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SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife

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The SEA PASSION, a wonderful fishing charter in Los Gigantes! If you've ever dreamt of being a captain, this fishing charter Los Gigantes voyage is your tiny dream come true! On this private charter, your wish is our command. Everything’s possible on SEA PASSION!


  • A big and perfectly equipped fishing boat for any kind of fishing.
  • Experienced crew.
  • High-class service.
  • Fishing with licence for a privileged area of Los Gigantes.
SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife


SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife

The SEA PASSION, a wonderful fishing charter in Los Gigantes! If you've ever dreamt of being a captain, this fishing charter Los Gigantes voyage is your tiny dream come true!

Wish to catch a big fish or just enjoy the blue sea of Tenerife South?

SEA PASSION FISHING BOAT for a Private Fishing Trip in Tenerife

We have a super cool boat named Bertram 28 Flybridge, which is a famous boat from America! It's known for being super strong, comfy, and steady on the water.

Our boat is almost as long as a school bus (8.53 meters) and it's perfect for everyone. Some people love to chill and enjoy a peaceful day on it, while others have a thrilling adventure fishing in the deep sea.

Our boat has everything you need to have fun! It has a bathroom, a really comfy inside area, and more to make sure you have a great time on your trip.

Plus, our Captain, Mr. Carlos, who was born on the beautiful island of Tenerife, has spent his whole life working on the sea. He's super skilled in lots of sea activities like boat trips, deep-sea fishing, diving, and even sailing across the ocean on different kinds of boats!

Close your eyes and picture this: A bright day in Tenerife, hopping onto a cool fishing boat, just you, family, or pals, and off we go on a private fishing trip! SEA PASSION is not just any boat; it’s a private charter for 4 hours or more. It means only you and your buddies are on board. Our crew will take care.

Imagine, under the sunny sky, we will go fishing in the sparkling waters around Los Gigantes, a place that’s not just pretty but also one of the best fishing spots! We will hunt for big fish, like the swift wahoo and the shiny mackerel, while also hoping to spot some friendly dolphins and whales.

SEA PASSION Private Fishing Charter for You or Your Group Only

If you've ever dreamt of being a captain, this fishing charter Los Gigantes voyage is your tiny dream come true! On this private charter, your wish is our command. It's like a boat rental with crew for you only. Wish to catch a big fish or just enjoy the blue sea of Tenerife South? Everything’s possible on SEA PASSION!

We Pick You Up right from your Hotel in Los Gigantes for a Private Fishing Charter

No need for long walks! We make it super easy. We will pick you up from your stay in a cool car, and we zoom straight to the harbour of Playa de San Juan near Los Gigantes! So, you only need to think about the fun fishing times ahead on your private charter.

We also Pickup in Playa de San Juan, Alcala and Abama Ritz Carlton

Not in Los Gigantes? No problem! We will come to get you if you stay in Playa de San Juan, Alcala, or even the fancy Abama Ritz Carlton. Everyone is welcome to join the SEA PASSION fishing charter fun!

If you stay in Los Cristianos, Las Galletas or Costa Adeje simply come directly. Or request transportation for an extra cost. We will take care.

SEA PASSION is a special fishing charter in Los Gigantes, made just for you and your friends!
You can catch cool fish and maybe see dolphins too.
We can pick you up from several spots, so you can join easily.
Tenerife and Los Gigantes are super lovely places to explore the sea and have a fun fishing day!

Why Los Gigantes is so Special for Sea Fishing Boat Trips?

Have you ever seen a postcard from Tenerife? Most likely, it had a picture of the stunning Los Gigantes cliffs! But Los Gigantes isn’t just fun to look at; it's a dream for everyone who loves fishing. The water here is like a giant home for lots of different fish! So, having a fishing charter trip here is like visiting a watery wonderland where fishy friends say hello.

Overview of Los Gigantes

Have you been to Los Gigantes? These are HUGE cliffs that touch the sky and hide the sea below. The fish adore it here because the water is deep and full of yummy things to munch on. And where there are happy fish, there’s the best spot for fishing! So, our fishing boat private charter loves to sail here! This also a popular spot for dolphin watching. One of the best in Canary Islands.

Los Gigantes Noteworthy Sights

Los Gigantes isn’t only about fishing; it's like a big, beautiful outdoor museum. The tall cliffs guard secret beaches and cute, tiny caves. And guess what? Sometimes, you can see dolphins play or whales wave with their giant tails during your fishing charter Los Gigantes trip! It's a sea magic that you'll always remember.

The Giants (Cliffs) - Acantilados de Los Gigantes

The Giants, or "Acantilados de Los Gigantes" in Spanish, are massive walls of rock that shoot straight up from the ocean! Fishermen and fisherwoman love to bring their charters near the cliffs. Why? Because big fish love to swim in the shadow of the Giants. And, we love to say a big hello to them with our fishing rods!

Los Gigantes Marinas

Marinas are like parking lots for boats, and Los Gigantes has a super one! Here, in one of them, our fishing charter will start, and when you step onto the SEA PASSION, your fishing adventure begins. With a comfy charter and the deep blue sea of Tenerife around you, who knows what fun fishy tales we’ll have to tell!

Sport Fishing Experience in Los Gigantes

Fishing here isn’t just about casting a line and waiting. Nope! Fishing in Los Gigantes is a wild, watery adventure. Our skipper, a master of fishing techniques, will teach you how to jig and troll, ways to ask the fish in the sea to come and play. Maybe a wahoo or mackerel will join a great fishing fun!

Remember the Adventure:
Los Gigantes is super special with huge cliffs and a happy place for many fish.
The marina in Los Gigantes is where our fishing boat charter begins its journey.
Fishing here is not just sitting and waiting; it’s learning cool ways to invite the fish to play!
Don't forget to wave at the dolphins and whales; maybe they'll wave back during our fishing trip!

Types of Fishing on our Private Fishing Charter in Tenerife

Fishing is not just throwing a line in the water and waiting for a fish to say hello. No! It can be a big game where you learn cool tricks and styles. With your private charter, you'll learn neat ways to fish and maybe even make a fishy friend or two!

Types of Fishing on our Private Fishing Charter in Tenerife

Fishing is not just throwing a line in the water and waiting for a fish to say hello. No! It can be a big game where you learn cool tricks and styles. With your private charter, you'll learn neat ways to fish and maybe even make a fishy friend or two!

Try Different Ways to Fish

Imagine the sea as a big blue playground. Now, when we go fishing on our charter, we use different toys (like rods and nets) and play different games to catch fish. Sometimes we let our line go super deep (bottom fishing) to catch a stingray or sometimes we let it dance on top (troll). Even it depending on the season as trolling isn't for any fish. Every way is a new fun game on your fishing charter Los Gigantes trip!

Learning from the Best: The Skipper!

The skipper on our fishing charter is like the captain of fun and fish! With years of playing in the sea, they know all the cool spots where fish like to hang out around Los Gigantes. So, whether you are a tiny angler or a grown-up fisherman, our skipper has many sea stories and tips to share with you!

Deep-sea Fishing near Los Gigantes

In Los Gigantes, the sea is like a big, deep blue mystery where lots of fish hide and play. It's abundant in marine life or marine wildlife. It's one of the best places of Atlantic Ocean for a good catch. Deep-sea fishing is like exploring a watery wonderland where each fish, from the tiny mackerel to the big fish like tuna, awaits to join our fishing party!

Meeting the Fish of the Deep

Down in the deep blue of Tenerife, many fish play hide and seek. Our private charter will take you to those secret spots where we might meet wahoo, dorado, or even the shiny barracuda! Each fish is a new friend to meet and greet!

Sailing Further for the Fun

The SEA PASSION charter loves to sail where the fish like to dance and play. And here, near the coast of Los Gigantes, in the heart of Tenerife South, is where the sea sings and the fish await our charter with watery smiles!

Friendly Reminders:
Fishing is not just one game; it’s many fun games where we can chat with different fish.
Our skipper is our guide to all the secret spots in the sea where fish love to play.
The deep blue around Los Gigantes is a secret world where every fish is a new adventure waiting to say hello!

Tuna fishing in Los Gigantes Area

Imagine, little friends, a place where big, strong fish named Tuna love to swim and play. Los Gigantes is that magical place! Our private fishing trip will turn into a great quest where we might spot these marvelous fish and say a big, friendly hello!

Playful Tuna and Their Deep-Sea Dance

Tuna, like a shiny, speedy rocket fish, love to dash and dart in the deep, blue sea. With our fishing boat, we'll glide over the waves, trying our best fishing tricks to meet them. Will the Tuna come out to play on our fishing charter Los Gigantes day?

A Dance of Rod and Reel

Tuna are clever, playful fish. To say hi, we'll dance with our fishing rods, twirl our reels, and hope they'll join our cheerful charter party. Fishing for Tuna is a jolly jig, and our skipper will show you the moves near the Los Gigantes grooves!

Fish Species in Los Gigantes Sea

Oh, the fish of Los Gigantes are like the stars in the night sky – so many to see and greet! Every fish, from the tiny sardine to the grand marlin, adds sparkle and splash to our fishing charter.

Meeting Fishy Friends Big and Small

Some fish are big; some are small. Some like to hide in the deep, while others play in the sunlit waves. Can you guess what fish we might meet today on our private charter in Tenerife?

Fish Tales of Los Gigantes

In Los Gigantes, every fish has a tale to tell. The spry dorado, the sneaky barracuda, and the dazzling white marlin all share their stories when we say hello with our fishing gear. Shall we listen and play along on our charter?

Try to Catch Blue Marlin along your Fishing Charter in Los Gigantes

And now, a special quest! The blue marlin, a grand and gleaming fish, loves to play in the seas of Los Gigantes. With our fishing boat, we will try our luck and seek to join in its magnificent sea dance.

The Gleaming Blue Quest

Blue marlin, a fish of myths and marvels, might grace us with its dance on this fishing charter Los Gigantes adventure. With its bill-like nose, it dashes through the deep, and with luck, we’ll meet and share a jolly jaunt through the waves of Tenerife South!

Tales of the Marlin

Old fisher-folk tales speak of the marlin's grace and might. On our charter, we’ll whisper to the waves, hoping the marlin might join our friendly fishing fest and add its tale to our Los Gigantes storybook.

A Few Shiny Reminders:
Tuna, like speedy sea rockets, might dance with us in the deep blue.
The fish of Los Gigantes are many, each one a new friend in the sea!
The blue marlin is a majestic fish with tales of sea magic to share!

Bigeye Tuna is Often a Thing to Catch on our Fishing Boat Private Charters

In the sea near Los Gigantes, a special fish named Bigeye Tuna loves to swim fast and eat yummy snacks. Our private fishing adventure on this charter in Tenerife will be so much fun as we try to find them!

Spotting the Swift Bigeye Tuna

Bigeye Tuna is a super quick fish with eyes as big as marbles! Isn't that funny? On our fishing charter Los Gigantesjourney, we'll try to spot them and give a wave as we float by on our fishing boat.

Yummy Snacks for Our Fishy Friends

What do you think a Bigeye Tuna likes to munch on? Little fish and squids! During our private charter, we'll learn all about what these funny fish like to snack on while we sail around Los Gigantes.

Booking Sea Passion Private Charter in Tenerife at TripsPoint

Ready to join our sea adventure, dear friends? Booking our boat private charter in Tenerife is easy peasy! You can join us and meet all the friendly fish near Los Gigantes.

Your Ticket to a Fishy Adventure

Your sea ticket awaits for a big day out with the fish! We'll set sail on our charter and wave to all the fish big and small. It’s going to be a bright, bubbly day with fishing boat private charter fun!

Friendly Faces Await at TripsPoint

Our friends at TripsPoint can’t wait to help you come on board. They'll help you book your fishing charter Los Gigantes trip and answer all your wonder-filled questions about our sea friends and Tenerife fishing tours!

Sea Stories and Tails to Tell

After our charter adventure, we'll have sea tales of our own to share about the fish we met and the fun we had. Fishing in Tenerife gives us stories that will sparkle and shine like the sun on the sea waves.

A Diary of Fishy Tales

Imagine all the tales we can tell our friends about the day we spent with the fish in Los Gigantes! Each wave, each giggle, and each fishy hello will be a shiny story in our fishing charter diary.

Sharing Our Sea Joy

When we share our Los Gigantes sea stories, our friends can feel the salt on their cheeks and hear the sea whispers too. Our fishing tales will sail from heart to heart, sharing the joy of the ocean with all!

Bubble-filled Reminders:
Bigeye Tuna, with their marble-sized eyes, might play hide and seek with us in the sea!
Booking our fishy adventure is a breeze and a splash with our pals at TripsPoint.
Our sea tales will glimmer and glow, spreading the joy of Los Gigantes wherever they go!

What Friendly Fish Might We Meet on Our Journey?

When we’re out on the ocean on our private charter, we'll meet many fish friends in the waters around Tenerife South. Some are big, some are tiny, but all are so exciting to see!

A Hello to the Dolphins and Whales

In the blue waters, dolphins love to jump and say hello with their big, happy smiles. And if we’re really lucky, we might even spot a big, gentle whale during our fishing charter Los Gigantes. So by side you have a good chance for a whale watching too. It's highly recommended to take your cameras ready to catch whales and dolphins.

Meeting Fish of All Colors and Sizes

There are so many fish to see, from tiny, twinkling fish to big, gentle giants of the sea! Each one has a special hello to share with us during our charter adventure.

What Do We Bring on Our Fishing Adventure?

On our fishing charter Los Gigantes, we will need some items to make our trip super fun and comfy. Let’s pack our bags with all we need to enjoy every splash and wave. Sea Passion boat is fully equipped with the all possible fishing gear.

Snacks, Drinks, and Sun Hats, Ahoy!

We will bring some yummy snacks and soft drinks for our fishing trip. And don’t forget your sun hat to keep you cool under the sunny Tenerife sky!

A Little Bag of Sea Curiosity

Bring your little bag of curiosity, questions, and excitement! Let’s explore and learn together about all the fish and sights we will see on our private charter.

How We Make Sure All Fish Friends are Safe and Happy

Our fishing journey is full of fun, and we also make sure all our fishy friends and the big blue sea are safe and happy always.

Gentle Hooks and Kind Nets for Fishy Friends

We use special tools on our charter that are kind to the fish. This way, they can go back to their families and tell them about the gentle humans they met!

Loving the Ocean as Much as the Fish Do

We’ll learn about how to love and care for the ocean so our fishy friends can have clean, happy homes. Each wave we ride on our charter in Tenerife is a thank-you from the sea.

Sea Sparkles to Remember:
Dolphins might wave with their tails and whales might give a gentle nod as we sail.
Packing snacks and curiosity will make our fishing adventure a treasure of memories.
Every fishy hello is a secret shared between sea hearts and curious minds.

Fishing Techniques to Help Us Make Fishy Friends

The sea life around Los Gigantes is full of wonder and mystery! Let’s learn about the ways we can invite fishy pals for a visit during our fishing charter.

Gently Trolling Through the Blue Waves

With a method called troll, we invite the fish to play and dance near our fishing boat. It’s a fun game where we say hello without scaring our ocean friends.

Bottom Fishing: A Hello to the Deep-Sea Dwellers

When we try bottom fishing, we send a gentle wave to the fish that live in the deep, dark sea, asking if they’d like to come up and peek at our fishing boat.

Exploring the World Beneath the Waves of Tenerife

During our fishing charter Los Gigantes, we explore not just above the waves, but below them too, where fish of all shapes and colors twirl and dash.

Colors, Shapes, and Friendly Waves Below

The fish might flash their bright colors and show off their fun shapes, giving us a splendid show beneath the blue ocean surface of Los Gigantes.

Stories Hidden in the Deep Blue Depths

Each fish might whisper a secret or two about the hidden world under the sea, where adventures and tales twirl with every bubble and wave.

Our Captain, A Friend to Every Fish and Wave

With Captain Carlos, a kind and wise skipper, our fishing boat private charter is a smooth sail, with friendship and joy bouncing on every wave.

A Captain’s Wave and Ocean Wisdom

Captain Carlos knows each wave and every fish in Tenerife and shares tales of the sea that will wrap us in wonder and ocean dreams.

Guiding Us Through a Sea of Smiles

With a warm smile, our captain guides us through the best fishing spots, where every fish might wag its tail in joy and the ocean sings its soft, salty song.

Taking Home a Treasure Chest of Sea Memories

Our private fishing charter Los Gigantes gives us more than just a day on the waves - it leaves us with a heart full of sea tales and fishy friendships.

Photos, Stories, and Fishy Keepsakes

We will have pictures and tales that will swim in our memories forever, each fish leaving a sparkle of its color in our hearts and minds.

A Promise to Return to Our Ocean Friends

As we wave goodbye to Los Gigantes and our fishy pals, we make a pinky promise to the ocean to come back soon and share more waves and giggles.

Fishy Tales to Remember:

  • Gently trolling and bottom fishing bring joyful hello’s from our fishy friends.
  • Captain Carlos, with his sea wisdom, guides us through a world where every fish smiles.
  • Memories of our charter will sparkle in our stories, making every day a sea adventure.

The adventure never truly ends. Whenever you want to sail through more stories of fishing charter Los Gigantes, the sea will be waiting, with each fish ready to share another tale. 🐟🌊📘

Dancing with Dolphins and Whistling with Whales

We don’t just meet fish during our fishing charter Los Gigantes! Dolphins and whales also come to say hi, dancing and singing with the waves.

The Playful Waves of Dolphins

Dolphins, with their friendly faces, might leap next to our fishing boat, sharing their joy and playful spirit with us in the bright Tenerife sun.

Whales Sharing Their Ocean Songs

The whales might whisper their deep sea songs, their voices bubbling up from the depths, telling tales of their travels around Los Gigantes.

Finding Fish Friends with Sea Passion

On the SEA PASSION fishing boat, our private charter is a magic voyage where every wave might bring new friends and sea tales to share.

Exploring the Big Blue

Fish of all sizes might peek from the deep, waving their fins and joining our adventure, as our charter in Tenerife explores their watery world.

Sharing Giggles and Waves with Fishy Pals

The fish might giggle and twirl, joining our fishing boat adventure, as we sail through the laughing waves of Los Gigantes.

A Journey Where Every Wave Tells a Story

From fish big to tiny, every creature in Tenerife has a tale to share, each one adding a splash of magic to our fishing charter journey.

Woven Waves of Watery Words

The fish might weave tales with their tails, each story a gift from the deep, shared with us on our fishing charter Los Gigantes.

Ocean Stories that Bubble and Burst

With every bubble, a new story might burst forth, a gift from the fish and waves to take home from our private fishingjourney.

Saying See You Soon to Our Sea Friends

Our adventure may end, but the memories of our fishing charter will swim in our minds, with promises to return and sail again.

Waving Fins and Flippers Farewell

The fish, dolphins, and whales will wave their fins, a promise that more adventures wait beneath the Los Gigantes waves.

Until Our Next Ocean Adventure Together

With hearts full of sea stories and eyes sparkling with salty tales, we say "see you soon" to our fish friends and ocean buddies.

Sea Stories to Remember:

  • Dolphins and whales might share dances and songs during our ocean journey.
  • Fish friends, big and small, join our SEA PASSION adventure, sharing giggles and tales.
  • Every wave and fin wave goodbye is a promise of more adventures to come in Los Gigantes.

Our tale comes to a gentle end here, but remember: every ending is just a new beginning in disguise! The fish, the sea, and all the friends we made on our fishing charter Los Gigantes will be waiting for our next adventure together. 🌊🐬

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • All fishing equipment - high class.
  • Fishing baits.
  • Skipper and Captain.
  • Private charter of Sea Passion fishing boat for the chosen amount of hours.
  • In your group could be from 1 to 11 people.
  • Soft drinks and beer.
  • Snacks.
  • Hotel Pickup in Los Gigantes or nearby.
  • Exclusions:
  • Hotel Pickup from hotels that located more than 10 km from Playa de San Juan - available as extra.
  • Extended catering and alcoholic drinks.


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Atlantic Ocean
  3. Acantilados de Los Gigantes

We pick you up around 9:30 AM straight from your hotel in Los Gigantes, Playa La Arena, Puerto de Santiago, Alcala, Playa de San Juan or in Ritz Carlton Abama resort.

Then we drive to the harbour of Playa de San Juan and get on board to start our fishing adventure.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife take?

SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife duration is 4 hours.

Book SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife?

You can book SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book SEA PASSION Fishing Charter, Los Gigantes, Tenerife now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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