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Great Silk Road

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This is 8 days clasic tour. you will discover the main eye catching touristic sites of Uzbekistan such as Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, Khiva 26 hector open air museums with ancient madrasahs and minarets, Bukhara one of the eye catching old city with trading domes and Samarkand is


  • Tashkent, Bukhara, Khiva Samarkand old cities
Great Silk Road


Great Silk Road

1st-day. ... TASHKENT, UZBEKISTAN When you arrive in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan, your local guide and driver who provide services in your language meet you with the name board at Tashkent International Airport. Check-in time begins from 13:00 at the hotel. We begin our excursion from the capital, Tashkent city, which includes old and modern parts:  KHASTI IMAM ENSEMBLE (16th-20th centuries): Kaffal Shashi tomb, Barakhan and Muyi muborak madrasahs *(madrasah – a school of Islam religion), Namazgah va Juma mosques. This shrine has a special place in the Islamic world, where the Holy Qur'an manuscript * (7th century), written by Caliph ‘Uthman, which is very vital for the Muslim people, is preserved in almost complete and original form;  CHARSU BAZAAR: You will discover oriental style huge and beautiful domed bazaar of Tashkent city and enjoy from Uzbek products;  TASHKENT UNDERGROUND: It is a magical world in the underground. The reason is that each station is designed based on a special work of art, and the decoration of each station in terms of artistic architecture symbolically reflects the name of the station;  (stations: Kosmonavtlar (Astronauts), Alisher Navoiy, Paxtakor and Mustaqillik Maydoni (Independence square)); LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant.  BROADWAY: it is located in the centre of Tashkent city and it is favourite place of Tashkent youths. While walking through Broadway you come across local artists, street singers and many more entertainments. (Amir Temur square, 1st Uzbekistan hotel and Palace of Forums, Twin clock towers, the first gymnasium in Tashkent are observed from outside);  It is high time to discover Amir Temur and Timurids museum. DINNER - at the national Uzbek restaurant. After dinner, transfer to the hotel for check in and stay overnight at the hotel. 2nd day. TASHKENT - URGENCH, KHIVA After having breakfast, check out the hotel at 06:30 and transfer to Tashkent local airport to the morning flight in the direction of Tashkent – Urgench route. Departure and arrival times: 07:40-09:10. Arrival in Urgench and transfer to Khiva by transport (Urgench-Khiva 30km.). We will start our journey through the ancient city known as “A Thousand and One Nights” Khiva, an integral part of ancient Khorezm, the homeland of Algebra. Today, we start our excursion with the discovery of the Ichan Kala (inner fortress, 10th-19th centuries) complex in Khiva, which occupies an area of 26 hectares and it was surrounded by a thick and high fortress wall. In addition, it is also known as the “open-air museum city”:  MUHAMMAD AMIN-KHAN MADRASAH AND KALTA MINOR MINARET: The largest madrasah in Khiva was built by Khiva khan Muhammad Aminkhan, next to it, the Kalta Minor Minaret took place, which attracted everyone with its wonderful colours and appearance;  KUNYA-ARK CITADEL: One of the oldest and most beautiful eye catching buildings in Khiva is the Khan's Palace, which is divided into four courtyards. By visiting this ruler’s residence, you will discover with your own eyes how the rulers of the past lived in those times;  OK SHAYKH BABA TERESSA: Allows you to observe the whole beauty of Khiva in the form of a panorama and it is a great chance to take great photos;  MUHAMMAD RAHIM-KHAN (FERUZ) MADRASAH: It was built by the order of one of the most revered khans of Khiva, and it is also one of the most beautiful madrassas in the city and it consists of a mosque, a porch, a classroom, a library and rooms.  FRIDAY MOSQUE: It is known as one of the first mosques built in Central Asia (10th-18th centuries). It will amaze you with its 227 unique wooden pillars and you will not come across such a unique mosque anywhere else in the world. LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant.  TACH KHAOULI PALACE AND KHAN`S KHARAM: It was built by the order of Khiva khan Allakulikhan and it consists of 3 courtyards and 111 rooms: Arz courtyard, Ishrat courtyard, Kharam. The kharam part of the palace is also unique in that it is decorated with ornaments and woodcarvings. The kharam caused the huge interests for all tourists as it involves 5 separate porches (for the khan and his 4 wives), from which to the rooms are entered through the corridors;  ALLAKULI KHAN CARAVANSERAI: As Khiva was an important city at the Great Silk Road, caravanserais (caravanserai - an ancient structure of the hotel where caravans stop, exchange products, eat foods and spend a night) played a very important role, and such a historic place is still used for trade, which makes a tremendous impression on you;  THE MADRASAH AND MINARET OF ISLAM KHOJA: Islam Khoja was an important prime minister in the history of Khiva, and you will get fascinating more information about madrasah and minaret named after him as well as his contributions to Khiva;  PAKHLAVAN MAKHMUD MAUSOLEUM: It was built for honour of the great philosopher, poet, philosopher, scientist, and wrestler, master of fur and hats maker Pakhlavan Mahmud. Moreover, it is impossible not to amaze you charmingly built mausoleums. DINNER -at the national Uzbek restaurant. After dinner, transfer to the hotel for check in and to stay overnight at the hotel. 3rd day. KHIVA - BUKHARA. 460 km. (train) After having breakfast, check out the hotel, at 08:00 transfer to Khiva railway station for taking your seats on train in the direction of Khiva-Bukhara route. Departure and arrival times: 08: 30-13: 20. Arrival to Bukhara (Kagan) railway station and transfer to the ancient city of Bukhara-i-Sharif. By the way, Bukhara is the homeland of Avicenna (Ibn Sina), known as one of the greatest figures in the field of medicine known to the world. After placing belongings in the hotel, we will start our excursion through the ancient city of Bukhara:  LYABI-KHAUZ ENSEMBLE (16th-17th centuries): Lyabi Havuz pool, Nadir Divan-begi khanakah and madrasah, Kukaldash madrasah is the most well liked place of local and foreign tourists as ancient eye-catching buildings influence positively to everyone. Originally, an open market square was exist in the site of this historic architectural complex. Later, large pool was dug in the middle of the square, surrounded by stones, and it has always been popular among the people. LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant.  ANCIENT AND ORIENTAL DOMED MARKETS (16th-17th): Toqi sarrafon (dome of exchanging currency)–it was the main mall for exchanging currency. Toqi telpakfurushon (trading dome of hats) – a domed building for the manufacture and sale of hats. Tim Abdulla Khan trading dome – the largest trading dome in Bukhara. Toqi zargaron (trading dome of jewelleries) — it is a mall for the sale of jewelleries. Taqi Zargaron is the largest and most complex dome among others in Bukhara;  ULUGBEK AND ABDULAZIZ KHAN MADRASAHS (15th-17th centuries): They are architectural monuments whose decorations were made with high art and artisanship. The large portal is adorned with elegant and rare tile curry patterns. DINNER – dinner with folklore show in Nadir Divan-Begi Madrasah, national dance with live music, fashion shows which can amaze all the visitors. 4th day. BUKHARA This morning we will continue our excursion with the legendary city of Bukhara:  SAMANIDS MAUSOLEUM (9th-10th centuries): We will be acquainted with the history of the Samanids, the world's first brick building and the mausoleum, which is preserved in a good condition;  CHASHMAI AYUB MAUSOLEUM (12th-16th centuries): The prophet Ayub is well known in several religions;  BUKHARA BAZAAR: Bukhara, like other cities, has many markets, but you will not find such a beautiful, oriental-style food market everywhere;  BOLO HAUZ MOSQUE (18th-20th centuries): It was built gradually and amazes everyone with its stunning decorations and style. In particular, the huge portal at the entrance to the mosque, with its tall carved columns, and it is unparalleled beautiful verandas surprises everyone;  ARK OF BUKHARA (5th-20th centuries): It is historical castle-town monument. It was the residence of the rulers of Bukhara and it was one of the most luxurious and charming monuments of Bukhara. As you walk in the big gate through a long sloping corridor, each step is worth a century and takes you back to history. LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant.  POI KALON ENSAMBLE (12th-16th centuries): Poi Kalon mosque and minaret, Miri Arab madrasah. You will get memorable pleasure from the splendour and charm of this ensemble. Go closer to the bottom of the minaret and face the end of it, preferably keep your hat in your hand. Otherwise, due to its height and beauty, it may fall to the ground in a hat like Genghis Khan. DINNER - Dinner at the national Uzbek restaurant and transfer to the hotel for staying overnight at the hotel. 5th day. BUKHARA – SAMARKAND 270 km. After having breakfast, check out the hotel then go on the route. It is good to know Bukhara once recognized as the capital of Islam. We complete our short tour in the holy city, Bukhara by visiting several historical monuments outside the city from the early morning:  CHAR MINAR (19th century): It was built by the order of the wealthy Khalfa Niyazqul. This architectural monument is radically different from other madrassas as its four minarets were built in a unique style. Therefore, it makes a tremendous expression on tourists;  MEMORIAL COMPLEX OF SHAYKH BAHA-UD-DIN NAQSHBAND (14th-19th centuries): Sheikh Bahauddin Naqshbandi was the founder of the well-known Naqshbandi sect in the Islamic world and his tomb is located in the countryside of Bukhara. Moreover, near his tomb, there are mosques, cemeteries where rulers of previous centuries were buried, and this place always crowded with local and foreign tourists. The reason is that visitors feel the piece and relieved;  SITORAI MOKHI KHOSA PALACE (19th-20th centuries): A summer garden palace belonging to the 3rd generation of the Mangit dynasty of the Emirate of Bukhara. This summer palace of the Bukhara emirs will take you into the world of fairy tales with its variety of colours. Furthermore, this palace is very rich in interesting exhibits from each other. At the end of our tour in Bukhara, we continue our caravan route to Samarkand city, which sounds like a fairy tale to you, who heard fairy tale stories about it from childhood. Arrive to the famous Samarkand city, the Pearle of the East: LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant. After having lunch we will star our first excursion in ancient and mysterious Samarkand city.  GUR-E AMIR MAUSOLEUM (14th-15th centuries): One of the masterpieces of Samarkand, built during the reign of Amir Temur and the Temurids, this monument always amazes people around the world with its unique beauty and majesty; DINNER - at the national Uzbek restaurant and transfer to the hotel for checking in and staying overnight at the hotel. 6th day. SAMARKAND Today we continue our journey through the ancient and eternally old Samarkand city, which is almost three thousand years old:  REGISTAN SQUARE (15th-17th Centuries): Ulugbek, Tillya-kori and Sherdor madrasah. In the ancient Great Silk Road it became an international trade centre and later a centre of science “sandy place” – Registan Square will captivate you with its day and night charm;  BIBI KHANYM MOSQUE (14th-15th centuries): It was named after his beloved queen Bibi Khanym by order of Amir Temur. At that time it was known as the largest mosque in Central Asia;  SIAB BAZAAR: It is an opportunity to be acquainted with the ancient Siab bazaar in Samarkand and enjoy the oriental sweets and dried fruits that you read about in your fairy tales. LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant.  SHAH-I-ZINDA ENSEMBLE: It is one of the holiest shrines for Muslims and includes a complex of mausoleums from the 9th to the 19th centuries. Shah-i-zinda means, "living king" and it is the title given to Qusam ibn Abbas, a cousin of the Prophet Muhammad. The mausoleum dedicated to him and the beautiful mausoleums of people connected with Amir Temur give a special beauty to the complex;  THE OBSERVATORY OF ULUGBEK (15th century): It was founded during the reign of the Timurid ruler, the famous astronomer Mirzo Ulugbek, and the discoveries in the observatory made an important contribution to world civilization; DINNER - at the national Uzbek restaurant and transfer to the hotel for staying overnight. 7th day. SAMARKAND -TASHKENT. 300 km. (High-speed train) After having breakfast, check out the hotel. Then, let's get acquainted with ancient Samarkand with interesting things outside of Samarkand:  THE RUINS OF AFROSIYAB FROSIYOB: Looking at the ancient hills and ruins of Afrosiab on 220 hectares, as well as the Afrosiab Museum, which tells about the whole past of Samarkand, you can feel the conquest of these lands by such conquerors as Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Amir Temur. The ruins of this ancient city and the thousands of exhibits in the museum will tell you about the ancient Turkic peoples, the Persians, the Greeks, the Arabs, the Mongols, and others;  SAMARKAND PAPER MILL FACTORY: A factory usually a place where equipment is manufactured, but the current paper mill is made by 100% labour work. As you are booked to visit here, you will find out how to make high quality silk paper that will last for thousands of years and how to make it by hand;  SAMARKAND SILK CARPET FACTORY: Here we discover the famous Samarkand silk carpet factory, which is uniquely colourful and made of high quality ancient handicrafts. Seeing each of the natural and precious carpets woven from high-grade silk individually by hand teaches a person to appreciate the work behind it. You have the great opportunity to observe the process by visiting the factory. LUNCH - at the national Uzbek restaurant. Transfer to Samarkand Railway Station for taking your seats on the modern Talgo-Afrosiyob high-speed train in the direction of Samarkand-Tashkent route. Departure and arrival times: 17: 00-19: 10. Arrival to Tashkent city in the evening. Transfer to the hotel for check in and take the rest for a while. DINNER - at the national Uzbek restaurant and transfer to the hotel for staying overnight. 8th day. TASHKENT - .... After having breakfast, check out the hotel and transfer to Tashkent International Airport in the morning. This is the end of our short journey to Uzbekistan. Thank you for opening the door to “The Lost World” with us. See you again!!!

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  •  Tourist vehicle with air conditioning and driver during the tour, transfers.  "DOUBLE / TWIN" room on the shared basis, including breakfast.  Half board: all lunches * (7 lunches).  A tour guide service in your language for the whole tour.  All entrance tickets for the objects specified in the travel program.  Tashkent - Urgench domestic air ticket, economy class fare.  Train ticket on Khiva-Bukhara route, economy class fare.  High-speed trains tickets “Talgo-Afrosiyob” for Samarkand-Tashkent, economy class tariffs.  Touristic maps of the cities.  1L a bottle of mineral water per person in a day.  Dinner with folklore show in Nadir Divan-Begi Madrasah  24 hours agency support.
  • Exclusions:
  • • Personal expenses, additional services. • Camera and photo camera charges (total amount charges of per camera in the touristic cities of Uzbekistan might be up to $ 5). • Visa * (currently there is a visa-free regime for about 100 countries around the world, you can find out which countries included in a visa-free list via the available link: https://mfa.uz/en/pages/visa-republic-uzb). • International round-trip air tickets * (you can also purchase flight tickets with us). • Dinners * (will be in local restaurants and meal prices: $ 7-15 per person)


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