This blog article is about sailing charters in Tenerife for those travellers who are going to our beautiful island on holiday and prefer to charter sailing boats privately instead of attending regular boat trips in Tenerife. The difference is that on private sailing charters you have the boat exclusively for yourself or your own group of friends or family. You shouldn't share space on board with other people and the boat crew works for you only. There are many different options of sailing charters in Tenerife and here we will highlight you all the options and differences between them. It will help you to make right and optimal choice. Tenerife sailing charter options here will be listed from the cheapest one to the most expensive, so you will be able easily choose the boat by price. The standard and most popular sailing charters in Tenerife are three hours private charters, so when we list the options by price we count 3 hours charter for each yacht or boat. By each one you have general description and sometimes a link directly to the boat listing where you can easily book your private sailing boat charter in Tenerife. So, here we go starting with the cheapest one:

List of sailing charters in Tenerife options by price

Green power boat - the cheapest private charter in Tenerife

Tenerife sailing charters - Green Power Boat

This is quite unusual 100% ecological boat powered by electric engine and solar 'sail' - the roof of the boat is the solar panel converting solar light into energy that powering the boat engine. Being the cheapest available boat for a private charter in Tenerife it can accommodate a party up to 6 passengers. That makes the Green Power boat private charter an ideal option for families.

Arriro-Kosamui is the cheapest sailing yacht of sailing charters in Tenerife

Tenerife sailing charters - Arriro

If you are looking for a classic sailing yacht to charter privately in Tenerife and don't expect some luxury or extra options - this is the ideal choice. Private charter of Arriro-Kosamui sailing yacht is inexpensive and you are getting on board of classic, well maintained and clean sailing yacht managed by very experienced captain speaking a few more languages beside of Spanish and English. Arriro-Kosamui yacht can take up to 11 people on board, but to feel comfortably we recommend the group size up to 7 people - everyone will have enough space then.

The best price and quality value - private charter of Ayla sailing yacht

Tenerife sailing charters - Ayla yacht

In our opinion the Ayla sailing yacht offers the best and absolutely perfect balance between the price and quality. Even the shortest private charter possible is 4 hours, but you still have these 4 hours cheaper than other sailing yacht offers 3 hour charters. In addition the Ayla sailing yacht is quite new yacht and very nicely maintained inside. The crew is extremely friendly and they are passionates of marine life, so along the Ayla sailing yacht private charter you will be taken to see whales and dolphins at the best spots where are no or just a few other boats coming. You also start from smaller marina and picked up directly from a hotel on the South of Tenerife for free. Moreover, this is only the sailing yacht in Tenerife that along the private sailing charters in Tenerife serving you super-fresh and very tasty meals prepared right on board on your own eyes. It simply hard to beat Ayla's relation between the price, quality and service level, which is very high. Even technically this sailing yacht allowed to take up to 12 passengers, on the private sailing charter only up to 8 people allowed to keep enough space and comfort for everyone on board.

A luxury option - private charter of Big Smile Luxury yacht in Tenerife

Tenerife sailing charters - Big Smile Luxury yacht

A bit more expensive sailing yacht charter for those who appreciate the highest class of service and comfort. Big Smile Luxury sailing charters in Tenerife is available for 3 to 10 hours private charters in Tenerife and this is bigger sailing yacht with a perfectly trained team that serve you amazing experiences along the chartered sailing in the waters of Tenerife. With the Big Smile Luxury yacht you can have a whale and dolphin sailing charter going to watch these mammals by the shore of Tenerife, or sail to the Masca Bay along the highest cliffs in Atlantic ocean or even sail to the neighbouring island of La Gomera. This sailing yacht can accommodate a group up to 11 people on board and you have different options to choose, including catering.

Private charter Eden Catamaran

Tenerife sailing charters - Eden Catamaran

This is the next available option, especially if your party size is exceeding the number of 11 people - a maximum group size for any sailing yacht. In this case you simply must look for a bigger boat and Eden Catamaran private charter is the solution for mid-size groups. Even this sailing catamaran have ability to pack up to 50 passengers, the optimal number of people is up to 25 passengers. In this case it will be spacious for everyone and your friends or family members will really enjoy the private charter on board. Usually people book at TripsPoint Eden catamaran for 3 hours - this time is enough for whale watching, snorkelling and swimming by El Puertito lagoon summer time and to chill out on board.

Peter Pan sailing ship private charter in Tenerife

Tenerife sailing charters - Peter Pan ship

Peter Pan sailing ship is the option chartering a boat for a party with really bigger groups of 25 to 40 people, even the ship can take up to max. 60 people. Chartering Peter Pan ship you are going to spend nice and fun time on board of authentic replica of Portuguese galleon from hundreds years ago and Peter Pan galleon private charter is the perfect choice for corporate events of simply numerous groups.

Shogun ship private charter

Tenerife sailing charters - Shogun ship

This ship is one the most expensive charter option, simply because it is really very big and the dream option for big corporate events. Chartering Shogun ship allows you to come on board with a really big company up to 90 people.

Sailing charters in Tenerife are available all the year long, but it's the most pleasant way to spend a nice time in the ocean in the period from the beginning of April to the end of December. If you are interested to charter sail boat in Tenerife, simply browse all the possible Boat Trips & Charters on TripsPoint to choose and book one preferred by you.

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