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Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur

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Experience a touch of adventure with our Mount Batur Sunrise Hike & Hot Spring tour in Bali. Start your day early with a hotel pick-up, allowing you to rest during the drive to Mount Batur. Guided by an experienced hiking guide, ascend to the summit for a breathtaking sunrise.


  • Climb the renowned Mount Batur to witness the picturesque Bali sunrise and explore the volcanic crat
  • Enjoy VIP treatment with a dedicated private tour guide and driver accompanying you for the entire d
Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur


Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur

Experiencing the sunrise at Mount Batur while trekking and combining it with a hot spring tour offers a captivating and rejuvenating adventure in Bali, Indonesia. Here's a description of what you might expect:


The adventure typically starts in the early hours of the morning. Participants are usually picked up from their accommodations in Bali, usually around 2:00 to 3:00 AM, to embark on the journey to Mount Batur. It's essential to wear comfortable trekking attire and sturdy footwear suitable for hiking.

Trekking to Mount Batur:

Upon arrival at the base of Mount Batur, the trekking expedition begins under the moonlit sky. Guides lead the way, ensuring safety and providing insights into the surrounding landscape and Balinese culture. The trek is moderate in difficulty, making it accessible to most fitness levels. However, it does involve uphill sections and uneven terrain, so a reasonable level of fitness is advisable.

Ascending to the Summit:

As participants ascend higher, the anticipation of witnessing the sunrise over the volcanic landscape builds. The trek offers breathtaking views of the surrounding valleys, Lake Batur, and neighboring peaks. Depending on the pace and group size, it typically takes around 1.5 to 2 hours to reach the summit.

Sunrise Spectacle:

Reaching the summit of Mount Batur just before dawn is a remarkable experience. As the first light of day breaks on the horizon, the sky transforms into a canvas of vibrant colors, illuminating the landscape below. The silhouette of Mount Agung, Bali's highest peak, and the distant outlines of neighboring volcanoes add to the awe-inspiring scene.

Breakfast at the Summit:

After witnessing the sunrise spectacle, participants are treated to a well-deserved breakfast at the summit. Enjoying a simple meal while basking in the warmth of the morning sun amidst such panoramic views is an unforgettable experience.

Descent and Hot Spring Tour:

Following breakfast, the descent down Mount Batur begins. While descending, participants have the opportunity to further explore the volcanic terrain and take in the sights from a different perspective. Once back at the base, the adventure continues with a visit to nearby hot springs.

Relaxing in Hot Springs:

The hot springs offer a soothing respite for tired muscles after the trek. Nestled amidst lush greenery, these natural thermal pools provide a tranquil setting to unwind and soak in the therapeutic waters. Participants can enjoy a leisurely soak, letting the warmth of the springs melt away any remaining fatigue while surrounded by the beauty of Bali's countryside.


The experience of sunrise trekking at Mount Batur combined with a hot spring tour is a harmonious blend of adventure, natural beauty, and relaxation. It offers a unique opportunity to witness one of Bali's most iconic sights while indulging in the rejuvenating benefits of its natural hot springs, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Breakfast
  • Experienced trekking tour guide
  • English speaking driver
  • Mineral water during activity
  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Private Transport
  • Parking fees
  • Entry or admission fee
  • Exclusions:
  • Extra Expenses
  • Tips/Gratuity


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Mount Batur View Point
  3. Batur Natural Hot Spring

1.30 AM: Pick up at your hotel (exact time may vary depending on your location).

3.00 AM: Arrive at Mt. Batur for registration.

3.30 AM: Start your trek to the top of Mount Batur.

5.30 AM: Watch the incredible sunrise at the summit of Mount Batur.

6.00 AM: Have a light breakfast.

9.30 AM: Arrive at a natural hot spring pool and take a dip.

11.00 AM: Depart and return back to your hotel

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur take?

Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur duration is 10 hours.

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How many days in advance I must book Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur?

You can book Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Experience Sunrise at Mount Batur now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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