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Top Trekking, Hiking & Riding Tours in Croatia

Mount Učka, Croatia - Dry Peak Ridge
Duration: 6 hours

Join a guided tour over some of the most beautiful peaks of Ucka Nature Park. On this tour we walk only the highest part of Ucka. In terms of time, the walking part takes up to 3 hours. It is a Read more ➤

Price from: € 126.00
Book with:€ 25.20
Hiking from the sea to Vojak peak at Mt. Učka
Duration: 4 days

Join the guide on a hike from the coast to the highest point of the Ucka mountain, which rises above Opatija. Along the trail, you will enjoy beautiful landscapes and views. This is a top-notch tour, Read more ➤

Price from: € 836.00
Book with:€ 167.20
Healthy Weekend Break in Kvarner - Discover & Recover
Duration: 4 days

Discover the beauties of the Opatija Riviera, explore Mount Učka, a fairy-tale made of trees and places of seclusion by hitting marked and unmarked trails. Enjoy unforgettable sights of Cres, a Read more ➤

Price from: € 910.00
Book with:€ 182.00