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Portinho Beach

Nature & Parks, Lisbon, Portugal

Portinho Beach

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2-3 Hours

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Nature & Parks

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24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round

If about the Portinho Beach is an example that Portugal seems to have it all, from historic sites to stunning coastlines close to the Atlantic ocean where you will most likely not believe that you are at the beach near the city and not somewhere on the desolated island.


Portinho Beach is one of those places which gained the title of being one of the finest beaches in Lisbon and Portugal. Located approximately 25 km away from Lisbon near Setúbal, Portinho coasts are ideal for absolute relaxation and tranquility. Actually, there are several primary beaches that belong to Portinho Beach - Praia da Figuerinha, Praia do Creiro, Praia da Galápos, and Praia de Galapinhos. They belong to Serra da Arrábida Natural Park and are separated from the rest of the land by the mountain chain (Serra da Arrábida) with pine-covered slopes.


The biggest beach is Praia de Figuerinha, which is easily accessible by Fertagus train from Setúbal, but a lot of people distinguish Praia da Galápos as well, although it's harder to reach. Portinho Beach offers absolutely breathtaking contrasts of turquoise waters, white soft sands and wild greenery of pines. Here you can see through crystal clear waves right to the bottom, so, naturally, this place is quite suitable for scuba-diving and snorkeling. However, fishing is prohibited due to the seabed being under national protection.


Despite being rather far from Lisbon, during summers Portinho Beach is crowded by visitors, especially families with little children since the beaches are safe and are ideal places for wind- and sunbathing. However, the place never loses its charm, no matter what.

So, if you've been searching for the quiet and island-looking beach to get away from the busy world, then Portinho Beach is the perfect option for you!


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