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Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure

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On Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure we visit the old port area, centre of the city and Lapa, which contain much of the city's early colonial history, some of its most impressive museums and most beautiful architecture, all with the backdrop of the spectacular Guanabara Bay.


  • Access to areas where cars are prohibited
  • Cover 4 times the distance in the same time as a walking tour
  • Comfortable, shaded vehicles
  • Engage with the city in a unique way
  • Knowledgeable guide
  • Clean, green, zero emission vehicle
Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure


Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure

You'll begin the day in Cinelandia, the city's historic cinema district, and from there embark on a tour of some of the most popular sites of Lapa, the city centre and port. Along the way you'll be able to stop at the attractions, hear about the significance of the site, and take photos.

Your transport for the day is a modern electric passenger tricycle, or pedicab. You'll notice how quiet and comfortable the pedicabs are—they operate on a combination of pedal and electric power, so they're smooth, silent and non-polluting. They are also a lot of fun, and a great way to experience the city without having to worry about losing your way. The pedicabs visit many places that are inaccessible to cars, and cover a lot more ground than is possible by walking. They are also very safe, with seatbelts, hydraulic disk brakes and a maximum speed of 20km/h. The majority of the trip is on flat pavement with no cars.

You'll meet your pedicab driver in front of the Municipal Theatre, easily accessible by Metro, VLT or Taxi/Uber. From there you'll visit the following sites, among others:

*Municipal Theatre.

*City Council

*Arches of Lapa.

*Escadaria Selarón (ornate open-air stairway). Here you'll have an opportunity to climb the stairs to see all of the mosaics.

* Passeio Publico: Rio de Janeiro's oldest park.

*Municipal Market.

*Imperial Palace.

*Carmo Pier.

*Navy headquarters.

*Olympic torch kinetic sculpture.

*Candelaria Church.

*Museum of Tomorrow.

*Museum of Art of Rio de Janeiro.

*Olympic Boulevard.

*Etnias, the world's largest graffiti mural.

*YUP-Star (Giant ferris wheel).

*Valongo Pier (A sombre memorial to Brazil's history of slavery)

*Pedra do Sal (Afro-Brazilian cultural site).

*Morro da Conceição (historic neighbourhood on a hill-top).

At all sites there will be an opportunity to stop and take photos. You'll get an overview of all the cultural and culinary opportunities along the way, and your driver can drop you at the site of your choice at the end of the tour, where you can eat lunch or visit a museum.

What's included

  • Inclusions:
  • Experienced Tour Guide
  • Modern electric-assist pedicab with seat-belts


  1. Visited Places:
  2. Municipal Theater of Rio de Janeiro
  3. Escadaria Selarón
  4. Passeio Público
  5. Arcos da Lapa | Aqueduto da Carioca
  6. Paço Imperial
  7. Palácio Tiradentes
  8. Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Candelária
  9. Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil (CCBB)
  10. Museu do Amanhã
  11. Rio Star
  12. Cais do Valongo
  13. Pedra do Sal
  14. Morro da Conceição
  15. Etnias - Mural de Graffiti (Estúdio Kobra)

The tour starts at 9am in the front of the Municipal Theatre and concludes at 12pm when you will be left at a destination of your choice (for example, restaurant, museum, public transportation station). Your guide will explain the history and significance of all the sites along the way. We visit the Lapa aqueduct (Arches of Lapa), Selaron staircase, Passeio Publico park, municipal market site, Imperial Palace, Tiradentes Palace, Candelaria Church, Bank of Brazil Cultural Centre, Olympic kinetic sculpture, Museum of Tomorrow, Etnias mural, Giant Ferris Wheel, Valongo Pier, Pedra do Sal, and Morro de Conceicao. We pass many other sites along the way, and at any point you may stop for photos or to take a closer look. There are bathroom stops on the way and opportunities to try local food. At the end your pedicab driver will leave you at your point of choice within the tour region. You may request other sites and/or to skip sites if you have already visited.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does the Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure take?

Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure duration is 3 hours.

Book Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

How many days in advance I must book Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure?

You can book Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure at least in 2 days. Check availability calendar in "Book Now" form to see currently available dates.

Book Rio's Historic Heart: Pedicab Adventure now just with Booking Deposit on TripsPoint

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