Serving a wide range of things to do in Gran Canaria is one of the great Spain Canary Islands located in North West Africa. It is best known for its black lava and white sand beaches. It is the second most populated in the Canary Islands. It is home to diversity a tourist are dazzled by the mix of microclimates which include warm, volcanic sand beaches to the south and amazing green villages to the north. It is packed with unlimited sceneries with a comfortable environment to tour any time of the year. Gran Canaria has vast beaches, well-equipped resorts to natural and brilliantly hidden strips of exquisite sand. There is a long list of things to do in Gran Canaria during your visit.

List of things to do in Gran Canaria and places to see

Roque Nublo is one of 'must see' of things to do in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Roque Nublo

This an astonishing volcanic rock that is about 80 meters tall. It is one of the famous landmarks on the island and enjoys the protection of UNESCO as a natural monument. The monument is located in Tejada municipality, a few minutes ride of the city. This feature came into existence about 4.5 million years ago as a result of volcanic eruption. Things to do in Gran Canaria include, hiking lovers’. It offers a unique experience and thrilling exposure to take a glimpse of the wonderful Tejada Mountain. There is no fear of getting lost while hiking from the Nublo. The starting point for hiking is reached by driving to the point referred to a Degollada de la Goleta. From this point, hikers descend following a clearly noticeable sign trail.

Cueva Pintada museum and archeological park

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Cueva Pintada

This is located right at the heart of Galdar town in Gran is one of the most important archeological sites and things to do in Gran Canaria that aims to preserve, research and share information on one of the most unique settlements In the island. From the caves full of fascinating paintings from the ancient times, these are some of the overwhelming histories that will leave you baffled. You can marvel at the brilliant wall paintings, view the creative expression and experience symbolism of the ancient people of Canary Island. There is also a Centre where one can learn about the pre-hispanic world of Gran Canaria and the events that resulted in the island linking up to the Crown of Castile in 1483.

Jardin Canario botanical garden

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Jardin Canario

This is a breathtaking botanical garden that oversees the conservation and management of biodiversity of the is located in the northeast of Gran Canaria, showcasing the islands endemic plants with some imported flora. It has a collection of about 500 species of plants. This botanical garden was fronted by Jose de Viera Clavijo who had the whole idea of setting up such a garden. This gorgeous garden is dedicated to preserving and managing terrestrial Canaria flora and definitely is among the things to do in Gran Canaria. Here you will find plenty of thrilling plants and also animal life which is completely unique all found in the same location. It good to visit the place and also appreciate the nature and conservation measures that have been put into practice in order to have Jardin Canario a success.

Maspalomas - most popular tourist destination offers lot of things to do in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Maspalomas

It is characterized and famed for is vast sand dunes and also stands out as the next longest beach in the Gran Canaria. Visit this island will be adventurous and one should grab such an opportunity to ride a camel in the desert. Make the trip worthwhile by stopping for a refreshing gulp of crystal clear fresh water by the lagoon. Though sand dunes are delicate ecosystem and always pause a risk one should be very careful while out there. However, this should not worry you as there are three walkways availed for visitors hence averting any risk that might occur.

Visit Vegueta

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Vegueta

To have an experience of traditional Spanish architecture, Vegueta ancient town is one place you cannot afford to miss out on your trip and list of things to do in Gran Canaria. It harbors memories and secret stories of the ancient setting. Its streets are characterized by old houses and amazing ancient Spanish architecture. The town is built in a range of styles. Strolling through the Plaza de Santa Ana you will be able to catch a glimpse of the cathedral if Santa Ana and also the Museum of Sacred Art. There are also important art galleries that include Centro de Cultura Contemporanea San Martin and also Casa de Colon both that are dedicate d to the life of Christopher Columbus. Later on, you can take a walk to the traditional restaurants and enjoy a typical tapas of the Canarian islands such as Papas arrugundas.

Moonlight Cinema

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Moonlight Cinema

This is Europe’s only outdoor cinema that is permanently set - obviously one of unusual things to do in Gran Canaria. Here you can relax and enjoys thrilling films in the open crowned by dazzling stars and the warm surrounding of Gran Canaria. Located on the top floor of a shopping mall in Maspalomas, this luxurious cinema is set in an outstanding feature. The interior is fixed with sofas, a blanket that will help you avoid the evening chill and also wonderful services available at once. All you need is to push a button and your wish will be granted by the enlightened customer service. Delicacies are vast which include stone baked pizza, nachos and also popcorn.

Dolphin and whale watching in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria - dolphin watching

Don't miss to add it to your list of things to do in Gran Canaria. 79 species of fish can be found in the seas and oceans in the world. About 29 of the species are found in the Canary Island. This island boast of these varieties that are found within their waters. You can take a boat trip and enjoy a closer view of the ocean. Getting a first-hand experience with the sea life species will give you an unbelievable satisfaction of the fish and make your trip more fulfilling.

Tour Museo Nestor

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Museo Nestor

At seven years old, Martin Fernandez de la Torre manifested his talent in drawing in this early age. Later on, he would become a great artist with magnificent drawings. This museum is dedicated to his artwork. Inside the museum, you can view his artistic work and several famous paintings which include 1900 Marina, a painting that he completed at an early age of 13 years! Being their local artist and pride of Gran Canaria, De la Torre went to further his studies in painting from great artists and later returned to his homeland to continue his artwork. The paintings are great and will give you utmost satisfaction. They also depict the talent that was revealed in early age hence improving and producing some of the best artistic work. However, Del, a Torre passed on at 50 years old but his artwork is still preserved in the Museo de Nestor. Put it to the list of things to do in Gran Canaria, if you love the art.

Playa de Las Canteras

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Playa de Las Canteras

This wonderful beach is considered one of the best in Gran Canaria and visiting this beach is among the things to do in Gran Canaria. It is an urban beach, a few minutes away from the capital. It is characterized by a fine and conducive weather at any time of the year. Here you can escape from the boredom in the town to meet people playing various sports in the beach that you can also participate in. Bring with you a swimming costume and also a surfing board that you can use to ride on the waves and soak in the sun. Relax at the beach and sunbathe after all these mind relaxing activities while sipping a drink.

Caldera de Bandama - one of natural attractions and things to do in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Caldera de Bandama

This caldera was formed as a result of the emergence of a fissure in the hills between Los Hoyos Valley and The Barranco De Las Goletas ravine. This happened about 2000 years ago spreading out ash and volcanic slag in the surrounding area that resulted in the magnificent caldera. The feature derives its name from Daniel van Damme, a Flemish merchant in the 16th century who settled there and ventured in planting vineyard for production of wine. Bandama hamlet is considered one of the best winemaking place on the island. Thus you can take some time to visit the area and enjoy the scenery while enjoying some quality wine. Experience the power of grapes the flavor it has to offer. A wonderful place to visit and worth to be among the things to do in Gran Canaria.

Sightseeing tours in Gran Canaria

Things to do in Gran Canaria - Sightseeing

No matter are you coming to Gran Canaria with a cruise ship or you stay for a week or two on a holiday - don't miss to discover this unusual island with a sightseeing tour. Among the best things to do in Gran Canaria are full day Senses of the North - Private Shore Tour in Gran Canaria or Half-day Bus Private Shore Tour in Gran Canaria. Please, read detailed tour descriptions to understand how many things you can do and places to see one these best selected sightseeing tours in Gran Canaria island.

Gran Canaria is located between Tenerife and Lanzarote islands and these neigbouring islands offers a lot of things to do as weel and easily accessible by Fred Olsen and Armas ferries and local Binter airlines. If you're interested discover Tenerife, check the things to do in Tenerife. For Lanzarote island check out things to do in Lanzarote. Also check out for the next updates and articles this blog about things to do in Gran Canaria, if you plan to visit this unique island in the future.