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Beautiful Tenerife
Beautiful Tenerife

Beautiful Tenerife

This is the travel blog about beauty and diversity of the Tenerife Island nature

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Puerto de la Cruz, Spain

Smooth transfers

I love to stay in Puerto de La Cruz because it cheaper and more humid a tropical climate than on the South of Tenerife, but as maybe you know most of activities are starting from the South, so I've booked at TripsPoint a jet ski tour and had a dilemma how to get to the South on time. I could rent a car, but I found ths transfer and it worked perfectly. Even the bus appeared with some 7 minutes delay (I can rate less for it but really don't want because I know Tenerife and I'm driver as well, so I understand it. Anyway, the transfer was really fast, with just a few stops, it took me right to the Siam Park entrance and on the way back I've delayed for 5 minutes, but the driver called me and waited for me. It's really very comfortable, fast and inexpensive way to get to the South at the morning and and get back to Puerto de La Cruz at the evening. More comfortable and cheaper than a public transport!