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StoneTown tour

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StoneTown tour Walk through alleyways in many differen historicals places and see how city has changed from the past century to the present time, so many thing to see and learn, Cathedral Church, House of Wonder, Freddie Mercury Home, SIaves Chambers, Sultan Palace, Ston town Maze.


  • Very strongly information
  • History
  • Information of deep vibrant
StoneTown tour


StoneTown tour

This is khamis (Giklik) l know the most interesting places of Zanzibar' tropical spice island, full antiquity history & Nature remaining from ancient world that am crave to share with tourists.This is super cheap qualified guide not hurry/rush Guide.

The beaches in Zanzibar are ravishing,

UNESCO World Heritage Site in Zanzibar City, once flourishing trading hub, utterly captivated me: the history and melting pot of African, Arab, Indian and European cultures; the vivid shades of every color imaginable; the textures; the vibrant energy of the seafront and markets; and locals who greeted me with “jambo” (hello) “karibu” (welcome) every day,

Inclusions & Exclusions,

Excluded - Doesn't push customers/clients pay for admission to enter the building we can stand outside and get full history but once you interesting looking inside then you gonna do admission



What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • English guide
  • Water
  • Exclusions:
  • Drinks
  • Pick up if not in StoneTown
  • Lunch


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Forodhani Park
  3. Freddie Mercury statue
  4. House of Wonders

Day one after book the tour

Guide will give the option if can come to your hotel pick you up and start tour or if clients can come to the directed location on tour the tour is about to visit stone town and see historical sites and get information

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the StoneTown tour take?

StoneTown tour duration is 2 hours, 30 minutes.

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How many days in advance I must book StoneTown tour?

You can book StoneTown tour at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book StoneTown tour now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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