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Fishing in Tenerife
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Fishing in Tenerife

Tenerife Trips, Tours, Activities - things to do in Tenerife island

Fishing in Tenerife

The idea to go fishing in Tenerife on a holiday is simply perfect and there are opportunities for both freshwaters, inland fishing, shore fishing and also deep sea fishing in the Atlantic. Therefore when touring Tenerife, you can devise a plan and make the necessary booking depending on where you want to fish. Fishing is considered a sport and you can be able to get seafood all over the salt water spots.

To practice regular fishing in Tenerife, you must acquire a certificate. This is obtained at Santa Cruz. It should be done in person and not via a proxy. You should get there early in order to complete the process in time. The license costs about 14.35 Euros and lasts for three years. You don't need a certificate, attending an organized fishing trip or tour.


How to do fishing in Tenerife?

The fishing in Tenerife spots are some of the amazing places to relax and engage in the activity. This island boasts of such spots in the high seas and by the ocean. Tenerife is a paradise for fishing lovers, both the locals and also tourists. Holidaymakers get to bring with them fishing rods and can also acquire them within the island. It is done exclusively in the sea and mostly you will find fishermen seated on the pier or rock clinging onto their fishing rods. This amazingly one of the best areas to visit with family as you spend time with them while engaging in fishing. Men indulge in fishing with their wives enjoying sun-basking with their children playing in the sand. You can spend time on the beaches of Playa San Juan, Los Roques, El Medano, Playa Abades and also Beach of Los Gigantes among others.

Fishing in Tenerife - Mahi-Mahi

During your first visit on the island, you can get the services of a guide who will enlighten you on the best places to engage in fishing in Tenerife. The locals also offer to help hand and are more willing to assist. Even to the non-Spanish speaking visitor, you can use gestures and they will be in a position to help. It is an added advantage if you have a booked apartment by the sea. Here you can spend your day fishing and later on relax on the fincas and enjoy a barbecue.

Fishing in Tenerife - from the boat

For effective fishing in Tenerife, and to attract fish, you are advised to used natural lures such as Mackerel stripes, Mashed sardines with dough, crustaceans, and bits of squids. These natural baits lure the fish and therefore you can be able to do the activity with much each once you identify the perfect position. Some fish are way much heavier and once you venture into fishing be sure you have the right fishing rods. For instance, tuna are heavier hence need for appropriate fishing rods. Hiring a boat can optimize your adventure as some are fitted with lures which attract the fish. Engage in fishing activity to get the thrill.


Shore fishing in Tenerife

Fishing in Tenerife - shore fishing

Take a walk along the shores and you will meet anglers going about their business on the rocks which are not so comfortable. It is beyond the norm to understand how they get to the top of the rocks. This is because it is fearful to get there through the fishermen seem so comfortable doing there fishing. Shore fishing in Tenerife is a common practice and you always find the shores packed with fishing lovers. Some of the best spots are Palm Mar and Playa San Juan. You will find the fishermen below the Barceló Santiago and also beside Crab Island in Los Gigantes.

Fishing in Tenerife - shark

There are several other spots for fishing in Tenerife. Among them, some relatively isolated beaches of Diego Hernandez. Here there is a small beach about two hundred meters long. It is characterized by calm waters and white volcanic sand. This is located between La Caleta and El Puertito. This offers a serene and conducive environment as it is basically for the locals and not more than few people are allowed there at a day. This makes the beach suitable for undisturbed to enjoy fishing in the area.


Dozens of people also fishing along the harbour in El Medano and Puerto Colon, The harbours are suited for fishing as the waters are deep and can be reached by the seashore hence there is ease to do the fishing by dropping your line within the seashore you will be amazed by the availability of the fish within these shores. It is so much fun as these areas are fully packed with tourists engaged with the spot while interacting with is worth noting that many anglers the first experience was on the jetty hence this harbour offer them the satisfaction of the first experience in fishing. Before start fishing at any harbour, please, pay attention for signs - in some harbours, marinas and ports fishing is strictly prohibited, so check it out to not pack yourself into problems.

Fishing in Tenerife - big fish

There are many areas to explore fishing in Tenerife. Among the places that also need to be explored in regards to shore fishing in Tenerife is Anaga peninsula wild shore. Here there a few fishing boats and it is not largely practiced, because hardly accessible.

Fishing in Tenerife - barracuda from shore

Even though one should acquire a license, there are people who still do the sport without a permit. Thus if you are ready to keep an eye on the Spanish authorities, you can do the fishing and pack up as soon as you see any signs of the law. The police will catch you confiscate the fish and also you may end up paying a fine of 300 Euros. However, it is not worth the risk as you can abide by the law to make your tour a success. The Blue Marlin, Atlantic tuna, the Barracuda and the Needlefish are some of the variety of fish you expect in the waters.


Deep sea fishing in Tenerife

Fishing in Tenerife - deep sea

Island offers wonderful opportunities for deep sea fishing available with fishing trips in Tenerife. The waters in the south have numerous varieties of barracuda, tuna, shark, and Marlin. You can book the services of local fishing companies that offer boat fishing trips to the sea in the southern part of the island where you can get involved in the activity. They include:

Half-day fishing trip on a shared basis starting from Puerto Colon marina in Costa Adeje with a captain with over 25 years of experience in the deep murky waters of Tenerife. This will give you the thrill of being able to get a chance to fish the barracuda, Spearfish, dorado and marlin fish.

Fishing trip by Cruz Del Sur boat that offers the services of the biggest fishing power boat on the island. It is based in Las Galletas. The boat team have an overwhelming experience of over 30 years. You will be provided with heavy duty rods and appropriate baits. Their services also include the expertise of their experienced crew knows where and when to do the sport.

Private charter of Happy Hooker fishing boat that provides the high class equipment. The company is based in Puerto Colon and leaves the harbour every day for half or full day fishing trips. Don't be left out if you are a novice as they will show you how to practice the sport and offer the necessary assistance when necessary.


Freshwater fishing inland of the island of Tenerife

The Tenerife carp pit which is located up in the mountains near San Miguel is the place to be. There are bus services provided once you have arranged pick up station and you are driven to the area to enjoy the sport. Though difficult to trace the minibus, you can still drive for fifteen minutes from Los Cristianos to the area.

Fishing in Tenerife - carp

Here you will find a reservoir that is used by the vineyard up in the mountain. The reservoir is well stocked and you will be able to catch common mirror and wild carp. Its depth ranges from 8 to 18 feet and it has a clean, snag-free bottom. There is no need for a heavy tackle but 10lb Line is recommended in case a heavier fish comes your way. The pit belonging to one Mike is crammed with carp and it is easy to catch such fish. It I also suitable for beginners and children as they can easily make a catch. There are also night fishing which is organized and you can book to experience it. Children can also get involved and practice the activity as they can be able to learn the fishing art and later be capable to engage in the shore and deep fishing as they become of age.


Tenerife offers not just fishing, but also a hundreds of other activities - check the article TOP-100 Things to Do in Tenerife to get ideas how to plan and what to do to spend a super-happy exciting holiday on the island.