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Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence

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Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence. Explore Florence with Mentalist Darus: a unique journey from Piazza Signoria to the Cathedral. Experience history and mystery beyond ordinary tours, revealing the city's hidden magic through mesmerizing acts.


  • Unique blend of mental experiments and exploration with Darus.
  • Promotes personal insight and growth through a symbolic journey.
  • Offers new perspectives on familiar environments.
  • Generates and shares uplifting energy among participants.
  • Requires active engagement for a deeply memorable experience.
  • Leverages Darus's expertise in mental magic for astonishing moments.
  • Provides an emotionally enriching journey from challenge to triumph.
  • Combines entertainment with mentalism for innovative fun.
  • Introduces educational aspects of mentalism and mind capabilities.
  • Creates unforgettable memories for an extraordinary experience.
Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence


Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence

Discover Florence's Magic with Mentalist Darus: A Unique Autumn & Winter Adventure

This autumn and winter, Florence transforms under the guidance of Mentalist Darus. Starting at the historic Piazza Signoria, embark on a journey blending history with the mystical, where every corner promises the extraordinary.

Imagine the thrill as Darus, inspired by the Florence Cathedral's grandeur, reads your mind. This adventure goes beyond sightseeing, merging history with mystery, and offering a glimpse into the mind's power.

A journey from Ponte Vecchio to Piazza della Signoria with Darus turning landmarks into a stage for his mesmerizing acts. This experience is for those seeking genuine emotion and the extraordinary, beyond traditional tourism's bounds.

Embrace this artistic and theatrical exploration led by a mentalist, where the impossible becomes possible. This is not just a tour but a journey into the heart of magic, designed for adventurers and believers in the moment's magic.

Join this special autumn and winter experience, where Darus unveils Florence's hidden enchantment. Experience Florence like never before, where every step is a dive into mystery and entertainment, led by the masterful Mentalist Darus.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Little bottle of water
  • Experienced Mentalist and Mind Reader


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Piazza della Signoria
  3. Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore
  4. The Baptistery of St. John
  5. Piazza dei Donati
  6. Palazzo Vecchio
  7. Piazza della Santissima Annunziata
  8. Fontana del Porcellino

In this extraordinary journey through the twists and turns of the human mind and emotions. Like Dante Alighieri guided by Virgil in the Divine Comedy, I will take you on a path that traverses both mental inferno and paradise. Through a series of experiences, I invite you to uncover the hidden depths of your thoughts and emotions.

The itinerary, unless specific requests are made, will include the following points:

Piazza della Signoria

Florence Cathedral

Dante's House

Baptistery of San Giovanni

Piazza dei Donati

Palazzo Vecchio

Piazza Santa Margherita

Each of these places holds its own magical significance.

At each stop, we will perform a mental experiment together, and every time it succeeds, we will move away from mental hell to paradise, returning to the starting point from where we began but seeing it with new eyes. Enjoy and marvel at the beautiful energy we will have created.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence take?

Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence duration is 2 hours.

Book Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence?

You can book Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence at least in 1 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Mentalist's Mind Games -Strolling through Florence now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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