the ocean or beaches of this island with a boat is super.  It is not simple to rain in summer on this Tenerife Island. This makes boat trips in Tenerife be happy moments and memorable as the sky is clear you can explore the island. There no strong winds on the beaches of this island. By this, no fear of boat accidents due to weather situation’s as weather is favorable for boat trips.

The wide range of boats to tour with is another factor that makes Tenerife boat trips among the best in the world. You can choose even to hire a boat with your friends or family member alone and go on a boat trip. But also you can choose to along with other tourists who came here for boat trips in Tenerife. This indicates you have a number of choices on which type of boat you can hire or book.

There are also different kinds of boats depending on size. Some boat trips in Tenerife may take more than one night at the ocean and thus there are big boats to cater for accommodation while at the ocean. These longs trips are the best as you will explore the deeper coastline of Tenerife. These preferences make Tenerife an ideal place to go for boat trips.

Prices tagged for the boat trips in Tenerife are fair enough. On the trip, you will be able to swim, snorkel, see dolphins and whales very close.  To add you have drinks in place for everyone in the boat. The experience in the Tenerife boat trips gives back value for your money.

Most boat trips Tenerife vendors are licensed.

This gives a grantee the boat you are hiring is safe. As it is a regulation in Tenerife Island to protect the marine life for future tourists it is good to ensure you hire a licensed vendor. By doing so you will be certain that the vendor is not endangering the sea creatures. The hospitality while at the boat is of a high standard and they cater for all. Their soft drinks, snacks, and even have lunch while on your boat trip. This shows it is a world-class place to visit as all your needs will be catered to so as to enjoy your holiday vacation on a Tenerife boat trip.

Types of boat trips Tenerife

Preparing for a Tenerife boat trips you must understand a simple fact. There are different kinds of boat trips Tenerife offers. So, you must understand your preferences and expectations before you book in order to get on the right Tenerife boat trip for you. 

So, here are the main categories of Tenerife boat trips and Tenerife sailing charters you may consider before you go:

  1. Regular boat trips in Tenerife by big commercial catamarans.
  2. Boat trips by big wooden ships.
  3. Regular boat trips Tenerife by sailing yachts.
  4. Tenerife boat trips by speed boats.
  5. Submarine boat trips.
  6. Tenerife sailing charters or private charters if you prefer an exclusive experience.
  7. Boat hire Tenerife if you wish to explore the waters of the island by yourself.

Let's explain all these options one by one, so you will clearly understand what to expect and what's for you.

Catamaran boat trips Tenerife

Catamaran boat trips in Tenerife

This boat gives one a chance to explore the sea in a bigger company of other participants. The boat made for boat trips as there is enough space to be viewing the ocean. Even if you experience strong wind while at the ocean this boat has counterbalance cap size forces.

With one or even two floors of the boat make it impressive during your boat trip. While on the first floor you get a closer look at dolphins and pilot whales as they swim along the ocean. When you get attentive you will get a closer look at the dolphins as they always pope all the boat. Don’t be scared to scream as this will draw dolphins away but be patients and enjoy the moment. There are a few best catamarans available to book at TripsPoint from the cheapest Bonadea Whale watching trip to 5 hours long whale watching boat trip to the Masca bay.

At the boat, you can choose to ladder down and have a sea bath. Many would wish this and it is possible while you use catamaran boat trips in Tenerife. This is a recommendable experience one should have while at Tenerife Island. On catamarans, you also served with soft drinks and even lunch - before you book, please, read the description. Catamarans offered all the services so as you can have a wonderful time on your trip.

A kind of 'pirate ship' boat trips in Tenerife

Pirate ship boat trips in Tenerife

If you love quiet moments in the sea this ship is ideal for you. The boat takes one along the southern Tenerife starting from Los Cristianos sail all the way to southern Tenerife. It is a three hours trip along the coast of Tenerife.

You will not only be sailing in this boat but also be viewing dolphins and pilot whales as they swim. The boat got enough space so you can run from one side to the other while looking at dolphins or pilot whales as they swim alongside the boat.

The Peter Pan boat trip is mostly recommendable to young children and the elderly. As both love tranquility moments, this boat will give them. They will sail around the ocean and if one wishes to take a quick dip do so. To add to the excitement the instructors film the whole experience for all in the boat to view later and keep a record for future remembrance. Looking for a longer adventure with a kind of pirate ship, consider booking a Shogun boat trip - it takes 5 hours and one of the best boat trips in Tenerife that is enjoyable.

Sailing yacht boat trips Tenerife offers you

Sailing yacht  boat trips in Tenerife

This kind of boat provides perfect boat trips and more privacy along the southern coast of Tenerife. With this yacht onboard you will discover how unique the south part of Tenerife is. This boat complies with all safety measures put in place. This makes the boat trustworthy to board with your friends or family members. Yachts are private boats and more luxurious than other types of boats in Tenerife.

Consider booking Arriro-Kosamui sailing yacht trip - it offers you the best value for money.

Alternative options are:

Onboard this boat there is open space to offer a chance to breathtaking and enjoy the cool breath from an impressive cabin. This is a boat to admire to be into. It offers true pleasures while on boat trips in Tenerife as you will have comfort and quietness. The boat also gives you a chance to admire the swimming and watching whales and dolphins. The boat gives one a chance to discover the blue seas bordering the Canary Islands. It is a navigation system that prevents it from the waves that disturb along the trip.

I personally highly recommend choosing this kind of boat trips by sailing yacht, because in this case, you are staying away from overcrowded commercial catamarans and ships, have direct personalized contact with the captain, and can enjoy a closer encounter with nature (here I exactly mean you can approach dolphins and whales much closer). 

While on the trip you can take time as you want as in the boat there is a lunch prepared. It is inclusive of snacks and drinks so as to make the whole trip enjoyable and memorable. You can choose to drop the anchor and swim along with the fishes of Tenerife Island. You can also choose to have a sea bath especially in the morning hours and have a magnificent story to tell later.

Tenerife Boat Trips by a Speed Boat

Speed boats are definitely an option for those travelers who wish to see more in less time. Just because of the speed, so you are basically moving faster across the waters around Tenerife, and consequently, in a shorter time, you explore more. But all that on the cost of experience. It's clear that by moving slower you can have a more enjoyable and relaxing time without a rush. 

Nevertheless, many people planning very intense schedules, or simply prefer speed overall or have another reason. That or so, but Tenerife has something to offer for everyone and you may choose 2 hours long Diamant Boat Trip.

The Diamant boat by itself is a perfect solution for families with kids. It because of the very original concept of the boat. First of all, the Diamant is a kind of flying boat using hydrofoil technology that helps the Diamant to rise over the waves as it going faster. So, it especially important and probably the only option for people that tend to have a seasick. And second - this speed boat is the only one in Tenerife that has a big window on the floor, and therefore you are having chances to see what's below the boat. And, well, children are usually excited about this and always watching the window expecting sea monsters, whales, or dolphins to appear. So, I can say it is an ideal choice for families with small children, and it is very safe because the sides of the boat are high, and children basically stay inside, in the cabin.

Another speed boat option, rather for adults, is the Luxury Opera Speedboat 3-hour cruise.

The Opera Speedboat is also a unique construction because it is the biggest rigid inflatable boat ever built in the world. 

Submarine boat trips in Tenerife

Submarine boat trips in Tenerife

This is one of the famous and every tourist to Tenerife can’t miss the Submarine Safari from Tenerife South. The submarine takes a group of up to 30 people and goes to explore the underwater. It is mostly one hour trip but worth it as you will have a stunning experience with marine life. You will be able to spot different fish spices as well the famous rays. The submarine windows are clear to help you see all in the deep ocean of Tenerife.

The submarine provides an opportunity to observe the scuba divers feeding the rays. The rays are feed by the marine creature so as they can be observed clearly. The whole experience is recorded and one can buy the CD to have a view of what was happening outside and inside. You can opt to buy the CD as you can see all happening while at the submarine but cameras can and record for you.

If your hotel is in the North, then you may take Submarine Safari with transfer from the North.

No matter where you come from the tour guide in the submarine is able to communicate in English as well as in Spanish, German, and French some courses. This trip makes it convenient for everyone even if you are not an English speaker.

Tenerife sailing charters - a charter just for you!

Tenerife sailing charters is another option for those groups and travelers who would like to have a boat trip privately, without sharing it with other people. So, if you are a couple, a group of friends, a family, or a few families, you can always opt for a private charter of a boat in Tenerife. And here you have a good choice of different boats to opt for.

If you are just a couple or a small group of up to 11 people, then you better look for Tenerife sailing charters offered by sailing yachts. 

A perfect balance of quality and price (which is the cheapest one of all the options) is offered by Arriro yacht as a 3-hour private sailing yacht charter. 

Arriro yacht is the cheapest of Tenerife sailing charters!

Another beautiful option is a 4-hour private charter by the Ayla sailing yacht. It is a bit more expensive, but you are sailing in a different area and more focused on the rather marine life than boozing or chilling out. Also on the Ayla you are getting a fresh meal prepared right on board.

If you are more up to a luxury experience or opting for a longer private trip, then you ought to turn your attention to the Tenerife sailing charters served by the Big Smile luxury sailing yacht. In this case, you are chartering the most luxurious yacht, and with a longer 6-hour private boat trip getting along the mysterious scenery of the Los Gigantes cliffs, starting from the Puerto Colon marina.

At the same time, if your group is bigger than 11 people, then bigger catamarans and ships is a solution for you. And here you have choices like: 


Boat hire Tenerife offers

For those Tenerife visitors who would like to be completely independent, the only option is the boat hire Tenerife offers as well. In this case, your group size is limited to 4 people, so the solution will work for families and couples. It because of boat hire Tenerife offers is limited to the rigid inflatable boats also usually called zodiacs on the island.

To drive this kind of hired boat by yourself in Tenerife you are not required to possess any kind of license, but you cannot go far from the shore according to the marine traffic regulations.

And therefore Tenerife boat hire and whale watching are not compatible things. Whales stay approximately 3-5 miles from the shore and that's not a distance you are allowed to go with a hired boat. But you have some chances to see dolphins! 

Hiring a boat and driving it by yourself you can relax, swim, chill out with a partner or family. Moreover, you can hire a boat for a full day, but you will have to check in every 4 hours at the rental point to fill up the fuel and make sure you are safe. Consider boat hire Tenerife offers if you prefer this option.

Boat hire Tenerife

Boat trips Tenerife Summary

Let's summarize the most important facts that useful to know before you book any of the boat trips in Tenerife: 

The list of boats at Tenerife beaches is long, but these are the best in all categories. If you reach the island's beaches you will find other kinds of Tenerife boat trips, like classic ones and trips for fishing in Tenerife, and you will enjoy your boat trip.

Boat trips Tenerife is one of the best kinds of excursions you can opt for. The experience will leave you with memories to remember for years. It is time to make a plan a visit to Tenerife beaches and have a boat trip to explore the magical places of this island. To make your booking the service is online and you have a range of serves to choose from depending on your tastes.

In Tenerife, there is something for everyone who wishes to have a boat trip. It is time now to discover all the things to do in Tenerife and make your booking of boat trips Tenerife offers you.